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America Is No Longer Watching The President, We Are Watching Our New Legislature

Republicans, Be Not Proud

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Republicans, tread lightly and be not proud, take your victories with a measure of humility. Congratulating yourselves on the running of brilliant campaigns and of having the best candidates will not endear you to the American public: the American people didn’t necessarily vote for you, they voted against the man in the Oval Office. President… Read more »

On this day in History....

On this day in History….

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On September 9, 2001, two days before the events of 9/11, Ahmad Shah Massoud- the “Lion of Panjsher” and leader of the United Islamic Front for the Salvation of Afghanistan (the Northern Alliance)- was assassinated in Takhar Province of Afghanistan by suspected al-Qaeda agents posing as journalists. Afghanistan in the shadow of Ahmad Shah Massoud:… Read more »

Ladies and gentlemen...50 years later- the Beatles!

Ladies and gentlemen…50 years later- the Beatles!

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50 years ago this evening I sat in my parent’s living room as a youngster and watched on the only TV we had the Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan show. It was electrifying. My parents regularly watched the Ed Sullivan show and there were many wonderful talents to appear but few as memorable as… Read more »

“Marg bar Amrika”

“Marg bar Amrika”

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“President Carter inherited an impossible situation — and he and his advisers made the worst of it.”-Gaddis Smith

On this day in history 34 years ago, remember, remember the 4th of November; when militant Islamic students stormed the U.S. embassy, holding 52 Americans hostage for 444 days.

To commemorate that takeover, and to demonstrate opposition to the new president’s call to “tone down” the common, daily-expressed slogan, “Death to America” chants, “tens of thousands” of protesters gathered in Tehran outside the old U.S. embassy in their own “million Islamist march” (or, as they call it, “National Day to Fight Global Arrogance”):

Soldier placing flags on graves

To Everything There is a Season… Memorial Day 2013

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The origin of Decoration Day – what we today call Memorial Day – has evolved and changed through our American ages. And with that evolution came the various perspectives of celebration and acknowledgement. When Curt posted a Most Wanted article, “For Me, It Is About the Barbecue” by Deebow at BlackFive, the Pete Seeger adaptation… Read more »

A U.S. soldier watches as a statue of Iraq's President Saddam Hussein falls in central Baghdad April 9, 2003.

REUTERS/Goran Tomasevic

10 Yr Anniversary of OIF: The Lie that Bush Lied

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A “lie” and a “mistake” are not the same thing.

As the 10th anniversary of OIF arrives, Peter Feaver goes through some of the most prevalent myths regarding the wrongful narrative that “Bush lied, people died”:

1. The Bush administration went to war against Iraq because it thought (or claimed to think) Iraq had been behind the 9/11 attacks.

A Higher Call
December 20, 1943
by John D. Shaw

On this day in history: A Higher Call

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December 20, 1943, 4 days before Christmas: a young American bomber pilot named Charlie Brown found himself somewhere over Germany, struggling to keep his plane aloft with just one of its four engines still working. They were returning from their first mission as a unit, the successful bombing of a German munitions factory. Of his… Read more »

This is What Hoffa And Obama Are Suggesting

Hoffa Incites Riots And Murder Before Obama Speaks

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Obama Declares War on American Citizens

Civil discourse only applies to Obama’s enemies. In an unprecedented speech, Teamster President Jimmy Hoffa called for his union members to

“Take These Sons Of Bitches Out”

These “Sons of Bitches” he is referring to are the members of the TEA Party. He called for war and in most wars there is violence. To the union thugs, violence is merely part of their thuggery.

10th Anniversary Nat'l D-Day Memorial logo

Remembering D-Day

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D-Day isn’t one of those dates most Americans remember easily. It’s not associated with bank holidays, BBQs, parades or other high profile celebrations. There’s no Hallmark cards and socially mandated gifts for spouses and lovers associated with the day. It’s not even a date in history that is marked with any specific, large scale memorials or tributes. Most occasions, it slips quietly by, virtually unnoticed, save for a few token stories…. like this one… and brief mentions in between the tabloid news we’re spoon fed and hyped up on these days.

But June 6, 1944 was not one of those days that would so quietly slip by. On this day, the Allied forces crossed the English channel to storm five beach heads along the French Normandy coast. The US forces landed at Utah and Omaha, while the Canadians and British attacked attacked Sword, Juno and Gold beaches. But it was not just the beaches that were a’buzz with allied activity.


And We Thought Holder Was A Lackey

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The compassion and understanding of the Chief Liberal of the United States is awe inspiring. We have a woman, who is asking not for a new kitchen or for her mortgage and car payments to be paid, but simply to plead for the men who produced the intel that gave Obama the chance to be the BMOC (BIG Man On Campus) by killing the man responsible for her brother’s death and for the death of thousands of other Americans. And the Big Cheese turns his back on her for being so pretentious to challenge the omnipotent wisdom of the Holder/Obama Genius. In a more real world of true Authoritarian control, a less compassionate leader would have had her arrested and interrogated for doubting his omnipotence.