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Libya – Clinton’s Biggest Albatross

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Lest voters forget, the Clinton cheerleading attempts to make a name for herself in an anemic and paralyzed Administration all failed, and no attempt is more revealing of her naivety, and inability to make astute decisions, than the calamity we now know as Libya.  She championed the devastation of Africa’s most successful nation and  stable… Read more »


Saudi Arabia The World’s Favorite Human Rights Abuser (Guest Post)

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  A supposed ally of Great Britain and The United States, the Islamic Kingdom of Saudi Arabia started the New Year of 2016 in traditional style by executing forty seven people. Most of them were executed for committing terror attacks within the kingdom. Among those executed was a Shia cleric, Sheikh Nimr al-Nimra, an outspoken… Read more »

The Lie that George W. Bush/U.S. Created ISIS

The Lie that George W. Bush/U.S. Created ISIS

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Who created ISIS? Was it Jeb Bush’s brother? (Shout out to Rob Lowe- Thank you!). Can it be traced back to CIA overthrow in 1953 of Mossadeq? Jimmy Carter’s lack of leadership support for the Shah in 1979? Is it due to our support of the Saudi royals and other secular Muslim dictators? Or our… Read more »

King Ibn Saud

Outsourcing The Power Position

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We head into New Year celebrations enjoying a few extra dollars to spend, or put away for future needs, grateful that gasoline prices at the pump have eased enough to be felt. We also wish for continuation in this trend so that each of us can bask in a little relief from the ever-escalating costs on foods and daily necessities. Grateful, yes, but to whom, and more importantly, why?


Selling Our Military

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Secretary of State John Kerry has told us the cost of another war is irrelevant, Saudi Arabia is willing to pick up the tab for our Syrian war. Obama and Kerry must think this version of a no-cost war will appeal to the conservative base, whose primary analysis always includes the balance sheet. However, the… Read more »

This has bad written all over it

This has bad written all over it

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Trusted Travelers? Not long after 9-11 I listened to Bernie Keirik speak at a meeting I was attending. He spoke of a “9-12 mentality” and warned against it- warned against forgetting the lessons of the past. His words leaped to the front of my mind as I read this: DHS questioned over decision to let… Read more »

Saudi Writer Violates Blasphemy Law for Tweeting

Saudi Writer Violates Blasphemy Law for Tweeting

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A columnist for the Jeddah-based Al Bilad newspaper, Hamza Kashgari, was detained Thursday by Malaysian police after fleeing to the country from Saudi Arabia to escape execution after he insulted the Prophet Muhammad:

Mr. Kashgari’s tweets incited outrage in the conservative Islamic country, where many regarded them as blasphemous, and reportedly prompted the king to call for his arrest. Blasphemy is a crime punishable by death in Saudi Arabia.

More than 13,000 people have joined a Facebook page titled “The Saudi People Demand the Execution of Hamza Kashgari.”


Paranoia Strikes Deep

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It’s the timing Mr President, when you come out with the Iranian Amateur Hour version of a terror attack within hours of your Attorney General being served with a subpoena, it’s no wonder people are a little, no, make that a lot, skeptical. Was the attack so imminent or so dangerous that it was imperative that it be released at precisely that instant or was it an effort to show how diligent your Attorney General is, the same one who sells advanced military grade weapons to Mexican Drug Cartels for no apparent or logical reason, weapons that have so far been instrumental in the killing of two federal agents and probably used in the commission of hundreds of deaths of Mexican nationals in Mexico. The same weapons that will probably be used in countless attacks and murders on both sides of the border for decades in the future. Are we supposed to believe that this same Attorney General is instrumental in rounding up an Iranian American, who was recruiting Mexican henchmen from the drug cartels to act as terrorists for the Iranians.


Obama’s Soliloquy Of Illogic Logic

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Who is this Obama, who asks us to accept both his ethnocentric Narcissism and his anti-Semitic vision, a vision tempered by hatred and honed with prejudice. He stands invincible, a knight in silk suits; a legend in his own mind who knows no defeat or wrong decisions.

“There is a wisdom that is woe; but there is a woe that is madness. And there is a Catskill eagle in some souls that can alike dive down into the blackest gorges, and soar out of them again and become invisible in the sunny spaces. And even if he for ever flies within the gorge, that gorge is in the mountains; so that even in his lowest swoop the mountain eagle is still higher than other birds upon the plain, even though they soar.”

– Moby Dick, Herman Melville

On an international stage, our President manipulates the truth with such audacity and imprecision, without challenge or ridicule, that even rational literate men can begin to question their own logic.

Obama Subjugates The US Presidency To King Abdullah

Abdullah Speaks, Obama Shrinks

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Obama can sing and dance and guess who pulls his strings. Oh, there he is our Great Reader Strutting like a proud world leader See how he controls bold dictators Treats them as little more than waiters Oh listen Brave New World Obama has spoken and countless lilies shake their dew But, there is one… Read more »