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Hillary and Obama Led Us To Defeat In Iraq

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  Last night VP Nominee Kaine made this assertion: KAINE: Do you know that we had 175,000 troops deployed in the battlefield in Iraq and Afghanistan? … And instead of 175,000 American troops deployed overseas, we now have 15,000….These are very, very good things. In Tim Kaine’s world a accomplishment of a American leader is… Read more »

Obama bows to Iran again, pays the ransom in another bad deal

Obama bows to Iran again, pays the ransom in another bad deal

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  When it comes to erecting a hollow legacy, there seems to be nothing too low for Barack Obama. Bad deals are par for the course. Not long ago Obama swapped 5 high value detainees for one deserter. Smelling Obama’s fear, Iran jacked up the price for the current deal. First, Iran trampled UN Security… Read more »

Waiting for the other anchor to drop

Waiting for the other anchor to drop

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  As you already know, Iran seized two US Riverine Command Boats a few days ago. The crew and the boats were soon released, but not before being humiliated by the Iranian navy. The obama administration has been desperately trying to smother this incident. On the news sites left wingers were spewing all sorts of… Read more »

Iran is kicking Obama's ass around. It's embarrassing.

Iran is kicking Obama’s ass around. It’s embarrassing.

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  As most of us do, I get news update emails. I’ve been watching with interest as a series of them regarding Iran arrived, and if it didn’t prove how utterly incompetent Obama is it would be laugh out loud funny. Remember those “snap-back” sanctions Obama promised us if Iran violated any nuclear deal? April… Read more »

Assad : Putin

Putin Goes To War . . . Real War . . . Again. Where Is Obama?

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Obama today ran to the podium using a horrendous crime at a college in Oregon to rail against guns. As traumatic as these insane killings are, when Obama addressed the Nation, barely any information was available from Oregon. What was he up to? Was he throwing a shiny object, gun control, out there for the media to goggle at while, . . . while what?

Gold Star Moms Support the Iran Deal so We Should Listen to Them

Gold Star Moms Support the Iran Deal so We Should Listen to Them

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Ted Cruz:   “To every Democratic senator who said he or she will support this deal, I ask you to consider: How will you look in the eyes of the mothers and fathers of our soldiers, the hundreds of soldiers, American soldiers, who were murdered in Iraq with Iranian IEDs that came from General Soleimani?”… Read more »

Every time you see a Wounded Warrior commercial I want you to remember this

Every time you see a Wounded Warrior commercial I want you to remember this

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  Please watch this: As part of Obama’s surrender to Iran Qassem Suleimani has been granted amnesty. Suleimani is the commander of the Iranian elite Quds forces. The full text of Obama’s surrender can be seen here. Suleimani appears on page 86. IED’s have taken a horrible toll on the US military: About 6,572 U.S…. Read more »

if thats what it takes

Iran gets to do its own nuclear weapons site inspections. Heck of a deal, Obama!

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  You have to hand it to Obama and Kerry. They sure know how to bargain. Today the AP reports that Iran will be permitted to do its own inspections of a questionable nuclear site. VIENNA (AP) — Iran will be allowed to use its own inspectors to investigate a site it has been accused… Read more »

70 years ago....and yesterday

70 years ago….and yesterday

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The single most destructive bombing of WWII wasn’t Hiroshima and Nagasaki, but the firebombing raids of Dresden in February of 1945, with upwards of 135,000 men, women, and children slain. In wars between nations, the deaths of civilians is historically all-too common; and the norm, not the exception. Yet it’s the horrors of the dropping… Read more »