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Bears and Islamic Radicals are Dangerous [Reader Post]

Bears and Islamic Radicals are Dangerous [Reader Post]

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There are many ways to deal with an adversary in the world of international politics. No matter how you deal with enemies who want to destroy you, it is important to maintain aloofness and not play out your hand too early, for in the arena of politics and war it is a mistake to be… Read more »

While Obama Foreign Policies Fail, Major Wars Creeping Closer

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President Obama’s foreign policy is a complete failure. There’s no white-washing it, and his administration would do better to admit it than to spin the reality. That reality is: Iran is still closing in on starting its nuclear bomb factories (if it hasn’t already). Pakistan is still on verge of collapse, and North Korea is… Read more »

India Believes Terrorists Already Control Some Nuke Sites In Pakistan

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India believes the Taliban and other Islamic extremists already have some control on nuclear sites in the frontier province: India’s Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has told President Obama that nuclear sites in Pakistan’s restive frontier province are “already partly” in the hands of Islamic extremists, an Israeli journal has said, amid considerable anxiety among US… Read more »

Dems Actually TRYING to Make Pakistan Collapse to Al Queda

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Failed Presidential Candidate and war hero/anti-war hero Senator John Kerry is adamant that strict conditions be put on aid for the weak Pakistani government. That government is begging that the terms be removed so that it can maintain some sort of control over its people, its region, its ballistic missiles aimed at the billion people… Read more »

UPDATED! Obama admin to Afghanistan detainees… NO Constitutional rights!

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I said if I thought Obama did something right, I’d say so. So here you go, all you Obama devotees. Obama *did something right!* But I doubt most of the O faithful will be celebrating, since what Obama did was hold tight with the Bush legal argument that the Afghanistan detainees held at Bagram Airfield… Read more »

Six Nations Building New Carriers

Six Nations Building New Carriers

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All of a sudden, six nations are building aircraft carriers (the U.S., Britain, France, Russia, India and China.) For over half a century, most of the carrier building took place in the United States. Russia built some, without much success, towards the end of the Cold War. Britain and France built a few, and several… Read more »

Hamas/Israel or US-NATO/Afghanistan: It is one battle… global Islamic jihad vs freedom & democracy

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Swat Valley falls to Taliban “The terrorists’ aim in Mumbai was precisely this – to get the Pakistani army to withdraw from the western border and mount operations on the east,” said Ahmed Rashid, a journalist and author who has written extensively about militancy in the region. “The terrorists are not going to be sitting… Read more »

Obama ‘voracious’ in studying national security issues

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WOW! Great idea: spend your entire life posturing to run for President, then spend your Senate career being a professional Presidential candidate instead of a senator, and when you finally get the job… THEN READ UP ON IT Don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled that Senator Obama is finally getting national security briefings, reading up… Read more »