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Jihad In Paris: The One Critical Lesson The West Must Learn (Guest Post)

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  Friday 13th November 2015 brought more murderous acts of Islamic jihad to the streets of Paris. It was a day everyone knew would come at some point yet most did their level best to pretend it never would. Once the day was over, 129 innocent people had paid the ultimate price for this pretense,… Read more »

Any Connection Between Snowden and 11 13 15 Paris Attacks?

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I cited Mike Morrell, former deputy CIA director, previously speaking out against Edward Snowden during a radio interview: HH: Mr. Morell, on Page 293, you talk about the treacherous Snowden. He’s just a traitor, and you write, “I believe that the Snowden disclosures will go down in history as the greatest compromise of classified information… Read more »

Barack Obama: Islamic Sympathizer in Chief

Barack Obama: Islamic Sympathizer in Chief

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  The President of the United States is impotent. Useless and impotent. Maybe worse than that. Obama just held a press conference in Antalya Turkey, and it was shameful. When a person suffers a laceration there are a couple of options available. One, gauze packs can be applied to soak up the blood as it… Read more »

A Prince of the Steppe

Imperialism, Colonialism, and Slavery

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While researching material for a historical novel about a Cossack family of the Ukraine and Crimea, I found a remarkable amount of provocative and fascinating material. For instance, the Ukraine and Crimea has been both a fulcrum point and thoroughfare throughout history, but one of the most intriguing aspects of this region is that the… Read more »

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Why was Obama missing in action in Paris? (Guest Post)

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Germany’s Angela Merkel was there arm and arm with French President Francois Hollande. They were there to show solidarity in the face of the gruesome murders of the Charlie Hebdo journalists and policemen. Binyamin Netanyahu was there. So was Mahmoud Abbas, who was strangely smiling in a sea of glum faces. Also present was David… Read more »


Friday Frownies

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Does anyone notice an obvious difference between these cartoons: And this: The lamest ones are the ones that depict a growth of pens in response to the Islamic violence that attempts to silence the pens. Why? Because these cartoonists aren’t actually taking any risks. The Bringbackourgirls hashtag activism came to mind as I read about… Read more »

Paris Vigil

A French Lesson For Our Media

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A profound event has awakened a lethargic world. Millions of people have instantly materialized in city squares across Europe and in cities elsewhere around the globe in peaceful demonstrations of solidarity with those slain in the Muslim terrorist attacks on the offices of the Charlie Hebdo magazine in Paris. Most of the signs carried by the mourners held very simple and very telling words, “Je Suis Charlie.”


France Surrenders: ‘we have 500 days to avoid climate chaos’

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The French have surrendered again: Secretary of State John Kerry welcomed French foreign minister Laurent Fabius to the State Department in Washington on Tuesday to discuss a range of issues, from Iran to Syria to climate change. Or, in the words of the foreign minister, “climate chaos.” Kerry and Fabius made a joint appearance before… Read more »


Distorting a distortion: Depicting Muhammad in Art

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So is it true that the Prophet Muhammad really can’t be depicted in visual representation, even when done respectfully? The wiki short answer is:

The Islamic faith has strict injunctions against depictions of humans or animals which might result in idol-worship. Therefore there are no depictions of any person or animal.

With a historical caveat:

Pictures of Muhammad and Allah have been painted for time immemorial. Many paintings were made during the Ottoman Years of Muhammad, depicting his many actions and encounters with other folks of his time period. These pictures are often disputed as being counter to Muslim ideals, BUT often times these pictures were created by Muslims themselves. The ideal that pictures of Muhammad should not be created is a very modern ideal.