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Democrats try to stop inquiry into Climategate [Reader Post]

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Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli has begun an investigation into whether Michael Mann manipulated data to show a rapid acceleration in global warming and Virginia Democrats are out to stop him.


The Renewable Energy Credit Scam [Reader Post]

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One of the most difficult things in writing a blog post is to do research. So often it feels like finding a string, following it and pulling on it and then discovering the ball of yarn. And you just can’t stop.

Global warming is a scam. ( What a treat to have someone like Alec Rawls posting here.) The scam has earned such bad publicity that the phrase “climate change” was substituted for “global warming.”

If You Can't Sell Something, Change The Image

If You Can’t Sell Something, Change The Image

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The Obama White House is frustrated with their inability to sell the public on “Global Warming” and pass legislation that will give them control over “Greenhouse Gas Emissions”. They have now devised a new tactic, the term “Global Warming” has now become “Global Climate Disruption”. John Holdren, The White House Science Czar, Indeed, it has… Read more »

Global Warming Stats And Claims Rejected By Scientific Review

Global Warming Stats And Claims Rejected By Scientific Review

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Gore and Pachauri receive their Nobel prizes for their contributions to the Hoax of Global Warming in 2007. The Nobel Prize is named for the man who invented dynamite; unfortunately for recipients, the prize has the bizarre habit of often blowing up in the faces of those who claim their award, OBama, Gore, and Pachauri… Read more »

Picture of the Day:  Transparency

Picture of the Day: Transparency

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On Obama’s first day in office he signed a memorandum touting the virtues of the government transparency and compliance with the Freedom of Information Act. Unfortunately, like so many other things where Obama is involved, his words regarding transparency were…just words. The Chamber Post, an Internet blog site, sent in a FOIA request regarding global… Read more »

Investigate Man-Made Global Warming Scandal Asks Inhofe; Sanders Calls Non-Believers Hitler Deniers

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You can file this request in the trash bin. Asking Obama to investigate the global warming scandal is a waste of time but I have to give credit to Senator James Inhofe, he is relentless: Senator James Inhofe (R-OK) today asked the Obama administration to investigate what he called “the greatest scientific scandal of our… Read more »

Can We Start Questioning Global Warming? [Reader Post]

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As we go into the final days of Snowpacolypse, Snowmageddon, ar as one hockey blog writer dubbed it, “Keyser Snowze”, it’s time to ask some real questions from the Global Warmongers. I’ve seen a few reports of journalists claiming that these blizzards are further proof of Climate Change caused by Global Warming. Just to get… Read more »

Ah Yes….Man-Made Global Warming Is All Settled Science Right?

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Swaminathan Aiyar, a noted Indian journalist, writes about ClimateGate I and ClimateGate II today and what it all means for the future of the man-made global warming swindle: (h/t small dead animals) Climategate-I was the revelation that climate scientists crusading over global warming at East Anglia University had tried to censor inconvenient data and shut… Read more »