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The Great Society and Freedom

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My name is Saul. I am a loyal member of the Great Socialist Society of America. My vocation or position in the Great Society is Transition Facilitator. I prepare people and help them transition to the next level of consciousness. The year is The Year of Our Great Socialist State 2075. We live in the… Read more »


They have Putin. We have Putoff

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Obama has decided once again to give America the shaft but as is so characteristic of him, he is putting it off until after the election in an effort to shield democrats from the electoral pain of his actions. President Barack Obama has one person to blame for looking indecisive, dithering and cowed by bungled… Read more »

A Fast Slaver

The Trans-Atlantic Slavers

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Introduction: Slavery is a peculiar institution and most people automatically recoil with indignation at the thought of owning other people. However, the standard revulsion is most often a socially acceptable and predictable reaction by people who have only a superficial understanding of the depth of depravity and horror enacted upon the people of Africa and… Read more »

Michelle Obama

School Children Teach The Obamas A Powerful Lesson

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Every school-age child in America is getting a serious dose of what it means to be governed by arrogance. Our school-age children are getting a taste of what an Administration, weaned on hateful communist dicta of Ayers and Alinsky, can ignorantly impose on the population when it has been given the power to do so…. Read more »

Why higher education costs what it does. Part 1.

Why higher education costs what it does. Part 1.

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It’s a crisis. Costs are skyrocketing for this faster than anything else. Something has to be done. Health care? No. Education. Educational costs are rising faster than a Delta weather rocket. The ballooning costs of higher education dwarfs the increased costs of health care: We’re being drained for educational expenditures- what do we get for… Read more »


Drifting On A Headwind (A Book Review)

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Many of us had romantic dreams of traveling the world, and of having uncommon adventures. Jim Harlan did it, with often little more than the clothes on his back and a natural mechanical ability. He and his brother left Northern California with a few hundred dollars and a Rambler with vinyl kitchen chairs bolted to… Read more »


The Left’s Message To Teens: More Sex, No Guilt, No Consequences (Guest Post)

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Now that our society has officially lowered us all to the level of rutting rabbits, the Coalition for Positive Sexuality ( is specifically targeting and encouraging promiscuous sex, abortion, and homosexuality to young teenagers. The Younger the Better should be their slogan. Funded by the homosexual lobby (and perhaps finally putting the myth that there… Read more »

The Political Ruin that is Detroit

Stifling American Determination to Succeed

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In an era of wealth redistribution during which no criticism of the Administration is allowed and consistently collides with the guarding media panderers at the gate and in a time when the vast government bureaucracies have become engines of political annihilation, we suffer from a dearth of inspiration.   The ideologically rooted and self-serving social… Read more »