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Kanye West's Finest Moment in American History

Kanye West’s Finest Moment in American History

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In honor of celebrating the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina and to further perpetuate and promote the current Black Lives Matter Movement, Maxwell Strachan of HuffPo reflects upon the romanticized remembrance of Kanye’s finest hour, 10 years ago (in a piece entitled “The Definitive History Of ‘George Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People’. September 2, 2005:… Read more »

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Al Gore’s employee’s a bit upset over the sale of Current TV to Big Oil

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It’s nice to see a progressive admit that their old hero is a hypocrite: Yesterday morning, the still shell shocked staff at Current TV was called to an all hands staff meeting at its San Francisco headquarters, which was teleconferenced to their offices in LA and NYC, to meet their new bosses. That would be… Read more »


Obama's "Katrina" Moment? [Reader Post]

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As the Mississippi River flooding continues, New Orleans, directly on the river, is in the path of flooding. Water is water, regardless of its source. Whether it comes from a flood or a hurricane (Katrina comes to mind), it damages.

Do you remember how President George W. Bush was castigated by the MSM after Hurricane Katrina? He was hit hardest by (the late) Tim Russert, Wolf Blitzer, Keith Olbermann, Brian Williams, and Jack Cafferty.

Gates' patent claims pre-empted by my 2005 "Hurricane Stopper" post [Reader Post]

Gates’ patent claims pre-empted by my 2005 “Hurricane Stopper” post [Reader Post]

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Bill gates just filed a patent on a scheme to unplug hurricanes by surrounding them with fleets of pump-boats bringing cold water to the surface: Having posted this idea four years ago myself, I have to admit it’s a bit wacky. On the other hand, Hurricane Katrina devastated a substantial chunk of my country, so… Read more »

President Bush Doesn't Care About Black People

President Bush Doesn’t Care About Black People

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Dec. 8, 2008: President George W. Bush kisses one of the children attending the Children’s Holiday Reception and Performance with first lady Laura Bush in the East Room of the White House in Washington, DC. The reception is for children whose parents are serving in the military and cannot be with them for the Christmas… Read more »