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How Soon Until Alice’s Restaurant is Deemed Hate Speech?

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From this post’s title you’re probably guessing that I’m about to write about the latest tirade from leftist crybullies. While thankfully this has not happened yet, it almost feels inevitable. Ace gives a roundup of the latest round of outrages from just yesterday: Man Caves are sexist.1 Practicing yoga is racist Schlockumentaries on mythical campus… Read more »

hillary cackle

Hillary Clinton’s tell- how you know for a fact she’s about to lie

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  Just watch and learn. More More And more From a debate with Obama: And more And perhaps best of all: That cackle is positively demonic. Anyone considering voting for Clinton should be strapped into a chair and forced to listen to it for eight hours. They’d beg to be waterboarded.

hillary as irobot

I knew that Hillary interview reminded me of something

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  A couple of days ago Hillary Clinton had an interview on Meet the Press. Battling suggestions that she’s “robotic”, Clinton’s been struggling to convince America that she’s a real person. Finally, came the ‘end of the interview fun question’ in which Dickerson asked for three words that represent “the real Hillary Clinton.”  She gave him… Read more »

Megyn Kelly did Trump - and the GOP- a favor

Megyn Kelly did Trump – and the GOP- a favor

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  Without a doubt Donald Trump is enjoying every minute of the attention being accorded him in his quixotic crusade for the Presidency. What Trump doesn’t like is being in a situation he can’t shout and bully his way out of and we all witnessed it in the GOP debate. As a review, here the Kelly-Trump… Read more »

DeBlasio shows what America would look like under socialism

DeBlasio shows what America would look like under socialism

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  Bill DeBlasio is doing America a real favor. He is showing us all that under socialism what a wonderful world it would be. DeBlasio reached puberty under the watchful eyes of the Nicaraguan Sandanistas. He also honeymooned in Cuba. The guy is a dyed in the wool socialist. He’s brought socialism to the city… Read more »

The people Obama finds important vs. the ones he does not find important

The people Obama finds important vs. the ones he does not find important

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  There’s something about this picture. I think there’s a message to us in it, but I can’t quite nail it….Barack Obama sent aides to the funerals of three of the people in this picture and noted their passing. Obama failed to note the passing of the other three and sent no one to their… Read more »

Hey, remember when blackface wasn't cool?

Hey, remember when blackface wasn’t cool?

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  It has been disclosed that Rachel Dolezal, the head of the Spokane NAACP, is actually white and according to her brother lives in “blackface.” Liberals are falling all over themselves defending her which begs the question- why wasn’t blackface always cool? Remember this?   Didn’t go over so well, despite Whoopi’s involvement. How about… Read more »

Hey, let's play connect the Hillary dots

Hey, let’s play connect the Hillary dots

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  OK, here’s the game. I’ll supply you with a partial list of countries that donated to the Clinton Foundation. You get to locate them on the list of The Best and Worst Places for Women as posted by the Daily Beast. The list is here. Ready? Algeria Morocco Saudi Arabia Qatar Haiti Kuwait Brunei… Read more »

Hillary and Obama- the products  of Kardashianation

Hillary and Obama- the products of Kardashianation

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  Bob Schieffer is retiring- thankfully. At one time he was a good newsman but as he got older he succumbed to Cronkitis. Cronikitis is an affliction that creates the sense of omnificence in the liberal media. They think they know it all and abandon journalistic ethics and begin to lecture the country. Cronkite is… Read more »