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An Army…with guns (Guest Post)

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  “You can not invade mainland US, because there is a rifle behind every door” This quote has long been attributed to Japanese Admiral Yamamoto, as an argument against invading the United States. It has long been used as a basis for Gun Rights advocates to strengthen the argument of an armed populace against a… Read more »

The eerie parallels between Roseburg and Sandy Hook

The eerie parallels between Roseburg and Sandy Hook

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  The parallels between Roseburg and Sandy Hook are eerie. I mean really eerie. A mass murder Mass shooting murders took place in Sandy Hook CT and Roseburg OR A mother in love with guns Nancy Lanza was a gun enthusiast Laurel Harper was a gun enthusiast A mentally ill son Adam Lanza was mentally… Read more »

Why are there so many mass murders under Obama?

Why are there so many mass murders under Obama?

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  Following the shootings in Charleston, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton immediately seized upon the tragedy to again push for more gun control. Obama blathered on about how twenty one year olds were children and not adults as recognized by every state in and thus should be barred from purchasing weapons. Hillary went on about… Read more »

Elliot Rodger was white like Barack Obama is white

Elliot Rodger was white like Barack Obama is white

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On May 23, 2014, Elliot Rodger killed seven people. Three were stabbed and four were shot to death. The left wasted no time in laying the blame. A white man. Being white is bordering on being criminal in this country. “White privilege” is akin to original sin. Let’s have a look at how the disease… Read more »

The Bundy Ranch Confrontation and The Battles of Lexinton and Concord Were Responses To Tyranny

Our Concord Bridge

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Has the audacity of the Obama Administration and the sanctimonious stooges; Reid, Pelosi, and Biden pushed America to the Concord Bridge of the Twenty-First Century. Our Concord Bridge is no wooden bridge over the Concord River in Massachusetts, a bridge barely big enough for a small wagon to pass: today’s Concord Bridge is a huge… Read more »


National Democrats’ War on Women Comes to Northern Virginia (Guest Post)

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The radical left is at it again, bringing their extremist agenda against women, and this time it’s coming to one of my local fights. I wrote a while back about how the left thinks that spreading disease among women and increasing their dependence on government equates empowerment, and how leftists think that women lack the intelligence to… Read more »