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Tim Cook

Obama vs. Apple — The Road to Tyranny

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The ABC interview with Apple’s CEO, Tim Cook on Feb. 24, 2016, unintentionally revealed a CEO under siege, a CEO behind the eight ball, and a CEO who felt he had been betrayed by Obama. He had been double-crossed by a politician he had helped elect. Cook earnestly and effectively stated Apple’s quandary, nevertheless, he could not help but look like the deer in the head lights. He plaintively stated that he felt he should have received a heads-up from Obama.

Any Connection Between Snowden and 11 13 15 Paris Attacks?

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I cited Mike Morrell, former deputy CIA director, previously speaking out against Edward Snowden during a radio interview: HH: Mr. Morell, on Page 293, you talk about the treacherous Snowden. He’s just a traitor, and you write, “I believe that the Snowden disclosures will go down in history as the greatest compromise of classified information… Read more »


The Government As A Jealous Girlfriend (Guest Post)

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Welcome to Obama’s America… I actually found this fairly amusing. This administration has definitely opened itself up to mockery even though the subject matter itself is far from funny. But on the other hand, one almost have to laugh to keep oneself from sinking into chronic depression or a catatonic state as the ‘land of… Read more »


Obama DOJ Ignored Complaints From FISA Court About Deceptive Surveillance Descriptions

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Recently Obama said that the oversight over the NSA worked: “This latest revelation that was made, what was learned was that NSA had inadvertently, accidentally pulled the emails of some Americans in violation of their own rules because of technical problems that they didn’t realize. They presented those problems to the court. The court said,… Read more »

unclesam nsa2

NSA Accessing 75% Of Domestic Internet Traffic

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Yes, I know there is a need for this kind of surveillance to stop another 9/11 from happening but come on…. The National Security Agency—which possesses only limited legal authority to spy on U.S. citizens—has built a surveillance network that covers more Americans’ Internet communications than officials have publicly disclosed, current and former officials say…. Read more »


Breaking….Audit Found NSA Broke Privacy Rules Thousands Of Times Per Year

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Uh oh: The National Security Agency has broken privacy rules or overstepped its legal authority thousands of times each year since Congress granted the agency broad new powers in 2008, according to an internal audit and other top-secret documents. Most of the infractions involve unauthorized surveillance of Americans or foreign intelligence targets in the United… Read more »

obama the narcissistic

Obama: All This Reporting On NSA Scandal Is Just “Noise”

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Amusing….just amusing. Obama 2007: And today? President Barack Obama privately derided the controversy over the blockbuster June 6 revelation of the National Security Agency’s far-reaching capabilities as “noise rather than something that’s real and meaningful,” said Education Secretary Arne Duncan. What does he wish the media would pay attention to rather than that whole NSA… Read more »


NSA Admits Surveillance Is Much Broader Than Once Thought

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Now this is interesting: As an aside during testimony on Capitol Hill today, a National Security Agency representative rather casually indicated that the government looks at data from a universe of far, far more people than previously indicated. Chris Inglis, the agency’s deputy director, was one of several government representatives—including from the FBI and the… Read more »

Edward Snowden: Obama is getting his clock cleaned

Edward Snowden: Obama is getting his clock cleaned

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Remember that 3 am phone call? Edward Snowden is calling and Obama can’t even find the phone. The potential damage that Edward Snowden could visit upon the United States with disclosure of classified information is large. The U.S. officials who are being questioned about just how much information Snowden took with him are starting to… Read more »