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Senate Votes to Ban Torture

Senate Votes to Ban Torture

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When have we ever legislated for torture? Torture for me is Pelosi, Feinstein, Obama, and McCain demagoguing about America’s image, standing in the world. And the issue of “torture”. Maybe this is kind of like what it would look like if the Amish banned their use of SUVs to combat global warming? Isn’t this redundant,… Read more »


The “False Narrative” of the Feinstein Report is a Dark Stain on America’s Image

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Lawfare Blog: Following an American special forces raid on the compound of Islamic State operative Abu Sayyaf, U.S. interrogators, who are part of the High Value Detainee Interrogation Group, have flown to Iraq in order to question Umm Sayyaf, the wife of Abu Sayyaf, who was taken during the operation. Umm Sayyaf was allegedly involved… Read more »

Investigation into CIA Snooping of Senate Computers Finds SSCI Staffers Stole CIA Documents

Investigation into CIA Snooping of Senate Computers Finds SSCI Staffers Stole CIA Documents

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CIA Director John Brennan has long contested claims made as recently as a month ago by Dianne Feinstein that the CIA had hacked into Senate computers and were illegally spying/snooping. They were even calling for his resignation. Well, after calling for an investigation, the result is….Exoneration, via Lawfare Blog: That’s the gist of Jason Leopold’s… Read more »


The Stupid Continues to Burn

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Un frickin’ believable! Copies of ‘torture’ report hand delivered to terror suspects, blocked from CIA officials: Full disclosure took a back seat to the CIA’s green movement last week when agency big shots blocked officials from printing out hard copies of the Senate Democratic report on terrorist interrogations, fearing it was “killing too many trees.”… Read more »


“Torture” Architect Breaks His Silence

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One of the torture boogeymen– one of the architects of the CIA program- did an interview with Megyn Kelly. His perspective and that of “Beale”, really should be listened to. For 9 years, it’s been the critics who have been at liberty to shape the battle-space narrative on “torture” as it pertains to the CIA… Read more »


The ACLU vs. America

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Nope. Not their war against Christmas; but their war against our military: The Obama administration is withholding hundreds, perhaps even thousands of photographs showing the U.S. government’s brutal treatment of detainees, meaning that revelations about detainee abuse could well continue, possibly compounding the outrage generated by the Senate “torture report” now in the public eye…. Read more »


Don’t ask, don’t shout

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Our military and CIA aren’t the only ones having their hands tied and being kept on a tighter leash when it comes to the business of interrogation: British soldiers have “lost their capability” to interrogate terrorist insurgents because of strict new rules on questioning that even ban shouting in captives’ ears, military chiefs have warned…. Read more »

Speaking rudely to terrorists is against American ideals but blowing up children is not?

Speaking rudely to terrorists is against American ideals but blowing up children is not?

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Killing children is part of the American ideal. It’s who we are, says Obama. On behalf of the democrats on the SSIC Sen. Dianne Feinstein released a report describing what she called “torture.” There has been much harrumphing about what is and what is not consistent with American values and what we stand for as… Read more »