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Anglo Confederation? [Reader Post]

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I offer the following purely as a thought experiment. I suppose it’s more of a leftward proposal, and, thus may be deemed unsuitable for this blog. I’m hoping that it may be viewed simply as a theoretical proposal to initiate thoughtful discussion of pros and cons.

I think that it would be advantageous to form some sort of global confederation of the primary English-speaking nations:

Summary Of One Person's (my) Opinion of the Gay Marriage Controversy [Reader Post]

Summary Of One Person’s (my) Opinion of the Gay Marriage Controversy [Reader Post]

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1. I’m in favor of gays having equal rights, privileges, and responsibilities, with respect to traditional marriage, with the proviso that the new institution of same sex unions should be recognized (by government) by a name other than “marriage.” Gays are creating a new institution, and they should give this institution a new name. 2…. Read more »