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U.S. soldiers fold their national flag as they prepare to hand over their base to Iraqi forces in Iraq's southern province of Basra

All Noisy On The Western Front [Reader Post]

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There are times when the best thing to do is contract. This is not the time to be playing foreign policy Shoots & Ladders or dice games of Risk because intelligent draconian measures may be needed to secure strategic plans and planning. The first thing needed is to accept that this country is coveted and most desirable so being the ultimate jewel in the crown we are Target #1. This is more than a matter of real estate, if China was America while America was China then that Asian nation would have thrived and prospered many centuries ago but instead China has a history of being bogged down in medieval monarchy and feudal insular hegemony.


Sun Bunny [Reader Post]

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Sometimes it is just a bazaar puzzle when there happens to be a sultry sexy 28 year old soap opera actress from Brazil who caresses and kisses a hairless octogenarian, whom she has been dating for five years, while sunbathing on a secluded beach on the tropical Caribbean island paradise St. Bart’s while they both plan political strategies that attack global warming-climate change at an upcoming UN summit in New York. So instead of smooching grandpa on the cheek this long legged sex bomb is an item of sexual interest that prances about around the world in luxury suite bedrooms with George Soros.


Peacock Politics [Reader Post]

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The height of arrogance and economic and diplomatic idiocy is for this President to be flying around the country and the world, used primarily for his own motivations, that enormous jumbo jet named “Air Force One”. This monster absolutely sends the wrong message and should be immediately replaced by a jet more specific to an executive. The President is not some emir potentate yet the presidential jet plane has literally become a flying, in the air, grand hotel with or without swimming pool and hot tub spa. Such a tour de force makes for envy which is the antithesis of good diplomacy and foreign relations Never make your friends think more of you and your enemies think less of you which producing such a gross image is just what that plane actually does.


The Beast [Reader Post]

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What began as a mid-winter invitation to enjoy a spring luncheon at the Palace in the merry month of May with the Queen and her royal consort the Duke of Edinburgh turns out to be one of the biggest international fiascos on record. What originally was to be a casual invitation to spend the day and possible stay the night at one of the royal households could have possibly been a judicial means apology for not inviting Obama to the Royal Wedding. This is as if the Queen wanted to give the young presidential couple from the states, new to the complex protocols of international affairs, a second chance to do things right.


The Autocrat [Reader Post]

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Prices are soaring through the roof and these people know nothing of prices because they do not know the concept of price. The Obama Administration is seriously considering using, under the guise of some “endangered protected reptilian species” (the three inch long Dunes Sagebrush Lizard), its powers to advance EPA environmental enforcement protections which will effectively kill, several counties in Texas, thousands of petroleum extraction and oil distribution jobs causing lose of billions of dollars in business fortune for purposes any rational thinker would call specious and shoddy.

Canadian Pride Wallpaper__yvt2

All Canada [Reader Post]

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When just a kid, spoiled snot still smashing his expensive Christmas toys because they weren’t good enough, watching black and white television, no color around our mansion, variety shows like Ed Sullivan had the spinning dishes act. This improviso’s shtick had six spinning dinner plates each at the end of a pointed stick and his act was to keep them all spinning at the same time. Regardless of the guy’s wild gyratic efforts eventually the dishes started to fall smashing everywhere with loud crashes ending the one minute skit. For many years Canadian governments and politics has been a bunch of spinning dishes with the first and loudest to crash being those far off Canadian Mountie Dudley Doright western provinces. They have the rich riches in energy, precious metals, strategic materials and food grain (fat pigs for great bacon) yet it is they that had been footing the bills paying for the high tea (not Tea Party) formal dress garden party lawn bowling games in Ottawa, Toronto, and Montreal.


Hard Time America [Reader Post]

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The Obama Administration is playing the convict prison card. Most Americans want criminals incarcerated longer in more austere less elaborate facilities. The facts are that many prisons have become playgrounds. Between Yale and jail this discussion will concentrate on doing hard time behind bars eliminating the “Three Hots and a Cot” leisure Plaza Hotel prison mentality. Amendment VIII of the United States Constitution asserts, “Excessive bail shall not be required, nor fines imposed, nor cruel and unusual punishments inflicted”; then whereas, this narrative will focus on the enlightened humanitarian side of incarceration it will also examine innovative and possibly pertinent means and methods more substantive to addressing today’s social realities. This analysis will be confined to punishment of the Big Three; namely, murder, rape, terrorism in a societal situation where death by execution no longer is an available option.


Sisyphus Stone [Reader Post]

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Donald Trump has changed everything, right now O’BigEars finds himself standing naked at ocean edge as the tide pulls out for a major tsunami. He is Sisyphus pushing the stone up the slope and the slope is getting steeper. This dilemma can be such a crush forcing a complete reevaluation and possible resignation. For me, such an attitude can be a one-way ticket to the psych-ward; but remember the verse, “woe comes not in single form it comes in swarms.” (Shakespeare).

U.S. President Barack Obama speaks about the conflict in Libya during an address at the National Defense University in Washington

Vapid Words [Reader Post]

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In honesty to you whom are reading, I do not like looking at this man, watching this man nor listening to this man but reading his 3,400 word speech on Libya may be critical to the future of our dear country. I started seeking to measure the context as being either vapid or inspirational, what I found were that the words were very flat. This opinion began where I saw the President wrapped in a background wall of flags being used as props as if the previously used Styrofoam columns were sent into storage so that a new stage manager could bring on a different backdrop turning the location into a pulpit for preaching not a place for an intimate chat among friends. This President likes to speak from pre-prepared settings remaining shy from fielding rhetorical questions or answers.