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Obama Jobs By The Numbers [Reader Post]

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President Obama recently claimed the economy grew by some two millions jobs. This claim was on a seasonally adjusted basis to the middle of 2011. We expect politicians to put their best foot forward and also put the best face they can on their performance, however, as with all things to do with Obama, his rhetoric does not match reality. His claims typically come with an expiration date or a dictionary in liberal speak is needed to decipher his rhetoric into normal understanding. In Obama’s view of the world, we the average person are at fault for not properly understanding what he says, he can’t help if you are not of sufficient intelligence or understanding to grasp the reality of his statements.


An Ideologue’s Reality [Reader Post]

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Over the past year President Obama and liberal Democrats in general have been taking a pounding on the issue of unemployment and their prescription to solve this problem via Keynesian pump priming. They went so far as to issue the now infamous graphic showing their projection of what would happen if they didn’t do anything versus spending money we didn’t have via Stimulus Spending. In two years time, the hype about creating or saving three million jobs has pretty much been dropped by the Obama Administration. Having VP Joe Biden continually and somewhat comically demonstrate the lack of credibility of such a measureless assertion created more cynicism among the voters than confidence. The elections of November 2010 put an end to this silly meritless assertion since the voters seeing 9+% unemployment demonstrated they weren’t buying what was being foisted.


The Next Iran [Reader Post]

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The chaos in Egypt as presented by the MSM is one of an oppressed population fed up with years of totalitarian rule using the Internet to spontaneously cry for their freedom. The MSM from the beginning has been characterizing President Barack Obama as the one calling for peace, reason and restraint from the demonstrators and the Egyptian government. The MSM for it’s part is playing the Egyptian government’s efforts to protect itself and calm civil unrest as the efforts of an oppressive government attempting to crush the people’s aspiration for freedom.