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Forcing Stephanopolous Away from 2016 Election Coverage is Exactly the Wrong Move (Guest Post)

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ABC News has an integrity problem. More specifically, they have a George Stephanopolous problem (Major H/T to Ace of Spades HQ, which provided many of the external links in this post). One quick admin note – throughout this post I’ll be referring to him as George, not out of disrespect as one particularly obnoxious individual¬†likes… Read more »


Paid Maternity Leave Chickenhawks (Guest Post)

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God bless those gents over at PJTV. The Trifecta team of Stephen Green, Scott Ott, and Bill Whittle look like they’re ahead of the curve in identifying what the Radical Left has chosen for its wedge issue to scare their voters into believing their “War on Women” hysterics for the 2016 presidential election. Granted, if… Read more »


Is the Media Trying to Incite Christians to Violence? (Guest Post)

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By now everybody knows how about the thwarted attempt to murder Pam Geller at her “Draw Mohammed” contest in Texas by two Islamic fanatics. What was most disturbing was how our “free” press mostly curled up into a fetal position and bravely begged to be killed last. As Mark Steyn summarized: The Washington Post offered… Read more »


Catching Some Lefties Doing Something Right (Guest Post)

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  No, that title isn’t meant to be sarcastic or lead up to some twist at the end. A lot of what I write is bashing the left because, well, when not flat out malevolent they’re usually at best misguided. With the current news cycle of the Baltimore riots, Iran kicking the US ¬†in the… Read more »


A Few Observations on Education in the United States (Guest Post)

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  This post is a series of a few short takes on education. It just happened that a few stories hit on the same day, and they each warranted a few words. The story on the new college planned in California has me particularly excited! Without further ado… Jon Gabriel writes over at on… Read more »


An Open Letter to The Westboro Baptist Church – Your Country Needs You (Guest Post)

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  To whom it may concern: I’ll be up front with you – I don’t like your group. I won’t go into the reasons here, as they’re obvious and would take too long to list. For that matter, I doubt that if you knew me you would like me, either. I live inside the DC… Read more »


You’ll Never Guess Who’s Blasting Conservative Media Now… (Guest Post)

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An interesting development emerged not too long ago. Some of the big conservative media outlets, namely, Michelle Malkin, and Fox News have been coming under fire. This is nothing new, as any conservative news source is going to be hated by the left. Opposing messages need to be discredited so naturally they will face… Read more »


Even a North Carolina basketball Team Is Not Immune to the Left’s Meltdown over Indiana (Guest Post)

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  By now you’re probably familiar with the controversy around Indiana’s Religious Freedom laws. Over at The Nation, their resident sports editor, David Zirin, is always ready to find some radical leftist angle on any sports story, and this year’s NCAA Final Four tournament was no exception. In the week leading up to the Final… Read more »


Pro Life Groups Marching in the St. Patrick’s Day parade is the Wrong Approach (Guest Post)

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There have been a few write ups about some pro-life group possibly being allowed to march in New York’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, and since as of this writing (on March 16th) there have been no news blurbs as to who this group will be it appears to not be happening: A New York-based pro-life… Read more »