Racist Leftists Think that Nonwhite NFL Coaches Must be Held to Lower Standards!

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Radical Leftist publication The Nation features my favorite sports scold, David Zirin, who does his usual great job of sucking any fun and life out of ordinary sports related events and turning them into preachy Leftism. I haven’t written about him in a while, and when I saw his headline The NFL Has Fired Almost All of Its Black Coaches I figured there would be his usual libtarditude but that would make some good points and challenge my thinking. Damn, was I wrong! Even by his lofty standards this may have been the dumbest thing I’ve read from him, and that is saying something!

To start from the beginning, at the end of every National Football League (NFL) season, the morning after leads to a number of underperforming coaches getting fired. This year was no exception. But this year’s is apparently racially tinged. As Zirin leads:

Of the seven NFL head coaches fired earlier this week, five are African American. That leaves the league with only two black head coaches, Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin and Los Angeles Charges coach Mike Lynn. In a league that is 70 percent African American, the number of black head coaches has never even hit 30 percent.

Let’s start with the obvious – if you are an NFL head coach who gets fired it means you’ve had at least two failed seasons, probably three or four. In other words, if you consistently underperform at your job, you lose your job. For some reason, Zirin seems to think that not being white holds one to a lower standard of competence, because apparently being nonwhite equates being intellectually inferior? I’m not sure, as I don’t spend a lot of time trying to get into the mind of a racist. But let’s not move on just yet – let’s go back and pick a little bit more at Zirin’s racism:

In a league that is 70 percent African American, the number of black head coaches has never even hit 30 percent.

Well this is horrible! In a country whose racial makeup is roughly 16% black, black Americans make up over 70% of the league? How is this racial discrimination against those who are white, hispanic, or asian so overlooked? Good question, but because he is a horrible racist Zirin ignores this obvious bigotry as well.

I could pull this post apart on so many levels, and so can you, but I’ll go straight to the biggest problem with Zirin’s arguments. To go back to his own words:

Of the seven NFL head coaches fired earlier this week, five are African American. That leaves the league with only two black head coaches, Pittsburgh’s Mike Tomlin and Los Angeles Charges coach Mike Lynn.

This is where I was expecting some numbers showing some disparity between in race among the coaches who were fired, showing how white coaches with similar bad records were given more leeway. He didn’t. And those two black coaches who kept their jobs? As of their writing one is pushing the San Diego Chargers hard into the playoffs, while the other barely missed the postseason, while having a Super Bowl victory under his belt during his current tenure with the Pittsburgh Steelers. Amazingly, the racists NFL did not fire either of them.

Sprinkled in this rambling are grousing about President Trump and the inexplicable case of the talentless Quarterback who will create an instant PR nightmare for any team hiring him that remains mysteriously unemployed. As I pointed out some time ago, said quarterback isn’t playing in the NFL because he doesn’t want to.

But back to the main point, the NFL obviously has a significant racism problem, and only when The Radical Left is willing to take a hard look at its bigotry can we hope for things to improve.

And just because I can’t fid a better tweet to close with let’s roll with this dedicated Philadelphia Eagles fan!

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13 Responses to “Racist Leftists Think that Nonwhite NFL Coaches Must be Held to Lower Standards!”

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    Brother Bob


    @DrJohn: I first bought this up with a Lefty pal on Facebook during the University of Missouri controversy a few years ago. When he started whining that the football team’s bad behavior (refusing to play if some demands weren’t met) could result in them being punished he naturally played the race card regarding the team’s demographics. Needless to say, I played the counter race card you read here, which was naturally met with silence.

  2. 5


    Packers had a black head coach …once. Ummmm not being able to get the team that year to the Playoffs with Iron man as QB and really fine recievers he was a 1 season and done, we are so waysist. GB is pretty easy going but we want like at least the NFC championship it was sort of a tradition.

  3. 7


    @Brother Bob: Ouch got through 10 seconds of the screaming bangers before the back button savior, see we conservatives can have our differences and still march together.
    Good 4 your Eagles! I kinda always liked them.
    But hey you might be from Wisconsin if you refer to the Packers as WE.
    Know what the hell a bubbler is
    know that fresh curds are squeaky
    Decide not to go in for a nightcap with that beautiful woman, cause the car just got warm
    Cheeseheads are appropriate for any occasion, and camo is business casual
    All your sweatshirts are red and white or green and gold
    You never wear blaze orange before sept 1st
    Everything north of hwy 23 is da cabin.
    The Ducks are still king of the Dells attractions.

  4. 8

    Deplorable Me

    @Brother Bob: Hate the Eagles. Hate em. Sadly, though, I suspect my Cowboys will be sent home this weekend. That’s just my expectations speaking, though. I really can’t get too enthusiastic about the playoffs, even with the Cowboys in them. Liberals have ruined this, too.

  5. 10

    Deplorable Me

    @Brother Bob: I long for the good old days when teams hated each other. Landry, Ryan, Allen… dang, I just could not WAIT for those games. Of course, I guess they were killing each other, literally, but they played hard and they WANTED to win for the team, not for to score some endorsements or to perform the endzone skit they had prepared.

    That WOULD have been a help. Sometime, if you get the chance, check out http://www.theunticket.com/. The have some of the bits from the predominant sports station in Dallas, The Ticket. I didn’t see one, but they usually have a fake Jerry Jones where they are anything but reverent and respectful of him and his leadership of the team. They do a fake Jason Garrett and others. You can scroll through them and find some, I’m sure. If Dallas loses, they will DEFINITELY have one immediately afterwards on Monday or Tuesday. Anyway, you can get an idea of the feelings towards Jones. It’s great.

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