The master of social media has his ass handed to him by social media

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It wasn’t so long ago when Barack Obama was lauded as the “master of social media.”

In late May, the Obama campaign unveiled its latest innovation in the usage of social media: The Dashboard. The rollout was impressive and the tool itself was well-received. It is more proof, as if any more is needed, that Barack Obama is a master of the deployment of social media in political campaigns.

When I was asked to explain the Dashboard to MSNBC’s Chris Jansing, I did so readily. I am normally a big fan of television as a medium to convey complex information quickly and powerfully; I am also no stranger to the pressures of on-air delivery. But I was a bit frustrated by the constraints of the venue, which may have limited what I could have said — and more importantly, what I should have said — about the campaign’s latest leap forward in the social media wars.

WaPo, via Newsmax:

With President Barack Obama being the first social media president, the Obama administration is looking for more ways it can use digital and social media to promote some of the president’s policies.

Paulette Aniskoff, who heads the White House Office of Public Engagement, traveled to Beverly Hills, California, in April to gather ideas for using YouTube and Vine stars in educating Americans about the president’s proposals, The Washington Post reported.

Obama is the first president who has had to learn to survive in a social media-driven society, the Post said.

The upside to using social and digital media is that Obama is able to promote his policies without first having to go through the filter of the mainstream media and able to target a niche audience while receiving feedback almost immediately, according to the Post.

But it wasn’t all unicorns:

But there are also downsides to the strategy, the paper argues — because it means primarily speaking to his own supporters, which can further alienate those who don’t support Obama, creating more political polarization.

Others have also learned to use social media and now social media has bitten obama in the ass. obama desperately wanted hillary to win to safeguard his “legacy”- the horrendous push leftward that has so damaged the fiber of this country and now he needs a scapegoat. Nothing is ever his fault and there is no way hillary’s loss be pinned on him. While in Germany, aside from blathering about how great he is and what a great job he’s done, obama began to whine about social media in a statement chock a block with irony:

“We are not serious about facts and what’s true and what’s not, and particularly in an age of social media where so many people are getting their information in sound bites and snippets off their phones.”

“If we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems,” Obama explained at his joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

“Serious”? This from the guy who’s played more than 300 rounds of golf. The guy who had but a few seconds to talk about James Foley being beheaded before scooting off to the first tee. But more ominously, he makes clear that people cannot be trusted to discern facts from fantasy. Fake news will destroy democracy. Obviously left wing government has to intervene.

“If people, whether they’re conservative, liberal, left or right, are unwilling to compromise and engage in the democratic process and are taking absolutist views and demonizing opponents, then democracy will break down.”

Demonizing opponents is bad? Since when? Wasit after he said “I won”? Was it after he called Americans “enemies” or Republicans “hostage takers”? obama is making the case for censorship by the government.

And here’s a knee slapper:

“In an age where there’s so much active misinformation ― and it’s packaged very well, and it looks the same when you see it on a Facebook page or you turn on your television ― where some overzealousness on the part of, you know, a U.S. official is equated with constant and severe repression elsewhere, if everything seems to be the same, and no distinctions are made, then we won’t know what to protect,” Obama said.

Active misinformation? Like the daily evisceration of Donald Trump? Like “you can keep your doctor and your plan no matter what”? Or this?

obama reminds me of the HBO series Westworld. He seems to see himself able to erase the memories of Americans each night, and that enables him to make the colossally stupid claims he so frequently makes as though history began ten minutes before he speaks.

There was an election and America spoke. America repudiated not only hillary clinton but barack obama as well. Now obama is struggling, making prickly statements about those who lambasted him using the same tools as he used.

The master of social media has been reduced to a master baiter.




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8 Responses to “The master of social media has his ass handed to him by social media”

  1. 1

    Spurwing Plover

    From amiericas all time #1 worst presidents in its over 240 year history No Hope and No Change just buinsess as usial from a outlaw in the oval office

  2. 2

    Common Sense

    @Spurwing Plover: I totally agree. I am very pleased that hilldabeast was NOT elected. As important as Trumps policies relevant to immigration reform, repeal of obolacare, and tax reform is that fact that our US Supreme Court will now be saved from liberal disaster!!

  3. 3

    Nanny G

    If we can’t discriminate between serious arguments and propaganda, then we have problems,” Obama….

    STRAWMAN spouting a straw man fallacy.
    WE can tell the difference.
    Ironic that it was Obama who wanted to turn the internet over to other nations.
    That move made ”fake” web sites proliferate.
    These ”other nations,” like Peru and North Korea, Iran and others are the main sources of our FAKE money.
    Why would they want to police fakery?
    They wouldn’t.

    As to Social media handing Obama his ass, they do it in their sleep, it is just that easy.
    Here’s one from today:
    Remember “Attack Watch!”?
    It was the progenitor of the puckish alt-right.

  4. 6

    Nathan Blue

    Top Story on Google News:

    Washington Post

    Trump agrees to $25 million settlement in Trump University fraud cases

    Somebody needs to tell these idiots that the election is over.

    They keep marching along, clueless as to what to do next…beyond doing what they’ve always done…

    …kind of like a Fundamentalist preacher from the 80s…

  5. 7

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    In the first place, I’m not so sure Hillary would have protected (re-written) Obama’s legacy. She hates him and he hates her, so I think whenever it was convenient (and there would have been ample opportunity), Hillary would blame all her failures on Obama policies or failures. Oh, not openly and distinctly, but obliquely.

    Keep in mind, the “mastery of social media” still is in force. There are still blindly loyal supporters who only consume liberal propaganda and believe it regardless of what the reality around them shows. It’s just that their numbers have been greatly reduced through the attrition of the reality of failure.

  6. 8


    @Spurwing Plover:

    From amiericas all time #1 worst presidents

    I have one problem with referring to Obama as the #1 worst president. It suggests that he is successful enough to be No. 1 at anything. So even though he has successfully accomplished being absolutely the worst president in the history of the USA, let’s just refer to him as ‘the worst president ever’ and not label him as No. 1.

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