THEY Are Determined To Destroy America – Not A Chance

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The “scorched earth policy” has been used in conflict as long as mankind has been arguing.  Russians burned their own nation against Napoleon and Stalin used the strategy again during Hitler’s invasion.  Since the night of the Presidential elections we have witnessed the left and the Democratic Party invoke a hard “take no prisoners, torch the land and poison the wells,” retribution against the Nation.  The vengeance is not only against all who voted for Trump, but is reprisal and recrimination on all of America, which Democrats are convinced is not listening well enough.

Burning American Flag


The barrage of insane accusations is not letting up.  They are throwing all the gasoline they can at the wall.  From CNN’s charade leader, the vacuous and sanctimonious Zakaria, to the New Yorker’s Adam Gopnick who wrote gems like, “his followers are mostly stirred by familiar racial and cultural resentments,” there is  persistence with what has become their favourite accusation, “racist.”  Not to be outdone, Gopnick is also attempting to convince his readers that Trump is Hitler.  David Remnick, another airhead at the New Yorker who seems seeped in ignorance, is doing all he can to convince the population that America is about to become a fascist Nation. The more people like Remnick assert, “I’m a journalist,” the more they sound like the divisive President they spent 8 years lavishing with indulgent and blind praise.   The depressing hyperbolic gyrations border on the insane.

Although I wrote,  To: All Dumbfounded Adherents of NYT, WAPO, and Facebook, I was somewhat expecting, maybe hoping, that the political left would sober-up quickly, end the insanity and the violence, and find a path to understanding what had happened to them and why.  Such is obviously not about to occur.

Rohm Emmanuel, mayor of Chicago, rushed to the nearest microphone today and resolved to strengthen the walls around of his “sanctuary city” to protect criminal illegal immigrants.  Apparently Chicago’s history-making slaughter on its streets is irrelevant to this narcissistic socialist leading his city over a cliff, completely denying, or ignoring, the reality that the Nation has resoundingly declared that he is wrong and it demands law and order returned to its streets. Once communities develop a sense of ‘safety’ they will begin healing, and find resurgence, education, and economic growth. Apparently Emmanuel and Obama elitism doesn’t care, or wants to care.

Ignoring that the Nation has just experienced a paradigm shift, the Democratic Party seems to be running toward a poisonous divisive rhetoric as it hangs its hopes on a former Nation of Islam member, Minnesota congressman Ellison.  The Democratic Party is evidently in a hurry to radicalize itself, pretending to run from the elitist demons which financed it into failure against Trump, and dashing toward the sort of smug and conceited political progressive foolishness against which Europe has already begun pushing back.

Eight years ago, America voted for a promised “hope,” which never came. Its agent of hope had been an agent of the elitists and bankers.    This week America did not vote for a man, so much as it voted for “change,” promised by a man who was untethered — a man not beholden to the elitists and bankers.

America voted for a reduction in an overwhelming burden that had exploded, with unbound support from Obama —  the giant blob of government and all of its intrusive institutions.  Many of us expected it.  That’s all Obama and his thousands of so-called progressives running the vast government organizations knew. How could we expect anything else?

The globalists are not done by any means.  Just look, for example, at the hypocrisy on display in Marrakesh, Morocco at the COP22 UN Climate Conference (on your dime) where these self-righteous, private jet elitists believe they are planning the control of both you and your future, . . . from a distant place, using fossil-fuelled climate change duplicity.  They are all out-of-tune with what just occurred.

America’s demand for “change” is a demand that resonates around the world.  It echoes feelings of many on our whole indebted planet.  And the vapid elite is not listening and incapable of offering intelligent alternatives.  This fact was evident in the vacuous offerings of the Clinton campaign.  They disdained Nationalism, and could only condescendingly scorn anyone not accepting of globalism.

So while the left is morbidly drowning in its psychological and ideological collapse, continuing its attacks, unable to find a vision, incapable of insight, it has declared war on America and is going all-in with a “scorched earth” strategy.  I am convinced that it will fail miserably and that Trump will actually turn out to be a better President than many of us thought possible.  That success may well relegate the scorched earth Party to the scrap heap of history.

A constituent of the vast baby boomer generation with a career which has been fortunate to know the ponderous corporate worlds, as well as the intimately pressurized, and invigorating entrepreneurial domains of high tech and venture capital, I have harvested my share of mistakes meandering through corridors of enterprise from Silicon Valley, to London and endless, colourful, sometimes praetorian points in between. The voyage has provided an abundance of fodder for a pen yielding to an inquisitive keyboard, a foraging mind, and a passionate spirit. Whether political or business or social or economic or personal, is it not all political? It is a privilege to write, and an even greater privilege to be read by anyone, and sometimes with the wind at my back the writing may occasionally be legible. I do not write to invite scorn, nor to invite respect, but if I get really lucky the writing can stimulate thinking. I also write for the very selfish purpose of animating my own processes, and engaging the best of what life offers. Above all, whether biting fire or swatting shadows, I am grateful to be gifted the freedom to write and publish whatever flows down to the keyboard. To all those who enabled this freedom, and to all those standing guard to preserve it, I am indebted.

34 Responses to “THEY Are Determined To Destroy America – Not A Chance”

  1. 1

    Spurwing Plover

    Want to real annoy these jerks show a picture of yourself burning a United Nations flag or a gay rainbow flag or standing on a UN flag like that scumbag Bill Ayers standing on old glory

  2. 2

    July 4th American

    We now know with reasonable understanding post election, that some 120 million individuals voted. There are estimates that there are some 230+ million eligible voters in America. We also know that all votes cast are not counted for various reason, ie absentee.

    So the question begs, what percentage of the snowflakes who are rioting actually voted? Or, how many are rioting because they hate America and the ditrbag soros is paying them. I think most of us know the answer to that……

  3. 3


    It should come as no surprise to anyone that leftists want violence and chaos. That is what the bolsheviks did 100 years ago. The leaders use their emotion-based rhetoric – devoid of any component of rationality or facts – to foment anger and hatred in the ignorant masses against the traditions, foundations, and virtues that are the strength of a non-leftist nation. The left has worked for decades to dumb down the education system and turn it into a leftist indoctrination system. After all, it is so much easier to manipulate the ignorant than those who can actually think for themselves.

    White women are being attacked as racist, and for bowing down to “the patriarchy” because 53% of white women voted for Trump. One leftist hack went to far as to say that “white women need to be controlled”. Conversely, when 93% of black women voted for Clinton, there is no condemnation of “matriarchy”, nor calls that “black women need to be controlled.”. The only good thing one can say about the leftist meltdown over Trump’s victory is that the sheer madness of leftist groupthink is becoming more glaringly, obviously insane.

    The left resorts to violence because they cannot win based on the merit of their twisted philosophy. They shout down opposing viewpoints because they cannot win in open debate. They resort to hyperemotional rhetoric because they are void of any factual basis on which to persuade anyone of the existence of value in leftist doctrine.

    LA, Chicago, NYC mayors are openly stating they will not comply with enforcement of existing immigration law. That is a very dangerous tactic if one wishes to maintain a constitutional republic based on the willingness of citizens to follow laws. But as these vicious, despicable leftists have repeatedly shown, they care nothing for the Constitution, except when they need to use it to obstruct efforts to repeal bad leftist policies.

    All cities that are violating immigration law with this “sanctuary city” illegality should immediately have ALL federal funds withheld -with no ability to receive make-up funds – until these cities are in full compliance with federal immigration laws, AND the politicians who refused to follow active laws are removed from office and charged for violating the law. If it takes more than a week for these cities to get into compliance with existing law, then the state should have all federal funds withheld, again with no ability to have withheld funds made-up after laws are complied with.

    The left cannot ignore laws they don’t like while demanding everyone else be forced to comply with leftist-imposed laws. It is well past time real Americans wake up to the vile nature of the left, and deal with it as needed for the good of the republic.

  4. 4

    Common Sense

    Just a bunch of spoiled brats having been raised by spoiled brats. This began in the late 60’s with Peace Love Dove. Then these draft dodgers went to Canada and where allowed to return for NO good reason, then they demonstrated and spit on those who served, and now their snowflake children are acting like the moronic brats they where. “Two Weeks Notice” is a good movie to help put this in perspective!!

  5. 5

    Spurwing Plover

    Just the spoiled little brats of filthy draft dodgers(Like Bill Clinton)their all a bunch of idiots and scumballs might i suggest they just pack up and leave but they dont want these sleezeballs in cananda so why dont they go to jupiter with cher

  6. 6

    Nanny G

    Notice how these Occupiers/rioters are being described:
    The Left.

    But, just as I noted years ago when the Occupiers were first taking over Wall Street, IF these rioters ever were forced to sit down with ONE ANOTHER, they would see that they are at loggerheads on many issues.
    Most issues.
    17 of these Occupiers were arrested for occupying Chuck Schumer’s office. What did they want? Not Hillary! They wanted BERNIE!!!
    They blasted the idea of having WALL STREET ties, which was Hillary’s top donor base.

    Other rioters carry signs from socialist and anarchist organizations. They want neither Hillary NOR Bernie!
    Many wore the 5th of November masks.
    The also want neither Hillary nor Bernie.
    Now Hillary claimed that BLM.
    But very few of these rioters are black.

    My point is, these are NOT pro-Hillary people.
    They are paid protesters, useful idiots and ignorami.

  7. 8


    This week America did not vote for a man, so much as it voted for “change,” promised by a man who was untethered — a man not beholden to the elitists and bankers.

    That is what I voted for. The country could not afford to continue down the path it is/was headed with no one in charge, more people out of work than are working, foreigners taking over the welfare systems. lawlessness becoming the norm. Just imagine the ‘audacity’ of Rahm Emanuelle saying he won’t follow the law, that he will encourage the illegal aliens to move to Chicago where Trump can’t reach them. I believe Trump needs to have a “Come to Jesus” moment with Mr Emanuelle.

  8. 9

    Nanny G

    @RedTeam: Just imagine the ‘audacity’ of Rahm Emanuelle saying he won’t follow the law, that he will encourage the illegal aliens to move to Chicago where Trump can’t reach them.


    To all those who are, after Tuesday’s election, very nervous and filled with anxiety … you are safe in Chicago…..


    HuffPo: Chicago Homicides Outnumber U.S. Troop Killings In Afghanistan

  9. 11

    James Raider


    @RedTeam: #8

    Rahm Emanuelle saying he won’t follow the law

    RedTeam, this is the stance that has been “ordered” for the politicians still in denial who were pro continuation of Obama’s “America destruction” dream.

    He’s in Europe, still insulting Trump, still disavowing the revulsion against his globalist policies, still insulting Trump supporters.

    O. is hell-bent on trashing the “Office” of the President. That office is now beneath him.

    . . . . a sad human being, still propped up by a lying media, persisting with their garbage about his ‘popularity’ — what polls suggest that nonsense?

  10. 12


    @Bill: #7 They failed and the movement is dead they just havent fallen over yet. Obama pushed too far too fast it has been slow the last 100 years, they completely misread that we were not all brainwashed preprogrammed morons that would blindly accept everything. They really believed the polls they falsified themselves it borders on comedy,and Obama believes the over 50 % popularity lie they made up, as if speaking it and printing it makes it true. So O is on a world tour to calm fears of the world, I just wish he and his type would stop helping.
    We won elections have consequences, we have a full majority and do not have to cross anywhere for compromise, no regret (cue evil laugh)

  11. 13

    James Raider


    @kitt: #12

    So O is on a world tour to calm fears of the world

    Kitt, he refuses to accept reality and continues to live in his illusory universe, selling himself as the king of globalism.

    I’ve always felt that he saw the Presidency as only a stepping-stone on his way to world prominence as Globalist In Chief.

    On his road to The Greatest, he’s also throwing Hillary under the proverbial bus.

    I also agree with you that the poll numbers related to his popularity are lies. Lies more obscene that those who showed Clinton winning by a landslide. These polls are being conducted in their cocoon, . . . “middle America be damned, we’re not listening to you.”

  12. 14



    They really believed the polls they falsified themselves it borders on comedy,and Obama believes the over 50 % popularity lie they made up, as if speaking it and printing it makes it true.

    I agree that is a ‘made up ” number. There is no way that anyone can know what percentage of people in the country approve or disapprove of Obama. No one has asked me. No one has asked anyone I know. I suspect, ‘IF’ the are polling, they are polling in carefully selected areas to produce the results they desire. I can assure you that if they polled 1000 persons in the parish I live in, they would have a hard time finding 10% that approve of the job Obama is doing. I suspect if you did a poll on this site, FA, that it would be about 15%.
    While I’m at it. These numbers about ‘who voted for Trump/Hillary’ are all total fiction. There is no way to know how many white men voted for who, or how many gay people voted for who. NO WAY.

  13. 15

    Spurwing Plover

    I wonder how these jerks celebrated veterans Day? probibly like all filthy dirty maggot infested little germs did burning our flag and going to coping classes to color in coloring books and commune with nature going OOOOOOMMMMM OOOOOOMMMMM OOOOOMMMMMM

  14. 16



    While I’m at it. These numbers about ‘who voted for Trump/Hillary’ are all total fiction. There is no way to know how many white men voted for who, or how many gay people voted for who. NO WAY. While I’m at it. These numbers about ‘who voted for Trump/Hillary’ are all total fiction. There is no way to know how many white men voted for who, or how many gay people voted for who. NO WAY.

    Actually they can come sorta close because idiots answer too many questions on census forms, but the gay vote numbers are fiction, the pre-vote womens poll was so far off it was delusional at best. The hispanic and black vote was off, but who to blame…the least protected (not that you ask for it) easiest to attack, White guys, and their down trodden ill educated toothless wives.
    We know better, it is their snotty look down their nose at everyone opinions of the obviously unwashed masses, well we did it we told them to KOA in a YUGE way. Feels soooo good, now this Hillary thing needs to be taken care of, this healthcare thing needs to be taken care of,this undocumented thing needs to be taken care of, so much for them to squeal about that we just need earplugs.
    James Raider you should know I am sarcastic His warm welcome in Greece speaks volumes of how the world looks at the Pulitzer Prize for Peace winner. 😉

  15. 18

    James Raider


    @kitt: #16
    Kitt, I’m with you, and should have acknowledged it in my #13 comment, . . . O. is likely the most narcissistic human being we’ve ever seen on the Political scene. He’s playing Jesus calming the waters, waters he disturbed for 8 years. And you’re right, he probably thinks they love him. The booing and demonstrating in Greece surely must be for Donal Trump.

    O.’s narcissism has very obviously completely rendered him deaf and blind, but the lies keep spewing.

  16. 20

    James Raider


    @kitt: #19
    Trump has a history of hiring really talented people and keeping them, regardless what religion or race.

    He’s going to do the same thing here as President. He will set the policy, and he will expect them to implement it diligently. He know HOW, which is so much different from what currently runs the W.H.

    Cruz, by all indications is intelligent and a talented lawyer who’s actually been in front of the Supreme Court numerous times. I didn’t like his position on trade, but it was something he understood little about. I also didn’t particularly like his ‘preachy’ speeches. He’s got lots of work to do on that. 🙂

    Giving him the AG job would be a strong move on Trump’s part. Shows he’s not ‘small minded’ even after the acrimonious campaign. I always felt Cruz would make a great AG. Leave him there a few years, then hop over to the Supremes.

    Although, . . . . compared to the way the position has been politicized and dishonoured under Obama, anything will be a breath of fresh air.

    My own concerns with Trump have more to do with what he’ll do with The Fed.

  17. 21



    Actually they can come sorta close because idiots answer too many questions on census forms, but the gay vote numbers are fiction,

    Ummm, ok, let me give you this fact. say 3 members of my family voted last Tues. Tell me, from that fact, how many white men voted, how many white women voted, how many gay people voted, how many over 50 voted, how many votes did hillary get, how many votes did Trump get, how many college educated people voted(out of those 3) how many single women voted, how many single men voted. If any one of those questions can be answered absolutely, then I will start to believe in voting statistics. As it is, I think all of the stats I’ve seen to date are pure fiction.

    PS: adendum: While talking about fiction. Obama 51% favorable. Totally made up by liberal press. you ever been asked if you think Obama is doing a ‘favorable’ job? No, and no one else has either.

  18. 22


    Defcon nuclear threat REDUCED to safest level following Donald Trump victory

    AMERICA’S Defcon warning level has been reduced to its safest threat level possible following Donald Trump’s shock presidential election win.

    The Defcon Warning System, a private organisation which monitors world events and estimates the nuclear threat against America, is now at Level 5 – its lowest possible state.

    Just weeks ago the warning was accelerated to Level 3 following increased tensions between US and Russia, with insiders fearing the West was creeping closer to nuclear war.

    Level 3 means US troops could be mobilised in as little as 15 minutes.

  19. 23

    Bill- Deplorable Me

    @kitt: He has to be careful about removing Republican Reps and Senators from Congress. Some positions could face contentious races with uncertain results. Trump’s going to need a solid majority.

  20. 24


    Good Morning,
    J Raider I would feel uncomfortable if Cruz took a job from DT he could be fired from he is one of the hardest working Senators on the Hill, his personality is something you have to look past, super smart but socially awkward not a Beta Male.
    RT I still think they can make educated guesses via census data an area 98% white or Black with a high education percentage mostly married guessing hubby and wife vote alike and past voting trends,what they didnt expect at all was democrat abandonment, pissed off union or ex-union members from the rust belt turning on them as well. And run Hillary lol lol bwahahaha.
    Bill you are right snagging the best out of congress could have very negative effects
    Ditto thats great news, something MSM was failing to report was Russia getting pissed at O.

  21. 25

    Spurwing Plover

    Stupid bunch of mindless little snowflakes winters coming and since you and your stupid eco-freak friends stopped all the fossil fuels used to warm you sorry little hides I hope you freeze your pathetic little tails off and you have to burn your AVATAR, DVD to stay warm

  22. 27

    Rich Wheeler

    @kitt: Obama may well be under 50% approval of registered voters but Trump is under 35% and even many who voted for him don’t like him–they disliked HRC MORE.
    Favorite license plate Vote Trump. Nobody Has To Know.

    Trump’s son in law has purged Donald’s good friend Christie. Revenge for jailing his father. DT has Christie to thank for knocking Rubio out just when he was pulling even in Repub. Primary.
    I sure like DT .better when he’s not talking.

  23. 28


    @Rich Wheeler: Christie was replaced for his choices of lobbyists and bush old boys which also have been told so sorry your services are not required then he placed his VP in charge, for goodness sake the media has had a psychotic break do yourself a favor wait 2 weeks before kinda listening to them, avoid CNN at all costs. They think they can tell or demand Donald Trump follow protocol, maybe he will not a single whitehouse press core member was a republican , perhaps he will purge out all democrats.

  24. 29

    Rich Wheeler

    @kitt: Doesn’t seem DT has a very deep bench. Carson turned him down. Christie’s been axed.
    Ivanka’s 35 yr old investment banker husband seems to wield power.
    Traditionally Presidents have picked the most qualified people no matter the Party.

    Pence is clearly the adult in the room—Lotta old white men like Gingrich and Giuliani pleading for one last shot. Think he’ll give press sec. to lady bulldog Laura Ingram (sic).
    I think Nikki Haley a smart classy woman.
    I love the intrigue–CNN no worse than pretty boy Sean–O’Reilly best of the bunch is taking vacation.

  25. 30

    Spurwing Plover

    Barbra Boxer needs to resign and leave let her go live with cher on jupiter maybe in mexico with George Lopez perhaps in africa with Spike Lee or to canada with a bunch of others its just plain the demacrats are sore losers

  26. 31


    @Rich Wheeler: He has a deeper pool of people than you think, unlike O who dove into his pool of community organizers and donors completely unfit for positions he gave them Trump has a website where any citizen can apply. The top positions will be jockeyed for by the wanna bes , has beens and hanger ons. I wont go to that corner of its been a week were’s my wall crowd. Wait let him get his head wrapped around what just happened, the ultimate yea or nay for most high positions will be made by him in good time. Harry Reed needs to go quietly into the night STFU. I like Pelosi as minority leader her face is the true face of that party.

  27. 32

    Common Sense

    @Rich Wheeler: Rich, not clear why you think Trumps having issues with his transition team. Appears to me he has just began the process and to date I see no appointees that concern me. He will pick the best person for the job regardless of the fact that they may be white haired men. I would say America has spoken with his choice and now it’s time to allow the process to go forward.

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