My Sincere Apology to 2nd Nation White Americans

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This has been bugging me. This has been on my conscience for the last 2 hours.

I apologize. I apologize for my cultural appropriation. Even though I was born in the United States and adopted and raised by a white dad, my ethnic makeup is still “not from here”. I apologize for my insensitivity 42 years ago to all Second Nation white Anglo-Americans. I can’t even use Halloween as an excuse; because it wasn’t that time of the year. I- an Oriental- dressed myself up to look like an American cowboy from the wild west. I had no right to do this. I wasn’t even trying to show solidarity with my white brothers; I was just playing make-believe cowboy for my own imaginative entertainment. I didn’t realize the harm I was doing. I was stupidly unaware of the offence this may have caused and the sensitivity around this issue. I sincerely and unreservedly apologize to all Second Nation people (the white colored ones, at any rate) for this thoughtless action. I now appreciate that there is a great need for a deeper understanding of the complex and extensive issues facing non-indigenous communities. I hope that in highlighting my own ignorance I can help in some small way.

I still have much to learn.

Kind of like the Aussie actor Chris Hemsworth:

Chris Hemsworth has apologised for his poor choice of costume during a New Year’s Eve party last year, while also pledging his support for the Standing Rock protests in the US.
‘Standing with those who are fighting to protect their sacred land and water,’ he began his Instagram post on Friday.
The 33-year-old actor added: ‘I would also like to take this opportunity to raise something that has been bothering me for sometime.’


The Australian actor went on to provide context for his apology, before saying: ‘I was stupidly unaware of the offence this may have caused and the sensitivity around this issue. I sincerely and unreservedly apologise to all First Nations people for this thoughtless action.’

The former Home And Away star continued: ‘I now appreciate that there is a great need for a deeper understanding of the complex and extensive issues facing indigenous communities.’
‘I hope that in highlighting my own ignorance I can help in some small way,’ Chris concluded his post.

Meh…I suppose I should apologize to Hemsworth for plagiarizing his apology as well.

He’s still got a long way to go, however: When is he going to apologize to Scandinavians for dressing up and mocking their ancestral worship of their Norse god, Thor? He’s had over 5 years to do so; and yet has remained silent on the non-controversy.

The lengthy apology was accompanied by a photo of the Marvel star posing alongside Thor: Ragnorak’s Indigenous director Taika Waititi.

The men were both holding up a sign that read: ‘We stand with Standing Rock.’

There have been heavy protests and many arrests in recent days as people fight against the Dakota Access Pipeline that’s being built at the Standing Rock Indian Reservation in North Dakota.

Chris and his wife Elsa were both previously slammed when their costumes were deemed culturally insensitive.

The Melbourne-born actor was attending a Lone Ranger-themed party at the time.

Fans were quick to condemn the married couple for their choice of attire, with one Instagram user commenting: ‘This is so disappointing to see. Native Americans are real, their culture is real.’

Meanwhile, another suggested the couple’s costumes were an example of cultural appropriation, writing: ‘Can’t put into words how wrong this is.’


On an aside: Thoughts on Standing Rock?


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  1. 1

    Nanny G

    If you start down this road of trying to please the PC crowd, you will find yourself painted into a teeny tiny corner.
    You will not allow yourself to do a thing, lest you might offend one of these snowflakes who are trying to impose their own variant of Dhimmitude on all of us.
    My advice?
    Get off the apology train.
    I always thought you looked positively great in that costume.

  2. 3


    There were cowboys from many Asian countries in the old west. That outfit is a part of your culture, no apology needed.
    There were also white men and women in American Indian tribes. Many were voluntarily adopted.
    Those outfits are also part of our culture, no apologies offered.
    As for Native Americans, there weren’t any. Most of their ancestors came from Asia, courtesy of the Bering Sea land-ice bridge some 15,000 years or so ago.

  3. 6


    Is this Australian actor going to go back home and apologize to the aborigines & the Maoris also?

    How far are these dumb twits going to extend this apologist sensitivity crap?

  4. 7


    Some people experience intellectual and emotional growth over the course of their lives, gaining insight into past errors they have made, past harms they have done, or past offences that they have given. They can then feel contrition, which someone trying to better themselves might address by making an apology or an effort to make amends.

    Other people can go through their lives without ever learning a damn thing, repeating the same errors over and over while becoming increasingly angry, confused, and embittered, never grasping the fact that they are often the source of their own problems.

  5. 8

    Nanny G

    “Cultural Appropriation,” like most progressive chic causes turns out to create greater problems than the ones it claims to be solving.
    I mean, we’ve got college students (at Tuft’s University) organizing to ”call the police” if they see Holloween costumes that ”offend” them!
    Ironic because Tuft’s president recently said this: “Wearing a costume that others do not like is not a crime in a free country, especially not on a college campus where freedom of expression is cherished.”

  6. 10



    Happy Holloween, FA!

    When it comes to former child stars, they either leave Hollywood as a hero or stick around long enough to become problematic.

    So goes the story of Hilary Duff and her new boyfriend, Jason Walsh, who for some reason thought it was a good idea to dress up in the worst couples costume ever: a sexy pilgrim and a Native American “chief.”

    Let’s pause to remind everybody, especially celebrities with influence, for the umpteenth time: cultures are not a costume.

    Yeah….them puritannical Pilgrims should be offended by Hilary’s sexing up her Pilgrim outfit. The cultural misappropriation. The outrage! The intention or ignorance to do harm and hurt manufactured feelings and offend. Good grief, America! How sad and typical for them to apologize amidst backlash from fellow liberals without the foresight AS liberals to anticipate this is what would happen (I actually don’t know for a fact that they are liberal- their apology makes me assume it, though).


    I can’t wait for Thanksgiving!

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