Is the Demise of Christianity part of a Plan? (Guest Post)

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People at the Cross

The war on Christians continues unabated. Throughout the Middle East, in most of Europe, and even here in the United States, the future of Christianity is becoming bleak.  Is there a unified structure that is pushing this war forward? The body count in the Middle East would lead one to believe that this is a concerted effort, that there is an effort underway on a global scale to decimate the Christian faith. Christianity is the only major religion that is a faith based on the individual and not the collective faith of many others.

In this country, we are to the point where any mention of God or Christ, or even using talking points from the Bible are prohibited while Muslim religion is being forced on our students by the forced recitation of Muslin chants and Islamic dress. Liberals take offense if God is mentioned and act as if the rights they have fought so hard for have been ignored. They want to force Christians to give up the values of their faith, to the point of making laws putting Christians in jail for refusing to bake a cake or perform a wedding. The First Liberty Institute has recorded over 1,200 instances of government on Christian persecution in this country in the past four years. It has been proven that among elites, there is an intense hatred of religion in general, and Christians in particular. They see no irony in tolerance if that means being intolerant to Christians.

Could the collusion to eradicate the Christian religion be based on a collectivist government of a global scale where the only acceptable god is government?  Is this war on terror a plan by the global elites to decapitate Western Civilization and to destabilize the world to the point where opposition is highly controlled and to assist the rise of government control to fight this terror. Self-sufficient and independent thinkers are considered a threat by this administration and those pulling the strings behind them.  Christians belief in god is first, and becoming a part of the global collective is not a part of their faith.

There are over 200 million Christians in the world at risk of death, assault, imprisonment and torture.

There is a central role for Islam being played out in the persecution of the Christian minorities in Middle Eastern countries and Europe. Because of the willing administration assistance being given to the Islamic culture, including bringing unvetted refugees into the country, will only expand the danger into areas unknown in the past. Obamas precipitous retreat from Iraq  and the culmination of the Arab Spring has flooded the globe with ISIS, Al Queda and affiliate organizations throughout the world.

This Christian genocide is unique in that it is not being reported in the Western media, not because the American people would not care, but because it is difficult to understand that Christianity is under attack and the Christians can actually be the victims. Many think the persecution of Christians was only in the early days of the formation of the religion of Christ, and the years after. Many do not want to hear about the persecution of now, including unfortunately, many Christians .

I have mentioned this to the Christians I know and try to discuss the genocide of Christians of all sects throughout Europe and the Middle East, and the response I receive most of all is, “How do we know they are Christians?”  If someone was standing over you demanding that you denounce your religion and behead you if you don’t, would you consider that person a Christian? I would.

Damage to Christian churches and historical artifacts have expanded and gathered momentum through the area, with landmarks such as the St. Elijah monastery and the city of Palmyra, are now gone forever, and it appears that the purpose is to eradicate Christianity from the region. In Syria more than 400 churches have been destroyed and even here in the United States Churches are being converted into mosques.

The Easter Sunday bombing in Pakistan that left 65 dead, and over 300 injured, mostly women and children, was credited to the Taliban. It was in a Christian park and the bomb detonated near the swing sets in the park. That leads me to believe that women and children were the targets, as they have been in many IS and affiliated attacks.

And our President? Just as he refuses to name the Islamic State as Islamic, went so far as to condemn the attackers in Pakistan without mentioning that the victims were Christian. The fact that our President will not name either the terrorists or victims does nothing more than blur the lines of engagement with those wanting to do us harm. This is the same administration that refused to label Boko Haram a terrorist group even after receiving information of the deaths of up to 11,500 Christians in the Northern Nigerian States since 2000. Boko Haram was not designated as a terrorist organization until November 2013, after several years of pressure from the Congress, civil rights groups and activists. After the Easter 2012 bombing by Boko Haram that killed 39 worshippers the U.S. Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs Johnnie Carson stated

“I want to take this opportunity to stress one key point and that is religion is not driving extremist violence in the Muslim North of Nigeria”.

Boko Haram, much like ISIS is being explained away by a lack of jobs or a lack of opportunity by this administration. And “strongly worded letters  of condemnation” by John Kerry will do nothing to alleviate the situation. In every case, this administration has turned its back on Christians and called jihad extremists the product of inequality, poverty and not of Islamic teaching.

It is up to the Christians in the United States and other free countries to move forward with prayer ,to raise the awareness of those people who can bring vocal support to those organizations that can assist those caught in the area. A change in policy will also be needed, and individuals can call those in Congress to move forward to put an end to this genocide. We need not only to help those who want to leave, but those who want to stay to avoid the extinction of Christianity in an area of over 3000 years.

It is hard to understand the Christians of the world remaining silent on this genocide, but what are groups such as the feminists and child advocacy groups also silent. Women are sold into slavery and raped to the point of death, children are kidnapped and held to fight or become sex slaves, and none of these groups are talking about it. Where are those who were so vocal about the injustices they supposedly saw in this country when the debacle of what is going over there is ignored.

Without adequate protection by legal and military means, Christianity in the entire Levant will disappear. There is not a place where the Christians can go to defend themselves, no homeland to return to , no physical security for them. This administration has failed miserably to achieve anything in the area, and even in Egypt, where Christians were given assurances by al-Sisi, is being fought by the Muslim Brotherhood, ISIS and even our own State Department. And in the future, chemical and nuclear armaments may come into play, once again expanding the theater of terrorism and finally displace the Christians left effectively clearing the caliphate of non believers.

Nothing will change until the administration decides to move forward with this was on terror. Something that will not happen until Obama is gone and a more pragmatic President is allowed to make decisions to finally put this war to an end.

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    Spurwing Plover

    Replace Thanksgiving,christmas easter palm sunday and good friday with with EARTHDAY the only celebration liberal still celebrate along with Ceasar Chavez Day and Harvey Milk Day

  2. 4


    Christianity teaches that God is above the state, and that Christian principles supercede that which the tyrannical left propounds. Hence, as the left has always held, Christianity must be destroyed.

    The double standard is obvious. The state of Oregon levelled over $100 thousand dollars in fines plus plaintiff legal expenses against a Christian baker for “violating the civil rights” of a gay couple demanding the Christian baker give up their 1st Amendment rights to free expression of religion.

    Can you imagine the state levelling such a punishment on a black owned printing shop for refusing to print flyers for a KKK group?

    The rule of law is no longer in effect. We are now under the effect of “rule by mob opinion”.

  3. 5

    Richard Wheeler

    Unfortunately Christianity as practiced in this country bears little resemblance to living Christ like-Most Christians do not follow Christ’s teachings and Christmas is an example.
    I can’t recall a candidate in my lifetime that was less “Christian –Christ like than Donald Trump.
    Celebrating holidays is about crass commercialism.
    Pete Unfortunately for Republicans ALL citizens get to vote. We’re not gonna make America great again and go back to White males being the only ones to cast ballots
    Trump would win in a landslide.

  4. 7

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: Trump is devoid of compassion and humility–seems em as weakness–he’s a phony Christian as are the Evangelicals who support him.

    Update on race Hillary has locked up the win with 272 E.C. VOTES CONFIRMED
    Even if Trump wins EVERY state still contested he loses. Trumpists can stay home–IT’S OVER.
    Question is—Will he be man enough to accept it?

  5. 8


    @Richard Wheeler: Thats a judgmental statement on Trump, how bout a authentic verified story on Hillarys personal compassion for a fellow human. She from reports behaves like trailer trash of the lowest sort.
    You cant verify an EC until after the votes are counted the college can be sued for not representing the obvious popular vote in their district. Nice try but look up the rules.
    Only 4 of the last 44 elections was the electoral college even a factor. And then the winnersof those races were all Republicans.

  6. 9

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt:When a majority of voters in a state favor a candidate, he or she receives all of the state’s electoral votes. Don’t be putting ideas into the incessantly litigious DT

    l got it 313- 255 and HRC BY 48%-44%
    What say you?

    Did you not hear that high pitched melodic voice? The calorically challenged lady has left the building.

  7. 10


    @Richard Wheeler: Holy moley I didn’t know DT came here to read my posts, I dont make predictions But they had RR behind Carter pretty good in the Polls and it was a RR landslide, seems 40 % of the latino vote is going to DT in FLA The old bats base is not as sturdy as Dems think.
    Where is that 1 story of her being kind and compasionate? Just 1, common google, bing, search, ask, dogpile, one of the search engines should be able to come up with 1 single time she did a kindness for no other reason than to be a nice person. Could be her uppercrust childhood only taught her how to be a mean girl, yes her childhood home was paid for in cash 600K, private schools the whole enchalada.

  8. 11

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: You are preaching to the choir–have I ever indicated support for HRC?. I was an Obama precinct captain.
    You are the one who is selling out by supporting Trump. I’m voting 3rd Party for a candidate who does display compassion, and humility.
    BTW Trump will receive less than 22% of the Hispanic vote–Do you think they are deaf?
    Semper Fi
    Comparing DT to RR LOL

  9. 12


    @Richard Wheeler: Not comparing just pointing out that polls are not a great indicator, you helped that got the current weeniehead elected, good job.
    Its sad that you think some of those who choose their vote as a weapon rather than a weak voiceless protest are sell outs, I hope its death by few million tiny cuts for Hillary. I have no respect for Don, I just know Hillarys history shows she is an ignorant, ill mannered, war mongering, greed bag.
    Religion will be much safer under Don than her.
    As always we can disagree and still converse.

  10. 13

    John Velisek

    not to mention most polls done by the hillary media oversample Dems to assure the number look good for her. And even then she is losing some. The whole thing is done so that they tthink Trump supporters will stay home. not gonna happen.

  11. 14

    Richard Wheeler

    @John Velisek: Head on out John. There’s just not enough non college educated White males, and their women that do as they’re told—, to elect DT.
    I assure you this race is over–even the sane Repubs. are running from Trump.
    EC 313-225. .

  12. 17


    @Richard Wheeler:

    So in your view, it is “Christ-like” to FORCE people to participate in what their religion clearly tells them is sinful.

    It is “Christ-like” to jail an innocent filmmaker and falsely blame him for a terrorist attack, while lying about it calling it “a spontaneous protest” that resulted in the murder of 4 Americans?

    It is “Christ-like” while covering for a serial rapist/harasser for over 30 years, to serve up bogus accusations of sexual harassment against her political opponent?

    Is it “Christ-like” to foment envy in a mob to justify government theft to buy the votes of the economically illiterate

    Is it “Christ-like” to force taxpayers, in violation of their religious beliefs, to fund abortionists, while blatantly lying about it?

    Is it “Christ-like” to impose a natiomal socialist healthcare system that the majority of Americans do not want?

    Is it “Christ-like” to run a criminal graft organization posing as a charitable foundation?

    Is it “Christ-like” to run an illegal server, break national security laws, and refuse to turn over over 30,000 emails while under federal investigation?

  13. 18

    Richard Wheeler

    @Pete: You’re preaching to the choir Pete. I’m not voting for HRC or DT. What’s your excuse? How can any intelligent person vote for Trump?
    btw I was for Jim Webb then John Kasich.
    I’ll write in Clifton Roberts Humane Party

  14. 19


    @Richard Wheeler:

    An intelligent person recognizes the sheer magnitude of Hillary’s evil nature, and that a vote for Trump is the only way to do something to stop her. No other candidate has a snowball’s chance in hell of winning, so despite Trump’s flaws he is the only candidate one can support if wants to stop the continuing destructive progessive march to tyranny.

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