Porn star levels accusation of “unacceptable behavior” at Trump day after launching online sex shop

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I couldn’t ignore this. I looked at and thought about it for a while at first but then something Jim Hoft added to it began to crack me up. When I heard of the newest Trump accuser on The Today Show this morning I sort of dismissed it since the accuser they described sounded like Patty Purity and I thought I’d wait for the other shoes to drop and drop they did.

The Trump accuser’s name is Jessica Drake, she er, came forward clinging to Gloria Allred.

Another woman has come forward to accuse Donald Trump of inappropriate conduct, claiming that he offered her $10,000 and access to his jet to come to his penthouse hotel room at a golf event in 2006.

Jessica Drake, an adult film performer for Wicked Pictures, appeared on Saturday with attorney Gloria Allred. She said that she met Trump ten years ago at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Calif.

They say timing is everything and Ms. Drake knows something about building to a climax. The day before publicly leveling an accusation at Donald Trump Ms Drake launched an online store selling sex toys, videos and sexual equipment:

Donald Trump’s latest sex accuser has launched her own online store to sell adult videos, toys, and sexual equipment. She announced the opening of the store one day before going public with her Trump allegations.
Jessica Drake, an adult film actress, appeared with feminist attorney Gloria Allred Saturday at a press conference, alleging that Trump tried to sleep with her after allegedly touching her. Variety reported:
She said that she met Trump ten years ago at a golf tournament in Lake Tahoe, Calif.

She said Trump invited her to his suite after the tournament, and she went with some women friends. When they arrived, she said, he grabbed each of them tightly and kissed them. After they left him, one of his representatives called to invite her to his room alone, but she said she declined.

Then Trump himself called and asked, “What do you want? How much?” After she declined his invite, he eventually offered her $10,000, she said.

Drake said that she “may be called a liar or opportunist,” but her motives are pure. She offered a photograph of herself, clothed, beside Trump, at the golf event in question as evidence that she met him.

In past interviews she’s spoken at length about her experience:

“I’ve done fellatio positions, anal, uh, G-spot female ejaculation, female masturbation, anal play for men, woman-to-woman. And I’ve done them based on questions and feedback that I’ve gotten from women and couples during the seminars that I’m giving,” Drake said on the topic of her Guide To Wicked Sex series of educational DVD’s, an anthology of her sexual expertise.

She’s even had a realistic doll made in her likeness. This was pretty amusing so far but then Jim Hoft tossed in a tweet from Brit Hume

And I haven’t stopped laughing yet. For those concerned about it, Drake also offers vegan and  “PETA-certified lubes.”

No word yet on whether the doll will accuse Trump of unacceptable behavior.

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    So Dr J I am unsure, do you think Trump propositioned her or not?
    Do you think that Trump is the king of guy who might offer 10 grand for a nightbwith a porn star? If he did, would that change your opinion of him?

  2. 6


    So wait….an ALLEGED propositioning of a pron star is HORRIBLE…

    But Madonna (at 59 years old) offering BJs to men who vote for Hillary is A-OK, right?

    I believe even Orwell would be stunned at the magnitude of leftist doublethink were he alive today.

  3. 9


    I see you are joining me with hysterical laughter at the ridiculous, hypocritical antics of this election. They pushed me over the edge when I found out Billy Bush was Jeb’s cousin. It could be a movie. I nominate Will Ferrell as Trump but I just cannot think of anyone yet for Hillary.

  4. 10


    @Pete: I saw some photos of Mylie Cyrus in concert, at the edge of the stage, pushing her P ( private parts) out so fans could touch her. Same for the rear. She can play herself in my movie. You just can’t top her for Hollywood hypocrisy.

  5. 12

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: Cute video
    The Fat lady has sung—HRC has locked up 272 and will finish well over 300.
    Certainly can’t blame a Cruz supporter like yourself for this debacle.

  6. 13


    @Richard Wheeler: The more I look outside lame stream media the less confident I am about the bigly win of Hillary.Investigations being reopened, seem Huma wanted something on Hillary and did not destroy her electronics, the investigation is back on perhaps they will find intent, but it will take time It is back in the news corrption corruption corruption. I still cant be happy if he pulls it off, he certainly wasnt my 1st, 2nd or even 3rd choice.

  7. 14

    Nanny G

    @Songbird: What Milely did was nothing compared with Hillary pushing for American females to be drafted.
    Talk about offering up American pu$$y to the enemy!
    What will ISIS do to American FEMALE soldiers they capture?
    What will Putin do to them?

  8. 15


    Let me see if I understand this correctly: Brit Hume thinks because a woman is in the sex trade, she has no right to a complaint if she is the recipient of unwanted sexual advances? That’s kind of like saying if a prostitute walks to the corner convenience store to gab a Pepsi and is raped on the way, she has no complaint because she is in the sex trade business.

    And conservatives are agreeing with this mindset?

  9. 16


    @retire05: She wasn’t raped she was offered money for sex, thats her bread and butter …This is nothing like the Cosby thing he didnt drug anyone, he didnt rape these women, unwanted advances need to be handled by the woman then she moves on, possibly warns other women.
    I admit there is 1 possible case but that needs to be heard in court, nothing has been proven yet.

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