Wait- what was that again about grabbing women’s private parts being degrading?

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Donald Trump is under fire for his “locker room” language.

“Grab them by the pu$$y. You can do anything.”

He is alleged to have said. The tide came crashing down on Trump from the left and from the right. Paul Ryan:

“I am sickened by what I heard today. Women are to be championed and revered, not objectified. I hope Mr. Trump treats this situation with the seriousness it deserves and works to demonstrate to the country that he has greater respect for women than the clip suggests.”



Among his most vocal critics is one Miley Cyrus, one of the current stars of The Voice.

“Donald Trump is a f*cking nightmare!”

Says she. Why, she even threatened to leave the country if he was elected.


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Donald Trump is a poor role model for children, laments the NY Times.


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Trump is so terrible a person that if he’s not careful he could wind up being a judge on The Voice. Is it just me or does anyone else think this sort of behavior is, for lack of a better word, deplorable?


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  1. 1

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    Rap lyrics. Are rap “artists” routinely chastised for their attitudes towards women?

    There’s no real point in discussing the Clinton’s attitude towards women, as it is well documented and only goes to prove that liberals really don’t care about his except as a means to weaken a political opponent they fear and are being beaten by.

    Alec Baldwin was exiled from public life momentarily for attacking blacks, attacking gays, attacking women, even attacking his own daughter. But all Alec has to do to get back into the good graces of those discerning liberals is do an impression of Trump.

    These are really some principled people. I have no doubts their outrage is real.

  2. 2

    Spurwing Plover

    King William the grouper there he gose again if it was,nt Monica Lewinski and Jenifer Flowers its someone else Loose Skirt Chaser is what Rush called him in a parody

  3. 4


    Trump is done, and he did it to himself. That last phrase of the title of this article pretty much explains it. He created an impression with women that he won’t be able to erase. It was a remarkably clueless performance, from someone who claims to be able to read body language.

    Trump stalked Clinton onstage at the debate — and women recognized him as a threat

    “And I’ll tell you what. I didn’t think I’d say this, but I’m going to say it, and I hate to say it. But if I win, I am going to instruct my attorney general to get a special prosecutor to look into your situation, because there has never been so many lies, so much deception. There has never been anything like it, and we’re going to have a special prosecutor,” Trump said to Clinton.

    “So we’re going to get a special prosecutor, and we’re going to look into it, because you know what? People have been — their lives have been destroyed for doing one-fifth of what you’ve done. And it’s a disgrace. And honestly, you ought to be ashamed of yourself.”

  4. 5


    @Greg: You know who stalked Clinton, Ambassador Stevens 600 requests for enhanced security, he stalked her. Thats the impression that cant be erased or deleted.
    Trumps words or actions did not get anyone killed, Stevens was her charge, her responsibility, if she cant secure a lousey 13 acre compound, why the hell would we hand her the security of the entire Nation?
    She has been expert at getting rid of evidence the rape case she was laughing about, the rape kit went missing. What a pattern.

  5. 6


    @kitt, #5:

    The right can repeat stories about Hillary Clinton until hell freezes over, but it will never alter what people can observe for themselves simply by paying attention to the words and behavior of Donald Trump.

    One such observation is that this is a captain who will take the ship down with him when he sinks—a complete reversal of the usual noble model of leadership and command. His attack on the rest of the GOP demonstrates this very clearly. I can see only one reasonable explanation: He doesn’t really care about the ship. The central focus of the opera playing in his head is the captain.

  6. 7

    Richard Wheeler

    @Greg: He’s through –a dead man walking–Nov 8 TH can’t come soon enough for him.
    He’ll get less than 40% of distaff vote–needs 43% to be competitive. A painful loss delivered by those he demeaned–extremely fitting.

  7. 8


    @Richard Wheeler, #7:

    I take no satisfaction at all in seeing the republican party wrecked by Donald Trump. Hopefully mainstream conservatives can seize control and put things back together. We don’t really want a one-party America.

  8. 9


    @Greg: He feels a bit betrayed, what did the democratic party do when Kennedy left that poor girl dead in the river, they rallied to him.
    The tight asses in the GOP knee jerk reaction, chuck the White House to the most vile bitch to walk the planet, to save themselves, over talking filthy with another guy which he has said he is sorry for. Who the hell would they put in his place if he did step down. I know it was over a month after Cruz dropped out before I rationalized anything to keep illery out. What I wrote is Fact not a story 600 messages in from May to September thats over 100 per month from her dear friend maybe one of those sent at 3 am, she doesnt deserve the office.
    When did Hillary change her last name to For Prison I see the signs everywhere.

  9. 10


    You should be careful. In addition to reading body language, Trump is also capable of judging when a person has hate in their heart.

    I believe it was at the point when he rendered that pronouncement that I finally decided he was devoid of any redeeming qualities as a candidate. In my view, Clinton—with all her imperfections—is a better person, not only a far better qualified candidate. The man has qualities that are utterly disqualifying. He should not have gotten this far. He should have been eliminated at the primary level.

  10. 11


    Ahhh Dr J
    Most people might hold a potential POTUS to a higher standard than a pop star.
    But thanks for offering your view point that in some way they are equivocal (?)
    Keep defending the TRUMP !!!

  11. 12

    Nanny G

    @Greg: You should be careful. In addition to reading body language, Trump is also capable of judging when a person has hate in their heart.

    Donald Trump doesn’t read hearts.
    And, in Hillary’s case, he doesn’t have to.
    She makes her hatred very clear.

    Like, she hates the military and those in it……
    *Four brave Americans died on the night of the terror attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, two of whom were Navy SEALs. Hillary did nothing to help them out and has lied repeatedly as to what occurred on that night. Only someone with contempt for the military would act like that.

    *“Hillary was very rude to agents, and she didn’t appear to like law enforcement or the military,” former Secret Service agent Lloyd Bulman recalls. “She wouldn’t go over and meet military people or police officers, as most protectees do. She was just really rude to almost everybody. She’d act like she didn’t want you around, like you were beneath her.”

    “Hillary didn’t like the military aides wearing their uniforms around the White House,” one former agent remembers. “She asked if they would wear business suits instead. The uniform’s a sign of pride, and they’re proud to wear their uniform. I know that the military was actually really offended by it.”

    *Of the VA scandal:
    “I don’t understand why we have such a problem, because there have been a number of surveys of veterans, and, overall, veterans who do get treated are satisfied with their treatment.”
    307,000 veterans may have died as a result of the system, and that it took 160 days on average to be approved for healthcare. An appeal claim could take as long as four years to process.

    *Hillary has called for removing the sequester’s military cuts, but only if it was offset by other unspecified cuts in the Pentagon, meaning she won’t do anything to help rebuild the military.
    She has called for a commission to study how to make even more defense cuts.

    *A poll conducted by NBC News/Survey Monkey, military members and veterans supported Trump by a margin of 55 percent to 36 percent. In the past our military have had a tough time getting their ballots counted.

  12. 14


    Dr J were you surprised, that one day after your defense of Trump, we are now regaled with multiple stories that Trump was walking through the Miss Teen USA dressing room and oggling naked girls as young as 15 years old?
    No reports yet of him grabbing them by their pussy, but who knows what tomorrow will bring ?

  13. 15


    What? Donald Trump is now running against Miley Cyrus? Wow! I thought he was running against Hillary Clinton. Boy, am I relieved. No chance Miley Cyrus will win against The Donald.

  14. 17

    Nanny G

    Interesting that this AM Trump served the NYTimes with a Cease & Desist letter based on these false allegations.
    Turns out the phone number of the supposed victim matches a phone number used at the Clinton Foundation!
    Also turns out her supposed recollection of the incident matches the lyrics of an old Velvet Underground song.
    I think the NYTimes got punked.

  15. 18

    July 4th American

    @Nanny G:

    The ny slimes print this 50 paragraphs of this slime but did not think the rape of Juanita Broderick by bill clinton warranted any coverage.

    BTW, paragraphs 49 and 50 are one sentence paragraphs saying one of the women is a hillary clinton supporter and the other is and the other is both a clinton and obama campaign contributor.

  16. 19


    @Nanny G:

    Interesting that this AM Trump served the NYTimes with a Cease & Desist letter based on these false allegations.

    So what? Means nothing unless Trump files in court against them. And it’s not like the NY Slimes doesn’t have attorneys on retainer using Carlos Slim’s billions of $$.

    Let Trump file against the NY Slimes. It will take years to work its way through the courts. Trump knows this. He’s just trying to stop the bleeding. And it ain’t helping with his mouthpiece, Katrina Pierson, suggesting Trumpeteers should not vote Republican on the down ticket if those Republicans are now bowing to kiss The Donald’s ring.

    Just one more case of The Donald not knowing what he is doing. Going after Paul Ryan, threatening to lose the Congress to the Democrats, is pure stupidity. If he, and his sycophants, manage to do that, he will be a lame duck President going in. The only chance Trump has of doing what you think he will do is to help elect an even stronger Republican dominated Congress.

  17. 20

    Nanny G

    The New York Times dropped their explosive accusation story about a first-class airline passenger named Jessica Leeds who claimed Donald Trump groped her 30 years ago.
    So, who was right?
    Not Jessica Leeds.
    She did, however, have a different history with Donald Trump, having to do with, not sexual lies, but PROPERTY LINES.

    New York Daily News dated October 7th, 2007 – surrounding a Trump owned golf course property in Rancho Palos Verdes, California where the golf course erected trees to mitigate the visual appearance of distressed property……

    The trees are impairing views on public hiking and biking trails. That’s much more important to the public good than what some golfers consider an ugly house,” complained resident Lenee Bilski, 63.

    “We can watch the whales go by, the pelicans go fishing, the kite surfers. It’s an idyllic life…and now Donald Trump comes along and takes that away,” said Jessica Leeds, 62, whose million-dollar property was singled out in Trump paperwork as particularly homely.


    Later, in the LA Times dated October 30th, 2008 came this:

    The homeowner, Jessica Leeds, has property that borders on Trump’s golf course development, and had been in negotiations with the Trump organization, which was arguing that her fence was actually in Trump’s property. She says she believed the two sides were in the process of negotiating a solution when a construction crew showed up last Thursday.

    “All of a sudden, they were here with their bulldozers taking down the fence, removing and destroying landscape, trees, a walking path, a storage unit just bulldozing through the whole thing,” Jessica Leeds told the Palos Verdes Peninsula News.

    According to David Conforti, the general manager of the Trump-owned course, the action taken on Thursday was to recoup their land.

    We’re simply reclaiming what is legally, rightfully ours, Conforti said on Friday. [Leeds] certainly had the forewarning. It was a few months old. There was nothing ripped out. What we simply did was remove the fence and then reinstall it on the property line.

    The Trump Organization last winter sent a letter stating that Leeds had 10 or 14 days to move the fence herself, which she did not do.


    Gee, even a simple Google search could have saved Carlos Slim’s NYTimes this embarrassment of having to drop their ”story.”

    I wonder who is next?

  18. 21

    Richard Wheeler

    @Nanny G: Not the same Jessica Leeds who accused Trump. Different age and different appearance—7 women have come forward so far—Trump has brought this on himself–Election is lost–he should simply try to save what’s left of his reputation and his Marriage.

  19. 22

    Nanny G

    @Richard Wheeler: If she stopped dying her hair redish and lost some weight during those 8 or 9 years it most certainly could be the same lady.
    From menopausal to post-menopausal women change a bunch.

    But, you might be correct.

  20. 23

    Richard Wheeler

    @Nanny G: “might be correct” you say–there may be a glimmer of hope for you NAN—-not so The Donald—appears he’s going down with the ship and will make a concerted effort to take as many with him as is possible.

  21. 24


    @Nanny G: This woman in the interview was asked how long did this last( a stranger fondling you an octopus, horrible) oh not long maybe 15 mins or so. 15 minutes, I will have to tell Ms fantasy, if you sit there always able to quietly return to coach from your upgrade, it has a way different name than assault, try foreplay. but it didnt happen she is a liar.
    Look at what is happening in the real news this is a distraction, Obama is telling Russia we are about to commit an act of war. NBC news.

  22. 25

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: “distraction” you are the mistress of understatement—except in your assertion Obama is taking us to war—have a great weekend.

    This debacle can’t be over soon enough for me. My hope at the end DT WILL display whatever gentlemanly qualities he does possess–congratulate the winner and go home with his head high. He does have a great life

    Semper Fi

  23. 26


    @Richard Wheeler: I hope you are wrong if Hillary the war monger gets in its at least 4 more years of quagmire in ME, more lives and treasure.
    Thats the angle Don must play to win the White House. His energy policy threatens the Shiakhs petro dollar, another reason the Bushes are not backing Don. Too bad it wasn’t the Texan running he could better articulate the conspiracy.

  24. 27

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: It’s quite simple really–DT has awoken the sleeping giant with his own WORDS and actions–51% of the electorate are women and there is not enough time to repeal the Amendment that made it so. This race is OVAH.

    There is truly a smell of desperation over at Fox–Neil Cavuto one of their Trump bootlickers brings on ultra liberal Martin O’Malley for “ideas on how DT CAN GET UNDER HRC’S SKIN.” O’Malley laughs at Cavuto and gives rousing endorsement to HRC. CAVUTO SLINKS OFF.

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