Why Would Any Young Person Vote Democrat?

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Hello Young People! Apparently you are not showing sufficient enthusiasm for Hillary Clinton’s coronation, so the Democrats are unleashing their secret weapon to bring your vote around – Al Gore. Younger members reading this might remember him as the old dude who made that neat sci-fi epic movie about 10 years ago. He’s actually here as the ambassador on one issue that polls well among your demographic, so he occasionally emerges from his energy-guzzling mansion and flies around the world in his private jet to lecture us on the dangers of… climate change. Welcome to 2016, where the party that’s supposed to represent young people has decided to treat you like you’re complete idiots.

Quite a few of you became interested in politics thanks to Bernie Sanders, and his “Democratic Socialism” pitch. You might have even seen this video  “explaining” the benefits of Democratic Socialism. If that video sounded great to you, listen closer, and read here for a more in-depth analysis

Dude… I got so baked last night that Democratic Socialism started to sound good!

Unfortunately if you look at the reality of how Socialism has worked in practice, the Nordic countries aren’t the shining example that you’ve been told that they are:

People in the Nordic countries are suffering from the ill effects of the very socialism which Bernie Sanders wants to bring to America. They know it doesn’t work, and they are working hard to achieve robust, free-market reforms.

Nevertheless, there are clear lessons a huge, diverse country can learn from the recent experiences of these small, homogeneous nations. The biggest lesson might surprise Bernie Sanders — socialism doesn’t work.

A very real example that our press and people who claim to be intelligent like to ignore is Venezuela. It’s literally on fire. Or perhaps you’d like to see a Progressive grocery store?

Then you got to watch the primary process where your votes were struck down by Superdelegates who were put in place to ensure that you did not make the wrong choice as determined by your superiors in the DNC. Some leaks conformed that it was worse than it appeared:

But first, Bernie supporters should note three things well about the uncool, unfair, and unconscionable sabotage they have been subjected to by Debbie Wasserman Schultz: If WikiLeaks had not tapped into and then publicized the Democratic National Committee emails, she would have gotten away with it. Wasserman Schultz is no criminal mastermind (to say the least): She is a functionary doing exactly what she knows she was expected to do, a small cog in a much larger machine. Third, her bad-faith malfeasance would have been exposed much earlier if a press that was interested in revealing the truth rather than turning a blind eye to it (because they approve of the goal) had done its job, or half its job, or maybe a tenth of its job.

Bernie voters, you sad saps, you never had a chance. Now, we can reasonably suspect that the chance you didn’t have goes back eight years. We can also deduce that the Democratic Party is a top-down organization, not a grassroots organization. They claim to be, of course, but the power at the top has nothing to do with the will of the people in its base. It’s a club where only the opinions of a couple of members count.

Then over the summer we learned that your champion of the people is using his wealth to give back and help others by… buying a half million dollar vacation home. and after Hillary called you a bunch of “Basement Dwellers”, Bernie had your back by… defending her. And Bernie capped it off by informing you to not even think of voting for a 3rd party – get in line, do as you’re told and vote for who we tell you, child.

You’ve already had a taste of what life is like under the rule of today’s authoritarian Radical Leftists that have taken over the Democratic Party. How did you like Michelle Obama’s school lunch program?

They’re the ones who support the status quo of a school system that has failed too many of you.

How about today’s toxic culture on college campuses? College is supposed to be the best years of many young people’s lives, and now look at their legacy.

And at times where you’ve gone wrong at college the teachers and coaches to whom you looked for guidance and mentoring have failed you miserably.

As for preparing you for adulthood, I’m afraid that what this girl went through in blowing her college internship might show a very wrong mentality that you’ve been taught – check the comments for some good advice.

Maybe you have a great idea like creating the next Lyft or Uber? Too bad – take a guess who wants to stop you. If you guessed Bernie and Hillary, you’d be right.

And of course, if you’re having trouble finding a job, you can thank the policies championed by the left for reasons why companies are doing less hiring. Two easy examples are Obamacare, and the infamous #FightForFifteen. And even though you don’t see it as directly as the other examples, but the endless stream of regulation from this administration is indirectly also hurting you:

“The man really believes in regulating the private sector as opposed to structural remedies, and those regulations have hurt Main Street,” said Peter George Morici Jr., an economist and international business professor at the University of Maryland’s R.H. Smith School of Business.

One area where Main Street is struggling is in access to banks and capital, Mr. Morici added.

“His banking regulations are so opaque and complex that small banks can’t cope with them, so they sell out to bigger banks,” he said. “And so what you’ve got is a situation where the focus of banking [is] shifted from Wall Street to Main Street. Regional banks now have less money to lend because there are less of them. That takes banking away from Main Street — from builders and people who would buy homes.”

And this is also not a popular topic, but our debt situation that both parties have helped to contribute to is going to hit you harder than it will the rest of us. I know, her “free college” pitch is popular with your crowd, but it’s been many years since you learned that free stuff from Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy weren’t really free, so what makes you think this is different? If you’re unhappy about the cost of higher education, maybe you should start by asking about the kind of people who demand $300,000 fees to speak on campus?

Hopefully this post has given you something to think about. It’s time to grow up and really consider the weight of your choices.

And this may surprise you, but many of you have more in common with Conservatives than you realize.

Look, I’m not trying to lecture you that you should go out and vote for Trump. I dislike him for many of the same reasons you probably do, but I’m planning to vote for him, if nothing else because I know that he won’t give a blanket endorsement for the policies outlined above. The surest way to guarantee nothing will change is by going along no matter how badly you’re ignored – look no further than the rise of Trump after years of the Republican’s party leadership thumbing its nose at its base. While I’m not optimistic that the GOP’s leaders will learn their lesson, I can guarantee you there would be no reason for them to even consider change had we obediently nominated Jeb! as we were told.

If you truly hate Trump or are able to forgive Hillary all of her transgression, then by all means vote for her. But don’t be surprised when she ignores you and continues to take you for granted.

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7 Responses to “Why Would Any Young Person Vote Democrat?”

  1. 1


    Enthusiasm ? weak? maybe, somewhat lacking. but they are all voting Dem and probably will continue to do so.
    BB you DO realize that Trump is going to lose and lose badly. At what point will you stop fighting a battle you know is lost and try to find one that you possibly COULD win? Like a Senate race. Trump has gone totally toxic Republicans shouldn’t be near that stench

  2. 2

    Nanny G

    You did something I had been reaching for and failing to find, BroBob.
    You juxtaposed Michelle’s horrible public school lunch program’s ”food” with Bernie Sanders’ ”democratic socialism.”
    Recall, when he was drawing huge crowds, Bernie warned us that the free market was doomed under him.
    “Who needs 30 different brands of deodorant, or 50 different styles of tennis shoes,” he asked.
    Yeah, ever smell Chinese shampoo?
    You can’t.
    They just use soap on their hair and rinse it out as best they can.
    Some of their shoes aren’t even made on a Left and Right last.
    They are just generic shoes, put them on either foot.
    All this enthusiasm-robbing sameness just to we have a bit more money to spread around.
    It doesn’t work.
    Will a Hillary Administration go this far?
    Do you want to find out?

  3. 4


    The reason young people vote democrat is because the GOP elitists are nothing but cuckservative surrender monkeys who give in to the despicable leftist tyrants at almost EVERY turn. These ball-less cowards- like Ryan, McCain, McConnell, and now sadly, Mike Lee, are nothing but sissy eunuchs who flee at the first sign of fingerpointing SJW whining from the MSM. They are beyond disgusting.

    Patton was right when he said, “Americans LOVE a winner!”. The true spirit of Americanism admires the man who stands up for what is right, regardless of what might be trending in the halls of metrosexual self-absorption.

    Dipshits like Ryan have signed their political death warrants. Trump was not my preferred candidate, but damn me to the 13th circle of hell if I bow down like the craven sphincter-lickers that currently lead the GOP to the evil of the democrats. Damn them. Damn them ALL to hell.

    It is time for a new American Conservative party. One that is devoted to the rule of Constitutional law, and not the psychopathic denial of reality that is leftism. It is time for a party composed of men and women who grasp reality, judge one another based on their character, and recognize the scam of leftist tyranny for the corruption, graft, and dishonesty inherent in leftist ideology.

    It is time for Good men (and women) to rise up and resist the evil of leftism in all it’s forms….including the “pretend” conservatives of the GOP elites.

    I have never been more disgusted in my life than I am right now.

  4. 5

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    Trump has displayed crudeness and political naivete’ but nothing of the scale of incompetence, corruption and dishonesty of Hillary’s. The recently revealed hacked emails also reveal (or confirm) that Hillary is an acting tool of Soros, perhaps the most demonic man on the planet.

    I’m not too thrilled with the choices, but they are what they are and Trump is still, far and away, a better choice for this country than the corrupt Hillary. Absolutely every flaw anyone wants to point out in Trump has a corresponding and far greater identical flaw in Hillary. Then, Hillary possesses additional, horrific flaws that Trump does not; and those mostly warrant criminal prosecution.

    On a balance sheet, Hillary loses. It’s pretty simple.

  5. 6

    Spurwing Plover

    A few years ago some stupid pinhead wrote a letter to the editor of our local news paper claiming we would lose everything if we didnt vote Deamacrat Yeah Sure some people are just so stupid they beleive anything like Global Warming/Rainforests depletion and the Flat Earthers

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