Enabler Hillary’s Actions Speak Louder Than Trump’s Words (Guest Post)

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The mistake that can be made in reaction to the 2005 Trump audio of The Donald talking locker roon trash in the crudest terms is to compare it to the actual escapades of one William Jefferson Clinton. Bill Clinton was president. Hillary Clinton is running for president. Trump’s words should be compared to Hillary’s action, which was to form a “bimbo eruption squad” to investigate and destroy Bill’s women.

Talk is cheap and men, particularly those not running for president at the time, often talk trash about women in locker rooms, bars, and everywhere two men or more gather. It is unfortunate and often despicable, but it is the nature of the beast. Trump has apologized for his 2005 remarks What is worse than Trump’s words are Hillary’s actions enabling the sexual predator that was her husband and looking the other way to ride his coattails .to power.

As Juanita Broaddrick, who was one of Bill Clinton’s many victims, has reacted to the the kerfuffle over Trump’s remarks:

Bill Clinton rape accuser Juanita Broaddrick is weighing in on Donald Trump’s controversial comments from 2005 that are mysteriously resurfacing just hours before the second debate and weeks before the general election.

“How many times must it be said,” she tweeted Saturday morning.

“Actions speak louder than words. (Donald Trump) said bad things! (Hillary Clinton) threatened me after (Bill Clinton) raped me.”

Hillary has famously said  that all claims of rape should be deemed credible and be believed until proven otherwise. It seems there is an exception for her husband, an exception required  by her need to ride his coattails to power. But   covering up for his husband’s philandering was not Hillary’s only effort at getting an accused rapist off.

Perhaps Hillary can also explain how, as young lawyer Hillary Rodham, got an accused child rapist off on a technicality and then lived to laugh about it. It takes a village to raise a child, she once famously said. It only takes one lawyer to se an alleged child rapist free, as The Blaze reported:

Clinton fired off 19 subpoenas, affidavits and motions in defense of Thomas Alfred Taylor during the first few months of the case and particularly worked to attack the credibility of the 12-year-old girl who said Taylor had raped her.

Rodham, records show, questioned the sixth-grader’s honesty and claimed she had made false accusations in the past,” Newsday reported in 2008. “She implied that the girl often fantasized and sought out ‘older men’ like Taylor, according to a July 1975 affidavit signed ‘Hillary D. Rodham’ in compact cursive.”

On the tape, Clinton says she destroyed the prosecution on a technicality: The forensics lab had mishandled a key piece of evidence — a bloodied pair of Taylor’s underwear — and Clinton went to great lengths to show that the underpants had been damaged and couldn’t be used as evidence.

“Oh [Taylor] plea-bargained,” Clinton said. “Got him off with time served in the county jail.”

While touting her becoming the first female nominee  for President of a major party, Hillary Rodham Clinton ignores the probability that without the “Clinton” at the end Hillary Rodham might still be practicing law and investing in cattle futures in Arkansas. For all her feminists bravado, the woman who described herself as “my mother’s daughter and my daughter’s mother” rode to prominence as Mrs. Bill Clinton, squasher of bimbo eruptions and enabler of her husband’s philandering. It was a Faustian bargain in which she would send Bill’s pants to the dry cleaners and he would put her on the road to the White House.

Even in the early days Hillary Rodham was riding Bill Clinton’s coattails. As Betsey McCaughey writes in the New York Sun:

Strangely, feminists ignore the damning facts about how Hillary got where she is….

She invoked her own supposed early struggles to become the first female partner at the Rose Law Firm in Arkansas while a new mother.

Even then she was riding on Bill’s coattails. She got the law job in 1977 — surprise, surprise — just after he was sworn in as the state’s Attorney General. Then, two years later when he was inaugurated as governor—bingo — she was vaulted to partner. Hardly the struggle she now recalls. Though Hillary was called a trial lawyer, her former colleagues told the New York Times they can’t remember her ever trying a case.

Many forget, and those who hope she will forgive their student loans are too young to remember, but Hillary Clinton first gained national prominence, as columnist Debra J. Saunders writes at SFGATE doing just that:

When Hillary Clinton first became a national figure in 1992, it was on “60 Minutes.” CBS correspondent Steve Kroft was asking the Clintons about Gennifer Flowers‘ claim that the Bubba and she had an affair. Bill denied the allegation. Hillary Clinton said, “I’m not sitting here, some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette.” Actually, that’s exactly what she was doing.

On “60 Minutes,” Bill Clinton denied having an affair with Flowers. Well, if you listen carefully, you notice that he denied a 12-year affair with Flowers. Kroft asked: Would he categorically deny the affair? Ever the parser, Clinton answered, “I’ve said that before.”

In 1998, under oath during a deposition for the Paula Jones lawsuit, Clinton testified he had sex with Flowers in 1977. Once. Just like he didn’t inhale….

For every bad choice Bill Clinton made, he tried to evade any consequences, not by owning up, but lying. It is unthinkable to expect the former president to regulate himself. Hillary Clinton was his ever-ready enabler. Later, during the Monica Lewinsky scandal, the first lady famously blamed a “vast right-wing conspiracy.”

Gennifer Flowers, Monica Lewinsky, Paula Jones, Kathleen Willey as well as, some would suggest, a cast of thousands, have been groped, fondled, and used as sexual objects by one William Jefferson Clinton.   And then there’s Juanita Broaddrick, who has accused President Clinton of rape.

Juanita Broaddrick’s story is a credible one, and one of the many “bimbo eruptions” that Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton handled during her husband Bill’s presidential campaign As Linda Tripp, confidante of former Clinton intern Monica Lewinsky, told the Daily Mail of how Hillary both enabled and covered up Bill’s many dalliances:

Tripp said: ‘His political success was largely dependent upon Hillary. He owed her a great deal. As is widely acknowledged, Hillary took care of all the ‘bimbo eruptions’ of which there were thousands in order to present to the world an electable candidate.

‘In this endeavor she was ruthless. She destroyed women so that their stories never saw the light of day.’

Juanita Broaddrick’s story was one that saw the light of day when in January 1999,  a month after Bill Clinton’s impeachment in the House, she agreed to be interviewed by NBC’s Lisa Myers. As Breitbart reports of the interview:

Her account begins in 1978, when then-Juanita Hickey was a 35 year-old Clinton campaign worker, and Attorney General Bill Clinton, who was running for governor of Arkansas, visited a nursing home where she worked as a nurse….

According to the transcript of an NBC Dateline report on Broaddrick, during that campaign stop, Clinton reportedly invited her to visit his campaign headquarters in Little Rock. Broaddrick, who was planning to go to Little Rock the following week for a seminar, called Clinton’s headquarters when she arrived and said she was surprised to be greeted on the phone by a staff member who seemed to be expecting her call. The aide directed her to telephone Clinton at his apartment.

“I did call and ask him if he was gonna be at the headquarters that day and he said no he didn’t plan to be there,” Broaddrick said. “He says, Clinton said, ‘Why don’t I just meet you for coffee in the Camelot coffee shop?’”

Broaddrick said the seminar was being held at the Camelot Hotel in Little Rock.

Clinton, however, reportedly called back later and asked if they could meet in her hotel room because there were reporters in the coffee shop.

Clinton arrived at her room and after some small talk Broaddrick, not having yet any reason to distrust the man she supported for governor, the top law enforcement officer in her state, said he forced himself on her forced himself on her in a particularly brutal way. It was not quite as forceful as his later forcible groping  Kathleen Willey in the Oval Office but it fit a sexually predatory pattern that would also engulf Gennifer Flowers,  Elizabeth Ward Gracen, Paula Jones, to name a few.

Hillary, champion of women’s rights, has said all claims of rape must be deemed credible and properly investigated.. Not in the case of this 12-tear-old-girl and not in the case of Juanita Broaddrick. Hillary Clinton was married to and enabled a serial sexual predator. She set a child rapist free.. Feminist champion? Hillary didn’t crack the glass ceiling although she may have polished the mirrors on Bill’s. Hillary Clinton sold women out and let bad things happen to them just so she could ride her husband’s coattails to power.

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  1. 1


    I could not agree with you more. Especially Monica Lewinsky. She was blamed, shamed, called names by the Clintons & company. They destroyed that girls life. So what if she threw herself at him? She was young, immature and he was the most powerful man in the world and flattered by his attention. He should have known better, led her on and lied about it. Only that dress with his semen stain proved she was not lying. Look at how Hillary smeared her and called her names. She is no champion of women. She cares only about herself, money and power. She sold her own country out for money. She sold her soul to the Devil IMO. I can take a crude Donald much more than her.

  2. 2


    “unfortunate and despicable” Sorry, but men talk like Trump did in the privacy of their men lives and it is my bet that virtually every single male Trump critic had the same kind of conversation at some time during their lives, and more likely many times during their lives. Joking about sex and about sexualized women is a man thing. I have heard it more times that I can count from my times in grade school to the present. Is it crude? Yes, but a lot of humor is crude. I think it time to get off of our high horses and acknowledge that man talk is part of our culture and part of just about every other culture to which I have been exposed. This all drips with hypocrisy.

  3. 3


    Fifty shades of Grey, 50 Shades Darker, Fifty Shades freed, best selling trilogy popular among college women? Some 80 million copies sold what does that say about today attitudes.
    Packer game opposite of debate I have a problem.

  4. 4


    @Disturber: Hypocrits that I will not forget the next time they are up for re-election. He is a MAN. That’s what they do without women present. Occasionally they get caught and have a red face with embarrassment because they were taught better. I think all those outraged politicians should take a LIE DETECTOR TEST. Let’s see what they have said and done. It is all deflection from the real issues that need to be discussed, total BS.

  5. 5

    Spurwing Plover

    Hillary trying to discredit those woman who accused Slick Willy of Rape and never forget Hillary and her VAST RIGHT-WING CONSPERACY and her book on community child care IT TAKES A VILLAGE

  6. 6

    Nanny G

    Daniel, that’s an excellent summary of what’s happened.
    Linda Tripp and Lucianne Goldberg were interviewed recently about their roles in begging Monica Lewinsky to preserve that blue dress with it’s incriminating stain.
    The Clintons were astounded that there was actual evidence against their narrative.
    Then, going further with telling the whole truth, Monica told about how Bill used a cigar on her.
    He reaction to learning about it is priceless.
    13 seconds long, but he knew he was doomed and you could see it on his face.

  7. 8


    News Flash! The guy who was laughing, snickering at Donald’s comments is Billy Bush, George W Bush’s cousin! hahahahah
    You can’t make this stuff up. He won’t be losing his job on the Today Show either but he sure is catching Hell on the internet.

    I can’t wait for the debate! I just can’t decide if I will watch it sober or not. Gotta laugh at this BS or I would cry at the sorry state of our country.

  8. 9

    Nanny G

    @Songbird: Way back when I first found the news aggregate site, Lucianne.com run (at that time) by Lucianne Goldberg, herself.
    She used to comment quite a bit there.
    After one of her sons took it over, then died, she has divorced herself from it more or less.

    Found this:

    Lewinsky generally followed Tripp’s advice, Lewinsky told investigators, including an occasion in 1997 when Tripp was visiting her friend’s Watergate apartment and Lewinsky revealed the blue dress she had been wearing during a sexual encounter with the President.

    “Lewinsky showed the dress to Tripp who advised Lewinsky to place the dress in a zip-lock bag and put it in a safety deposit box,” according to the prosecutors’ memo.

    Also this:

    In November 1997, Monica Lewinsky told her confidant, Linda Tripp, that she had in her possession a blue Gap dress that still bore the semen stain that resulted from her administering oral sex to President Clinton in February of that year.

    Tripp called her literary agent, Lucianne Goldberg, to report the news that evidence existed in Lewinsky’s closet that could prove a sexual relationship between Monica and the President. Goldberg and Tripp, according to published reports in both Time and Newsweek, discussed finding a way of turning the dress over to investigators. Goldberg admitted having such a discussion with Tripp.

    Just ran across this:

    Current year:

    Nudity at gay parades with children present = Beautiful

    Muslims taking over the west = Diversity

    Building walls = Racist

    Adults Saying pu$$y = Unforgivable

  9. 10


    I have looked into Dons political affiliation, during the time the time his awful statements were made he was a registered Democrat and had been since* AUGUST 2001: until 2009, disenchanted he became independant and some loser 3rd party for awhile until 2012

  10. 11


    The blatant cowardice of asshat cuckservatives like Ryan, and sadly, Mike Lee, is another sign of the death if the GOP.

    These mealy-mouthed elitists are seriously trying to virtue-signal that Trump’s “locker-room” braggidocio from 2005 is HORRIBLE as they ignore Hillary covering…LYING to protect Slick Willie from being charged with Broadderick’s brutal rape, the lies over Lewinsky for which he was IMPEACHED, and the multiple instances of sexual harassment, against Willey AND the Arkansas government worker- for whom Clinton paid $900,000 to settle her sexual harrasmemt complaint?

    PISS on the leaders of the GOP. They will die the way the Whigs died. We need a NEW party…a conservative, pro-American party that has the courage to fight back against the leftist tyrants. This is utter, bedwetting stupidity!

    Hillary is supposedly “horrified’ by Trump using locker room langauage btagginf about women givinh it up for a rich guy? But she stayed married to Bill despite his ysing a cigar to sodomize a girl young enough to be his daughter?

    This is such BULLSHIT!If I was a Wisconsin resident, I would vote for almost anyone running against Ryan.
    He is a goddamned charlatan pretending to be conservative with principles. He is the DEFINITIONAL cuckservative, and absolutely disgusts me as much as any leftist sack of fetid garbage.

    Trump is vulgar. Who CARES? Hillary is a damnabley corrupt criminal who wants to continue the leftist destruction of the US. Hillary defended a CHILD RAPIST when she was a lawyer in Arkansas. She has enabled a serial rapist/sexual harraser for DECADES! And assholes in the GOP want to use an 11 year old locker room tape talking about how women react to rich guys as an excuse to dump the guy THEY required to sign a loyalty pledge to the party candidate? Really?

    FUCK the GOP elite! It is time for a new American Conservative party. The GOP is dead.

  11. 12


    @Songbird: Oooops I forgot to say this: so it was Jeb Bush’s little cousin who laughed at the nasty stuff Trump said about this TV star. Jeb Bush. Can anyone else see the Irony here? The #1 Republican establishment family. They have all said they are going to vote for Hillary. Then one of them is caught laughing at Trump’s crude story! I think it is all hysterical. A few days ago Rosie ran into Ivanka in a fancy NY restaurant. Ooooh what did they talk about? I just can’t stop laughing at this crazy BS. Maybe I have lost my mind. They politicians have finally pushed me over the edge. I really don’t think so. I think I have kept my cheerful attitude because I refuse to watch any of the TV commentary. That would put me in a bad mood. It started to this morning and I just shut it off.

  12. 13


    I can’t help myself. I thought it was funny that Donald wanted to buy her some really nice furniture. Maybe he said Great furniture, but she told him “No.” There is a real pro-woman message in there. I didn’t date billionaires. It was more get you drunk at a Frat party or later a nice dinner and more alcohol for me. Those were the tactics. Once a really creepy middle aged man, I was 20, wanted to take me to Las Vegas and show me a really good time. I got out of there ASAP. This is total BS!

  13. 17

    Spurwing Plover

    I hear theres going to be another presidetial debate and you can bet who the media lowlife leeches will favor Their always supporting the demac-RATS in every election and will trump get another fualty microphone like before?

  14. 18


    Hillary et al and her US Pravda propaganda organ stepped into a big pile of shit when the audio surfaced where DT and Billy Bush (Jeb’s nephew) – attempting to play morality police.
    Desperation causes people to make mistakes and get real sloppy as in this one: The rapes of Bill – covered up by Hillary and assassinate the characters of these women – couldn’t come at a better time. Finally – the Clinton’s are exposed for who they are – overly ambitious, dishonest, morally corrupt, greedy and power hungry.
    There is an old saying: “Do never throw stones while sitting in a glass house” – a lesson Hillary forgot.
    DT did what was expected – take Hillary head on and expose her for what she is – an empress without clothing.
    God could not have written a better script!


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