Is #FightForFifteen the Most Damning Indictment of Obama’s Failed Economy?

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There are a number of phrases that mysteriously disappeared from the lips of Democrat politicians and their PR flaks in the mainstream press somewhere around January 2009. Does anyone remember these hits from 2000 – 2008 – “Irresponsible spending”, “Increasing the debt to pay for his wars”, or “failed to grow in office”? Naturally we don’t hear any of these anymore because they would contradict the narrative of the greatest president in American history.

But three big disappeared phrases that come to mind are “Where are the jobs”, “McJobs”, and “Jobless Recovery”. Now we no longer hear these phrases despite the fact that the United States has had a real unemployment rate of over 10% for the entire duration of the Obama presidency, and we’ve been hovering at Jimmy Carter levels of low labor force participation.

There’s no need to go into the reasons for this – if you’re reading this post you’re either intelligent enough to know why or enough of a true believer in President Obama to deny the obvious. But what is more damning is the unending quest by the Radical Left to increase the minimum wage. ICYMI, last week I gave a detailed breakdown of how having a minimum wage hurts the poor far more than it can possibly help them.

But what’s most telling is why the Radical Left has to champion this cause. For any youngsters reading this, there was a time when the words “entry level job” meant exactly that – they were meant to be entry level, not jobs that were meant to be able to support a family of four. But this is the product of eight years of a presidency whose economic policies failed to produce 3.0% in any single year (An historic first!), the ranks of Americans on food stamps swelled by 50%, up from 31 to 46 million, and a record of $10 thousand million ($10T) has been added to our national debt. When you have policies specifically designed to disincentivize growth and hiring (Obamacare, environmental regs, minimum wage, power to union bosses, etc) it’s no surprise that good job opportunities are scarcer than they were pre-Obama.

So why #FightForFifteen? Because it’s all that a failed administration has left to offer. And the fact that union raises (and dues collected) get pegged to minimum wage increases doesn’t hurt, either. The jobs aren’t out there, so the best they have to offer is force employers to pay more to those who are able to get entry level jobs, at least until reality catches up.

But then again, when has reality ever been the basis of the policies of the Radical Left?

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5 Responses to “Is #FightForFifteen the Most Damning Indictment of Obama’s Failed Economy?”

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    July 4th American

    In brief, the economy of the last 7 1/2 years has been an epic failure. There are hundreds of statistics to support the evidence that at no time was there ever really a plan to recover from the conditions that existed in 2008. BTW, not caused by the tax cuts during the Bush Admin.

    obama has created a Potemkin village to mask the reality to those who do not or can not see the forest for the trees. And in general it has worked. And that is in and of itself a sad commentary of those who may be educated but in reality, were purposely “uneducated” given the current state of “the educational system”.

    Can anybody say, 19 trillion in debt, Bueller, Bueller………..

    When Barack Obama leaves office in January 2017, he can look in the mirror and proudly tell himself that it was he who amassed more federal debt than the 43 men who stood before him, combined. Just after calling Americans lazy and racist, it is he who holds the honor of plunging the United States into to it’s worst debt crisis ever.

    As of Monday, October 3rd, Obama has officially signed enough lucrative business deals, foreign ransom payments, and government healthcare extensions to create a $19,573,444,713,936.79 federal debt. That is exactly $9,000,000,000,000 more than when he took office in 2009.

    This is substantial. This leaves each American household $76,442 in the hole.

    One can only ask, how does it feel Obama?

    And, it was only a mere two weeks or so ago when our resident democrat typist, Greg, proclaimed obama to be the greatest president in American history…..

  2. 2


    Obama is not blamed for the economy as mucha s the GOP led Congress is. That is why their approval ratings are in the low teens while his is over 50%
    What has Congress done except obstruct any meaningful job bills?
    If the economy was as bad as you think it is Clinton would not be electable. However, it is looking like a landslide in Nov.

  3. 3

    Bill… Deplorable Me

    Yes, it is. In all other cases, the recovery from a recession is a boom time. Only Obama’s “recovery” is a recovery that cannot be detected. The direct proof of this is the fact that the left has to try and mandate pay increases rather than let the economy mandate it.

    @john: No, Obama gets no blame for any of his failures and he has the corrupt media to thank for it.

  4. 4

    Nanny G

    Loved the People’s Cube art work.
    One thing left out for why our average work week is now down to under 35 hours per job……ObamaCare demanded it.
    Yes, supply and demand still works.
    You punish full time work (a 40 hour work week) and you get less of it.
    Obama redefined full-time as 30 hours/week or more for demanding full ObamaCare coverage by employers.
    Easy to get around.
    Just hire part-timers are 30 hours/week or less.
    I know of workers whose various bosses even work together to make their schedule work smoothly.

  5. 5

    MOS #8541

    In ’08 and ’11-12 a recession swept the old eastern countries of the Old Soviet Union. American business pulled all support in Serbia-a country that the CIA helped to establish under a US supported dictator . The pusillanimity behavior of US business forced an economic collapse in this country. China and Russia immediately entered the picture to shore up the economy and began rebuilding the fragile infrastructure of the country. Take a close look at the Russian’s attempt to rebuild the former Eastern Block counties.
    Several academic reviews has ascertained that America is a third world country.

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