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    From The Houston Chronicle, September 21, 2016.

    Sometimes you’ve got to laugh, because the only alternative is crying. Sometimes the truth must be wrapped in humor, because a person can otherwise hardly stand to look at it.

    A week ago, a panhandler in Times Square sat holding a sign, “Give me a dollar or I’ll vote for Trump,” and people laughed and reached into their pockets. His bucket overflowed. He stuffed the bills into his jacket and other panhandlers looked at him with admiration. The man could’ve sold franchises and retired to Palm Beach.

    The panhandler knows what every New Yorker knows, which is that the biggest con job since the Trojan horse is taking place in our midst. Millions of Americans are planning to cast their votes for a man who has lived his life contrary to all of their most cherished values. They are respectful, honest, generous, loyal, modest, church-going people with no Mafia connections and good credit records who try not to spout off about things they know nothing about.

    His followers out on the prairie were brought up to be wary of slick-talking New Yorkers and here they are, falling right into line behind the biggest braggart ever to hit the sawdust trail…

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    July 4th American


    It’s Happening: Clinton Loses Her Lead in 6 Swing States – NV, IA, NC, OH, NV and FL – Since 9-11

    Analysis: Donald Trump Would Win Election Today Based on Current Polling

    Blue Wall Crumbling: CO, PA Now Dead Heats, Clinton Camp Abandoning Ohio?

    UPI/CVoter state polls: Donald Trump ahead of Hillary Clinton in Electoral College

    WOW! Trump Leads Global Poll with 77% of Vote – Saudia Arabia, Iran, Pakistan go to Clinton

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