Hillary Has A New Image

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Hillary's New Image

Hillary has been losing ground in the recent polls, especially in the battleground states. Let’s face it, Hillary has an image problem. It’s reasonable for her handlers to reach out for a new image and I think they have hit upon a winner. It is definitely an improvement and a step in the right direction.

Ozzy Osbourne is loved by millions of young people and they are the ones who have seen through the Hillary image. Whether this will help her with her sagging image is anyone’s guess, but anything will be an improvement at this stage.

Maybe getting the Ozzy to perform some of his outrageous shenanigans at her rallies might convince some people to attend; sadly, nothing has worked yet.

Let’s wish Hillary the best with her coming out or transformation, she needs all the help she can get.


Hillary's New Image


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    Biting the heads off animals is an attention grabber and she needs to draw some crowds. It is embarrassing to have a rally and not have enough people for a spirited bingo game at the reservation.

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    @Randy: Oh my goodness! My Freudian undershorts are visible to the public.

    I will publicly apologize: “Forgive me Ozzy. I had no right to drag you into this dirty, mud-slinging campaign and comparing a talented man to the talentless and reproachable Hillary, is a mite too far. It is not your fault that she is adopting your signature look and demeanor. Although, I think Hillary’s apology would be much more meaningful. Ozzy, you should keep a stiff upper lip until Hillary’s desperate search for a meaningful personna is over. I expect to see her in Blackface doing lip sync to Whitney Houston, but she is built more like Oprah. In any case, while grasping for straws to keep from being insignificant, she will soon be trying to identify with some other celebrity and you will not need to worry about your reputation being sullied with Clinton corruption and incompetence.

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    James Raider


    Shook, I’m convinced that her most serious health problem is not ‘allergic’ or ‘pneumonia’ related — it’s head trauma remnants as evidenced by the spasms occurring with some regularity. They’ll hide it as best they can, so that she gets to the finish line, then it will no longer matter either way.

    Only SHE can remove herself from the race, other than a calamitous health event. Her handlers don’t care about her, but only care about control of the Administrative levers of power. If she were to win, though the trend currently says she won’t, they would just park her in a room at the W.H. and manage around her.

    If something serious does happen to her health-wise before the election and she has to drop out, watch out for all hell to break out on the socialist / statist side as the burning and fuming ‘Bernie crowd’ turns violent when the elitists install BIDEN to replace her.

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    Nanny G

    Although I’ll vote against her, I can tell she must have been quite ill to even consider going out looking like that.
    A 9-11-01 appearance must have been presumed mandatory.
    Her no-make-up look, messy hair, and lack of blue contacts didn’t fit with her cool outfit.
    You have to feel sorry for her on some level.
    She is surrounded by people, including Bill, who don’t give a damn about her.

    Look at the time she froze up when a few animal rights protesters screamed at her.
    She was entirely open to suggestion.
    Her handler made suggestions and she parroted them without critical thinking.
    That’s probably the same way they got her to the 9-11-01 ceremony.
    She wasn’t up to it.
    It could have killed her.
    If she makes a full recovery perhaps she will get some perspective and devote what’s left of her life to adoring her grandchildren.
    She can’t be president.

    Edited to add:

    Forget the sympathy!
    I just saw her call-in on Anderson Cooper.
    She was lying through her teeth!
    Even Anderson was incredulous that she was going with the lies.
    She expects us all to deny the very evidence in front of our eyes of her out on her feet.
    She pretended she was not shoved into the SUV like a sack of potatoes.
    She pretended we’d all buy her line that, once in the SUV she was fine.
    And she lied that she’d been on her phone the whole time!!!!

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    Common Sense

    @Nanny G: I wouldn’t her adoring anything near my children. She has a know womanizer for a husband, a diagnosis of pneumonia among other maladies, and with that diagnosis on Friday she’s hugging a young child on Sunday. She is unfit as a human!!

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    @Nanny G: #9
    I was going to say “forget the sympathy.”
    She is where she is today because of her past. If the people around her are using her, or despise her, it is a direct result of her past decisions and actions which led people around her to believe that such was acceptable. She may be feeble now, but she wasn’t always. Before she was a despicable, dishonest feeble old woman, Hillary was a despicable, dishonest, healthy young woman.
    I have no sympathy for her. Just like you, or me, or anyone else, she is living today with the results of her past actions.
    I just hope that for the coming debates there’s a van close by with a signal jammer.

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    @James Raider: We are definitely living through one of the most interesting elections of our history. Whether enough people see through the Obama/Clinton bloodletting of the republic is the question. I see hope among the young freshly indoctrinated people who are beginning to doubt the premises of their high school and university indoctrination, as they observe the boorish and corrupt behavior of Hillary. Yes, she may be our greatest hope. Whether she is brain dead or not, matters little; since, all ideologues suffer to some degree of brain apathy. Soros already figures he is the one who directs and manipulates the US, at least we should assume he does by the way he directs Obama with his emails. If Hillary’s brain is fried by some gran mal seizure, they can prop her up and sew her mouth into her grotesque open mouth smile with wide open eyes and the Ayatollahs of Iran, Goldman Sachs, and Soros can continue with the deconstruction of the country and the never-ending quest to steal America’s wealth.

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    Savage said on the radio tonight, “The Ozzy glasses are from Germany and they help reduce the incidence of Epileptic seizures. He maintains that they are not available in the US. It is the color blue that makes the difference. It sounds far fetched, but the glasses do seem bizarre for a presidential candidate.

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    I am awaiting her final transformation; that into a federal prisoner convicted of gross negligence with national security, lying to Congress and lying to the FBI.

  10. 22


    @Common Sense: that woman hugging the child is not hillary. That is unless there was a magician in chelsea’s apartment. She lost at least 30 pounds, changed her earrings, got a new hair do, received a face lift, got a nose job and changed her walk. This is hillary’s double who she has been using for some time.

  11. 25

    Common Sense

    @Richard Wheeler: Did he commit treason, did he leave soldiers on the field of battle to die, did he lie over their caskets, and did he take millions for pay to play?? Rich, tell me what Trump has done not how you feel about him. Tell me what makes him NOT qualified to be President.

  12. 27


    @Richard Wheeler:

    DOC With me it’s personal. He makes my skin crawl–can’t get past it.

    better hold your nose when your ass crawls by it.

    But I guess all of Obama’s military experience gives you a real feeling of confidence.

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    Common Sense

    @Redteam: A vote for anyone but Trump is a vote for HRC. Having a bad personal experience with someone does not rise to the level of treason. I still content that leaving soldiers on the battle field to die, lying over their dead bodies, and exposing classified information to our enemies is exceedingly more vial than anything Trump may have done 40 years ago in business. If Trump shows up and even enforces the immigration laws we currently have he would be a better President than we have now. Military experience is important to me, if hilldabeast would have been in she would be in jail now for her email fail!! Her only defense is I don’t remember and all of her servers/devices now over 12 somehow destroyed? It is your right to vote for who you wish, we both fought for that right, but her crimes must demand any and all actions, no matter how deplorable, to prevent her from the highest office in the land. If Trump has committed a crime that rises above this please enlighten me. If it’s personal then I don’t need to know. Thanks for your service.

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    Redteam (One of The Proud Deplorables)

    @Common Sense: Are you implying that I’m thinking of voting for someone other than Trump? Never crossed my mind. I said I would vote for the Republican Nom every since he got the nom. I wouldn’t vote for Hillary or that Vegetarian guy or the environmental idiot if I had a gun held to my head.

    What gave you the idea i wouldn’t vote for Trump? This quote in 27

    DOC With me it’s personal. He makes my skin crawl–can’t get past it.

    is me quoting Richard Wheeler. He’s the one that needs to hold his nose.

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