Get out, Donald. Get out now.

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trojan trump


It is time for Donald Trump to get out of this race. It’s the only hope the GOP has of stopping Hillary Clinton’s coronation. Donald Trump is an idiot. He is an a$$hole. There’s no other way to say it. It’s a shame that so many people put their faith in him. He is failing them and failing them badly. He seems entirely incapable of comprehending what elections are about, how they work and is simply unable to adapt.

Trump keeps handing hammers to the left which are then used to beat him over the head. He’s in a deep hole and won’t stop digging. Through a series of self-inflicted wounds Trump has mortally injured his own campaign.

Strike one– He slammed the mother of a slain US soldier.

There are many sinister things in the world. But a mother’s grief isn’t one of them. Yet Donald Trump sees dark undercurrents everywhere – including in the silent homage Ghazala Khan, the mother of the fallen soldier Humayun Khan, paid to her son.

“If you look at his wife, she was standing there,” he said, referring to her appearance at the Democratic national convention, in which she stood alongside her husband as he delivered a searing critique of Donald Trump. “She had nothing to say … Maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”

It shouldn’t be hard to recognize something as universal as grief. Our hearts all break in similar ways, no matter our creed or color. Ms Khan said: “When I was standing there, all of America felt my pain, without a single word. I don’t know how he missed that.” Well, he did because he was blinded by prejudice. Where everyone else saw a mother, Trump saw a Muslim – a faith group Trump wants to ban from entering the United States.

That’s not entirely accurate, but it doesn’t matter. It’s all about perception. He needed a cup of STFU.

Strike two– The Second Amendment comment

“Hillary wants to abolish, essentially abolish the Second Amendment,” Trump said during a rally in North Carolina on Tuesday.

“By the way, and if she gets to pick her judges, nothing you can do, folks. Although the Second Amendment people, maybe there is, I don’t know.”

There is no doubt what he meant. It was more of that New York sarcasm, but it was colossally stupid. Galactically stupid.

Strike three– Obama and Hillary founded ISIS

Donald Trump said Wednesday that President Obama “founded” the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

“ISIS is honoring President Obama,” he said during a rally in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. “He’s the founder of ISIS. He founded ISIS.”

“I would say the co-founder would be Crooked Hillary Clinton,” Trump added of Obama’s former secretary of State and his Democratic rival.

Media outlets pounded him for it and he doubled down. Hugh Hewitt gave him an escape hatch and Trump refused to go through it:

Donald Trump said Thursday that he meant exactly what he said when he called President Barack Obama the “founder of ISIS” and objected when a conservative radio show host tried to clarify the GOP nominee’s position.

Trump was asked by host Hugh Hewitt about the comments Trump made Wednesday night in Florida, and Hewitt said he understood Trump to mean “that he (Obama) created the vacuum, he lost the peace.”
Trump objected.
“No, I meant he’s the founder of ISIS,” Trump said. “I do. He was the most valuable player. I give him the most valuable player award. I give her, too, by the way, Hillary Clinton.”

Hewitt pushed back again, saying that Obama is “not sympathetic” to ISIS and “hates” and is “trying to kill them.”
“I don’t care,” Trump said, according to a show transcript. “He was the founder. His, the way he got out of Iraq was that that was the founding of ISIS, okay?”

This morning Trump says his ISIS comments were “sarcasm.”

And here’s a cold water shower- the polls aren’t skewed:

The public opinion polls aren’t lying: Donald Trump is losing to Hillary Clinton.

Poll after poll since the conclusion of the Democratic and Republican conventions has found Clinton with a healthy, though not insurmountable, national lead over Trump. She’s also inching further ahead in battleground states.

The Democrat led the Republican by anywhere from 7 to 8 points in polling averages of national surveys. Also: Clinton led by 7 points in Virginia, 9.5 points in Colorado and 9.2 points in Pennsylvania.

The former secretary of state built her lead on advantages with key demographics like non-white voters, college-educated white voters and women. Clinton’s lead also was fueled by Trump’s loss of support among members of his own party.

Trump got the nomination by bullying the opposition. That worked when he as appealing to the far right portion of the party and those wanting change. The problem is that you need the independents. This isn’t the way to get them on your side. Worst of all, Trump seems unable to learn or change.

On the heels of his campaign’s worst week yet, Donald Trump suggested that it is his temperament that “has gotten me here” and said he has no plans to change it.

“I think that my temperament has gotten me here,” Trump said in a Tuesday morning interview on Fox Business Network. “I’ve always had a good temperament and it’s gotten me here. We beat a lot of people in the primaries and now we have one person left, and we’re actually doing pretty well there, but we’ll see how it all comes out.”

He wants to assuage his ego more than he wants to win. The Captain of the Titanic felt the same way. Short of a Hillary Clinton imprisonment, he hasn’t got a smidgen of a chance.

And he knows it.

Donald Trump said Thursday that even if he loses his presidential race to Hillary Clinton, “it’s ok,” because he’ll return to “a very good way of life.”

The Republican nominee has been tripped up by numerous missteps on the campaign trail in recent weeks and faces daunting polling in swing states that he must win to reach the White House.

On CNBC’s Squawk Box, Trump doubled down on comments from a day earlier that President Obama was the “founder of ISIS,” but he acknowledged the possibility of defeat come November.

“I’m a truth-teller,” Trump said. “All I do is tell the truth, and if at the end of 90 days, I’ve fallen short because I’m somewhat politically correct, even though I’m supposed to be the smart one, and even though I”m supposed to have a lot of good ideas, it’s OK. I go back to a very good way of life. It’s not what I’m looking to do. I think we’re going to have a victory, but we’ll see.”

Hillary Clinton is the most vile and corrupt candidate the democrats have offered in well, forever. Beating her should have been a cakewalk. People don’t like her and want to vote for someone else. It seems that every time some issue comes up that could put a real dent in the Clinton machine Trump rescues defeat from the jaws of victory.  No one can win when all who support you spend all their time defending stupid words and interpreting what was said. It is true that the media is viciously antagonistic to Trump but somehow that doesn’t stop Trump from giving them more and more material. Unless he leaves the race, get ready for a loss of monumental proportions.

It’s almost as if he’s being stupid on purpose. Back in January I wrote:

Unless he really is a Trojan Trump.

You can’t help but wonder.


DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 51

    Lynn Tercel

    @Bookdoc: This is very accurate of the 70+ Voter but they are foolish. Living in a world that no longer exists and is never coming back. We are no longer a majority white blue collar nation which hunts and fishes for a pastime. The world and the country are globalized. It’s scary to older people to change. It’s ideals we should be fighting for that like a rising tide, lifts all boats. The 70+ Trump voter is fearful and Trump has sold them a return to the past. It isn’t going to happen. And so instead of getting a Constitutional Conservative to fight for those better ideals, we got “comfort food” that WILL lose. The world has moved on.

  2. 52



    @DrJohn: you only stopped bring a trumpist when the laughter became deafening

    And what does it take to get you to stop suckling at the withered Hillary teat? Does she have to cut someone’s throat on camera? Probably not, because the media would not cover it.

    @DrJohn: I have to appreciate a person with the courage to reevaluate a public position and reverse it. However, I think you have to take stock of how much the corrupt media has participated in the current erosion of apparent support for Trump.

    EVERY ONE of his media hits are the result of a skewed and manipulated version of his actual views, positions and statements. As we have clearly seen, the same scrutiny is not applied to the leftist candidates.

    His “racism” stems from the misconstruing of his remarks about illegal immigrants… all 100% factual. His “Islamophobia” is derived from his assessment of our ability to vet Syrian refugees… again based 100% in fact.

    He counters the unwarranted attack on himself from the father of a fallen hero with the actual facts… and is wrongly accused of attacking the mother of the fallen soldier.

    He makes a remark about how the organization of 2nd Amendment supporters should be mobilized to keep Hillary from packing the Supreme Court with liberal activists that would forever change the very fabric of this great nation and he is accused of proposing an assassination… something the left wing media has taken no notice of outright suggestions to that effect from the left.

    Trump is no polished politician. This is his appeal. He makes mistakes. But, given our choices, he is the better of the two by a thousand percent. No questions, no possible argument.

    Who would be the immediate option? Romney? How about Gingrich? Pence?


    And that the GOP “base” we’re idiots?

    Anyone that assumes you’re idiots is always correct.

  3. 53

    Nanny G

    @Lynn Tercel: any one of the other 16 options would have beat [Hillary.]

    This latest is without the benefit of a Hillary-funded campaign:

    Notice, more than half of those polled dislike Sen. Ted Cruz.
    He might not even win his re-election to the Senate at this rate.
    Sen. Rubio made such a splash about not liking being a Senator that, he, too, might not be re-elected.
    Carly Fiorina would like a job, any job.
    She wishes someone would let her take over as head of the RNC.

    Can you back up your claim that all of the others had better chances of beating Hillary than Donald Trump?

    There’s this:

    Republican Donald Trump should win the presidency by a slim margin according to a model that has accurately predicted the popular vote since 1988.

    Using several standards to make his prediction, Alan Abramowitz’s “Time for Change” model done for the University of Virginia’s Center for Politics “Crystal Ball” shows Trump winning 51.4 percent to 48.6 percent for Hillary Clinton.

    He added that the model shows a 66 percent chance of a Trump victory.

    “Based on a predicted vote share of 48.6 percent for the incumbent party, these results indicate that Trump should be a clear but not overwhelming favorite to defeat Clinton: There should be about a 66 percent chance of a Republican victory,” Abramowitz added.

    Now, Hillary has created a pod cast so she doesn’t have to show up and campaign.
    Is she sick?
    Is she tired?
    Or is she simply afraid of being asked a question?
    Her campaign stops were so poorly attended that her campaign has resorted to photoshopping and camera tricks to make it look like there’s a crowd!
    Scan down to compare to mainstream media version of same crowd:

  4. 54

    Lynn Tercel

    @Nanny G: Hillary is a fundamentally weak candidate and yes I agree if the majority of Republicans would vote for Trump he could win but the majority of Republicans did not choose Trump. He was chosen by a high number of Dems and independents voting in the open Republican primaries. Trump’s unfavorables are most historically high of any candidate of any party ever. The majority of voters find him repulsive. So therefore many Republicans also find him repulsive and to some even more so than Hillary. So he will lose.

  5. 55

    another vet

    @Nanny G: I don’t know if you read the whole article about Abramowitz, but he also goes on to state that he is going against his own prediction because of Trump’s unfavorables and said Hillary will win. His “crystal ball” does confirm that this should be a change election meaning the Republican should win. In this case, should doesn’t mean will.

    It’s only August and the polls will change between now and election day. I wouldn’t get worked up either way. A lot can go wrong for both candidates given their flaws.

  6. 56


    Bill were you able to correctly pick that Obama would win twice and do so overwhelmingly?
    Could you point to an older post showing us that ?
    If you couldn’t do even that, why should we pay attention to your forcasts for the 15 losers in the GOP nomination disaster ?

  7. 57




    @DrJohn: you only stopped bring a trumpist when the laughter became deafening

    Bill, anyone with half a brain knows this is false. (I know you didn’t say it. Someone with less than half a brain did)

  8. 58



    Bill were you able to correctly pick that Obama would win twice and do so overwhelmingly?

    “Overwhelmingly”? No, I didn’t predict Obama would win. In fact, in 2012 with the failing Obamacare rollout, the failing economy, high unemployment, Benghazi, Fast and Furious scandal and the plethora of lies he was caught in, in a equitable contest, Obama would have lost handily.

    But, as we learned later, it wasn’t equitable, was it? Obama was using the IRS to attack opponents. The media, as is its job now, suppressed news of Obama’s utter failure, including the lies about Benghazi, and exaggerated what they wanted to use against Romney (such as his wealth and his accurate “49%” remark).

    Did YOU predict Obama would, after creating $10 trillion in additional debt, would have 1% economic growth, historically low labor participation, took a victory and a secure Iraq and turned it into the most horrific terror threat the world has ever seen? How’s YOU powers of prediction?

  9. 59


    In the beginnings of this Republican Primary season, many of the moderators and authors of FA extorted the importance of supporting the RNC nominee whomever it would be. Once it became clear that Trump would be the likely winner, the majority of these same people seem to have jumped on the #NeverTrump (aka #FreeTheDelegates,) bandwagon. Continuing actions that bash our nominee at every turn while adopting the MSM and Shillary interpretations of “what Trump said” without giving him the same benefit of the doubt that they would give a Democrat, coupled with the meager exposure and lack of discourse over the recent news of the many Clinton and DNC scandals has forced me to re-evaluate the motives and purpose of this website, which I’d understood was supposed to be a pro-conservative one. Granted, Trump is not as conservative as most of us would like, but neither were any of the Bush family, McCain or Romney whom we still held our nose and supported. So claiming ‘Trump isn’t conservative enough’ just doesn’t come across as a genuine complaint, especially as his campaign has been putting forth some rather conservative plans. Trump definitely isn’t is establishment, which is a point that is almost never mentioned by FA’s authors and moderators, and I am forced to wonder, why is that?

    I was not a Trump supporter, but now that he has won the nomination, I will stand behind our candidate. Trump has said some mean things and made some “yuge” gaffes. So, what? Trump clearly is finally addressing the demands of the little people and the establishment-globalists hate him for that. Well screw the elite class. They are the ones who have gotten us in this frigging mess for their own selfish profits. I think Trump loves this nation, he honestly wants to help the middle class, and small business (which will help create jobs for the lower class as well,) and he seems intent on returning the long-lost “American Dream.” More power to him. I am far less concerned about the crass things Trump says, compared to the crooked, sleazy things the wholly-corrupt Clinton’s have done, and the even worse things that we know she will do should she win. If the #NeverTrump and #FreeTheDelegate establishment traitors really want Hillary to win, Man-up to it. Quit the boresome dramatics and just admit that you would rather stupidly flush this nation down the toilet because of yout anti-Trump butt-hurt, and that you will support Hillary by not voting Trump. It’s really that simple and you know it.

    @Nanny G:

    Notice, more than half of those polled dislike Sen. Ted Cruz.

    Cruz was never likable, which is a good part of why he didn’t get much voter support in the Presidential Primary Elections. Anyone who thinks Cruz and Carly would have won over moderates in the General Election is delusional.


    I had left the site but got an email on a comment I made-this was in my email when I checked it!

    I too have seriously considering against having anything further to do with FA. There are far too many (very important to conservatives,) recently revealed reports injurious to Shillary, the DNC including the outing of their corrupt collusions with the MSM, that have been ignored on FA. It’s like some Authors never heard of the Wikileaks emails because they are too busy parroting the DNC and Hillary campaign’s anti-Trump talking points.

    I’ve been privileged to be a FA contributor, for which I thank Curt, but i have noticed a lack of interest in the Wikileaks scandals, They look away from the horns sprouting from Hillary’s head to focus on the hangnail in Trump’s middle finger. Aside from a few long-time posters such as Nanny G, Petercat, Redteam, etc. there has been little support for Republican agendas and our candidate from the Authors of FA. The blog is overrun with trolls, whom some authors pat on the head like lapdogs. I simply have no desire to continually participate in endless debate with leftist trolls and sore-loser Cruzbots. For the latter, think carefully. Do you really dislike Trump so much that you would rather make Hillary president? REALLY?! Because that is what you are supporting.

    Our next president is going to be either Hillary or Trump. Accept it, the Libertarian and Green party candidates don’t have a chance. The primaries are history, your candidate lost, the #NeverTrumps are lying to you, with 90 days remaining before the General election there is not going to be a do-over, get over it.

    The next may get me banned from this site, but I have never been one to shirk from speaking truth to power. The leadership of FA needs to make up it’s collective mind whether to: (1) support the GOPe and the Hillary campaign, or (2) Support this great Constitutional Republic against the final transformation of this nation into a Soros-backed fascist-socialist oligarchy. Frankly, there is no other possible outcome. This is the key election, the choices suck, but they are what they are. You can either help pound nails in the coffin of liberty, or give CPR and attempt to restore our rights, freedoms and risk prosperity under the guiding hand of the very successful albeit pompous Donald Trump. If you decide to go for the latter, and support the America we loved, then hold your nose and support our Republican nominee (just like you said we should during the primaries season) If these be my last words on this website, so be it. I don’t “like” Trump either, but it’s going to be him or Hillary, and that’s the reality we must face. One last time I ask the Authors, Moderators and Conservatives of Flopping Aces: Come to your senses and stop helping the damned socialists win.


  10. 60




    I’ve been privileged to be a FA contributor, for which I thank Curt, but i have noticed a lack of interest in the Wikileaks scandals, They look away from the horns sprouting from Hillary’s head to focus on the hangnail in Trump’s middle finger. Aside from a few long-time posters such as Nanny G, Petercat, Redteam, etc. there has been little support for Republican agendas and our candidate from the Authors of FA. The blog is overrun with trolls, whom some authors pat on the head like lapdogs. I simply have no desire to continually participate in endless debate with leftist trolls and sore-loser Cruzbots. For the latter, think carefully. Do you really dislike Trump so much that you would rather make Hillary president? REALLY?! Because that is what you are supporting.

    It’s great to support the nominee but the nominee owes us something too.

    Doing what it takes to win.

    The unwillingness to do that is suffocating. I do not like Trump. I never have. I reluctantly support him and I do my best to expose the witch and her evil ilk for what they are but when Trump continues to say and do utterly idiotic things that amount to political suicide it pisses me off. It tells me that he doesn’t give a damn about us but only himself. He wasn’t appointed the king to do only what he wants to do.

    I only ask that he stop being an idiot. Is that too much?

  11. 62

    Nanny G

    A little side note of truth.
    The media, as well as Sen. Ted Cruz, spread a lie that it was the New York delegation that began Booing during Cruz’s speech when he said, ”Vote Your Conscience.”
    But, a Kentucky delegate (Kentucky was seated right next to Texas) explains what really happened:

    [I]t was the Cruz voters [in the Texas delegation] that started the chanting because they were disappointed by that comment. Cruz then thanked the New Yorkers assuming that they had started the booing. Nope, Senator, it was your supporters who hoped you would be doing the right thing to unify the party.

  12. 63




    The only way Trump turns it around – and you’re politically naive if you believe he doesn’t need a turnaround – is if he himself stops the nonsense coming out of his mouth, develops a coherent message, and sticks with it. The race is still winnable given the dislike of Hillary Clinton. But don’t count on her to make some fatal gaffe. She is obeying the very first rule in politics: Never get in the way when your opponent is in the process of destroying himself.”

  13. 64


    If the polls are correct, Trump is paying the price for a dirty, lying, crude run to the nomination. Well those that painted him with all their wishes for what they wanted but he would never be….
    There is one Person to blame for this just one, no pointing looking for blame he was such a perfect guy before the convention?? Never offended a soul?? Mr Conservative, the media always attacks lies distorts the republican candidate always always if you didnt see it coming then I guess you voted for Trump or Bernie in the primaries.
    He has sooo much ammo 2 FBI investigations? emails, pay for play, bengahzi, watergate. Why is he covering for her????

  14. 65

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: Is Trump a Dem. plant?
    What else could account for the disastrous G.E. campaign he is running? Is he trying to return The House and Senate to Dem control?

    Has the nefarious Clinton Foundation bought him off?

    BTW BHO at 54% approval–he’s loving it in Martha’s Vinyard—beautiful Island where I spent summers as a kid.

  15. 66


    @Richard Wheeler: He isnt as smart as a plant, he is on a lark not spending money in swing states, why would he want to live in the white house it isnt guilded or garish or large enough. Who the hell are they asking about BHOs approval rating, which asylum? Wikileaks would have already released the emails if he was a plant. I just cant figure with all the ammo why he is still playing the victim?

  16. 67

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: It’s true–he’d have to enlarge and remodel the W.H with winding gold staircases Trump signs everywhere–garish is right..
    His princely sons would need separate quarters and a room for the heads of their African big game hunts–cowards.

    Semper Fi—which foot was it Donald?

  17. 68

    George Wells

    @Rich Wheeler:

    I TOLD you Trump was an imbedded Democrat, a political terrorist just amusing enough to fool the rightwing base of the GOP into nominating him.

    He’s done his job and will continue to the end, and he will make up the money he lost with his Random House book deal after the fact.

    He , Hillary and Bill make up a perfect threesome, always have and always will. Only time will tell which of the three makes out the best, as there will be SO much… largess… to share between them.

    And this time, there won’t be any blue dresses.

  18. 69

    Richard Wheeler

    @George Wells: I dunno–Bill’s a better salesman/negotiator than Trump—Melania may be a throw in..

    BTW If not for his son Beau’s untimely death Biden would be the nominee and the next POTUS—Very unfortunate for our country that we have to go through this sham.

  19. 70

    George Wells

    @Rich Wheeler #69:

    I suspect that Biden would have been more palatable to Republicans than Hillary, considering how they’ve been running against HER for the past eight years in anticipation of her nomination. For whatever reason, Biden wasn’t a GOP target – Republicans may have correctly read the tea leaves that revealed how much the Democratic machine owed the Clintons… She certainly didn’t MEASAGE her way to the nomination the way Sanders was attempting. Shows the power of back-room politics. And if it hadn’t been for Bill’s likability (he’s spent quite a bit from that account on his wife’s run…) I doubt that she’d be where she is today. Ditto Trump’s obvious self-immolation on her behalf. One wonders at how she manages to control so many…
    And Republicans say that she has brain damage! LOL! She’s pulling all the strings, and being quite successful at it. I’m expecting she’ll have a “headache” the night of the debate – if there IS one – because she understands the first rule of politics: don’t interfere with your opponent if he’s on a self-destructive binge.

  20. 71


    Ditto seems to think that there is some actual chance that Trump will/may/can win
    At some point Ditto when you already know the battle will end in defeat the wise thing is to pull back and conserve whatever may survive that catastrophe
    Trump has/had massive appeal to a section of the GOP that voted for him in the primaries.
    A moderate would have done better in the general election but “moderates” are anathema to the extremist conservatives. Better a dead RINO than a victory in DC
    Well demographics are working hard against conservatives and the GOP no states are going from blue to red

  21. 72

    Common Sense

    @Richard Wheeler: Richard, sorry for the late comeback and likely not on the same string. Spent the last few days driving our coast. Big Sur, Ragged Edge, San Simeon, Cambria. Morro, Pismo, Slo, Santa Barbara, and down. Beautiful but lots of smoke up North. Weather down here is perfect!!

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