Zika: an obama train wreck in slow motion

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How badly can a crisis be managed? Zika shows us just how badly.

January, 2016:

White House: Zika virus is not Ebola

The Obama administration is looking to ease public fears over the Zika virus as it becomes increasingly likely that the mosquito-borne disease will spread to the U.S.

White House spokesman Josh Earnest said Wednesday that federal officials are planning a “conspicuous, concerted effort” to communicate the risks of the disease, making clear that it poses a far different — and less severe — threat than the recent Ebola epidemic.

While both viruses had a rapid spread, the Ebola virus can be fatal for anyone who becomes infected, while the Zika virus is most dangerous to women who are pregnant. Healthy, non-pregnant adults who contract the Zika virus will encounter symptoms like a “mild form of dengue fever,” Earnest said.

“Certainly the risk to pregnant women and women who may become pregnant is serious. But it’s also important for people to understand, if you’re a man, or you’re not pregnant, that the impact of the virus is relatively mild,” Earnest said. “We want to make sure people are properly educated about the risks of this virus.”

Obama, February 2016:

“There shouldn’t be panic on this. This is not something where people are going to die from it.

U.S. Reports First Zika Virus Death in Puerto Rico

A man infected with Zika virus in Puerto Rico has died from complications of the infection, health officials said Friday.

The man, in his 70s, died from internal bleeding caused by a rare immune reaction to the virus, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said.

It’s the first death in the United States from Zika virus.

Utah resident is 1st confirmed Zika-related death in continental US

SALT LAKE CITY — An elderly Salt Lake County resident who died in late June is the first confirmed Zika-related death in the continental U.S., health officials announced Friday.

The individual traveled to a Zika-infected area earlier this year and was awaiting Zika testing results when he or she died, according to Salt Lake County Health Department Director Gary Edwards.

He said officials found the cause of death to be “of suspicion” and later received test results confirming that the individual had Zika.

April, 2106

Nearly 200 US Pregnant Women Confirmed with Zika

May, 2016

First baby born with Zika-linked microcephaly in New York tri-state area

April, 2016

obama diverted $500 million of Ebola funds to fight Zika.

NIH official says Zika poses no threat to pregnant women in U.S.

June, 2016

But that was only so he could divert $500 million of Zika funds to UN Climate Fund.

Three babies are born with Zika-related birth defects.

The list of Zika-related birth defects grows.

July, 2016

This Zika thing really is a problem.

Top health officials warned Wednesday that the Zika virus threatens much of the Western Hemisphere, with Florida, Puerto Rico and Brazil in the crosshairs.

At a Senate hearing convened by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida, three senior U.S. government experts urged Congress to pass a $1.1 billion Zika-prevention bill that has been stalled by partisan politics.

“We have made difficult decisions and redirected resources from other important public health activities to support our most critical needs,” Tom Frieden, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, told senators on a Senate Foreign Affairs subcommittee focused on the Western Hemisphere.

CDC says 400 pregnant women in U.S. with evidence of Zika infection

August, 2016

Democrats are taking the Zika issue so seriously that they blocked funding for Zika because the bill did not have a kickback for Planned Parenthood.

Baby with Zika-related birth defects born in Alameda County

Baby with Zika-linked birth defect dies in Texas

obama plays his 300th round of golf. “I’m an honest 13” obama says.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

50 Responses to “Zika: an obama train wreck in slow motion”

  1. 1

    Nanny G

    Here’s $49,577,386 That Could Have Gone to Zika Relief
    The National Institutes of Health (NIH) spent $1,679,030 on an exercise program for refugees.
    It spent $3,531,925 study into why a majority of lesbians are obese with more cash slated for this year!
    NIH spent $2,495,850 on anti-obesity rap songs for kids.
    A weight-loss program for truck drivers, where researchers give them motivational phone calls while they are on the road, has cost $2,658,929.
    Studying how babies think about food has now cost $1,859,480.
    A study into malt liquor, which researchers are trying to get cities to prohibit, has cost $1,626,038.
    A project studying gay hookup apps like Grindr has cost $432,00.
    The NIH spent $10,100,000 to address gender disparities in research with mice!
    NIH has spent $107,379 studying disgust.

    There’s plenty of money for Zika.
    The American Taxpayers have been extremely generous for our health.
    It is the gov’t workers who abuse that generosity as seen above that fritters away money needed for REAL problems.

    Obama CREATED this train wreak.
    He allowed this cash to be frittered away.
    Heck, he probably encouraged it.

  2. 2


    @Nanny G:

    NIH has spent $107,379 studying disgust.

    Looks like they spent far more than that generating it.

    Here’s an idea; why doesn’t the Clinton Foundation chip in $50 million or so? How about Soros? He’s rolling in billions… why doesn’t he do something besides financing riots and undercutting currencies?

  3. 3


    Ebola is mostly done. The remaining funds have been redirected to Zika.

    Fact: It’s not enough.
    Fact: Congress, not Obama, need to pony up the funds for Zika.
    Fact: Congress is failing, again.
    Fact: A clean spending bill has not been presented.

  4. 5

    Spurwing Plover

    I see that some are talking about bringing back DDT to combat Zika but that’s very unlikley since so many have fallen Hook,Line & Sinker for Racheal Carsons SILENT SPRING lies and the eco-freaks are opposed to curing pluagues with DDT

  5. 6

    Nanny G

    @Spurwing Plover:
    And there are so many opposed to ”genetically altered plants and animals,” that they place “No Consent” signs on their lawns where the FLA Health Dept is releasing genetically altered mosquitoes so that Zika-infected ones will ”breed” with these sterile ones and not lay viable eggs.
    And, once released, these genetically altered bugs fly wherever they chose.

  6. 8


    There’s not much that can be done to inform the willfully ignorant.

    You can point out that republicans politicized and effectively killed the Zika funding bill by including anti-Planned Parenthood language however many times you like. They will stubbornly refuse to acknowledge the significance of that fact, even though you’d have to be as dumb as a box of rocks not to know that such language is essentially a poison pill.

  7. 10



    You obviously missed the clean bill fact. Smarten up.

    No, you missed where the Democrats need to put on the big-boy pants, play by the same rules they expect everyone else to play and STOP blocking the bill for political gamemanship.

  8. 15


    @Bill: Let me guess Dr John, you’re playing Bill today, taking on the dumb ass role?

    You need links to validate that it was Republicans who larded the bill by wanting to cut PP funding rather than Democrats? That unless you are given proof, it was Dems that injected cutting $540 million in ACA funding in order to vote on the Zila bill? That Dems included allowing the Confederate flags at Fed funerals?

    Wake up on the ignorant side of bed today?

  9. 17


    @Ajay42302: Because of your history of cowardly lies and then running away from them, you need a link to verify every word you post.

    If the Democrats cared one “smigeon” about public health and safety, they would stop blocking the bill. Murder and Body Parts, Inc. doesn’t need to be involved, nor can it be trusted to be involved. All the Democrats are looking out for is money being funneled to Planned Parenthood so PP can funnel it right back to the Democrats by way of campaign contributions.

    The Democrats are the obstruction… as usual.

    Hey, @Ajay42302: , would you vote for someone that prominently places a homophobic father of a homophobic terrorist at her rally?

  10. 18


    @Nanny G: Brilliant!…………….NOT!
    And, once released, these genetically altered bugs fly wherever they chose.

    why not? all i can see is you dont understand the process of creating sterile mosquitos of a certain breed that are false mates

    every day, your changing your genome…
    every person has thousands of SNP (single nucleotide polymorphisms), and code is code… like a program… its not magic… selective breeding does the same thing but not as efficiently, nor as specifically, and it takes ages longer.

    ever see fox tail? the distant cousin to corn, which cant grow without man any more? show dogs who came from wolves?

    oh… by the way… they are using radiation to sterilize the males, and not genetic manipulation… which is a literal dead end and not efficient given that sterile mosquitos cant breed more faux mates…

    CORRECTION: In Brazil they are using radiation, in florida they are releasing GMO males

    Anti-GMO activists have criticized Oxitec for allowing the release of some modified female mosquitoes, which do bite humans. The company has said only a very small number of females are released, and no humans have reported any health problems from their bites.

    which makes sense because modifying genes is not the same as making a virus or bacteria which can transmit…

    you realize that you eat GMO every day that is changed by nature? or do you think we have a way to remove a tomato that comes from a mutant plant?

    silly… even sillier if you know the technology
    [i work in research computing in a medical schoo/hospital… with genticists… and my son had graduated honors in genetics before going into the navy]

  11. 19



    the Ebola thing is alive and well, and it can do what ppl are worried about and saying it cant… it only needs the right combination of traveling vector and conditions… and just because it didnt find them yet, doesnt mean it wont…

    Ebola deaths: Figures up to 13 January 2016
    11,315 / Deaths – probable, confirmed and suspected

    The World Health Organization (WHO) admits the figures are underestimates, given the difficulty collecting the data.

    There needs to be 42 days without any new cases for a country to be declared Ebola-free.

    and the reason why it can still pose a huge threat is:
    The natural reservoir for Ebola is unknown. Epidemiologists have tested bats, monkeys, spiders and ticks for the virus, but have not been able to acquire definitive data.

  12. 20

    Nanny G

    @Artfldgr: My ”brilliant…..NOT!” was in regards to this:

    so many opposed to ”genetically altered plants and animals,” that they place “No Consent” signs on their lawns where the FLA Health Dept is releasing genetically altered mosquitoes

    I was trying to make the point that, once released, those bugs could fly where ever they wanted.
    A lawn sign wasn’t going to keep them away.
    AND, the lawn sign placer couldn’t even tell the difference between the altered bugs, the infected bugs and the normal, but not infected (yet) bugs.
    These altered bugs can save lives.
    So, too, could DDT.

  13. 21


    Certainly it will continue to be a problem in the future in the third world
    However the 2014 claims that “Ebola Coukd kill millions in the USA”
    Never came close to happening
    42 days ? So the USA is Ebola free and the dire warnings of dr j were wild fear mongering
    More people die each year from bubonic plague in the usatgan from Ebola

  14. 22


    @john: It came close… it came REALLY close. All that stopped it was Dallas spending millions of dollars to contain the plague Obama turned loose on them due to host stupid refusal to restrict travel from Ebola hot-spots.

    Kind of like the vast majority of terror attacks attempted during the Obama administration was due to the bombs failing to go off, not Obama’s diligence.

  15. 23



    Because of your history of cowardly lies and then running away from them, you need a link to verify every word you post.

    My response was intended for Dr John so I suppose I accidentally clicked your to respond to.

    But to answer your question my fuzzy obsessive stalker, no I don’t “need” to link anything to you. You are a babbling troll and you don’t accept links anyway, as repeatedly proven and also demonstrated on this Zika argument. You have no interest in constructive dialog on any level and you are no more than a kibitzing heckler (pardon the redundancy) trying to derail any constructive rebuttals that conflict with your hate agenda.

  16. 24


    No it did not come really really close
    And even though there is still no travel ban we are still not in mortal danger of having millions die
    Ebola is basically confined naturally to a few countries in Africa
    It did not jump to Europe even though there was a magnitude grater travel to Europe than to the USA
    The fear of Ebola was greatly overblown by people with a political axe to grind
    Ebola has had almost no significant impact on ANY country other than in Western Africa
    That is a fact

  17. 25


    Give him the old
    Sticks and stones may break my bones……
    That is the proper response to childish name calling
    I always gotta chuckle when from anonymity a slur of “cowardly” is thrown

  18. 28


    Bill you do realize that when people insult others they tend to use the insults that hurt them the most in their past.
    Why is it that your fav insult is “cowardly” ? Were you called that in the past by someone and hurt deeply by that ?

  19. 30


    haha you are a funny guy
    better go to sleep soon if you are going to be on the train tomorrow at 4:30 am
    Say why don’t you ever post then ? sitting down on the train should be a nice time for that?
    Bill perhaps you would like to share with us what you (or others) thought your most courageous moments were?
    Adventure travel ?
    High risk sports ?
    Medals you won in the military ?

  20. 31


    @john: Tell me your courageous moments; we see your cowardice daily.

    Did you bravely run a tollbooth? Did you sneak past a weigh station? Short change a hooker at a truck stop? Sitting on your ass and typing out excuses not to respond to questions while demanding others answer yours is not too courageous.

  21. 32


    I lived outside of the continental USA for almost 6 years
    I spent 18 months in Southeast Asiawhen I love as 21 in late 60s 3 months teaching Englidh in Japan 3 months in the Southern Philipines and Borneo the the last year or so going from Singapore to Thailand Laos Cambodia
    In 76-77 I spent 6 months living in Afhhanistan and the Federal Administered Tribal Areas
    In the early 80s almost a year in Mostly in Ecuador but also Peru and briefly Bolivia
    In 86 9 months mining hold in Alaska
    In 95 with my family canoed the Churchill River in Labrador where we did many other month long vacations
    I have been to a total of over 2 dozen countries
    In the 80s I belonged to the USA luge association and would typically get in 2 week long sessions at Lake Placid
    I have paid Master Diver rating
    Soooooo enough about me now your turn. Been to Disneyland or 6 flags ?????

  22. 34


    Well it is never too late to have a happy childhood
    But if that is all you have to look back at for a best life experience I can see why you are going through life angry and embittered

  23. 36

    Common Sense

    @Greg: Greggie, Republicans allocated the resources and Democrats voted it down. This is a fact Greggie. How many bills pass with other issues addressed at the same time, most Greggie. Democrats are NOT in control of the legislature thank goodness!!

  24. 37


    @Common Sense, #36:

    We’ll see how the situation stands as of January 3, 2017. Donald may very well take the GOP’s Congressional majorities down with him.

    You can’t really blame Donald. He’s just being The Donald. Republicans are scuttling their own ship.

  25. 38

    Common Sense

    @Greg: Take down Congress like the last two Presidential Cycles eh Greggie?? You mean Republicans control even more of the House and Senate Greggie?? Works for me and America!!

  26. 39


    More like in, Damn, maybe we should have held confirmation hearings on Merrick Garland while we still had a majority in the Senate. He was a moderate, wasn’t he?

    If things work out that way, it will all be their own doing.

  27. 40


    @Greg: If Obama recommended him, he is no moderate. It is unfortunate that this administration has totally destroyed any faith that government can be fair, honest and unbiased, but it has.

    If there was any question that Garland might vote against liberal interests, he would never have been recommended by Obama.

  28. 42


    @john: Luckily, liberals have established the precedent that obstruction and lying is OK as a part of government, so get used to THAT.

    Cons are in the minority why should they think they will have an equal share in our government ?

    I wouldn’t expect an ignorant, bitter, crybaby liberal to understand how representative government works. So, you feel blacks should have no voice in government? I guess so, since you support the system that turns them into nothing but voting machines kept in social cages, fed only enough to survive.

    Do you ever take a step or two back and SEE how utterly stupid you are?

  29. 43


    Ahh Billy your obvious unhappiness brings a smile to my face
    Bill please note that in MY post I explicitly said that cons should not expect an equal share in governing since they are in the minority
    Key word EQUAL
    Did you see that
    Bill’s world is crumbling around him
    He can also look into the future and see his beloved Texas already a light pink beginning to turn purple

  30. 44



    Bill please note that in MY post I explicitly said that cons should not expect an equal share in governing since they are in the minority

    Yes. Your view is that minorities do not deserve an equal part in government. Obviously, like the hacked DNC revealed about it, you are racist. No one but the majority (as long as YOU are part of it) deserves rights and freedom.

    No, all I worry about is the health of the nation, which when good benefits ALL, regardless of their place in society. The lack of attention to national security by both Clinton’s and Obama has caused possibly irreparable damage to our security. It really doesn’t matter to me (as it obviously DOES to you) which party is in charge if only they would look out for the economy and national security. Economic health benefits all across all strata (even the minorities you feel should just shut up, pay taxes and take what they can get in the left-overs) and without effective national security, all other efforts are for naught.

    You would happily vote for the destruction of the country for spite. And dream on about Texas becoming another liberal run failure. You apparently didn’t watch the Windy Wendy Davis outcome. Even voter fraud couldn’t get her out of the blocks. Of course, the liberal strategy of flooding the nation with illegal immigrants and giving them the right to vote MIGHT work, but I have more faith in justice than you do.

  31. 45

    Richard Wheeler

    @Common Sense: The Donald’s candidacy will cost Repubs. The Senate and probably The House. Large numbers of Repubs. up for election are scrambling to distance themselves from the Party’s pallbearer er flag bearer. Can you blame them?

    How bout this great So Cal weather DOC?

  32. 46


    ? yes I believe in majority rule and full rights for all minorities. NO
    I do not think that Nazis or Communists deserve a role equal to the Majority party, which at this point appears to be the Dems
    HAHA Billy Billy Billy
    you are such a clairvoyant able to see into the minds of others across time and space.
    You are actually a pitiful embittered old man who is terribly afraid of the future.
    Are you so ashamed of your past that the only high spot was claiming to be on the space shuttle? You have nothing else that brought you joy or an exciting life experience? Anything ?
    You have nothing in your life that challenges you or inspires you ?

  33. 47


    @john: Well, when you declare minorities do not get a voice in government, what am I expected to believe… that you are simply lying or stupid?

    OK, I just answered my own question.

  34. 48


    @Bill, #40:

    The political right has no perspective concerning what actually constitutes a moderate. They’ve come to believe that half of their own party is left of center.

    They’ve been busily sawing off the limb the they’re sitting on, in expectation that the offending tree will fall down. At this point, I’m eager for them to get on with it.

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