It’s Snopes vs. Politifact! The vile bias of the left wing media in an ugly display

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Want to see rampant and malignant bias? Watch this.

In case you were wondering what a pathetically biased left wing bunch of sycophants Politifact is made of, here is prima facie evidence. Here’s Hillary telling her followers that she is going to raise taxes on the middle class.


She absolutely says it. Listen as many times as you want. She said it. No one forced her to otherwise. And her zombies cheered.

Of course, Donald Trump set upon it immediately. He said that Hillary said she’s raising taxes.

“Hillary Clinton says she wants to, ‘raise taxes on the middle class.’ “

Donald Trump on Thursday, August 4th, 2016 in a campaign video

She did not, shrieks Politifact! Utterly unable to accept the truth, PF resorted to some kind of dubious voice alteration to attempt to prove she said something other than what she said.

By analyzing the sound waves, we can see that Clinton was saying “aren’t,” because she definitely pronounced the “n,” though she didn’t really hit the “t.”

How laughable. There is no length to which PF will not go to try to rescue democrats. It’s pretty damn clear she said what she said.

Needless to say, PF hit Trump with a “Pants of fire” rating. CBS News ran with that.

Donald Trump’s campaign has released a video that falsifies Hillary Clinton’s stance on taxes, the fact-checkers over at Politifact found.

Again, total BS. He quoted her and he quoted her correctly.

Snopes, on the other hand, struggled with the argument before finally almost capitulating to the truth:

Worst case, she simply misspoke and said “are” when she meant “aren’t,” because she has not announced any changes to her tax platform or said on any other occasion that she plans to raise taxes on the middle class and not the wealthy.

They, as PF, simply cannot accept what Clinton said. She said what she said. I don’t think she misspoke. I think it was a gaffe, in the sense that gaffes are defined as politicians accidentally speaking the truth. The money for taxes always- always– comes from the middle class because that’s where most of the money is.

So-called “fact checkers” are rife with left wing bias. Even more can be found here, here and here.

Normally these sites are more subtle in the bias, but desperation is a stressor that can cast a cold light exposing the truth. And the truth is these alleged fact checker sites are hopelessly biased to the left and are not worthy of trust.





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    What’s really funny is I recently emailed them as well about an article they had one of their “journalists” write that was just pure fiction; fiction in that it was just wrong mathematically, so it was clearly wrong.

    They wrote back and sarcastically suggested I had the wrong site. I responded that I probably did because I thought they were an objective fact based site. To which they responded with a veiled threat asking me if my position on their site was the position of my “employer” and that I should visit their “office” in “my” town.

    So, as you can see, they’re nothing better than liberal propaganda now.

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    I don’t know how I got here but after reading both articles, and putting her tax policy in context, it was phonetically mispronounced “aren’t.” I will give you prima facie it does sound like “are” but you can also here the “n’t” if you are paying attention as well. Besides, who the hell in the Democratic party cheers for raising taxes on the middle class?

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    You’re an idiot.


    No, she does not pronounce the “N” or a “T”, she goes straight to “G” as in the first letter of “GOING”.

    You can try to lie as much as you want, I know you’re paid to “CorrectTheRecord” after all, but you aren’t fooling anyone with this 3rd grader logic.

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    Carol Goldstein

    She lies, lines her pockets with money from the Clinton Foundation, etc., etc. Buy the movie “Hillary’s America at Walmart or Target if want her history. Then read what’s coming out from Wiki-Leaks.

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