A mother’s moral authority is absolute- unless she irritates liberals

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In 2005 Maureen Dowd once wrote that the “moral authority of parents who bury children killed in Iraq is absolute.”

What she really meant was the “moral authority according to liberals”

Aaron Vaughn was a member of SEAL Team 6 and was killed along with 21 other SEALs from Team 6 in 2011. After Joe Biden outed SEAL Team 6 as the group that killed Osama Bin Laden, Aaron Vaughn called his mom Karen with a dire plea:

“Aaron called me and said, ‘Mom, you need to wipe your social media clean of any reference to me or any of my buddies. Just disconnect completely,’” Karen Vaughn said her son warned after Vice President Biden publicly identified the SEALs on May 3, 2011 — two days after the raid. “He [Aaron] actually said to me, ‘Mom, there’s chatter, and all of our lives could be in danger, including yours’ … then I realized all of those families, you know, you’re talking about a community of around three hundred families who were all of a sudden made targets by this administration.”

Days later, Aaron was dead. Karen Vaughn has claimed that the obama regime put a target on her son’s back. She was totally ignored. No umbrage from the left, no national media paying attention.

Nothing, unlike Khizr Khan. Khan, the father of a fallen Muslim US Soldier, was invited to blast Donald Trump at the recent DNC. Khan threw this at Trump:

“Have you even read the U.S. Constitution? … You have sacrificed nothing and no one.”

That’s pretty amusing for someone who supports the wholesale savaging of the Constitution by America’s current reigning monarch. And pretty ironic for someone whose son was killed in a war voted for by Hillary Clinton. Edmund Kozak:

Trump was an opponent of the tragically shortsighted war in Iraq from the start. Hillary Clinton, on the other hand, was an enthusiastic supporter of that war. This didn’t seem important to Mr. Khan, who claimed that “if it was up to Donald Trump, he never would have been in America.”

Khan has been the darling of the media and a world apart from the treatment of Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith, who was killed in Benghazi. She spoke at the GOP National Convention and was viciously attacked by the left wing media.  Chris Matthews said Smith “ruined” the Convention. He added:

“I don’t care what that woman up there, that mother has felt,” Matthews expressed. “Her emotions are her own.”

Hillary Clinton lied to both the families of the Benghazi dead and the rest of America, blaming a video when she knew otherwise. Now please pay attention. Clinton pretty much called Pat Smith and the Benghazi families liars:

“I don’t hold any ill feeling for someone who in that moment may not fully recall everything that was or wasn’t said.”

Then she twisted the knife:

Clinton got defensive and said that the clip was “unfair” because she quoted other people in that speech who believed that it was terrorism. She also tried to discredit those criticizing her for Benghazi by saying that there was a “confusion” in the minds of some people critiquing her.

In March Clinton said this about Pat Smith

“She’s wrong, she’s absolutely wrong.”

Yet back in December Pat Smith wasn’t wrong. The confusion was in Clinton’s mind:

Sunday on ABC’s “This Week,” while discussing the uncovered email showing Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton had told the Egyptian prime minister that “we know the attack in Libya had nothing to do with the film,” prior to telling them it was a YouTube video that caused the terror attack, Clinton said she did not lie to them but instead was caught up in “the fog of war.”

When confronted by video clips of family members of Benghazi victims, Clinton said, “I understand the continuing grief at the loss that parents experienced with the loss of these four brave Americans. I did testify as you know for 11 hours and I answered all of these questions. Now, I can’t — I can’t help it that people think there has to be something else there, I said very clearly, there had been a terrorist group that had taken responsibility on Facebook, between the time that I, you know, when I talked to my daughter, that was the latest information, we were giving it credibility, and then we learned the next day, it wasn’t true. In fact, they retracted it. This was a fast-moving series of events in the fog of war. I think most Americans understand.”

Somewhere in the months since then what was the fog of war in Clinton’s mind has become a lie from Pat Smith and Charles Woods. Maureen Dowd is nowhere to be seen.

Where is Karen Vaughn’s absolute moral authority? Where is Pat Smith’s absolute moral authority?

Absolute moral authority has currency only where it advantages the left.

DOUBLE STANDARD: Khizr Khan Receives 50x More Coverage Than Pat Smith on ABC, CBS, NBC



DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 1

    Nanny G

    Khizr Khan writes, “to Muslims, the Quran being the very word of God, it is the absolute authority from which springs the very conception of legality and every legal obligation.”

    Interestingly, for a man who graduated from law schools in both Punjab University in Pakistan and Harvard University, he ”publishes” his opinions about the supremacy of Sharia in “Journal of Contemporary Issues in Muslim Law,” and in articles titled, “In Defense of OPEC” and “Legal Index of the Quran,” yet none of these exist in any academic database!
    He’s a fraud.
    But, his moral superiority (or that of his silent property (wife) ) is absolute.

  2. 3


    Aaron Vaughn was a member of SEAL Team 6 and was killed along with 21 other SEALs from Team 6 in 2011. After Joe Biden outed SEAL Team 6 as the group that killed Osama Bin Laden, Aaron Vaughn called his mom Karen with a dire plea…

    Aaron Vaughn was killed along with 38 others in Afghanistan on August 6, 2011, when the Chinook helicopter transporting them was shot down by Taliban fighters. Nothing Joe Biden said had a damn thing to do with it.

    Joe Biden DID NOT out Seal Team 6. Joe Biden only commended Navy Seals in general, along with unspecified U.S. intelligence service teams, for the successful operation that eliminated Osama bin Ladin. He made no specific reference to Seal Team 6. In any case, Seal Team 6 is not a Seal group whose members are publicly known. Even if a direct reference to the Team had been made, it would have revealed nothing concerning anyone’s identity.

    There are 18 Navy Seal teams, which consist of over 8,000 individuals. It was no secret to anyone that Navy Seals would likely have been involved in the sort of special forces operation that killed Osama bin Laden.

    This is the sort of b.s. that has convinced me the right has absolutely no regard for the truth, and no concern whatsoever about whose story they distort and exploit to score cheap political points. The linked video is titled Joe Biden Exposes SEAL Team 6 families to al-Queda. It’s the instance every accusation about Biden having outed Seal Team 6 is based on. Are people so pathetically suggestible that they then imagine that’s what they’re hearing when they listen to the video?

  3. 5




    May 3, 2011

    At 4:40 Biden identifies the SEALs


    May 6, 2011

    While at Fort Campbell, the president, along with Vice President Joe Biden, privately met with members of Navy SEAL Team 6, the unit that conducted the raid.


    They outed SEAL Team 6. They then sent SEAL Team 6 into a hot zone in a Chinook without cover and the Taliban knew those guys were coming. Perhaps it was a Clinton email.

  4. 6




    The AC-130 commander said there could have been better coordination between who was watching the escapees and who was surveying Extortion 17’s landing zone. “It just appeared to us the whole plan for getting into this area was rushed, I guess,” he said.

    Reid admitted that “we didn’t achieve the element of surprise in that valley. That was planned and anticipated.”

    Family members said at a press conference after the hearing that they were still frustrated by what they felt were unanswered questions, such as why seven names on the manifest of the mission were “incorrect”—the same number of Afghan soldiers who participated—and why no Afghans were interviewed for the investigation.


  5. 7




    “We still feel positive that they could have been set up—that this was an inside thing, that they knew we were coming,” said Doug Hamburger, father of Army Staff Sgt. Patrick Hamburger. “We’re a little discouraged that that wasn’t addressed.”

    They said they were barred from speaking at the hearing but could submit written statements. Lawmakers said other families requested that they not hold the hearing and keep the details of the operation private.

    The families present also questioned why an Islamic prayer was given at a memorial service for their sons at Bagram Airfield, which they said was highly disrespectful. Reid said he was told that the commander of the Afghan Special Forces recited verses from the Koran and commemorated all of the fallen and condemned the enemy.


    Do you know who captured KSM? No, you don’t because Bush wasn’t as interested in gloating and self-adulation.

  6. 9


    everyone knew immediately after bin Laden’s death who was sent on that mission
    The first I heard was on Fox News from one of their military experts
    Dr J delights in giving aid and comfort to our enemies by disrespecting our Commander in Chief
    Dr J
    Do you get paid by our enemies to create disunity in Americans?
    Your hatred is aporoaching treason
    Are you trying to encourage ISIS???

  7. 11


    Prior to WWII conservatives hated FDR
    After Pearl they became the loyal opposition
    They never publicly disparaged the Commander in Chief

  8. 12

    Spurwing Plover

    Liberals only want to use some mother to support more gun control laws and to attack the gun lobby if she opposes gun control or confiscation the liberals will ignore her

  9. 14




    So why don’t we know who captured KSM?

    Making top secret intel available to foreign hackers- that’s treasonous. Failing to enforce the laws of the land because you don’t feel like it. That’s treasonous too.

  10. 15



    May 3, 2011

    At 4:40 Biden identifies the SEALs


    May 6, 2011

    While at Fort Campbell, the president, along with Vice President Joe Biden, privately met with members of Navy SEAL Team 6, the unit that conducted the raid.

    So, I guess now you are wondering how you fall head over heels for so many liberal media lies?

    @john: Did the Stevens family express the wish that it was OK for those who caused his death to lie their way out of their responsibility? The left makes his death a political issue by stonewalling the resolution.

    How many victims of illegal immigrants in sanctuary cities did the Democrats ask to speak?

  11. 16

    MOS #8541

    khizr khan got his 15 min of fame, now crawl back under your rock. son was buried in Arlington with full military rights. the POS khan received his son’s flag-12 years ago.
    biden is a drunk and a whore dog. oh, recall that he made presentations at the adult film industry awards last year, no short term memory loss.
    according to the lesbian, terrorist slut Hilary, Ambassador Stevens’ mother is crazy.

  12. 17


    @DrJohn, #5:

    At 4:40 Biden identifies the SEALs


    That’s the identical video I linked to in post #5. As I pointed out, at no point does he mention Team 6. He only mentions Navy SEALS, which is general category consisting of 18 teams and over 8,000 individuals. He hasn’t specifically identified any individual or group of individuals.

    Even referencing SEAL Team 6 itself—which he didn’t do—wouldn’t even identify specific individuals. The U.S. Naval Special Warfare Development Group, most often referred to as SEAL Team 6, consists of those chosen from the elite 8,000-plus to undergo even more rigorous training. Their identities aren’t public knowledge and they generally observe a strict code of silence, saying and doing nothing that would reveal their participation. Team 6 designates the entire pool of all such individuals, from which small operational groups such as the one that participated in Operation Neptune Spear are assembled. Team 6 isn’t the operational group, it’s the larger pool.

    Biden didn’t out anybody. He referred to a broad category consisting of over 8,000 people. Medals were subsequently awarded to the specific SEALS who were personally involved, but that was done in secrecy. The entire criticism that secrecy was breached by anyone in the Obama administration, exposing individuals or their families to retaliation, is nothing more than a propaganda fabrication.

    The very fact of that secrecy gives cover to people who make up stories with a variety of motives. There are a couple of books out, supposedly being first-hand accounts of events by participants in Neptune Spear. Interestingly, they differ on a number of critical points, and have been denied as accurate accounts by official military sources. The authors have been harshly criticized by current SEAL members for seemingly breaking the code of silence that they all depend on. One of the accounts has also been described by another SEAL as “complete bullshit.”

    I wouldn’t care in the least about such stories, were it not for the fact that they’re created and promoted for the purpose of character assassination. They’re lies used as tools of political manipulation. Now they’ve paved a path to the White House for a reality television show host who has no clear positions or principles, no pertinent experience, no understanding of geopolitics, and whose personality and temperament should disqualify him as Commander in Chief. His candidacy makes the question of lies or truth deadly serious.

  13. 18

    Spurwing Plover

    The news media scum suckers and Obama worshipers credit Obama with the death of Bin Laden becuase the news media are all leftists scum sucking lowlife reptiles

  14. 19


    Typical anti-Obama, anti-Clinton lies and bullshit:

    Katrina Pierson, Trump aid:

    “It was under Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton that changed the rules of engagement that probably cost (Capt. Humayun Khan’s) life.”

    The reality: Capt. Humayun Khan was killed near Baqubah, Iraq on June 8, 2004, five years before Obama became president and Clinton his secretary of state.

    Additionally, there have been no changes in the rules of engagement that prevent or discourage any American soldier from using deadly force anytime he or she believes his or her life or the lives of fellow soldiers are in danger. The rules of engagement under the Obama administration have only been altered in an effort to reduce unnecessary civilian casualties under other circumstances.

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