Hillary To #FeelTheBern Tonight?

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Will Hillary #feelthebern tonight?

Well, maybe her minions will just tear the shirts off their backs

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    Nanny G

    Just as Hillary began speaking our power went out.
    (And 4,600 other local households.)
    So, we waited.
    It came back on as the pundits were spinning.
    I never heard if the Bernie people acted up, however.
    Did they?

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    Bernie Sanders Delegates Allege Spying, Suppression by DNC

    Pennsylvania — Delegates for Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) are complaining about a variety of tactics that they say have been used against them by the Democratic National Committee and the Hillary Clinton campaign to silence them at the Democratic National Convention this week.

    Several told Breitbart News on Tuesday evening that 800 Sanders volunteers who had raised funds to participate in the convention were denied access to the floor. Some were relegated to upper-deck viewing areas at the Wells Fargo Center, and some were denied entry altogether.

    The accusations were echoed in pro-Sanders forums on reddit and in social media. One Sanders activist, Lisa Barri of New York posted on Facebook: “This has been a very intense day in Philadelphia. 800 Bernie volunteers were not allowed in, stripped of their certifications, and replaced with Hillary volunteers.”

    Others told Breitbart News that they had been told they would lose their convention credentials if they protested in favor of Sanders or against Clinton, or if they used signs that had not been approved.

    Similar reports were shared among Sanders supporters online: “DNC taking away Bernie signs, threatening no credentials tomorrow if they are loud/hold signs,” one posted on reddit on Monday. Sanders delegates inside the arena were told they could only wave Bernie Sanders signs that had been specifically approved and handed out by the convention staff.

    Kevin Hunt, 56, a Sanders delegate from Oregon City, Oregon, told Breitbart News that the roll call vote to nominate Hillary Clinton had been pre-empted by a secret vote early in the day. The purpose: to keep the party’s “superdelegates” from view, lest the public notice that Clinton ended up winning states on the floor that she lost at the ballot box.

    “We were given papers to sign, and led to believe we had to,” Hunt said, choking back tears. He also said that telephones at each delegation’s post in the convention hall connected to the Clinton campaign, not to the parliamentarians conducting the vote, and so objections could not be raised. In addition, he said, Sanders delegates who were supposed to lead the roll call for their states were replaced at the last minute by Clinton delegates.

    Hunt and others said the convention was just the latest example of voting irregularities in the Democratic primary process, which they said had affected the results in over a dozen states.

    “I’ve been a Democrat for 43 years,” he said. “Never before have I experienced this level of illegality, corruption, and cheating — and it only got worse after we arrived in Philadelphia.”

    He added: “I don’t view [Clinton] as a legitimate or legally nominated person.”

    You would think the HRC campaign would be concerned about the loss of trust from fellow Democrats. Meh…

    Clinton Campaign Manager: Hillary Will Earn Trust After She’s Elected President

    Hillary Clinton’s campaign manager Robby Mook says voters will trust Hillary Clinton more after she’s elected president.

    Politico notes Mook suggested “the American people will have to observe Hillary as president before fully trusting her” during an “Off Message” podcast interview with Glenn Thrush.

    So the people need to vote for her, before we know what’s in her? Next the Mook will probably tell us “if you like your government you can keep it.” Meanwhile, what are people saying about the RNC’s nominee’s speech?

    America Responds to Trump’s Speech: ‘That Was Me Up There Speaking’

    Eddie in Florida, a Latino branch manager for an industrial homes company, said that Trump “talked to me like a human being as though I was sitting across a table from him.”

    He added that he talks to his blue-collar co-workers the same way that Trump spoke to the nation.

    Mike in Montana said, “He really told us what we needed to hear, not what we wanted to hear, and it blew me away and everybody I’ve talked to so far.”

    When asked what specifically he liked about Trump’s speech, Mike explained, “I just want the truth from a politician. I want the truth from somebody in Washington. That’s why I listen to Breitbart News – it’s because I demand and want the truth. And he’s given that to me.”

    Bannon asked him, “Did he treat you like an adult last night or did he come in with a bunch of platitudes, you know, of all this kind of airy-fairy stuff and want you to get teary-eyed? There wasn’t one teary-eyed moment in this thing. This was brutal. Do you believe he treated you like an adult last night?”

    Mike responded, “He treated me like a peer.”


    Rich in Michigan said he was “floored” by Trump’s speech, “That was me up there speaking. He was speaking for everybody.”

    “He didn’t treat everybody like a two-year-old, which is what we get from the canned speeches from Obama and from the Republican elites in general,” he added.

    From Joel Pollak The Trump Convention Was the People’s Convention

    An elderly woman called me over to her table, where she had draped her cane across the edge. She recognized me and offered me a hug — of course! A former campaign volunteer from my Illinois run.

    She was thrilled with the convention, she told me. She had been to several, and this was the best.

    There was one big difference this time, she observed: fewer politicians in the delegation, and fewer bigwigs. The Senator, the Representatives, and all the other people trying to get re-elected were terrified of being associated with Trump.

    That meant more seats on the convention floor for ordinary people — for the party grass roots, the rank-and-file, even the Tea Party activists.

    It also meant fewer freebies. “There’s no money in it this time,” she said. Because the politicians weren’t coming, the lobbyists stayed away. The accommodation was cheaper, the parties harder to find.

    That suited her just fine. It was the people’s turn.

    A couple from Indiana settled in at the next table. I scanned the man’s name tag for anything I might recognize. Was he some kind of official? “I’m a farmer,” he said. “Corn and soybeans. 6,000 acres.”

    That’s who came to Cleveland for Donald Trump.

    Who else came? Gay people, and young people, who packed Milo Yiannopolous’s party with Breitbart on the second night of the convention, most of whom probably had never attended anything with the word “Republican” in it until he came along.

    And who else? Black people, and Hispanic people, and Jewish people, and veterans, who weren’t walked across the stage in a kind of symbolic show of diversity for the cameras, but who proudly waved their Trump signs from the convention floor.

    Who didn’t come? The usual suspects — the politicians who frequent the Sunday morning shows, who rarely say anything new, and whose appearances onstage at past conventions were the equivalent of a giant “intermission” sign — a cue to kibbitz.

    They thought they were helping the party by refusing to endorse Donald Trump. They were right: the convention was so much more interesting without them. We heard from, and saw, people that the party gatekeepers had kept at bay for years.

    Democratic Pollster Pat Caddell: Donald Trump Running as ‘Insurgent Candidate Against a System That Has Failed the American People’

    “They’re all gonna be like they were on Brexit,” Caddell predicted to SiriusXM host Stephen K. Bannon on Friday’s Breitbart News Daily. “They haven’t got a clue.”

    Caddell said that when Trump told the audience he would “tell the truth about the country,” he was saying “what 75 percent or more of Americans believe.”

    “People talk about, well, you know, 67 percent of the people think the country is on the wrong track. Uh-uh, folks. 67, 68 percent believe America is in decline,” he pointed out, adding:

    The 80-some percent that believe the system is rigged, the system works for those with power and influence, the anti-political class feeling – what I saw last night was, what he did is, he connected to all of those feelings out there, and he made a powerful case, and he made it in a broad way.

    “He was the first presidential candidate I can think of, in ever, to use the word ‘corruption’ in his acceptance speech,” Caddell noted. “That word, you will not hear in Philadelphia next week.”

    Even Hungary’s Orban likes and agrees with Trump: Hungary’s Orban likes what he hears of ‘valiant’ Trump’s security plans

    “I am not a Donald Trump campaigner,” he said in the televised speech. “I never thought I would ever entertain the thought that, of the open options, he (Trump) would be better for Europe and for Hungary.

    “But I listened to the candidate and I must tell you he made three proposals to combat terrorism. And as a European I could have hardly articulated better what Europe needs.”

    Yes, I’ve been waiting for the people to wake up for a very long time, and they finally have. Including some Democrats: VIDEO: “Highest” Moment In Trump’s Speech Makes Dems Vote For Trump

    Frank Luntz told Sean Hannity that there was one specific moment in Trump’s speech that stood out for the members of focus group, and it rated higher than anything else from the convention’s past four days.

    Can you guess what it was? If you’re thinking it had to with corrupt Hillary Clinton and her email scandal, you would be right.

    “Republicans, independents and Democrats dialed it through the roof,” Luntz said.

    The moment in particular that won such a huge response was when Trump spoke about how innocent people suffer at the hands of our corrupt political system.

    “And when a secretary of state illegally stores her emails on a private server, deletes 33,000 of them so the authorities can’t see her crime, puts our country at risk, lies about it in every different form and faces no consequence — I know that corruption has reached a level like never before,” Trump said.

    Can you sense the fear in the progressive establishment yet?

    While it wouldn’t be shocking to see Republicans hold this point of view, it is stunning to see just how many Democrats did.

    Make no mistake. The people are fed-up with the Washington establishment. And who is the progressive establishment’s candidate? Hillary Clinton.

    BUSTED: Democrat Party Breaks Federal Law; Violation of 18 USC Ch. 29

    Among the 20,000-plus emails released by WikiLeaks was an e-mail chain that details party officials planning with donors and fundraisers to hand out appointments to federal boards and commissions.

    The federal law is 18 U.S. Code Chapter 29, §600 and it makes it a felony, punishable by up to a year in prison, to:

    “directly or indirectly, promises any employment, position, compensation, contract, appointment, or other benefit, provided for or made possible in whole or in part by any Act of Congress, or any special consideration in obtaining any such benefit, to any person as consideration, favor, or reward for any political activity or for the support of or opposition to any candidate or any political party in connection with any general or special election to any political office, or in connection with any primary election or political convention or caucus held to select candidates for any political office, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than one year, or both.”

    The smoke and mirrors have been noticed, the curtain has been drawn aside, and it has been revieled just how corrupt the Democratic party is to it’s own membership. No my friends, a good many of Bernie voters are not going to to go to Hillary. They don’t like the Washington establishment elite any more than we do. They may not vote for Trump, but they are completely disillusioned with the complete corruption of their Democrat party. So they will not be voting for Hillary. The progressive establishment is a powerful but small minority that has ruled this nation for too long.

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