One more attack and you can hand Trump the keys to the White House

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The latest terror attack in France has claimed at least 84 lives, ten of them children. The killer was Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel,  a Tunisian living in France.

No one wants to see any more ISIS-inspired attacks, but they are going to happen. With each attack people are reminded of what a weak and feckless man is our current President. With each attack confidence in him and in Hillary Clinton further erodes.

And why would it be any other way?

Barack Obama is running out the clock. He set an agenda of first destroying ISIS, then downshifting to degrade and defeat and finally to “contain.” Military experts agree that Obama’s policies are not aggressive enough. He cannot even speak the real name of the enemy. His valley girl Marie Harf acknowledged that Obama believes the best way to defeat ISIS was to give them jobs.

And what do democrats offer us? Hillary Clinton, who wants us to empathize with the enemy.

Clinton wants a million more Muslims  who cannot be properly vetted resettled here in her first term alone.

Meanwhile, the sycophantic left wing media continues to race straight into the toilet. PMSNBC called the attack in Nice a “truck crash”. Other media outlets blame the truck for the massacre. Worse, authorities are determined to stifle the truth about how truly awful these Islamic terrorist monsters are:

Report: French Gov Suppressed Evidence of ‘Gruesome Torture’ During Paris Attacks

But hang on a second- Captain Bullsh*t has flopped again- vowing once more to destroy ISIS. ISIS has killed nearly 19,000 in two years. They are the inspiration for these attacks. ISIS is the cause of nearly 20,000 deaths. ISIS is the cause of the refugee crisis and the crimes being committed by those refugees in Europe. None of this will stop until they are destroyed. Utterly.

Neither Barack Obama nor Hillary Clinton is up to the job. That much is clear. We need change and ironically ISIS may provide the impetus for it.

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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    One more attack and you can hand Trump the keys to the White House

    So what are we actually talking about here? One more successful Russian hacking attack?

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    @George Wells: Well, no Georgie. You’re wrong. The Iran deal is the worst possible deal, not just for the US but for the entire world, especially Israel. Obama, Hillary and Kerry have hung a vital ally out to dry.

    The fact that they have lied so extensively about the details, tried to keep the details from Congress, did not want Congress to examine it or have the power of approval and the clear and blatant violations with no mechanism for punishment is indicative of exactly how bad this really is.

    Go try and convince a liberal sycophant, George. Someone with brains is not going to be fooled.

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    George Wells

    @Bill #52:

    YOU have failed.

    YOU have failed to show what “position of strength” you said Obama should have negotiated from. You even agreed – finally – that no such position of strength actually exists.

    Then YOU have failed to offer ANY rational explanation of how Obama’s suggested backing of an insignificant Iranian political minority might have altered the course of Iranian politics.

    YOU also have failed to offer any justification for interfering with the self-governance of the Iranian Shi’ite majority.

    YOU have even failed to suggest why Israel SHOULD be considered a “vital ally” in the region. We already have sufficient assets (including intercontinental nukes) with which to press whatever our arguments are in the region, so we don’t NEED Israel’s atomic stockpile, their UN vote isn’t ever a tie-breaker, and we pump billions into that historically significant put practically worthless strip of dirt for exactly what? We have ALREADY replaced Israel as the prime target of Islamic extremism, so Israel isn’t a convenient target kept where they are to distract Muslim terrorists from bothering US, so what exactly are they good for? What is so “vital” about Israel? And do you honestly think that Israel actually NEEDS our largess to survive? No. We just pay THEM for being obnoxious foils to what would otherwise put together to fairly easily become an Islamic caliphate. I’m not sure that preventing that by helping to keep Israel’s foot in the door is worth the cost.

    Just in case you think Kerry & Co. don’t have citizens who agree with them.

    Like I said before, the Iranian “deal” just kicked the can down the road ten years. If we do it again in ten MORE years, I won’t be around when the atomic $hit finally hits the fan. I’m OK with that, unless YOU have a better way of permanently disarming Iran, North Korea, and any OTHER country that desires membership in the nuclear club.

    Until you tell me what THAT plan is, you get a big, ripe GOOSE EGG.

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    @George Wells: The Iranians are illegally testing missiles (for what, George?), continuing to support terror, partnering with the Russians and provoking our military. Oh, yeah. Great success. Now they have an extra $150 billion to spend on their military programs and support of terror and we have no means to impede it.

    Failure, George. THERE’S your failure. THERE’S your F. HE’S your zero.

    Accept the truth, George. You got all your gay stuff… just accept the terrific cost of it.

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    George Wells

    @Bill #54:

    “Now they have an extra $150 billion to spend on their military programs and support of terror and we have no means to impede it.”

    First off, the money you refer to BELONGED to Iran. It isn’t OUR money. It isn’t coming out of YOUR bank account. It is Iranian money that THEY deposited in good faith in Western accounts, and which we froze BECAUSE WE COULD. I suppose that you think that we should have simply confiscated that money, but WE are better than robbers and didn’t DO that. Now, we’re giving it back on a “promise” of good behavior. Considering how many promises the United States has broken to its OWN people, to the American Indians, to Russia during WWII, to many of our allies since then and to just about anyone else whose betrayal benefited us, I’m not particularly confident that Iran’s promise will fare any better. Big deal. That’s how it works.

    “And we have no means to impede it”

    Really? THAT’S your argument? The sanctions weren’t stopping the Iranian nuclear program from moving forward, you know. THAT’S why we pretty much gave up on sanctions. We HAD no way to impede their nuclear program. Israel hacked their research computers, and they took them off line. Then they hardened their installations to the point that it’s debatable whether or not a nuclear strike would take them out. Iran was getting what they needed from Russia anyway, and the sanctions were just hurting its PEOPLE.

    So I’ll ask you AGAIN:
    Where’s that “position of strength” you’d have us negotiating from????
    You STILL can’t explain that, can you?
    You THINK that it’s simply enough to accuse Obama of something he had nothing to do with – I GAVE you the history that you CANNOT refute – but it isn’t.
    Support your claim, or concede.

    “Accept the truth, George. You got all your gay stuff… just accept the terrific cost of it.”

    What I got goes beyond gay rights. Thanks to the Affordable Care Act, I was able to enroll in the PCIP (Pre-existing Conditions Insurance Plan) for 2 years BEFORE Paul’s government employment would cover me (as his spouse), and that PCIPlan took care of over $20,000 of surgery that I had postponed for 5 years because my BCBS insurance dropped me when I developed diabetes 10 years prior. I thank Obama personally for that. And had McCain or Romney been elected in Obama’s place, the Supreme Court would have shifted so far to the right that marriage equality never would have happened in my lifetime, and a bunch of other SCOTUS decisions that I favor would have never happened either. So in any final analysis that considers MY costs, yes, I won big.

    I told you before that I would have voted Republican had it not been for the Republican War on Gay Rights. The Insane Evangelical Extreme Right Wing of the Republican Party has waged that WAR AGAINST GAYS relentlessly for as long as I have been old enough to vote, and yet I HAVE voted for SOME Republican presidential candidates, because gay rights have not always been front-and-center in the political debate. But REPUBLICANS have put it there repeatedly over the past two decades, and accordingly, I have voted against them. And now, in 2016, AFTER marriage equality has been achieved, is the RNC letting up on that WAR? NO! So guess how I’ll be voting YET AGAIN?
    You guessed it.
    And by picking a nincompoop for its candidate, the GOP made my decision a slam-dunk no-brainer, thank you very much!

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    @George Wells: You have only to look at the details we now know and the behavior of Iran (and the US response) to see it is an inherently bad deal, made simply to check a box and get some headlines.

  7. 57

    George Wells

    @Bill #56:

    CONSIDERING that you have YET to offer ANY explanation of how a better “deal” could have been crafted, and…
    CONSIDERING that you have yet to offer ANY explanation of how this “deal” materially changes ANYTHING for better or for worse excepting that Iran now has access to ITS OWN MONEY, and…
    CONSIDERING that after blaming Obama for the United States’ lack of a “strong negotiating position” that he had nothing to do with, and being given THREE opportunities to rationally explain your accusation that you FAILED to avail yourself of…
    Noting as I must that you lack the dignity to admit for yourself when you are wrong.

    Grow some spine, OLD boy. Obama is neither the cause of, nor responsible for all that isn’t right in the World. The sooner that you buck up and admit that fact, the sooner you stop being a partisan parrot and grow a set of your OWN INDEPENDENT GONADS.
    One morning you’re going to wake up, and you’re going to scratch your head and wonder what the F came over you and the plurality (not majority, thank heaven) of the Republican party.
    Priebus and company told you already what went wrong in 2012, and what did you do? You went double or nothing, and now you’re set to win NOTHING AGAIN. While you’re personally busy growing those nads I suggested, you might also pray that your precious GOP grows a few more collective brain cells, because it’s painfully clear that at the moment they aren’t firing on all cylinders, and if that continues, it’ll be the end of them.

  8. 58


    @George Wells: Well, we could have refused any deal that gave Iran $150 billion and allowed them to investigate themselves and leave no means of punishing them for infractions. A deal for the sake of a deal is bad, obviously.

    A sure way to make a better deal is not to elect Presidents who care more about their own “legacy” and headlines than they do about national and world security, no matter how many gay perks you get. That’s what I would do.

  9. 59

    George Wells

    @Bill #58:

    “That’s what I would do.”

    Well, I consider it a blessing that YOU are in the minority.
    I did not elect Obama, THE AMERICAN PUBLIC elected him.
    A solid majority of the American public has no desire for America to be the World’s Bully Police that you want us to be.
    A solid majority of the American public supports same-sex marriage and opposes the sale of assault weapons.
    If you ever wonder why things are going so poorly for the GOP, look no further that its habit of turning a blind eye to what voters want.
    Nuclear weapons are spreading across the globe, a juggernaut that we set in motion, and sooner or later the atomic $hit will hit the fan.
    All any of us can really hope for is to delay the day. That’s what Obama tried to do. He can’t stop it. Nobody can. Thinking otherwise isn’t good enough. A REAL solution to the problem hasn’t yet shown up in anybody’s corner, Republican or Democrat, and your nonsense blaming Obama is bankrupt of any ideas about how to do it better. Trump’s “I’m a GREAT NEGOTIATOR, JUST ASK ME!” doesn’t cut it, and neither does his “I’M GOING TO MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!” They’re just stupid slogans. They’re not ideas. They’re not plans.

  10. 61

    George Wells

    @Bill #60:

    When a crazy person OR a crazy country is bent on destruction, there isn’t a blessed thing you or anyone else can do to stop it. It’s part of the natural order of things that the fittest survive and the weaker perish. Since the Western World so far has failed to adequately counter the crazies in the World – whether they be Wacko White Supremacists, Angry Minorities with a grudge, or Islamic extremists – I’d have to give the survival edge to the anarchists.

    The entire universe operates under the irresistible influence of entropy – the tendency of ordered things to become increasingly disordered over time – and the human condition is to this not immune. Republicans would be wise to consider this fundamental law when they obstruct, shut down or otherwise refuse to conduct the orderly business of governance that they were elected and are paid for.

  11. 62


    @George Wells:

    When a crazy person OR a crazy country is bent on destruction, there isn’t a blessed thing you or anyone else can do to stop it.

    Yeah, that’s the same “I give up” attitude the Obama administration has had about the full spectrum of foreign policy issues.

  12. 63

    George Wells

    @Bill #62:

    Yeah, and what have YOU suggested?
    Nothing, except “Don’t vote Democrat.”
    That isn’t a solution, since Republican’s haven’t offered a solution to ANY of these problems that you profess to be so BOTHERED about.
    You’re willing to put your faith in someone who was a life-long Democrat until a few months ago, someone who was for universal healthcare until a few months ago, someone who was in Clinton’s back pocket until a few months ago, and someone who HASN’T offered anything but a bunch of nasty slogans and racist rhetoric ever since his brilliantly orchestrated campaign of anger began A FEW MONTHS AGO. A CLOWN who has NO preparation, NO experience, NO qualification for ANY political position, much less President, an idiot who thinks his VP opponent is from New Jersey and who thinks Vladimir Putin is wonderful and who invites that wonderful enemy to interfere OUR presidential election. And you blame ME for Obama’s record? You’re backing a loose cannon who has an inconsistent record that makes no rational sense, and with nothing but a leap of misplaced faith you HOPE that he might NOT conduct a presidency with the same dangerously erratic schizophrenia that he has conducted his primary campaign. What on Earth gives you a reason to hope that? You praying to your God again? Because TRUMP sure as Hell hasn’t given anyone a reason to expect anything better.
    Freakin’ hate monger…

  13. 64

    Nanny G

    @Bill: @George Wells: Yeah, good thing we have someone that can put the entire world at risk of a Islamic zealot nation getting a nuclear weapon and missiles so he can pretend to have made a good deal.

    And, perhaps we will give the bomb to an Islamic nation even sooner than that!
    Last night (their time) Turkey’s Erdogan took control of our military base there.
    On that base are 90 (yes ninety!) nuclear bombs!
    Our military just buckled and gave control to the Turks.
    If these Turks take them how will we ever get them back?

  14. 65


    @George Wells: You can read back and see what I have suggested. Of course supporting a community organizer that has never dealt with anything close to national security, a person so arrogant as to refuse the advice of military experts and follow his “instincts” (based on what, God knows) and expecting any outcome other than the absolute disaster other than what we have experienced is rather foolish.

  15. 66

    George Wells

    @Bill #65:

    You have NEVER suggested anything beyond blaming Obama and the other Democrats who you have perennially opposed.

    To what end?

    If ever a Republican actually made a suggestion that a majority of Americans recognized as a practical, feasible solution to the difficult problems that face our country today, we’d ALL vote that Republican in and kick the Democrats to the curb. But Republicans are no better than Democrats when it comes to fixing what’s wrong, and that’s why our electorate swings endlessly back and forth.

    To what end?

    Keep whining.
    It’s what you do best.

  16. 67


    @George Wells:Obama’s hard-nosed negotiation or ransom?
    Hoo weee!!! That Obama is some master negotiator, huh! For four of our 5 hostages, we give Iran 7 prisoners, took 14 off Interpol’s list and $400 million. That’s tough…. really tough

    Paying ransom…. why, that could lead to more hostages.

    Yeah, boy. That’s some negotiator you go there, Georgie.

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