A Nation is Calling: Ted Cruz Should Launch a Coup d’état

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Ted Cruz has agreed to speak at the GOP convention.

Ted Cruz has maneuvered himself into a speaking spot at the GOP convention.

I’m not sure which of those statements is true. It doesn’t matter. What does matter is that Ted Cruz is speaking at the convention and will be speaking to much of the nation at the same time. It is an historic opportunity for him and for the nation… and he should not waste it.

The nation is at a precarious point in history. From racial strife to leadership on the world stage to economic stagnation to failing, dysfunctional government to open borders, the US as a functioning nation is in peril. Perhaps not the same peril as Venezuela or Greece – yet – but in peril nonetheless. The federal government continues to take more and more of our money while imposing more and more control over our lives, turning the country into a nation of calcified robots going through the motions of life. Incomes stagnate while working hours increase – for those who choose to or can find work – while the number of those who choose not to or simply stop looking grows. At the top of the income spectrum the rich manipulate Rube Goldberg laws and regulations to grow stratospherically richer and bureaucrats pad their tax payer provided nest eggs. At the bottom the poor get an endless array of subsidies while the middle class watch helplessly as their American dreams slip away in the form of increasing taxes, regulation and diminishing opportunity.

The country is in a desperate place as the economic and individual freedoms that have been the hallmarks of American prosperity and success fade into ancient history. The United States needs someone to stand up and make a full throated defense of American liberty. We need someone to stand up and make a compelling case for small, limited government. We need someone to stand in front of the American people and make a fierce argument for American values of hard work, private property, free markets and the rule of law. But most of all we need someone to stand up and make a passionate case for American Exceptionalism. Next to Thomas Sowell Ted Cruz may be the best man in the country to make those arguments. He should take that stage and leave not a single mind in the audience unconvinced that the United States is indeed the greatest nation in the history of the world. That is what he should do…

But that’s not all. Before that he should launch a coup d’état. Not on the country, but on the GOP. By now everyone knows that Donald Trump has won enough delegates to win the GOP nomination. True. But the fact of the matter is, the Convention Rules Committee meets this week and a coup is actually possible. It only takes the support of 28 of the 112 members to put an issue in front of the convention. In this case, freeing the delegates to vote their consciences rather than as their voters polled. At that point Ted Cruz could unambiguously make his case. That may be a lousy way to run a party and a nominating process, but we wouldn’t be in this position if the GOP establishment had bothered to close primaries to GOP voters rather than letting Democrats pick the nominee. In addition, if Trump was denied, his voters would be livid and would likely stay home or might even vote for Hillary Clinton. So be it. The goal here is not to win the GOP nomination, but to win the White House and attempt to save the country.

This is particularly plausible now that James Comey has done the nation a great service – even if he did it unknowingly. By not indicting Hillary Clinton he has kept her in the race while laying bare all the reasons why she should have actually been indicted. People often mistake a jury’s decision of “Not Guilty” for “Innocent”. While someone may both be judged “Not Guilty” and actually be innocent, in reality those are two separate. OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony were judged “Not Guilty” by juries, but few people believe either of them are innocent of their crimes. The problem was vapid juries and or incompetent prosecutors or both. In either case the number of Americans who would wish to invite said “Not Guilty” persons to live in their guest rooms is likely relatively small.

So too with Hillary Clinton. With the facts laid out by the FBI and focused by the House and Senate committees, it’s obvious to most Americans that Hillary Clinton has little respect for the rule of law, is a lying, scheming manipulative politician who will do and say pretty much anything to get what she wants. Whether it’s Benghazi or her email lies or her apparent fondness for throwing ashtrays in the White House, most Americans do not want to vote for Hillary Clinton. Comey’s attempt to protect her from a jury’s verdict has only made that feeling worse.

The problem for the nation however, is that the GOP is about to nominate someone Americans seem to like even less than Hillary! It’s like your daughter coming home with two prospective dates… Joseph Stalin or Adolph Hitler… how the hell do you pick between them? Imagine if she added a third choice, say… Bernie Madoff! You’d wrap your arms around that guy like he was your best friend… hell, even your family members who lost fortunes might welcome him into their homes too.

But of course Ted Cruz is not Bernie Madoff. He’s an actual, real live conservative who can articulately make a compelling case for small government, for individual freedom and free markets. But more importantly, he is a brilliant debater who would eviscerate Hillary Clinton on the debate stage. He’s a Constitutional scholar who would deftly expose her lies and obfuscation. He is a brilliant wordsmith who could easily and clearly demonstrate to a majority of the American people how much better off the nation would be with him in the White House rather than Hillary Clinton. None of those are things Donald Trump could do.

With a severely damaged Hillary Clinton it’s possible that the incoherent Donald Trump could stumble into the White House, but it’s even more likely he will simply be himself and put her there. With Ted Cruz making the case for voting for freedom there’s no chance that would happen. The nation is begging for a real alternative to Hillary Clinton.  The time is now for Ted Cruz to put to work those skills he forged on the debate team and in front of the US Supreme Court. Everything he’s done has been preparation for saving his country from a disaster… his moment is now. Let’s hope he takes it.

The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

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    @John: I didn’t say anything about how much money Soros had, I just said his trolls don’t get paid as expected. But then I wouldn’t expect you to understand that, it was above kindergarten level.

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    Yes and I told YOU that you were wrong that he always pays us on time and quite generously I might add
    In fact I am expecting a 10 year anniversary bonus
    Have you ever heard one of us complaining of non payment ?

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    @John: Nope, you’re not a paid troll, just a liberal dimocrat mouthpiece. You’re not smart enough for them to put you on their payroll. Takes kindergarten graduation.

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    no Soros is very generous and he asks us to deliberately “dumb it down” while posting
    RedTeam does insulting others make you feel better about being yourself? Do you see yourself as some type of intellectual bully ? Why do you think you are compelled to tell others that you are better than them ? Has this issue been a bother to you in your other relationships in life?

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    Have you ever heard one of us complaining of non payment ?

    That’s when they stop showing up.

    RedTeam does insulting others make you feel better about being yourself?

    I don’t insult others. Liberals can’t be insulted, they don’t know the difference.

    Why do you think you are compelled to tell others that you are better than them ?

    Why do you feel compelled to ‘make it up’? give a quote where I ever said I was better than anyone. i.e., put up or shut up.

    Has this issue been a bother to you in your other relationships in life?

    No, my life does not involve relationships with liberals.

    Is lying for a paycheck a rewarding experience? How did you convince them you had graduated kindergarten?

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    RedTeam all you do is insult people who disagree with you
    If you are unaware of it then you really do have problems and issues
    Going around constantly insulting and belittling others can’t be a truly satisfying lifestyle
    It just makes you look like a bitter old man whose only pleasure in life is insulting others
    Is that your life? That’s what it looks like from here
    Look your political party isn’t going to do well in Nov
    Accept it
    Don’t hate yourself because your side lost

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    RedTeam all you do is insult people who disagree with you

    I notice you were not able to provide an example. As I said, people that don’t know the difference can’t be insulted. Have you ‘felt’ insulted by anything I said?
    Do you think that someone that is stupid enough to support crooked Hillary knows the difference? If she is their standard, they need to stop digging.

    My political party? Which one is that?
    By the way, you didn’t tell me how long you think I’ve been commenting on this blog.

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    5 years is my guess RS

    Or are you just a question answerer?
    You seem to put a real premium on “intelligence” and trying to show that you are truly superior. One must wonder why that is so important to you. Do personal attacks on others make you feel somehow better about your own life?
    Here is a simple question were you able to correctly predict the winner of the last 2 elections for POTUS and can you point to an archived post showing that?

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    5 years is my guess RS

    Not sure what the RS is, but you’re a poor guesser.

    You seem to put a real premium on “intelligence” and trying to show that you are truly superior.

    I guess from your position it must look that way, but yeah, I used to look up to first graders also.

    Do personal attacks on others make you feel somehow better about your own life?

    Since I’ve never done any of that, I can’t say how it might make me feel.
    I don’t recall that I’ve ever even attempted to make a prediction on who would win the Potus office. I certainly have not made any for the current race. Did you predict the last race correctly? If so, how does it make you feel to know that there were so many stupid people in this country that they would elect someone that was not even eligible for the office?

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    “A Nation is Calling”?
    Yeah, there’s just a YUGE groundswell of support for the Canadian-born, nasally-voiced, scolding, career politician Cruz….

    A nation IS calling…it’s telling you to grow up, get over your “It’s PERSONAL!” butt-hurt over Cruz, and do the right thing for America.

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    hahaha I love the “he was born in Kenya” meme

    YEAH, ha ha and which comment did I say he was born in Kenya in? But cheer up, when you get out of kiddie garten they start teaching reading the next year.

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    @John: Read the qualifications (yeah I know that’s asking a lot) in the constitution and then figure out which one or more does he not meet. See how simple it is after you get into reading. (Did you get your bonus check today? I’m telling you, the check is NOT in the mail)

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    So that is it huh ? one recording that was “translated” into English ?
    Any other evidence at all ? Anything like a birth certificate ? Or an announcement in a local newspaper? Anything ??????????/
    Are you even aware that conversation tape was cut off ? Probably don’t want to hear that better not look at wiki .
    Obama’s paternal step-grandmother’s version of events
    An incorrect but popularly reported claim is that his father’s stepmother, Sarah Obama, told Anabaptist Bishop Ron McRae in a recorded transatlantic telephone conversation that she was present when Obama was born in Kenya.
    The McClatchy newspapers gave an explanation of how the story about Obama’s step-grandmother began. The tape is cut off in the middle of the conversation, before the passage in which she clarifies her meaning: “‘Obama was not born in Mombasa. He was born in America,’ the translator says after talking to the woman. … Another response later says, ‘Obama in Hawaii. Hawaii. She says he was born in Hawaii.'”[65]
    Sarah Obama shed more light on the controversy in a 2007 interview with the Chicago Tribune. In the interview, Obama’s paternal step grandmother stated that six months after Barack Obama Sr. and Ann Dunham were married, she received a letter at her home in Kenya announcing the birth of Barack Obama II, who was born August 4, 1961.[66]
    In a June 2012 interview at her Kenyan home, Sarah Obama was asked: “Some people want to believe that the president was born in Kenya. Have these people ever bothered you or asked for his birth certificate?” Her response was: “But Barack Obama wasn’t born in Kenya.”[67]
    Kitty you really have to leave that right wing bubble it will just further embarass you

  14. 70


    @John: The entire birther issue was stupid, hence the road that Trump went down, if you would have scrolled down the rest of the stuff was below, but it makes no difference its to late in the game to impeach him, I just love stabbing at a troll I sometimes cant help myself I may need a 12 step program. Now you back under the bridge. The Birther issue actually started in the Hillary camp isn’t that interesting?

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    @Kitt: @<a href="http://www.floppingaces.net/2016/07/11/a-nation-is-calling-ted-cruz-sho12 1@Kitt: uld-launch-a-coup-detat/comment-page-2/#comment-504119″>Kitt:
    many people do feel that they need a 12 step program i am sure that you could find one that suits your needs
    As far as Clinton starting the birther movement, (?) well it sure did end up making those birthers look like tin foil hat wearing idiots. I am not sure what is worse being a natural born idiot birther OR becoming a birther by being tricked into following a non existent red herring. Was it actually Clinton that made them look like fools for such a long time????

  16. 72



    As far as Clinton starting the birther movement,

    Do you doubt that? As I’ve said, I know you have a reading problem but it was in Crooked Hillary’s interest to have Obama not eligible. What did Kenya have to do with it? You sure do seem to be confused. Is that normal with the Soro’s gang? Get your check today? The check is NOT in the mail.

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    If Hillary did begin it she sure did sucker many frop the right wing into waiting all their energy on something that they could never prove. Had them running around chasing their own tails. And finally had trump making himself look like a bigger idiot by holding onto it until now. So IF she did she did a great job on the GOP making them look like fools for believing that story
    Checks come on Friday sounds like you don’t know as much about our secret op as you believe you do.

  18. 74



    If Hillary did begin it she sure did sucker many

    If? Did you say ‘If’? She never did drop it, it only died out when she was defeated by Obozo for the nomination.

    Checks come on Friday sounds like you

    You’re the one that said you were expecting a bonus check. I didn’t speculate on it. I just said that ‘the check is NOT in the mail.
    I’m beginning to think that you actually believe that someone is paying you to act silly on line. If you are, does that make you a whore?

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    lol…typical braindead trumpstick….that kind of unintelligent banter is why none of you or your candidate are or will ever be taken seriously….you’re all a joke.

  20. 76


    The belief that Kbama was born in Kenya has never died completely
    It is still posted here
    I am unsure if why you woukd ask if I am a whore, do you often interact with them for extended periods of time periods of time ?are you hoping to find one ? Are you looking for some sort of relationship with one ? If so it woukd seem that you have a rather lonely life

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    Based on what has been found about his background, he needs to prove he is a US citizen. We know he is not a natural born citizen. People do not seal their records for nothing. There is ALWAYS something to hide.

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