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45 Responses to ““Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon!””

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    The hatred for cops because of shootings of blacks is, of course, based on a fallacy. Of course, the shooting of Michael Brown is the genesis, but this was not some black kid, about to go back to school, running away, on his knees, hands up, surrendering. No, this was a drug-enraged behemoth assaulting a cop to steal his weapon and, most likely, kill him with it. This got Michael Brown killed.

    As in all these cases, Obama and the rest of the hand-rubbing left sided with Brown and still refer to his martyrdom.

    Then, there was Freddie Gray, career drug dealer, who likely killed himself in the back of a police van trying to make it appear the cops beat him. The disreputable prosecutor is 0 for 3 prosecuting cops with racially inflated evidence.

    Eric Garner, another giant that fought with police, resisting arrest for selling illegal cigarettes; died as a result of being a fat pig, but deemed racism by the left.

    None of these qualify as a cause for outrage, unless it is outrage against idiots resisting arrest. However, they all serve the purpose of generating racial animosity where there should be none. All judged by people who are bereft of the kind of sensibility that would understand what it might be like to approach someone that might be waiting for the opportunity to kill you, just for points.

    And don’t forget Soros funding violent protests over nothing. The left WANTS the chaos.

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    Nanny G

    Philando Catile is a wholly different situation. Catile was allegedly shot by a Hispanic cop- Jeronimo Yanez.
    Philando Catile by all reports was a good man. He was reportedly stopped for a faulty tail light.

    That narrative has been destroyed by the police’s own recorded conversation with dispatch.
    From the radio dispatch of Officer Jeronimo Yanez:

    “I’m going to stop a car. I’m going to check IDs. I have reason to pull it over.”

    The two occupants just look like people that were involved in a robbery. The driver looks more like one of our suspects, just ‘cause of the wide set nose.”

    And, BOY!, does he ever!
    Him after being shot four days after the robbery.
    The robber 4 days earlier.
    Can a young male grow that much facial hair on his cheeks in 4 days?
    If, so, he might well be the guy.
    And then there was the gun in his lap.
    A CC doesn’t mean you carry on your lap while driving.
    But there it was.
    Add to that, he NEVER applied for a CC permit.
    The girlfriend was ordered by the police officer to NOT reach for her boyfriend’s lap (where the gun was.)

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    Richard Wheeler

    @Bill: What a bunch of bullshit Bill–Soros??
    Did you see the Minn. video—execution.
    We are close to Civil War ISIS is laughing

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    Angel Artiste

    @Greg: The Constitution still in existence is not his fault. The fact that the second amendment is still intact is not his fault. That we can afford electricity is not his fault, although he is still trying. Using every inappropriate opportunity to denigrate the police, yes, that is his fault.

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    Angel Artiste

    @Richard Wheeler: I say let’s make you responsible to go after assassins and criminals who want you dead by sniper’s bullet or handgun in their laps. Let’s see how many mistakes you make. You have made yourself judge and jury based on a Youtube video. Pathetic. Hatred is a product of the left. If we took away guns from registered Democrats, mass shootings and assassinations would drop by 97%.

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    @Angel Artiste, #6:

    Would you care to explain to me how is it that the shooting of Philando Catile has not instantly become a case in point among “conservatives” demonstrating the curtailment of a law-abiding citizen’s Constitutionally guaranteed 2nd Amendment rights?

    I’ve got a theory on that. You probably wouldn’t like it. It involves the most obvious and logical explanation.

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    Spurwing Plover

    Like with the Rodney King inident this is another we can lay the blame on the backs of the news media they have lied,fabricated and faked the news and like with Couric and the guns video they have edited and censored the whole thing Like for the media reptiles to answer for their fraudulent news stories

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    @Greg: #8 Waiting on the facts Greg, the cell phone video does not show the entire incident, She didn’t whip out her phone and say the police are pulling us over, there was her BF already shot then she whips out the phone. So Let the facts come out, His firearm should not have been in his lap, it should have been safely holstered. The story of GF doesnt wash is all, The first thing you tell a cop is you are carrying, or hello officer is there a problem.

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    MOS # 8541

    funny, one never sees an educated black person killing, raping, murdering anyone.
    blm is a farce and fraud and represent total hypocrisy to exploit the lefts efforts politically destabilize this country.
    the current welfare system has allowed this situation to breed and perpetuate non employment, no education and no responsibility.
    in Chi, a new gang member must kill a person to be accepted into the gang.

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    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: You convicted Zimmerman. He was found to be innocent. You convicted Wilson. He was found innocent. You convicted the cops in Baltimore. All three who stood trial so far have been found innocent. Your track record is 0 for 3. I’d wait for the facts to come out first before judging the police.

    We are close to Civil War ISIS is laughing

    Thanks in part to the divider-in-chief who just hours before the massacre of 5 police officers was busy stirring the pot. As usual, after the damage is done he comes along and tries to sound like the level headed one. When he goes to meet the families of the fallen officers I hope they tell him to take a flying f*** in a very public way. He has purposely divided this country like no other.

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    Spurwing Plover

    And former chief justice Eric(The Dread)Holder refused to persicute those Black Panthers openingly carrying gun at those voting places in 2008 when Obama the Horrid was elected the facts is the Black Panthers are domestic Terrorists and need to be stopped

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    MOS # 8541

    jessie jackson i is a black panther.
    lynch “not a hate crime” she has been doing too much cocaine and THC. she should be indited for failure to protect the Constitution-she is capable of really getting dumber as Jan 20, 2017 approaches
    ever wonder how many the fool muslin terrorist pres will pardon- pedophilia billey and closet lesbian hilary will be first.

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    @Richard Wheeler:

    Did you see the Minn. video—execution.

    Did you see the shooting? No, you didn’t. Since you have bullshit for a brain, you base your ENTIRE ACCUSATION on what a girlfriend said while live streaming her boyfriend dying. Now, THERE’S a credible source.

    You probably didn’t read nanny’s post. I did, but I researched it. I found out that there is enough doubt about Ms. Reynolds’ depiction to exhibit some caution, rather than to rush forward with false facts and fan the flames of the next riot… or the next cops to be assassinated. You, however, feel the chaos the left wants so badly is worth a few innocent lives.

    Apparently, Castile HAS NO CHL. So, it would appear his girlfriend was trying to lure Officer Yanez into a trap, perhaps to get HIM killed. It also appears that Castile bears a striking resemblance to an armed robbers suspect. Check the link provided by glynda pender and see the resemblance. THIS is why Castile was stopped… not for “driving while black”.

    It is also revealed that Castile appears to have had a handgun in his lap. Now, CHL or not, driving around with a handgun open and in one’s lap is illegal. Having one in one’s lap when a cop is approaching is a REALLY BAD IDEA. Now, why would Castile be driving around with a handgun at the ready or have it so ready as a cop approaches?

    Also, the armed robbery in question stole… cigarettes. Yeah, cigarettes. Now, notice the pack of smokes Ms. Reynolds is holding in one of her many videos… Newports. The same brand that was stolen. Coincidence? Well, we will find out.

    But, without knowing anything about anything, why do you accuse a cop of MURDER? Oh, that’s right… race baiting is the left wing national pastime.

    @Spurwing Plover: #16 They weren’t carrying guns, they were carrying clubs, but we get your point.

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    The shooting of the two black Americans was a pretense for the ‘false flag’ in Dallas and ambush of the five ‘white’ police officers while even more are wounded and fighting for their lives.
    What is a presidential candidate and administration to do to change the front page news headlines and conversations after the FBI director lied his a$$ of to keep a treasonous presidential candidate and choice of the globalists out of prison? Stage a false flag and change the conversation and directing the attention towards the assassinations of ‘white’ police officers using the earlier two deaths as a means to justify the false flag..
    There is a very detailed report and more about this ambush at

    Eye opening and shocking how far higher ups go to change the subject and protect a candidate for the presidency. The FBI director was pressured into lying despite the existing proof of criminality. People are always dying around a Clinton when they have to testify and expose them in other ways. Comey wanted to continue to breathe – out of necessity and pressure – he lied and told a fable.
    The last Clinton related death took place earlier this week; his name was Ashe – scheduled to testify against Hillary the next day. Strangely – his throat was crushed during a work-out-routine and weight lifting.

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    @kitt, #11:

    Waiting on the facts Greg, the cell phone video does not show the entire incident…

    But many people on the right aren’t waiting on the facts, are they? Read through the posts on this thread. How many times do disparaging comments involving black people, or their quickness to “exploit” such events come up? We’ve got Obama under attack for being a black man who dares to state the obvious in a very thoughtful, measured fashion. We’ve got efforts to lay a deadly attack on police who were guarding a peaceful demonstration by Black Lives Matter onto that organization itself. The article under discussion is headed with and peppered with the most irresponsible anti-police quotes that can be found, with the obvious intention of discrediting anyone who suggests there might be some serious racial bias inside law enforcement organizations and our legal system—a dishonest tactic which totally disregards the fact that a certain number of angry, irresponsible nitwits can always be found on both sides of any issue. Philando Catile is instantly under suspicion after being stopped for a broken tail light and shot four times in his car seat by an obviously hysterical police officer while trying to produce his concealed carry permit; said officer seems to have come a hair’s breadth from shooting the man’s fiancee, who was doing everything she could to keep her composure, knowing her child was watching the whole thing from the back seat. She probably had her cell phone in her hands at the time of the stop, but her motives for beginning to record what was happening seem to be under question, as if she had done something wrong. She was probably in a state of shock and total disbelief. Think about what had just happened, totally out of the blue, during a completely routine car trip.

    I know what I’m seeing when I read some of these comments. How do other people not see it?

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    Spurwing Plover

    A-Mess NBC hires Al Sharpton the notoroius riot instigator more reasons to boycott them WRING THE PEACOCKS LYING NECK

  17. 26



    But many people on the right aren’t waiting on the facts, are they?

    Well, yeah, Greg. They are. There was no discussion of the two killings other than, “uh-oh… two black guys killed by cops.” But, then the left started cranking out the heart-string stories of how Sterling is a good man, father of 5 and how Castile NEVER did anything wrong, had a CHL and was just minding his own business when a cop just walked up and shot him. How stupid is that, Greg? Don’t you leftists ever learn anything from the massive, violent problems your race-baiting causes? What would be the purpose of glossing over Sterling’s extensive criminal past and his weapon (s?) possession or how Castile, instead of being a CHL holder declaring his has a weapon, HAD no CHL but had a handgun in his lap? IF this is really a problem, why does the left have to lie about it? What IS the goal of the left in trying to whip up racial hatred and violence?

    You can’t envision Obama waiting for a few more details before he invoked his anti-gun agenda? Really, in almost EVERY situation, he just needs to shut his stupid mouth. His assistance in stirring up the kind of hatred that led to 12 Dallas officers, at least 3 others around the country, with 5 of the Dallas officers dead. All of this is the DIRECT result of the left creating the hateful epidemic.

    They are still chanting “Hands Up, Don’t Shoot” even though that was an absolute, verified lie.

    Black Lives Matter have been chanting “death to cops” since its formation and some followed their orders almost immediately. Yet Obama, Hillary, Bernie and Lynch STILL seek their approval and, in return, provide their approval of the hateful message.

    Then, 12 cops get shot in less than a hour and it’s guns fault.

    I know what I’m seeing when I read some of these comments. How do other people not see it?

    You don’t see it. You’ve proven you are incapable.

  18. 27


    @Bill, #26:

    You can’t envision Obama waiting for a few more details before he invoked his anti-gun agenda?

    A homicidal lunatic wearing body armor and armed with a military-grade assault weapon just outgunned a greatly outnumbering force of civilian law enforcement officers while the entire nation watched, killing five and wounding seven more before he could be neutralized with an explosive-carrying robot, and you’re saying the President was out of line for pointing out that it’s long past time for a serious discussion about our nation’s firearm regulation problems?

    What does it take before you’ll realize there’s a problem? Or is this the sort of crap you’re wanting to see more of? Do you believe it somehow serves your purposes?

  19. 28



    A homicidal lunatic wearing body armor and armed with a military-grade assault weapon just outgunned a greatly outnumbering force of civilian law enforcement officers while the entire nation watched, killing five and wounding seven more before he could be neutralized with an explosive-carrying robot, and you’re saying the President was out of line for pointing out that it’s long past time for a serious discussion about our nation’s firearm regulation problems?

    Yeah, I am. Because he did not “out gun” anyone. He merely sniped them.

    But, at the time Obama spoke, it was believed there were 5 shooters and IED’s scattered about. So, as long as Obama was lying, why didn’t he mention that and that it sure looked like an organized terror attack? Well, because he didn’t care. He didn’t care about facts or details. All he wanted to do is slip in his obligatory anti-gun statement.

    I notice he also didn’t mention all the lies swirling around the Sterling and Castile killings which was inciting the violence, did he? Or, how he was helping to whip up the frenzy, either. No, Obama is not interested in facts… just his ideological agenda, and fomenting riots, keeping tensions high and citizen disarmament is all a part of it.

  20. 29


    @Greg: You just defined the problem Greg. Obama defines the problem as a gun. The gun did not hike to the ambush site, put body armor on the shooter and then initiate military tactics to kill police officers. Obam never defines the real issue. He uses every incident to push his agenda because people like you can not think for yourselves. Obama still has not named radical Islam as the cause of terrorist activity. He has named wall street as the problem for the 2008 economy when the Democrats were responsible by changing the qualifications for minority loans.

  21. 30


    I could accurately define the problem far less diplomatically than Obama: There are nearly as many privately-owned guns in America as there are people, and a significantly large number of Americans are mentally imbalanced, have anger control problems, or are just plain stupid. Not everybody should be allowed to possess the firearm of their choice. Some types of firearms require tighter controls than presently exist. If we don’t come together to address that obvious problem in a rational fashion, there will be hell to pay. The truth of that conclusion is being demonstrated with ever increasing frequency.

  22. 31


    @Greg: How about if every idiot that got on social media supporting the killing of cops is investigated and banned from ever owning a weapon, even those they currently may own? How about every member of BLM be put on the terror watch list? How about anyone that spreads the hateful lies invented about police shootings have THEIR rights revoked?

    How about targeting the PROBLEM instead of a blanket condemnation of ALL gun owners?

  23. 32


    Nobody has made a blanket condemnation of all gun owners. I am a gun owner. I don’t believe anybody is out to take away my gun or rob me of my rights. I wouldn’t be particularly annoyed if it took a week for me to be OKed to buy an AR-15. At the moment, given the time of day and proximity of the retail store, it would take about 15 minutes.

  24. 33


    @Greg: Every regulation proposed targets the law abiding citizen and makes it harder and more expensive to legally acquire a weapon. None have yet addressed those we actually want to keep guns away from… as I proposed above. How about those suggestions? How about targeting the problem? Add to that any member of a radical mosque.

  25. 34


    Sure. And how about anti-abortion activists? Or armed Bundy supporters? Or people who claim Hillary Clinton must be stopped from becoming president by ANY MEANS NECESSARY? You do see the problem, right?

  26. 35


    @Greg: Based upon the mentality you reveal here, you should be on the no fly list and have your guns taken! With the law the left is proposing, that is exactly what will happen.

  27. 37



    You do see the problem, right?

    I see the problem precisely. Your leftist agenda is pushing people to the brink. What’s more, it is intentional.

  28. 38


    @Greg: #23 lol yes greggie I saw the “reporting done by MSNBC, how the blacks have trained themselves to remain calm or bad things happen, no matter the situation. But Some of us have previously been lied to Poor lil Michael, shot execution style while on his knees with his hands up. Seems the forensics didn’t match the interviewed eye witnesses story, or the federal investigation and autopsy.
    So yes we wait but their fake story is the only one the Black Lies Matter terrorists/protestors want.

  29. 39

    Richard Wheeler

    @cali: BULLSHIT Weight lifting accident?—was HRC spotting his bench press?
    You crazy right wing Trumpeteers–listening Bill? are gonna give the election to HRC.

  30. 40

    Spurwing Plover

    I wonder how those whining liberals would react if they put bounties on the heads of the Black Panthers they are domestic terrorists and one former Black Panther Bobby Rush wants to disarm all american’s so his fellow black panthers have easier victims

  31. 42


    @Richard Wheeler: You should really worry more about Hillary lying under oath before Congress than what cali says. Mr. Trump is going to use her contempt of Congress to great effect. If the most prolific liar, corrupt and incompetent (already proven to be incompetent… not someone like Obama that has to be prove his incompetence in office) is STILL voted into office, our nation is truly lost.

  32. 44


    @Richard Wheeler: Nan was not trumpeting anything… she was providing some information that was out there… information EXACTLY like the information that Castile was just sitting there and got shot for no reason.

    As I said (and warned) there is NO information yet available and verified that warrants either condemning Castile, condemning Yanez , marching in protest or shooting cops.

    If I was a fan of Hillary, I would publicly deny it, too.

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