America and The Ethnic Cleansing of Mexico

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villa_zapataLet us imagine the most powerful nation in the world, the imagination. We, the readers of these cyber pages, are among the elites and can buy politicians to do our bidding in this imagination. It is illegal to bribe politicians, but we maintain control by contributing to their foundations. In fact, we are so wealthy and have so much power, we are above the law that keeps everyday people in check.

Our world is nearly perfect; unfortunately, our poor are prolific breeders and since the cost of basic primary education is expensive, the last thing our poor want to waste money on is the eduction of their children. Consequently, our beautiful world of privilege and entitlement has an insidious and self-perpetuating blight, the poor.

Who wants to drive through the countryside and be confronted with homeless families reduced to begging or a life of banditry? Imagine a country with millions of beggars and vagabonds; not only is it unsightly, but it is dangerous as well. Disaffection among the masses is a fertilizer for revolutionaries and here is where elites and their world of privilege are vulnerable.

Therefore we have a problem: what are we to do with our homebred poverty? If we could, we would snap our fingers and make them disappear, but that isn’t possible; however, if we take advantage of the political situation of the prosperous country on our border and the thirst of their elites for cheap labor, we can unload our problems on them. It is the answer to millions of problems and we can enjoy our wealth without the worry of trouble from the poverty stricken masses.

Some of our unwanted people will thrive in their new land; others will become criminals and wards of the state, but once they cross that border, it is no longer our concern. Don’t misunderstand, we appreciate our poor who work for less than it costs to keep slaves, but it is important to regulate their numbers. Thank God for our neighbors who still need to consolidate their elite status or our country would have probably suffered through another revolution.

A professional horseman for over 40 years, Skook continues to work with horses. He is in an ongoing educational program, learning life's lessons from one of the world's greatest instructors, the horse. Skook has finished an historical novel that traces a mitochondrial line of DNA from 50,000 years ago to the present. It goes to the copyeditor next month.

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    Nanny G

    This November will give Americans a clear choice: whether we remain a nation-state that serves its own people, or we slide irrevocably toward a soulless globalism that treats humans as interchangeable widgets in the world market.
    There’s Donald Trump.

    Trump has said that our trade, immigration and foreign policies must be changed to protect the interests of American workers and our nation.

    There’s Hillary Clinton:

    Clinton is an ardent supporter of the Trans-Pacific Partnership — which surrenders American sovereignty to an international union of 12 countries.
    Freezing deportations.
    Ending detentions.
    Halting enforcement.
    She’d expand President Obama’s illegal amnesty decree, effectively creating open borders.
    This targets poor African-American and Hispanic communities whose wages and job prospects are being steadily eroded by the huge influx of new foreign workers.

    Unhappily, the problem of a growing population of shanty towns and worse, tent cities, is growing here in the USA precisely because of our ”open borders” policy towards Mexico.
    The media has done its level best to hide these impoverished Americans from the rest of the population while Obama rules, but look for that cover-up to end suddenly under a Republican Administration.
    As if it just rose up under the new Administration.
    If you look, you find them:

    Just a tiny part of what I saw every day near the L.A. River and 710 freeway.

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    @Nanny G: Where are the bathrooms?

    I can’t help but wonder, if Richard Wheeler and other patriotic Liberals agree with the dissolution of our national sovereignty and the concept of being part of a consortium of countries controlled by international elites waving the flags of Socialism.

    It is obviously the end of the United States we grew up under and since none of us are members of the ruling elite and none of us can make a significant contribution to the Clinton Slush Fund, our only opportunity to advance will be to play the stooge for the ruling elites.

    I can’t help but wonder, if all those men and women would have marched off to war, to be slaughtered and maimed, if they knew one dubious American was planning to dissolve our country in the near future. Such sacrifices now seem senseless; Obama could have surrendered and brought about a peaceful solution to all our conflicts.

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    another vet

    @Skook:Excellent post and right on the money. To show you just how hosed up we are, my niece goes to school with a kid that lives down the street. This kid (12 years old) commented that Trump better not win because if he does, her and her family will be deported back to Libya because they are here illegally. I am no Trump fan, but since when is he or anyone else the bad guy for wanting illegals deported because they are breaking the law? Part of the reason Rome fell was because of open borders. Allowing anyone into your country isn’t working out real well in Europe right now either. I’ll say it again, Ancient Rome move over, here we come!

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    Nanny G

    @Skook: @Nanny G: Where are the bathrooms?

    You’re going to LOVE this!
    The homeless ”go” where ever their ”leaders” tell them to ”go.” (In the larger encampments, that is. Others just go where ever.)
    At taxpayers’ expense, the bulldozers come every month or so and scrape all of their trash and excrement up into huge piles.
    Those piles are then pushed into trash dump trucks and hauled off.
    So much for recycling!
    Raw Sewage mixed with everything else.

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    A bit off-topic but, Univison’s Jorge Ramos is always bleating about our “White Privilege” here in the north. After living 10 yrs in an ex Spanish Colony, (Philippines), I noticed there seems to be a “Spanish Blood Privilege” in these ex colonies (see: Latin America). The majority of the Ruling/Elite/Land Owners are of Spanish (European) linage. An dollars-to-donuts, those poor crossing our border in the above article, are mostly of indigenous/indian blood.

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    Richard Wheeler

    @Skook: Good to see you back Marine!
    Saw my name mentioned as a patriotic liberal–I thank you for that.
    Do you think a man like Donald Trump has the answers to whatever troubles we may have—-Skooks this guys been running since 88—he’s been a Dem. an Indie a Reform Party candidate in 2000 election. He wants to be Prez. solely to assuage his massive ego.
    He began surveying the 2016 prez. landscape right after BHO RE-ELECTION IN 2012–He realized Obama would be tough to beat in that one and endorsed Romney..
    He sat and listened to the right wing talk shows–he watched Fox talk show haters like Hannity and Beck—he sensed the growing distrust of all pols–Conservatives and Libs—he saw his path and honed his N.Y shtick–he realized he couldn’t win 3rd party -Perot a businessman had tried and failed. The Repub nom was up for grabs. He wasn’t a Repub. and far from a Conservative but he burned to be Prez.
    He’s a Populist—He has no core values–he feeds on fear and hatred–no soul-no compassion and certainly no center.–I won’t vote for him or HRC who I consider badly compromised.
    The answer—it appears we will have to endure one of these two badly flawed people for 4 years. Either way our great country will survive –I look to better days and will continue the Patriot
    Semper Fi Skook

    The free society that does not care for the many who are poor cannot protect the few who are rich—JFK

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    @cmac: You are right on target and this is what ethnic cleansing is all about; unfortunately, we are considered the racists, because we object to taking on the detritus of other countries. Yet, this is the initial purpose of Mexico, they want to rid themselves of urban and rural poverty.

    Maybe Canada would be interested in taking on our poorest masses. Right now they have their chests stuck out for accepting Syrian refugees, but if we asked them or dumped our welfare masses on their borders they would be screaming like stuck pigs

  8. 8



    @Richard Wheeler: It is good to be back, and thank you for your warm response.

    However, I specifically asked about our loss of sovereignty. I have two passports in the door of my truck and I love both my countries, but I know Canada exists under the wing of the US. when we surrender our country and our freedom, Canada will only last until someone wants their natural resources. Most Canadians won’t admit, but I have no reservations about being truthful. In fact freedom exists in the world because of the US and right now, we are poised to compromise our freedoms to live in an international harmony that most of us don’t care a tinker’s damn about.

    As far as Trump is concerned, he is a media sensation because of Obama and Republican lawmakers who are nothing more than fan boys for the donor elites who control our government. If Trump has nothing going for him, the asset that will get him elected is the fact that he is not part of the corruption that resides in the beltway.

    We have too many people who follow and vote for people like thy are following a sports franchise. We have people on both sides of the aisle who should be serving time; yet, they are immune to the imposition of the laws you and I face. I am no longer a team player. I believe in the constitution and equal protection and prosecution under the law. I will never cover for a Republican or a Conservative who has broken the law. It’s bad enough having a rapist as a president, but it is absolutely insane to have his wife be a president when she maligned the reputations of his victims. Hillary is an accessory after the fact and should be prosecuted. The idea of even considering her as a candidate is ludicrous, not to mention her many other felonies. The type of felonies that would keep you and I behind bars for the rest of our lives.

    Let’s clean up politics and throw the felons in prison, all of them.

  9. 10



    @another vet: Let’s say our country admits anyone who wants to live here, what may I ask was the advantage of being a natural citizen? Sure we make African countries and M.E. countries and Mexico safer and easier to control, but how much human misery can we import before our country collapses?

  10. 14

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler:

    We are all immigrants or descendants there of..

    Immigrant (Oxford Dictionary definition)- a person who comes to live permanently in a foreign country.

    Exactly which foreign country did our Founders immigrate to? A name please. I always thought they were colonists. And the Natives who were already here? What country did they immigrate to when they crossed the Bering Strait? A name please.

    I, like most (not all), am a descendant of immigrants. LEGAL ones who came and worked and paid their way as opposed to getting freebies. There’s a big difference between legal and illegal and between contributor and parasite.

  11. 16


    @another vet: Do liberals not brag that Obama (falsely) had deported more illegal immigrants (or, are they simply “immigrants”?) than anyone before him? Did not Democrats agree to build a wall in 1986? How do you get the decoder ring that tells you the Democrat is lying even when they are saying the opposite of what you want them to say?

    @Richard Wheeler: #6 Trump is the response to and result of the election of the incompetent phony Obama, who lied about every aspect of his attentions and qualifications to gain the Presidency. If you supported that, why do you have such a problem with Trump, other than he does not promise to further socialism?

    The Washington Post is promising over 20 “journalists” to investigate and tattle on Trump. Not a bad idea at all, but if only they had done the same with Obama, we would have a completely different scenario today. If only they would accurately report what is already known of Hillary, she would be relegated to the trash heap of history already.

    Trump is a direct product of left wing corruption. Yet, the choice between Trump or Hillary (or Bernie) is easy-peasy.

    Trump has done as much “raping” as Clinton.

    You have some “evidence”?

    We don’t have a choice between competing statesmen. We have a choice between someone that says he will restore the United States back to greatness and two candidates that promise to do everything they possibly can (using different means) to continue our slide into disastrous oblivion. I can understand Obama trying to correct his terrific mistake in Iraq by promoting the care for his victims, but this is still but another move to dilute the citizenry that has made this nation the greatest on earth… for strictly political reasons.

  12. 17


    @Nanny G:

    The media has done its level best to hide these impoverished Americans from the rest of the population while Obama rules, but look for that cover-up to end suddenly under a Republican Administration.

    During BHWB’s admin the homeless stories were non-stop — day that the demo-COMMUNISTS klintooks got in control — the “homeless” problem suddenly vaporized

  13. 18



    An dollars-to-donuts, those poor crossing our border in the above article, are mostly of indigenous/indian blood.

    And that sh–thead Fox is really bleached out doncha think — no Mestizo there!

  14. 19



    @Nanny G: Oh my, well, we are willing to accept the Third World; we must learn to accept their hygiene.

    Lack of hygiene that is — along with all their diseases nurtured and spread by that lack

  15. 20


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Trump has done as much “raping” as Clinton.

    Name, date and place; name, date and place; on and on – out with your list!

    We are all immigrants or descendants there of..

    Legal immigrants – fella – legal — not the mass hoards of illegal invaders coming in now and the hoards of turd world haters of Judeo-Christian culture and societal development — and spare us the ‘mentally disordered “Multi-Culti” canard

  16. 21

    another vet


    Do liberals not brag that Obama (falsely) had deported more illegal immigrants (or, are they simply “immigrants”?) than anyone before him? Did not Democrats agree to build a wall in 1986?

    It all depends on what your definitions of “deported” and “wall” are.

    How do you get the decoder ring that tells you the Democrat is lying even when they are saying the opposite of what you want them to say?

    Ask one of the trolls who come here. I’m sure they got theirs somewhere around 20 January 2009 and have been using them on a daily basis ever since thereby making them a good source for that info unlike the “facts” they state when backing up one of their arguments.

  17. 23

    James Raider


    Skook, very insightful and on point. A scathing assault on the self-righteousness destroying our society. Well done.

    Europe relinquished its sovereignty. Each nation renounced its freedom, its culture, its future, each population was lied to, led to believe lies about sunny paradise just over the horizon. The lies landed. We have leadership that is rushing to join them.

  18. 24


    Welcome home Skook! Imagine if it was one man/woman one vote? And what about the Mexican Cartels threatening death to Trump? And how about those drug dealers keeping the masses in bondage? And the division, the division (“Oh, the wind, the wind is blowing, Through the graves the wind is blowing, Freedom soon will come; Then we’ll come from the shadows.”) Seems like those who think Donald Trump is just another politician are missing one important point: He is a Patriot! And: He has the loyalty of Patriots who are willing to “sacrifice their last full measure of devotion” to make America great again.

  19. 25

    Richard Wheeler

    @CharlieGee: Patriot you say?? Why can’t he remember which bad foot kept him from serving during Viet Nam War? To true patriots like Skook and Curt and David and Randy and A.V.and Greg—To Doc and RT and MOS-and all our Vets—-Hope you had a wonderful, refective Memorial Day

    Semper Fi RW USMCR

  20. 26


    @Richard Wheeler: None of us sprang forth from the womb patriots. All of us crapped in our diapers. Becoming a true patriot is a process during which the best of us made errors. People can change deep rooted principles over time, I know I did. I don’t think someone becoming a Patriot casts any disgrace on those who became patriots before them. obama’s legacy is to pry wider even the smallest crack in unity he finds and the evidence of that can be seen in every blog posting there is. Thank you for your service!

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