5 Shocking Facts About Islamic Jihad You Need To Know

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Since 622, devout Muslims have been waging war against unbelievers from virtually all non-Islamic faiths. The prophet of Islam, Muhammad and his band of bloodthirsty mujahideen waged war against Jews in the Middle East, raping, beheading and looting in the cause of Allah. As Muslims migrated to Africa, Asia and Europe, they waged war against Christians, Hindus, Sikhs, Zoroastrians and Buddhists. For 1400 years, these wars against unbelievers have been waged almost non-stop.

As more and more Muslims enter the West, the presence of Islam grows gradually stronger resulting in murderous attacks against the hated infidels. The latest barbaric act of slaughter occurred in Brussels on 22nd March 2016. It certainly won’t be the last. Terror is part of jihad, it was practised by Muhammad himself and he stated:

“I have been made victorious with terror.”
(Sahih Bukhari Volume 4, Book 52, Number 220)

Many unbelievers believe these acts of terrorism constitute holy war, referred to in Islam as jihad. However, many unbelievers who don’t understand Islam believe it is a religion of peace and that jihadists who murder innocent people are distorting and perverting the faith. Some will even believe jihad is an “inner spiritual struggle”.  All of these beliefs are wrong. Jihad is core to Islam, but it involves much more than a spiritual struggle, violence and terror as the following five uncomfortable facts show.

  1. Jihad is obligatory – fard in Islam – on ALL Muslims. Every Muslim is by definition a jihadist, you simply can’t be a Muslim without being a jihadist. There are three categories of jihad:

    Jihad al nafs –
    This is the struggle of the self, the personal struggle to develop spirituality.

    Jihad al Shaytaan –
    The struggle against Satan, resisting his temptations and removing his doubts about Islam.

    Jihad al kuffar wal munafiqeen –
    Fighting against the unbelievers, the deceivers and the hypocrites. Imams have the power to command fighting against the unbelievers and if an Islamic caliphate has been established, the caliph can command “offensive jihad”. The fanatical mujahideen of Islamic State are waging offensive jihad claiming they’re establishing a caliphate. Political charlatans, the duplicitous media and ignorant kuffar claim ISIS is nothing to do with Islam but the facts prove Islamic State is acting according to the laws and tenets of the faith.The worldview of Islam differs greatly from all other faiths. In Islam, the world is divided into two halves: Dar al Islam – the house of Islam, the lands where Islam is dominant and Dar al Harb – the house of war, the lands where Islam is not dominant. The goal of jihad al kuffar wal munafiqeen is to wage war against unbelievers to make Islam dominant until religion belongs solely to Allah as commanded in chapter 8, verse 39 of the Quran.Here is the vitally important fact to understand about Islam: Any act that furthers the cause of Islam is “jihad fisabilillah”: Jihad in the path of Allah. All such acts are considered as giving worship to Allah – terrorism included.This struggle to make religion solely for Allah is obligatory on all Muslims. Obviously all Muslims aren’t terrorists! So if jihad isn’t just about spirituality, violence and terror, what else is it about?
  2. Building a mosque and praying to Allah. Muslims who pray in the streets or attend a mosque to give worship to Allah are waging jihad. You will never hear this in the mainstream media or from Western politicians. The mosque is the fulcrum of the Muslim community but it isn’t like a church, a temple or a synagogue and is much more than just a place of worship. The establishment of a mosque conquers territory from Dar al Harb into Dar al Islam. All mosques are modelled on the first mosque built by Muhammad. He used mosques as courts, as campaign headquarters for planning military campaigns, as barracks for his troops and as armouries to store weapons. Weapons have been found in many mosques and you now know why this is so.
  3. Establishing Islamic customs is cultural jihad. Customs such as the allocation of washing facilities so Muslims can perform wudu and the allocation of prayer rooms so Muslims can pray five times a day. Building abattoirs where animals can be slaughtered according to Islamic law – halal – and imposing halal food on the infidels. Imposing Islamic law – the sharia – via the setting up of sharia courts for Muslims to have their grievances dealt with according to Islamic and not state law.  Another common act of cultural jihad concerns Muslim women wearing the burka including demanding special dispensation for it in the workplace, hospitals, courts and travel. All of these are acts of jihad because they further the cause of Islam in Dar al Harb.
  4. Deceit – jihad by the tongue – is one of the most effective strategies of Islamic jihad. Deceiving infidels to further the cause of Islam to make it dominant in the land is not only permitted and encouraged, it’s also giving worship to Allah. This devastating war strategy has two forms: First is al taqiyya, the disguising of one’s true beliefs, motives, strategies and objectives. Second is kitman, deceiving infidels about the true nature of Islam. A good example has already been mentioned, that of Muslims assuring the infidels that jihad is just about an “inner spiritual struggle” because Islam is a religion of peace.One of the commonest ways Muslims will deceive infidels about the true nature of Islam is by quoting chapter 5, verse 32 of the Quran. Desperate to believe that Islam really is peaceful, gullible infidels will accept this at face value and not even have the wit to read the next verse, chapter 5, verse 33. Read it for yourself and you’ll see it most certainly isn’t peaceful.
  5. The destiny of a people is defined by demography and for a culture to survive, its people need to breed in sufficient numbers. Women have very few rights in Islam and men are allowed to marry as many as four wives and will strive to father children with all of them. The fertility rates in Muslim communities in the Western world are far higher than their hosts, by as much as an astonishing EIGHT times higher. You can see how these fertility rates are dramatically transforming Europe by watching this shocking video.

It is my contention that jihad by the womb with its high fertility rates among Muslims is the most devastating weapon of Islamic jihad, certainly far more effective than terror. Yet the nations of the West not only continue to import millions of Muslims, they provide them with free healthcare and generous welfare benefits to care for the very children who will wage jihad to make Islam dominant in the West

The five strategies of Islam listed here are being deployed in all Western nations. There are many others, but these five are the most effective.  The host populations, brainwashed into self-hatred and meek obedience by Multicultural dogma, remain ensconced in blissful ignorance about the jihad being waged against them and are playing an active, unwitting part in aiding and abetting it. Should it continue, the West will be conquered into Dar al Islam without a violent, bloody war of conquest.

Christopher J. Green is the author of the new book: Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of Our Society. To discover how and why the family unit is being deliberately destroyed along with the identities of those responsible, click here now >>

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Christopher J. Green is an investigative journalist and historian specializing in the decline of America and Western civilization. He is the author of the new book: Death of the Family – True Stories of the Charlatans Who Deceived the World and Broke the Backbone of Our Society.

18 Responses to “5 Shocking Facts About Islamic Jihad You Need To Know”

  1. 1


    christians are not considered to be “unbelievers” christians also are considered to be “people of the book” and believe in the one god
    ISIS are all fan bois of JESUS
    Yes they believe that when Jesus returns he will lead them on to victory

  2. 2



    Why don’t you look a luttle deeper into what “Religion of the book” means?

    Islamic law states that when a muslim conquers a nonmuslim area, those people who are members of a “Religion of the book” are offered 3 choices.

    1. Convert to islam.
    2. Agree to pay the jizyah, and accept second class status to the muslim overlord. This entails numerous restrictions on the Christian or Jew who accepts this status, all designed to humiliate the nonmuslim.
    3. If the Christian or Jew refuses either of the first two choices, the muslim is to kill the nonmuslim.

    For any nonmuslims who are not Christians or Jews, (therefore not members of a “Religion of the book”), only 2 choices are allowed:

    1. Convert to islam.
    2. Death

    Islam also calls for any muslim who leaves islam to become a member of any other religion to be killed. No other religion has a such a requirement. No other belief system explicitly defines a woman’s legal testimony to be worth half a man’s testimony. No other belief system has written down explicit instructions on the proper size of the stones to be used when executing someone by stoning. (Not so big as to kill too quickly, but not so small as to inflict insufficient pain during the execution.) No other belief system motivates its followers to kill nonmembers with promises of an eternity of carnal debauchery with 72 virgins.

    Islam is evil. It is blind foolishness to believe otherwise.

  3. 3

    Nanny G

    You have written a cogent and complete examination of Islamic jihad, Christopher.
    I would only add one small point:
    Financing jihad is mandatory (fard) on all mosques.
    There are 8 things which mosques MUST do when they spend the money they collect from their congregants.
    Financially support the jihadi fighters is one of those 8 things.
    When we meet ”nice” or ”moderate” muslims we must remember that they give their zagat (like a tithe) to their mosque, just like the rest of the muslims do.
    And 1/8th of all that cash must go to support jihad.

  4. 5


    Well-written, thank you.

    Can you imagine the desperation and fear, when Islam turns on the Left and begins to kill indiscriminately, ignoring those who made Jihad so much easier in the West. It is almost ready to begin in Europe and the US will not be far behind if Hillary and her fan girl Huma are elected.

  5. 6


    It is almost ready to happen………. Gee Skook haven’t we been hearing that for quite some time now?
    The Muslim population of Europe is less tha 5%
    Only a small fraction of those are jihadists
    so far this year toddlers have shot 27 people
    I am more in fear of an Anerican toddler with a gun than death by jihadists
    And Skook to the best of my knowledge none of those toddlers who have been doing the shooting are Muslims

  6. 7

    Nathan Blue

    @john: Uh…you’re in need of more study….and thus to be disregarded, based on ignorant projection.

    ..next…hopefully someone at least with a cursory knowledge of the Christian faith, we hope…

  7. 8


    Nathan are you really such a perfected human that you feel it is your obligation to assist others in reaching your exalted level?

  8. 10


    Toddlers(less than 4 years old) have shot more people so far this year than jihadists
    About 15000 Aericans are murdered each year very very few are killed by jihadists, really it is the Christians that are killing us
    Today’s jihadists, weren’t they the same guys that Reagan praised as freedom fighters for fighting the Russians? That Christian God kills more Americsns by throwing down random lightning bolts from his heaven than are killed by jihadists

  9. 11


    @John, you need to stop your [email protected] propaganda. Jihadis have killed and injured almost 16,000 people this year alone, and it’s only May.

  10. 12


    Not Americans
    Now Randy if you want them to stop killing other Muslims by all means fly over there and have at them
    But don’t tell me I should be afraid of jihadists in my life

  11. 13



    christians are not considered to be “unbelievers” christians also are considered to be “people of the book” and believe in the one god
    ISIS are all fan bois of JESUS
    Yes they believe that when Jesus returns he will lead them on to victory

    Does it hurt to walk with your head so far up your arse?

  12. 15


    Kitt are you at all familiar with ISIS beliefs?
    They believe that when they are almost defeated that Jesuscwill return and lead them to victory
    They love that Jesus guy!!!

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