Pretence of Superior Intellectual Morality and Our Paralysis

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During a recent five participant discussion which had slipped from the metaphysical to the political, one supposedly educated individual blessed with a Phd whom I’d asked three times to provide facts to shore up his simplistic statist ‘talking point’ blurted out in foundering frustration, “Are you a climate change denier?”  I was not so much shocked as I was seriously disappointed.  Here was an ostensibly intelligent member of society, who, in a weak moment and showing insecurities, defaulted to the use of personal slight, thinking that retreating to the redoubt of his moral high ground might put me in my place.



Climate had not been discussed, but I suppose his mind reflexively loaded a bullet too quickly into his ego-managed intellectual chamber and it jammed, as he triggered to something he felt somehow might shake a stammer in rebuff.  It’s one thing to read a comment in an article from the socialist media using any of the current array of insults such as “racist,” or “climate change denier,” but for it to come out of the mouth of a supposedly scholarly individual during a civil debate, is pathetic.  Pathetic, but telling.

I can understand that living one’s whole life in the recesses of academe, perpetually cocooned in socialist ideology can eventually turn even a reasonable mind to mush. But a grown man, extensively seniored in reputation, demonstrating a completely clueless capacity to present a cogent argument is disconcerting.  He hadn’t evidenced much insight into the metaphysical discussion, and was clearly out of his depth on anything remotely connected to human nature and such things as the deep seeded yearning for the freedom to self-actualize. Any deliberation connected to the economic elements of our society left him coughing in its dust, with little to contribute but banal comments.  Keep in mind, this wasn’t a stifled mind just off the plane from a remote village in the Middle East, this was a tenured professor of some repute.

Ignorance is bliss apparently, however, if you are so ignorant that you are unaware of some core ingredients influencing our society such as the power held by central banks, or how we ended up with ‘fiat’ currency, or even the vast difference between capitalism and what we have now, corrupt crony capitalism, and, you infect young minds with your ignorance, what hope is there for a positive outcome on any attempt to maintain a free society?

I had been presented with the epitome of the self-righteous mind, which believed its own intellectual and moral superiority.  I couldn’t help but mount an assertive blitz — it was probably my ego needing to open a release valve and of course, hypocrisy is such an easy target to slam. Leonardo DiCaprio this week saying at the United Nations,  “Our planet cannot be saved unless we leave fossil fuels in the ground where they belong,”  is identical hypocrisy to what we regularly encounter from too many paralyzed minds.  DiCaprio evidently enjoys being a puppet for the redistributing globalists, who stroke his ego all the way back to the private jet that will fly him back to wherever he flew into New York from — you know, that battery powered private jet that runs on lithium batteries with hamsters on wheels for ‘backup’.

Ignorance is understandable, we don’t all have the capacities for inquisitive thinking or learning, however, willfully pontificating and advocating ignorance from the prominence of a bully pulpit, is inexcusable.  And not even understanding why or how ‘cap and trade’ will work once fully accelerated with banker backing to invade our lives, is reprehensible.

Human history’s uglier reeking trenches were littered with the consequences of narcissistic intellectual morality which knew better what was good for the ‘great unwashed’.  All of it was corrupt, without ethics and always self-serving.  The current crop of ruling holier than thou moralizers is no different. With the likes of Obama, Cameron and Merkel, and with acquiescence of the saluting media, the West is being led into the void of paralysis.  Incompetent, ignorant, guilt-ridden, willful paralysis.

En masse, too many of us no longer intellectually question the insanities perpetuated on our nations and by our nations in our names.  Too many of us are not taking the moral high ground. Too many of us are not taking any ground.  Too many of us, it appears, are failing miserably in grasping the extent of disintegration we are allowing and witnessing from an aerie of comfortable, apathetic vacuity.

The outrageous lies continue to flow from Washington mouths puppeteered by the bankers, and too-big-to-fails – and we accept.  We can’t even compare ourselves to the riders who rode into oblivion in The Charge of The Light Brigade — those valiant troops screamed into action.  We are conveyed along into oblivion, without action — intellectual paralysis has facilitated our submission.

A constituent of the vast baby boomer generation with a career which has been fortunate to know the ponderous corporate worlds, as well as the intimately pressurized, and invigorating entrepreneurial domains of high tech and venture capital, I have harvested my share of mistakes meandering through corridors of enterprise from Silicon Valley, to London and endless, colourful, sometimes praetorian points in between. The voyage has provided an abundance of fodder for a pen yielding to an inquisitive keyboard, a foraging mind, and a passionate spirit. Whether political or business or social or economic or personal, is it not all political? It is a privilege to write, and an even greater privilege to be read by anyone, and sometimes with the wind at my back the writing may occasionally be legible. I do not write to invite scorn, nor to invite respect, but if I get really lucky the writing can stimulate thinking. I also write for the very selfish purpose of animating my own processes, and engaging the best of what life offers. Above all, whether biting fire or swatting shadows, I am grateful to be gifted the freedom to write and publish whatever flows down to the keyboard. To all those who enabled this freedom, and to all those standing guard to preserve it, I am indebted.

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    George Wells

    @James Raider:

    “Leonardo DiCaprio this week saying at the United Nations, “Our planet cannot be saved unless we leave fossil fuels in the ground where they belong,” is… hypocrisy”

    Of course it is hypocrisy. His mode of transportation and all that.
    But that doesn’t make Leonardo’s statement false.

    Neither does one person’s failure to adhere to the etiquette of formal debate render his arguments otherwise false.

  2. 4


    “I had been presented with the epitome of the self-righteous mind, which believed its own intellectual and moral superiority.”

    It’s what passes for discourse today. Just try presenting an unpopular view in any internet forum, even here on FA. Happens all of the time. Might as well get used to it.

  3. 6

    James Raider

    @Nanny G: #3
    Plus, it seems the ‘Leo’ minds don’t know that hundreds of products, used daily, contain petroleum or its derivatives, from chewing gum to lipstick to . . . . .

    And yes, solar panels too.

  4. 8

    Robert What?

    You have to understand – hundreds of billions of dollars, many livelihoods, and an enormous amount of virtue signalling depend on the Global Warming racket … I mean crisis. Although most of them don’t seem to realize that without fossil fuels, anything resembling a 21st century lifestyle would be impossible for the vast majority of them.

  5. 9


    @Robert What?, #8:

    It’s also the case that hundreds of billions of special interest dollars sometimes depend on maintaining the status quo, and that those having such interests will often do their damnedest to prevent change.

    You can’t run a planet with a rapidly expanding population that already exceeds 7 billion exclusively on fossil fuels. By the end of the century, the global population is expected to exceed 11 billion. We have to begin adapting. We can’t just cruise along on autopilot, thinking everything will somehow work out just fine on its own.

  6. 10


    @James Raider: #7
    And the other half is fighting over who is the most utterly perfect candidate on the right, yeah. But how much can you get used to being in a burning building before it finally goes up in flames?
    Instead of cooperating to fight the fire, we’re all arguing about what kind of fire it is and which tools to use to fight it.

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