Hillary, Politics and the Presidency (Guest Post)

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Now that there will be depositions from Huma Abedin, Cheryl Mills and a deposition already completed by Bryan Pagliano as approved by both the State Department and Judicial Watch, what should we expect from here? In February it was ruled that Judicial Watch should be permitted to take depositions for information pertinent to both the e-mails and Huma Abedin’s employment outside of the position she held in Hillary Clinton’s staff.

The agreement reads

“that discovery shall cover the creation and operation of clintonemail.com for State Department business and the actions of the State Department for processing the FOIA requests that implicated Hillary and Ms. Abedins e-mails that is subject to this action.” It does not cover matter unrelated  to any State Department search, the employment status of an individuals employment, storage, handling, and transmission of classified information and any pending FBI investigations.”

Thus far, the lawyers for Mills, Abedin, and Paglianoo are not on board with the ruling. There isnothing to keep all three from  pleading the fifth, although Pagliano has been granted immunity. None of the three lawyers have responded, including how they will respond to the subpoena.

There are four others that have been included in the subpoena, Undersecretary of State for Management Patrick Kennedy, Executive Secretary Stephen Mull, Secretariat Executive Director Lewis Lukens and Diplomatic Security Official Donald Reid.

The proposed order would restrict the release of transcripts for three days in order to allow time for State Department to block release of possible classified material.

Telephone transcripts have already been received by Judicial Watch from the night of September 11, 2012. The phone transcripts show that, at 7:49PM on September 12, Hillary Clinton informed Egyptian Prime Minister Hisham Kandil that the attack in Benghazi in which four American patriots were murdered had nothing to do with a film. She stated during the conversation “ It was a planned attack, not a protest”. This was also shown to have been mentioned in her congressional testimony and ignored by the media. It was during  this same testimony that Hillary admitted that she told her daughter  that the attack was by an Al Qaeda-like terrorist group.

At 10:00 pm on the night of the Benghazi attack, Hillary issued an Official State Department press statement, having been approved by the White House, blaming an internet video that no one had seen or commented on for the attack.

This is the same woman who during Congressiional Testimony, said

“What difference at this point does it make?”

This leads one to believe that Hillary Clinton considers the American people irrelevant to her goal of becoming President. That the American people really don’t care about Benghazi. This a woman who gives no credit to the American people for caring about the security of our country .

There are those that tout her experience as Secretary of State. Let’s start with the “reset” with Russia. Our relationship with Russia is now worse than anytime since the Cold War. During her time as Secretary of State she showed no challenge to Putin, and combined with a weak, Muslim/Marxist President has allowed Putin to run through Crimea, and create a civil war in the Ukraine. Both she and Obama have allowed the Russian administration under Putin to ignore our Country and do what he can to build back the old Soviet Union. It will not end until this President is just a memory, or until Hillary is elected President whereas the path chosen will continue until the United States is ignored by the world and slips into being a third world country.

This is the same Secretary of State that declared Boko Haram was not a terrorist organization. This would not change until the kidnapping of schoolgirls in Nigeria. Combined with Obama calling IS a JV team, is it any wonder why our allies are backing away from anything this administration says? This is the same lady who was fired from Watergate because of ethics violations. The debacle that turned out to be Whitewater, , or the speeches she was paid millions of dollars for given  to countries where there is a real war on women. Or what of the cattle futures that made over 1100% in profit in a week that have never been answered by the media or law enforcement.

Still, many have talked about Hillary’s tenure at  the State Department as being a shining example of what she would be able to do as President. So let’s look at some of what she has accomplished.

It was Hillary who the New Yorker called out about calling Syrian Bashar Al-Assad a reformer. In a legal brief that was linked to systematic torture and murder of tens of thousands to a policy agreed to by Assad. Just like his father, Hafez al-Assad, Bashar has suppressed dissent with the same brutality.

In Haiti, Hillary was instrumental in interfering in the 2010 Haiti election, and it still has not be explained how the Clinton Foundatiions pet project,  Caracol Industrial Part project was such an abject failure.

It was Hillary who convinced that the country needed a pivot to Asia. A study completed and released in January by the Center for Strategic and International Studies expressed that the rebalance to Asia would not be enough to defend American interests in the area. Coupled with the destruction of major military policies has caused the United States to become an entity without the ability to fight even a one theatre conflict.

Now that ISIS has started to take over Libya, Hillary has stopped calling Libya a success, and is now calling it a work in progress. In actuality it is a country of chaos, most to the government has stepped down and left, and ISIL  is  planning to use Libya as another route into Europe.  Even when Obama called not planning for the aftermath in Libya  one of the biggest mistakes made by this administration, Clinton still stands firm in declaring her failed policy will eventually be a success.

And now,  Hillary is trying to take her fingerprints off of Libya and placing the blame on Obama. All the decisions made were made by Obama and she just obtained information. Obamas plan didn’t work, according to Hillary, because of the Liyans obstruction and not following the orders she perceived would help the nation. It is the Secretary of State who is responsible for the day after, and again, Hillary failed.

This is the woman who wants to be President. Who feels it is owed to her, and that eight more years of progressive policies  will help America to  become the power it once was. There is so many more things that could be written about the criminal enterprise that the Clintons are the head of. Look close, and you will see the cracks in Hillarys foundation. Following the Saul Alinsky template she will continue to divide the citizens so that her and the elites in both political parties can continue to take the money from the people and lie about what they promise to do for (or to)  the American people

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    James Felix

    The futility of this article (though I like it just fine) is that there are two kinds of people who support HRC:

    1) Those who are cognizant of her unsavory nature and lack of ability but don’t care because they’re some kind of crony who stands to profit from her Presidency
    2) Those who ascribe all of your points to some kind of vast, right-wing conspiracy to discredit HRC and prevent a woman from becoming President

    Because neither type is supporting her based on a well-reasoned assessment of what is good for the country all the logic in world will not sway them.

  2. 2

    another vet

    The left has no standards. They don’t care about honesty, integrity, National Security, the rule of law, or our Constitution. They will support her even if she is rightfully indicted for operating her version of a SCIF in her basement. Another sign that we are a decaying republic.

  3. 3

    James Raider

    @another vet: #2
    Another vet, additionally, and more worrisome, is that the big money guys are supporting Clinton because she is owned by Wall Street.

    A Clinton win means that they will continue to manipulate The Federal Reserve, which is the biggest culprit in the disintegration of America.

  4. 4

    another vet

    @James Raider: We are becoming an oligarchy/banana republic. One of my buddies who helped put Blagojevich behind bars is firmly convinced she’s going to be indicted. I told him that I don’t share his optimism despite the fact that she clearly broke the law.

  5. 5


    A more corrupt, dishonest and incompetent person, totally bereft of positive achievement has never run for the office of President of the United States. Yet she is the Democrat front runner.

    All anyone needs to know.

  6. 6


    @another vet #4 –

    I would prefer a banana republic. At least all of us then has a chance to bribe a minor official to see it our way.

    More seriously, though, Hillary’s poor administration at State demonstrates she will be an abject failure as a president. We wouldn’t if she was lying or lying more. If Trump becomes her opponent, he’s not much better since he always sought access and influence, and his knowledge and understanding of national security issues is glaringly nonexistent.

  7. 8

    Rich Wheeler

    @David: Trump “slightly better” On Randy’s scale that would put his supporters IQ’s at around 65.
    Sounds about right—I think they are both disasters.

    Kasich/Rubio Both well qualified smart guys—got their supporters IQ’s at 120+ lol.

  8. 9

    Larry Weisenthal

    I’m going to vote for Clinton. I’ll join slightly more than half the country in so doing. I don’t question the judgement or integrity of those who vote for whomever her opponent turns out to be. I’m reasonably intelligent, resonably honest, and reasonably well informed. I believe in the concept of the honest difference of opinion.

    I am entirely aware of all the charges which have been leveled against the Clintons. So are the majority of the nation. When that ridiculous impeachment affair ended, Bill Clinton had an approval rating near 70%. You all would maintain that 70% of the country are either imbeciles or corrupt.

    If/when Hillary is ever convicted of so much as a single transgression, I’ll pay attention. But we’ve had 25 years of Clinton enemies howling wolf, and it’s all just become more same old same old.

    I argued Benghazi here long ago. Here’s a scenario: the video was used by bad guys to incite a riot … Vastly expanding their ranks. US Intel wanted to ID the bad guys …. They decided to exploit the fact that the video was used by the ringleaders to incite by making them think we believed it to be simply a spontaneous uprising, putting the ringleaders off their guard and increasing the chances they’d let their guard down and make a mistake. No one lies. Hillary didn’t simply say what does it matter; she stood by the statement that the video played a role.

    And none of the conservative armchair geniuses are in a position to prove otherwise.

    I’ll tell you how all of this will end up:

    The current witch hunts are going the same place all the previous ones all went. Nowhere. And you all are going to have to figure out how to come to terms with Madam President.

  9. 11

    another vet

    @Larry Weisenthal:
    The law pertaining to unauthorized storage of classified material:

    § 1924. Unauthorized removal and retention of
    classified documents or material
    (a) Whoever, being an officer, employee, contractor,
    or consultant of the United States, and,
    by virtue of his office, employment, position, or
    contract, becomes possessed of documents or
    materials containing classified information of
    the United States, knowingly removes such documents
    or materials without authority and with
    the intent to retain such documents or materials
    at an unauthorized location shall be fined
    under this title or imprisoned for not more than
    one year, or both.

    Rest assured, an unsecured server in her basement doesn’t qualify as an authorized location. There are very strict standards for SCIF locations.

    As for the lame argument that the classified material wasn’t marked “classified” (not a security classification), per the SF 312 she signed:

    As used in the SF 312, the SF 189, and the SF 189-A, “classified information” is marked or unmarked classified information, including oral communications and unclassified information that meets the standards for classification and is in the process of a classification determination, as provided in Section 1.1(c) and 1.2(e) of Executive Order 12356 or any other or Executive order that requires interim protection for certain information while a classification determination is pending.

    The ONLY way she is “proven” to be innocent is through political arm twisting.

    Your Benghazi defense is laughable and none of you armchair liberals can say otherwise because it has been proven. She told the country it was caused by a video and told her daughter it was a terrorist attack.

  10. 12

    another vet


    More seriously, though, Hillary’s poor administration at State demonstrates she will be an abject failure as a president. We wouldn’t if she was lying or lying more. If Trump becomes her opponent, he’s not much better since he always sought access and influence, and his knowledge and understanding of national security issues is glaringly nonexistent.

    Given the way the standards have been lowered the last seven years…………..

  11. 13

    Rich Wheeler

    Larry, Bill A.V and FA’ers If Trump gets the nom. it WILL be Madam President.
    He’ll get less than 30% of female vote—less than 20% of minority vote–can’t win with those numbers.
    Kasich/Rubio Ohio/ Fla–Repubs have Presidency AND Congress for next 16 years
    Trump loss–Party in serious TROUBLE

  12. 14

    another vet

    @Rich Wheeler:Neither are capable of uniting the country. It is way too divided, and given the divisiveness of this administration, probably past the point of no return. Hillary has promised another four years of Obama, our most divisive President in recent times as no other President has purposely tried to divide the people the way he has. Therefore, she is incapable of uniting anyone in the country outside of her own party. Trump has alienated people all over the place including those in the party he is representing through his blustering and name calling so it remains to be seen whether or not he can even unite his own party. However, if he gets the magic number of delegates, he should be the nominee as opposed to backdoor political shenanigans selecting someone else.

  13. 16


    @another vet #13 –

    If Trump has the requisite number of delegates before the convention, he’s the nominee. If he’s short by say 25 delegates, I’d say he has an even chance of becoming the nominee. If he’s short in the 25-50 range, his chances of becoming the nominee grows much slimmer considerably. If he’s short more than 50 delegates, not a chance he becomes the nominee. As for Cruz and Kasich, they too will be hurt in the process. Both are not exactly the ideal alternatives for an open convention. If the RNC convention becomes one with multiple ballots, which is not bad, this is where the Karl Rove idea of choosing a “fresh face” nominee makes sense – someone like a former Marine GEN Mattis. And, many of the Republican mega-donors will be staying on the sidelines if its a Trump-Hillary election for obvious reason.

    Regarding this particular post, you and I have handled our share of classified material. If we had handled these materials much in the same manner as Hillary, we would be doing a long stretch in military prison. The incident that has brought Hillary to this point, Benghazi, has been lost in the shuffle. Four people died on that night, and nobody gives a shit. A QRF, including SOF from Southern Europe, would have gone to relieve the outpost and CIA station in Benghazi. The notion of not having intel, or would’ve taken too long, are simply poor excuses for inaction. I’ve gone into situations with no intel and into situations with insufficient resources, but that was my job. In situations like these, there are few to no alternatives. If we die, we die – not because it would be a wasted effort, but because we gave it our all.

  14. 18


    The Democratic Primaries are really a Referendum on whether America should become a Dictatorship, and this is because the Criminal Dictatorial Hillary Clinton is a Candidate for President, and if I Know these things, then it is Certain that All of the Elected Democrats including Senator Sanders and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton along with All Journalists also Know these things.

    The First Reason is that both the of Clintons have already been Presidents for 2 terms, and so it is Unconstitutional for them to President again, and those who will Not Acknowledge this Fact, are either Deliberately Lying or they are Ignorant, and Hillary Clinton said that she was not going to have some reporters pawing through Bill Clinton’s and Hillary Clinton’s papers, and the reason she stated was because “We are the President”, rather than saying “We the People” have a Right to Accountable Government, and Bill Clinton had to admit that America would have 2 Presidents, because he Knows what Hillary Clinton is like at https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2016/01/05/buy-one-get-one-free-bill-clintons-turn-as-his-wifes-presidential-bonus/ , and at http://www.wnd.com/2015/10/webb-hubbell-no-comment-on-fathering-chelsea-clinton/ .

    Hillary Clinton Dominates Bill Clinton, because Knowing Bill Knowing Hillary, she may have Secretly Filmed him in sexual activity with underage females for which he would go to Jail if she releases them on the Internet, and she did Not and does Not care about his cheating on her.

    This is because People have said that she had and has her own Arrangements for those things, but she Needed Bill Clinton to gain Power, and it was made to look like it was an equal Co Presidency, but Hillary Clinton was the Real President during that time, and if someone is Not Ignorant and Deceived, then they Must be Lying, and this is why Much of the Lying Media and the Many of the Journalists Lie and Cover Up for the Clintons.

    This is because everyone Knows that a Country Cannot function, if Most of the People of that Country Know that Most of the People of that Country are Evil, but there Could be People who think that some Americans are Not as Naive as they Pretend to be, and that Pretending to be Naive is their convenient excuse.

    There are a few types of safety values for this type of situation occurring in America if the People become Awakened, and this is why there are Laws and Law Enforcement Agencies like the FBI and the Department of Justice, to Administer Law and Justice, but those who wish to Create a Dictatorship in America, will try to Corrupt those Law Enforcement Agencies, and they may try to Bribe the President to create a Dictatorship in America, and then there is the safety values of Hillary Clinton Not being the Democratic Party nominee at the Convention, and that of the American Social Democrats could either Not vote on Election Day, or they could Vote for the Republican Presidential Candidate to Prevent America from becoming a Dictatorship.

    It could be that there may be arrangements for a Fake accident to make it appear that Hillary Clinton died in an automobile accident, and where she will be alive and at a Mansion, so that there can be No Court Trial, because if People Know that Hillary Clinton is alive and if there is No Court Trial for Hillary Clinton, then it could easily be because Hillary Clinton may have Secret Film of Obama going through the Process of becoming a Puppet of the Establishment, as his Guarantee to Always be the House Servant of the Establishment Shadow Government which wants a Dictatorship in America, and they will make him Rich at http://www.therichest.com/celebnetworth/politician/president/barack-obama-net-worth/ , and then there is the additional Secret opportunity to be Bribed with a Large amount of Money that is held in Secret Swiss Bank Accounts.

    The Espionage Act does Not discriminate against whether breaches of the Espionage Act were done unintentionally or Deliberately, or whether those People who are Not authorized to view America’s National Security Secrets including Foreigners were able to gain access to that Sensitive Classified Material, or whether no harm or harm to America resulted from breaches of National Security Standards and of the Espionage Act.

    Obviously, those who are Guilty of unintentionally committing Espionage, and those who are Guilty of Deliberately committing Espionage will both say that it was done unintentionally, but the Honest one will say that their Unsecured Personal Email Server could have been hacked by Computer Experts, and that harm to America or Americans may have resulted because of their Careless and Grossly Negligent handling of Highly Sensitive National Secrets, but Hillary Clinton registered a new Email domain to use on her Unsecured Private Email a few days before she was sworn in as Secretary of State, and so she Always Intended to be a Criminal and Traitor, because she Never used a Government Email Account for Any of her work as Secretary of State.

    We Know that Hillary Clinton has been Lying all along, and she has Not as yet Acknowledged what an Honest Person would have Acknowledged long ago, and that is that her Unsecured Personal Email Server Could have been, or Likely was hacked by Computer Experts, and that harm to America or Americans May have resulted because of her Careless and Grossly Negligent handling of Highly Sensitive National Secrets, and there is a News Article by an Expert explaining Clinton’s Servergate Crimes at http://thehayride.com/2016/01/the-stakes-of-hillarys-e-mail-mess-and-what-it-could-mean/ , and there is more information at http://www.nationalreview.com/article/430597/hillary-clinton-email-server-former-intelligence-officers-havoc .

    There is another News Article that shows that Hillary Clinton’s handling of America’s Top Secret Classified Information was Deliberate, and that is what the Facts say at https://pjmedia.com/andrewmccarthy/2016/01/25/hillary-clintons-email-scandal-appears-gravely-criminal/2/ .

    The Clintons’ main jobs were to Lobby for and to Canvass for Bribes to be Paid using the Euphemism of Donations to the Clinton Foundation, and Hillary Clinton being Secretary of State was her secondary job that she found very useful for Seeking Bribes that were Paid to the Clinton Foundation at http://townhall.com/tipsheet/guybenson/2015/04/29/report-clinton-foundation-failed-to-disclose-1100-foreign-donations-n1992042 , and a proper examination and analysis of the Clinton Crime of Servergate is at http://m.dailykos.com/story/2015/08/24/1414739/-Time-to-indict-Hillary-and-aides-Classified-email-scandal-explained .

    That News Article does Not include Crimes associated with the Clinton Foundation, because the Public does Not have the Emails which the FBI Recovered, and which were said to be Hillary Clinton’s personal Emails, and which could explain how some of the Billions of Dollars that went missing at the State Department during the time that Hillary Clinton was the Dictator of the State Department, among her other Crimes and Treasons.

    The Inspector General said that 6 Billion Dollars at the State Department went missing due to the improper filing of contracts during a 6 year period, and that this was mainly during the Dictatorial Reign of former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton at http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/apr/4/state-dept-misplaced-6b-under-hillary-clinton-ig-r/?page=all , and at http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2016/01/11/fbis-clinton-probe-expands-to-public-corruption-track.html .

    We Know that Hillary Clinton was in Total Control of the State Department, at the time that Billions of Dollars went missing because of the Improper Filing of Contracts, and we Know of the Corrupt Money Laundering Clinton Foundation, and so People think that Hillary Clinton used her Dictatorial Reign over the State Department to funnel those Taxpayer Monies to Foreigners and to some Americans, who would then have the Funds to Pay Bribe Monies to the Corrupt Clinton Foundation with what are Deceptively and Euphemistically said to be Donations, and these People would also want the Clintons to become Presidents again so that they can continue to receive American Taxpayer Dollars so that they can give some of it to the Corrupt Money Laundering Clinton Foundation.

    There are People who think that there is a Connection between Bribe Payments to the Clinton Foundation and the State Department showing of Special Favoritism in awarding Contracts, because regular processes were Not followed during the time Hillary Clinton was the Dictator at the State Department.

    There are People who would Not be surprised if some of those missing Billions of Dollars of State Department Money Clandestinely went to Countries that President Barack Obama instructed Hillary Clinton Not to accept Money from those questionable Countries, but we Know that the Clintons consider themselves to be Above the Law, because they can rely on the Epstein Democrats and the Epstein Journalists to cover up for them, and the Clintons did receive Large Sums of Monies from questionable Countries, and the Clintons are the type of People who would use Overseas Tax Havens, and only some of that Crooked Money that went to the Crooked Clintons has been investigated by Journalists, but the Unpatriotic Bribed Epstein Puppet Journalists have covered up these things at https://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/right-turn/wp/2015/02/18/foreign-donations-to-hillary-clintons-foundation-raise-major-ethical-questions/ .

    We Know that Hillary Clinton wanted the State Department to Employ Sidney Blumenthal as her State Department adviser, but President Barack Obama did Not give permission for that, and so Clinton Secretly Employed Blumenthal with Clinton Foundation Money to work for her Secretly, and President Barack Obama did not know of this, and the Computer Hacker Guccifer hacked into Blumenthal’s Email Account, and discovered some of Hillary Clinton’s Emails and he published some of them on the Internet, and People can read those Transcripts of the Guccifer Blumenthal Clinton Emails because they are on the Internet.

    They were Many other More Discreet and less boastful Computer hackers working online at that time who will Never admit to, or even in the slightest way even hint to hacking anyone’s Computer, because they have the sense to know that braggers put themselves at risk like Guccifer who has been Extradited to America in connection with the Clinton FBI Investigation, and Guccifer also hacked information of many other prominent Americans, before he read the Clinton Emails, and it is Logical and Reasonable to assume that the Classified Top Secret Information on Hillary Clinton’s Unsecured Personal Email Server was read by several Foreign Governments.

    This is a Reason that an Unsecured Personal Email Server like Hillary Clinton used was Extremely Vulnerable to Expert Computers hackers, and this is why the Secure Government Email Account and Government Servers are the Proper Methods to Send and Receive and Store Secret National Security Information, and Hillary Clinton is the Only Secretary of State who did Not have a Government Email Account at http://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2015-03-04/clinton-s-e-mail-system-built-for-privacy-though-not-security .

    The Clintons have already accumulated Billions of Dollars that we know of, if we consider the Clinton Foundation, and we do Not Know how much Money the Clintons have at Overseas Tax Havens.

    After Knowing these things, we hear Hillary Clinton claim that she never endangered national security by operating an Unsecured Personal Email Server while she was Secretary of State, and she said that she thinks that what is going on will be resolved so that no one can raise any questions regarding her Servergate Crimes in the future at http://dailycaller.com/2016/04/17/clinton-on-her-server-of-course-i-never-endangered-national-security-video/ .

    We can see that Hillary Clinton and other Corruptocrats want to sweep Serious Crimes under the carpet, and that means they want to Legalize Treason for the Ruling Elites, and that means they want to make America a Dictatorship, and that is why Many American Social Democrats will Not vote for Hillary Clinton, and they think that she is the Most Establishment Candidate for President, and only Pretends to be like Senator Sanders.

    There are Many males and females on the Left who do Not consider that Crooked Hillary Clinton is woman in their definition of the word, and they are informing every Clinton supporter they Know of that they are have been Deceived, and that Hillary Clinton is a Nasty woman posing as a feminist and as a human being, and a Traitor posing as a patriot, and a Criminal posing as a law abiding Person, along with the Fact of being an Untrustworthy Hardened Compulsive Liar, who has No intentions of keeping Most of her Campaign promises.

    We can see that if there had been Public Financing for Election Campaigns, then the Clintons may not have committed Treason or signed NAFTA or Deregulated the Banking System or caused the Sub Prime Lending in order to take Bribes for the Clinton Foundation to Fund their Election Campaign, and a Country Cannot be a Democracy, unless 75 % of the Election Campaign Costs is Publicly Funded, and this is why Senator Sanders is attracting Many Voters.

    The Media in a Democracy is supposed to be the Fourth Estate, and we have seen how much of the American Mainstream Media has become a Fifth Column in America, because they have been Secretly Filmed in an Act of Pedophilia, either Voluntarily for Money to be Willing Puppets of America’s Shadow Government or that it was unknown to them at the time, and where they thought that they had Privacy, and they are now the Unwilling Puppets of America’s Shadow Government.

    The Mainstream Media in a Democracy should give some Free Time for Political Advertisements for those Political Parties or Candidates that are polling over 15 % and that amount of free media time should be allocated with more time for those who have the higher ratings in opinions polls and less time for those who have lower ratings in the opinion polls, and who gets more of prime time should be decided by lottery, and this would reflect the Mainstream Media’s Obligation to Democracy, and this should be part of their Licensing Arrangements to be a Media.

    We have heard how Hillary Clinton says Free College and University Education is giving free things to People, but Hillary Clinton helps the Tax Evaders, the Corporations, and the Big Banks, and this is giving Free Things to those who do Not Need it, and could Never spend that extra Money while they Callously look upon and Condemn the Victims that their Criminal behavior has created, while they Slanderously Blame the Victim, rather than Blaming Themselves for having Tax Havens and Evading their Patriotic Responsibility and Duty to pay their Fair Share of Taxes.

    It was Clinton who made Student Loans Non Dischargeable, and Free College and University Education is an Investment where these Students can earn a Salary and pay taxes, and make America a better Society for All Americans.

    We have heard Hillary Clinton say that her methods regarding the Primary Campaign is to disqualify Senator Sanders, and to beat him, and then to unify the Democratic Party.

    It is true that Hillary Clinton can Slander Senator Sanders, but his Supporters Correctly think that he is Qualified to be President, and they think that Hillary Clinton is Unqualified to be President, and yes, Hillary Clinton can beat him with the Rigged Primary Process, but she can Never unite the Democratic Party, because she is the Reason for the Disunity in the Democratic Party.

    The American Social Democrats have seen how the Corrupocrats promote Clinton who is much More Establishment than any Republican, and there are People who think that the American Social Democrats should form their own Political Party with or without Senator Sanders, unless Senator Sanders is the Democratic Party nominee for Presidential Candidate.

    As I have Already said, that Senator Sanders Knows All of these things, and yet he has Not wanted to discuss Clinton’s Servergate Crimes, and so there can Only be a few Reasons for this, and that they are that he is a Corruptocrat in disguise to try to prevent or slow down a True Reform American Social Democratic Party from participating on the American Political Scene.

    This is why there are People who think that the American Social Democrats should Not waste any time, and form their own Political Party, and invite Senator Sanders to be their Leader if he either does or does Not gain the Democratic Presidential nomination, and if he refuses, then call him a Corruptocrat.

    It is possible that the Corruptocrats Knew that if there were only Establishment Candidates in the Primaries, then the American Social Democrats would Not have wasted Valuable time, and they would have Established their own Political Party, and the Corruptocrats do Not want the American Social Democrats to use the time to gain a Credible percentage of the Vote at the Next Election.

    This would mean that the Republicans would win big, but only for a while, but the American Social Democrats will lose even bigger if they vote for Clinton, because she is more Establishment than any Republican, and because after Clinton will come the Republicans.

    This means that the American Social Democrats will have no show, and as Person puts themselves into debt to purchase a house, because there is benefit for that in the future.

    This is how it is with the American Social Democrats, where they put themselves in Voting Debt to begin with, in order to own their House or Place in America’s Political Scene, and where their share of the Vote will grow with time, because there will Only be the Republicans and the American Social Democrats, and the 2018 Congressional Election would have Many American Social Democrats Elected.

    If the American Social Democrats are the Opposition in America, then the conversation is Not between 2 Establishment Political Parties, and so that nothing changes for the better, but there will be a debate between Establishment Policies and Policies for American People.

    This is because even if it takes a while for the American Social Democrats to win Government, then that Fact they are the Opposition will mean that the Government is better.

    What this means is that if the Democratic National Committee wants a Unified Party, then they will have to replace Hillary Clinton with Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg or someone else, and that means that they Need Hillary Clinton to win the nomination, because they do Not want Senator Sanders to be the Democratic Party nomination for Presidential Candidate, because the Corruptocrats are Establishment Candidates, and they want to offer someone who is less Establishment than Hillary Clinton to unite their Party.

    We have heard how Hillary Clinton has said that the Department of Justice will protect her from being Indicted and Prosecuted for her Crimes, and perhaps the deal that Hillary Clinton has made with the Democratic National Committee in exchange for that, is for Hillary Clinton to retire from the campaign after she has won the Presidential nomination, and so it can be given to Joe Biden or Michael Bloomberg or someone else.

    The Establishment Corruptocrats Know that it would be Difficult for them to win the Presidency with Hillary Clinton, because it means that America is a Dictatorship, and the Voters want America to be a Republic and a Democracy.

    There are American Social Democrats who think that Senators Sanders may have already shown himself to be a Corruptocrat unless he forms his own Political Party while using the Democratic Party Primaries Platform to announce his Policies.

    However, if the American Social Democrats had their own Party, then they could have their own Primaries on the Internet if the Mainstream Media will not put those Debates on the Television.

    I think that the American Social Democrats could win with or without Senator Sanders as their Presidential Candidate, and I think that the method they should use is the following, where they do Not pursue Votes above pursuing Proper Principles.

    They need to say that Americans, except for the Obvious Criminal and Corrupt types are doing more the of right things, than what they are doing the wrong things, and so the Only way to Govern Properly and to please the Overwhelming majority of Americans is to ensure that you displease All Americans in those areas where improvements need to be made by All Americans.

    This would include Not pandering to anyone, but Only pursuing what the American Social Democrats consider to be Proper Policies, and while the American Social Democrats would want the Vote of Unionists, they would Not tolerate any Lazy or Overpaid or Corrupt Public Servants, and the same goes Tax Evaders, the Corrupt, and the Others, and that they will Not compromise, but they will wait until a majority of Voters decide that Honesty is the Best Policy, because they see what the Clinton Dishonesties has done to America and where Dishonesty would lead America.

    There would be No looking for Votes based on Race or Gender, where others use the Race Card and the Gender Card for their Unprincipled Manipulations, that will Not solve America’s problems, but make matters worse, and Proper Principles means that a Security Review of Hillary Clinton’s Unsecured Personal Email Server should be Conducted in a Court of Law, and that no one who is the subject of an FBI Investigation should be a Presidential Candidate, or someone who will Not release the Transcripts of the Speeches to Corporate Interests, or someone like Hillary Clinton who pays rioters to go to Donald Trump Rallies and blame it on Senators Sanders supporters and on Donald Trump, because Americans do Not want this type of Un American Politics, which is divisive and only encourages People to think on Race, rather than Economics and Law.

    President Barack Obama was Not informed of Hillary Clinton’s Unsecured Personal Email Server, and the double standards of Clinton wanting to be Above the Law, and the Video is Titled: FBI Probe: Hillary Clinton Could Face 10 Years In Prison at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4o-Fnw8w2ZE .

    There are Many male and female Voters on the Left who could Never bring themselves to vote for Clinton, because they Know they would be showing a Lack of self respect for themselves, and that they would be showing Contempt for their Fellow Americans, and this is why they will Vote for Anyone But Clinton for President of America at https://www.the-newshub.com/us-politics/i-wont-vote-for-clinton-and-will-encourage-sanders-to-run-a-third-party-bid-for-president .

  15. 20

    another vet

    @Rich Wheeler: November is a long way off. Already calling the race is premature. Wishes for voter disenchantment? The GE polls at this point mean little. Also, Hillary is a lot more vulnerable than people think.

    If Trump gets the 1,237, then he should get the nomination. Do I want to see him get the nomination? No. I also don’t buy into politics as usual. If we aren’t going to follow the rules, why have them? If the party elites are just going put whoever they want in there and ignore the “peons”, why hold primaries? Perhaps we should turn the clock back and let the party power brokers pick the candidates. It would be a lot less expensive and we wouldn’t have to listen to all the bullshit which is the adopted language of all politicians.

  16. 21

    Rich Wheeler

    @another vet: Hillary vulnerable?–not to Trump who will bring out women and minorities to vote against him—he’ll fire up people on both sides–75% female disapproval 80% Latin disapproval–you CAN’T win with those numbers—HRC starts with confirmed over 45%—Trump with no more than 30%—that leaves 25% undecided that Trump would need 80%—can’t happen.

  17. 22

    another vet


    If the RNC convention becomes one with multiple ballots, which is not bad, this is where the Karl Rove idea of choosing a “fresh face” nominee makes sense – someone like a former Marine GEN Mattis.

    The only problem I see with that is that it would alienate those who already cast their ballot for a particular nominee. The Republicans are walking a very fine line with what they do. A shame given the deep field that existed. This year should have been a shoo in for them.

    If we had handled these materials much in the same manner as Hillary, we would be doing a long stretch in military prison.

    Exactly. We all had our briefings every year as to what the laws are regarding handling classified material. What she did was illegal. At this stage the only question is her mental state (other than insanity). People seem to think that “being careless” (negligence) doesn’t make it a crime. They are wrong. It’s just the least “severe” of the mental states (negligence, recklessness, intent). Given the sheer volume of material, her attempt to skirt NSA rules with her phone, and at least one email instructing a subordinate to remove classified markings and send the material non-secure would strongly indicate intent.

    Four people died on that night, and nobody gives a shit.

    About that and a lot of other things.

    The notion of not having intel, or would’ve taken too long, are simply poor excuses for inaction. I’ve gone into situations with no intel and into situations with insufficient resources, but that was my job. In situations like these, there are few to no alternatives. If we die, we die – not because it would be a wasted effort, but because we gave it our all.

    Her and Obama’s defenders have no concept as to what you are talking about.

  18. 25

    another vet

    @Rich Wheeler: Since you were unable to quote a source for the 45% assertion, I’ll assume it was an opinion stated as a fact. At this stage of the game, no one has any idea what impact the email scandal will have on Hillary- indictment or not, come election day. At this stage of the game, no one has any idea what the economy is going to look like come election day. At this stage of the game, no one has any idea if there will be another terrorist attack on this country. At this stage of the game, no one has any idea what the candidates’ future gaffes may be. At this stage of the game, no one has any idea how effective the candidates’ campaigns will be. At this stage of the game, no one has any idea what voter turnout will look like. And probably most importantly, at this stage of the game, no one has any idea what Obama’s approval rating will be on election day. Yet you are already calling the election. Why should we bother to vote? We may as well just anoint whoever is leading in the polls 194 days out or whatever it is.

  19. 26

    Larry Weisenthal

    I’m game to continue discussing Benghazi, … a mite later. In the meantime, here’s a great Clinton analysis for political wonks of all stripes — haters as well as supporters. I would subtitle this one “those who forget history are condemned to repeat it.”

    He [Bill, circa 1992) had larger problems than an email server: the public had just learned that he had dodged the military draft during the Vietnam war and he’d recently had an affair with a lounge singer. Talk about untrustworthy! Within weeks, he would be in a deeper, darker hole than Hillary has experienced this year–he would be running third, behind George H. W. Bush and the Independent Ross Perot. Some polls showed that nearly half the public said they would never vote for him, no matter what. He was toast.

    This is old news…but it’s living history for the Clintons. It is what keeps Hillary buoyant, even as her national lead evaporates, even as the most glamorous Democratic constituencies–celebrities, idealistic college kids–flock to Bernie Sanders. More than any other politicians I’ve covered, the Clintons have a pitch-perfect sense of chronology. They know that politics moves slower than the daily media frenzy, that new story lines–comebacks, especially–are catnip to cable networks. They know that polls can change, even on personal traits like trustworthiness; unfavorables can be overcome, even impeachments can be beaten.


  20. 27

    Larry Weisenthal

    Here’s a thorough analysis of the Hillary email case, by a noted University of Michigan law professor. If one restricts oneself to conservative media, one get the impression that it’s a slam dunk case against her. One also gets the impression that she was guilty of a dozen or a score of serious prior “crimes” — which went nowhere. That’s what I mean about calling wolf.

    The email case is going nowhere. No one cares about Benghazi, and Benghazi is also not the slam dunk case that it’s been represented as, above (more on this later).

    You all may well argue with the opinions of this law professor, but it should at least tell you that your certitude regarding her “guilt” and imminent indictment is on shaky ground, at best.


  21. 28

    another vet

    @Larry Weisenthal: I read his article when it came out. He is apparently taking the position that Hillary looked at over 2,000 classified documents and went 0 for over 2,000 in determining if they were classified. She is either grossly incompetent or did so intentionally. In addition, his definition of “classified” falls short of the one on the SF 312 she signed. He is also completely ignoring the laws I quoted above. She clearly violated those.

    There are those of us here who actually had TS clearances for long periods of time and were schooled in the handling of classified material who have stated that if we did what she did we’d be given jail time. If that isn’t good enough, then let’s use some common sense. According to this lawyer and yourself, everyone holding a security clearance, both government employees and contractors who probably easily total over a million, can transmit, receive, and store classified material on unsecure means in their homes. Does that sound right to you?

    One area we agree in is that she probably won’t be indicted or prosecuted but it won’t be because she didn’t break the law.

  22. 29


    @Larry Weisenthal:

    The email case is going nowhere. No one cares about Benghazi, and Benghazi is also not the slam dunk case that it’s been represented as, above (more on this later).

    No, LIBERALS don’t care about Benghazi because liberals don’t care about national security or American lives (but for their own). Liberals care about political power and they have developed their greed for power into an end in an of itself… as Obama proved, once they get power, they have no idea what to do with it. Thus, the ruin.

    So, liberals can happily ignore 4 Americans needlessly killed by terrorists that, by all liberal accounts, were defeated. They can ignore the lies that tried to cover up the liberal incompetence that led to the debacle (see above). Liberals can ignore the trading of national security for the ability to easily erase the public record.

    This is how liberals justify to themselves a vote for Hillary and her incompetent, corrupt past.

  23. 30

    another vet

    @Larry Weisenthal:
    From your source’s home page:

    The American Prospect’s mission is summed up in the phrase “liberal intelligence” that runs under the logo on the magazine’s cover. We aim to advance liberal and progressive goals through reporting, analysis, and debate about today’s realities and tomorrow’s possibilities.

    If one restricts oneself to liberal media, one gets the impression she is innocent. I base my beliefs on 30 years of having a clearance. If she is found innocent, it will be because of politics.

    And I would love to see you tell the four families who lost loved ones that no one cares about the Benghazi debacle. I’m surprised you’d make a statement like that. Guess I had you figured a tad wrong.

  24. 31


    @another vet: I base my assessment on the fact that she has lied over and over and over about Benghazi and her emails and, almost always, a person lies because they want to cover something bad up. Since she absolutely cannot be trusted to tell the truth about anything, how can she possibly be trusted to be President?

  25. 32

    Rich Wheeler

    @Bill: Bill–you are a one trick pony when it comes to those hated liberals–that keep beating you at the polls. AV has some sense of fairness and reason–ie he doesn’t want to put The Donald in the oval office.
    Honestly–do you ever get the news from moderate sources–say CNN or is it all gleaned from the right?

  26. 33

    another vet

    @Bill: Unfortunately, not telling the truth seems to be a required trait for politicians. I really don’t trust any of them. With regards to my #30 in order to clarify- hopefully Larry wasn’t implying that he himself doesn’t care about Benghazi. I would definitely agree with him that there are many in this country who don’t care. Unfortunately, many only care about the freebies they get from those who pay taxes. Everything else doesn’t matter. That’s what happens under socialism.

  27. 35

    another vet

    @Randy: That still wouldn’t be enough to convince some that she committed crimes. Most on the left, which is where her supporters come from, don’t care about national security. AGW, free stuff, social engineering, political correctness, more free stuff, who gets to pee where, scrapping the rule of law and the Constitution, and if I didn’t mention it- lots of free stuff is what matters most to them.

  28. 36


    @another vet< #35:

    Most on the left, which is where her supporters come from, don’t care about national security.

    No one who cares about national security would want Donald Trump or Rafael Cruz anywhere near the Oval Office. Neither one of them has a clue about national security or geopolitical strategy.

    Trump has selected a a team of “experts” whose qualifications are questionable at best. They sound like they might be better suited for talking head spots on cable television, where they would almost certainly misinform viewers, but probably couldn’t do any real damage. Trump’s foreign policy team baffles GOP experts

    Cruz is so clueless he’s taken on a national security adviser who’s possibly even more clueless than himself: Dr. Victoria Coates, an art historian. The deer-in-the-headlights look is amusing. It’s as if she’s suddenly wondering why she’s not being questioned about Italian renaissance fresco painting.

    Why Clinton? Why would anyone need to ask? You’d have to be completely nuts to trust either of the likely republican nominees with national security. Putting either in charge would be putting the nation in danger.

  29. 37


    @Greg: Trump or Cruz as President is a gamble; a leap of faith. Until someone is in the office, we don’t know, exactly, how they will actually perform or what they will do. It comes down to trust in their words and actions.

    So, when it comes to Hillary, we KNOW. We have seen her as close to the office of President as we are likely to see anyone. And, of course, she has been a documented failure. She failed to secure national security information… no, not “failed”… she purposely mishandled the information in order to afford her the easy opportunity to erase the parts of her record which might cause her political damage (which, as it turns out, would be practically all of it). She made very bad decisions regarding Libya. As Obama himself said, they failed to plan for the time after Qaddafi was gone; did they both forget how they complained about how dangerous it was to remove Hussein? Then, she failed to heed warnings to secure the Benghazi consulate or remove our personnel (as everyone else was doing) and our Ambassador and three other Americans died. As this was going down, she was unavailable.

    So, there is her proven record. How would she do better as President? Do we trust her words regarding her approach? Well, regarding the failures above, she had lied repeatedly about every aspect of them. Blatant, weak and thin lies, easily detected and overturned.

    Greg, Hillary is a known, proven corrupt liar. Only a person that totally disregards the good of the nation for their own personal little world of greed would consider her as a viable candidate. This is not over-the-top rhetoric or hate (@Rich Wheeler: ) it is a demonstrable fact that Hillary is a corrupt liar. She has a political life only because the equally corrupt liberal media keeps it alive.

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