We Should All Support the Brave Stands that Bruce Springsteen and other Musicians have Made

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Dr. John at Flopping Aces just wrote a great post on Bruce Springsteen’s refusal to perform in North Carolina over their anti-rape enabler law, and pointed out Springsteen’s hypocrisy and how he lives his life betrays his self proclaimed leftist ideals. It’s a good piece, and where Dr. John sees a problem I see another excellent opportunity for conservatives.

Other singers have cancelled shows or weighed in condemning the law – Bryan Adams, Jimmy Buffet, Ringo Starr, Cyndi Lauper, Mumford and Sons, and Greg Allman at the time of this post. If you’re looking to push back at them, don’t do a counter boycott, as it will only make them more smug. Since these popular singers feel so strongly about the right of anyone with male genitalia to enter a women’s restroom simply by declaring himself trans-gendered, why not help them? I encourage all men going to these shows to freely use the women’s facilities when nature calls! You could wear a wig and dress and declare yourself trans-gendered, or simply walk in to the women’s restrooms and if questioned, declare that you identify as a woman. You can even go the extra mile and sit down to pee when you’re in the stall! And if you happen to be visiting one of Jimmy Buffet’s Margaritaville eateries, by all means feel free to waste away into the ladies’ room looking for your lost shaker of salt.

I’m not kidding about this. Sane, logical debate will not happen. When the Radical Left gets set on an issue, rational thought and logic go straight out the window. Anyone who thinks that allowing individuals with male genitalia to enter women’s restrooms and locker rooms has become the great civil rights fight of the week isn’t interested in facts, logic or reality. Being supportive of gay issues helps their “Holier than Thou” cred, and that’s all that matters. For all of their platitudes about gay rights, why aren’t the leftists explaining the measures they want taken to keep sexual predators out of women’s bathrooms and locker rooms? Maybe because their ranks include one of those predators?

But there are enough normal people out there who don’t get the same fawning publicity from the press or if they dare to speak up fear harassment from the Gaystapo. We need to expose leftists stupidity as often and as publicly as possible – create too many fronts for them to mount an offensive, and maybe have a few ladies who were assault victims who might have issue with this bill speak up, too. Bad leftist ideas need to be exposed and ridiculed as thoroughly as possible if we don’t want to sit and wait for what the next round of bullying from them.

But the important thing is, instead of constantly defending our common sense views it’s time to go on the attack and expose the craziness of theirs. And while we’re at it, maybe we can start asking the prominent “Feminist” groups are actually siding with enabling sexual predators?

The sad part is that I hate seeing laws of this nature, and people on the right have noted that the NC law is poorly written. It would be nice if just some of the Radical Left’s members could apply the same introspection to their own ideas, especially the ones that give men free rein in places where women undress.

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    The problem with using this law against those who support it is that more than likely, those impacted by the intrusion would be those we are most interested in seeing protected. It is a Catch-22.

    Poorly written or not, what is truly absurd is that such a law has to be written in the first place. A law to tell men not to go into women’s restrooms?

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    It would be discrimination to allow only gay men and trans into women’s restrooms. Especially as in “transvestite”, real or imagined, perhaps du jour.

  3. 7


    So why aren’t women who identify as men clamoring to be able to use the men’s room?
    Why is the focus only on men who want to use the women’s room?
    There’s something sick going on here.

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    Common Sense

    @DrJohn: Well said, there is NO proof that anyone is gay, lesbian, or transgender of bisexual or any off the nonsense. The only proof is X or Y chromosome “period”!! The rest is speculation!!

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    Has nothing to do with gay or lesbian, its gender confusion, a mental disorder that should not be encouraged. A gay man knows he is a man and a gay woman knows she is female.
    Can I have a space I dont have to say dont forget to put the seat down.

  6. 10


    A better idea for you…feel free to share. Have your female friends/lovers/sisters/mothers etc. save nice bloody tampons for you in a bottle. Deposit it in the urinal at these concerts. Gender bend their bathrooms for them. You should know that there are many on the left and especially feminists who vehemently disagree with these overly broad gender identity protections. We are being censored, deplatformed, blocked, ghost banned and silenced. They call us TERFS (trans-exclusionary radical feminists) as opposed to their favorite fun fems! That is to say, the sell-out sex positive feminists who support the trans mafia and pornography and legalizing prostitution. You should follow Gender Identity Watch on Facebook, you will learn more.

  7. 11

    Robert What?

    @Nanny G: There is a very simple solution for that attitude. People who feel that way should immediately contact their congressman or senator and volunteer their neighborhood as a resettlement location.

  8. 12


    block up all the sit down toilets so only urinals are available. Need to poo? Use the ladies’. When sit-downs are unavailable only those who can pee standing up will use the mens’ room.

  9. 13

    George Wells

    @Pissonem #12:
    FINALLY! A GOOD idea!
    @Brother Bob:
    Did you catch that? Here’s somebody ELSE who is THINKING about actually fixing at least a part of this problem. Remember MY solution? Single stalls for EVERYBODY? No communal urinals or troughs where whoever can ogle you for whatever reason? Well, Pissonem’s fix doesn’t fix that problem, but it comes close. And there are a load of old geezers like Bill and Redteam who need to sit down before they fall down or keel over anyway, so they’d be GLAD to go into a stall to take a load off and to GET a load off.

    And I have a female cat who likes to back up to a bush and let it fly just like a Tom –she probably learned the trick watching our male mark his territory. I bet there are more than a few lesbians out there who’ve learned the same trick, and they could show us a thing or two that we haven’t seen before. Might have some entertainment value…

    But back to the REAL question, and that’s why you seem to think that this North Carolina law – the one that just got trashed by the 4th Circuit’s Virginia Bathroom Law decision – is just about bathroom usage. It isn’t. And just so you don’t STAY confused, transgender people are NOT gay people, and gay people are not transgender people. You must think that they are then same, or else you wouldn’t keep asking why gay people want to use the wrong gender bathrooms. They DON’T! If a gay guy (or a lesbian) wants to get a thrill looking at someone who turns them on, they DON’T go into the WRONG gender bathroom. They go where they belong (chromosomally) and they “fit right in.” Bathroom politics is NOT a gay issue.

  10. 14


    @George Wells:

    And there are a load of old geezers like Bill and Redteam who need to sit down before they fall down or keel over anyway,

    Very good George. I almost always use a toilet to sit down to pee. It’s a lot more comfortable and cleaner. It certainly wouldn’t bother me if they only had toilet stalls with walls down to the floor. One restroom with only urinals would be fine also, as long as it was labeled as urinal room.
    footnote: I have never been in a restroom where ‘gay’ was an issue. No ‘ogling’ or anything like that.

  11. 15

    George Wells

    @Redteam #14:

    Private stalls would eliminate a whole lot of problems. I’ve been in places where there were 6 or 8-foot long troughs – urinals – attached to the wall, and I’ve been where the only option was to pee into a trough built into the floor. Fairly messy. In some countries, your only public option is to squat and take a crap into a hole in the floor… also problematic. Once you go to all stalls, gender issues disappear.

    Regarding never been “ogled” in a restroom, I’m guessing that you haven’t had to use many rest stops along interstates after dark. When I did fuel tank inspections around the country, I did a lot of travel by car, and such stops were unavoidable. Some public rest stops are hotbeds of public sex, and the participants are obnoxious. They get arrested in wholesale numbers, but there are always more of them in the pipeline. Glad you were spared that.

  12. 16


    @George Wells:

    Some public rest stops are hotbeds of public sex, and the participants are obnoxious.

    Almost all, if not all, interstate restrooms in the areas I frequent, La, Tx, Ms, Al, Fl and Ga have security, almost always but at night for sure.
    Yes, I’ve been to a huge number of foreign countries and a lot of them do not have acceptable toilet facilities.
    I can not understand why Americans are supposed to accept transgenders as Normal. They’re not. While I don’t think people should be ‘discriminated’ against, I also do not think transgenders should be treated as normal, but as special cases of abnormal persons. I can’t understand why, if a person is in a private restroom stall, that it matters who is in the one next to it.

  13. 17

    George Wells

    @Redteam #16:

    “I also do not think transgenders should be treated as normal”

    Too bad, Redteam. Being transgender isn’t a crime. If you are not breaking a law, you HAVE to be treated the same way everyone else gets treated. It’s called “equal rights.” The Constitution deals with equal treatment, remember?

    It must be tough, being so painfully normal, and seeing all of these abnormal and OBVIOUSLY inferior people getting the same treatment that you get. Pity that you can’t send them all to a concentration camp and have them gassed… Or have you got a BETTER “final solution” for all of these “special cases”?

  14. 18


    @George Wells:

    Too bad, Redteam. Being transgender isn’t a crime. If you are not breaking a law, you HAVE to be treated the same way everyone else gets treated.

    I think you misunderstood the meaning of my statement. My statement was meant to say that a law shouldn’t be made to carve out a special right for persons that are abnormal. You might think it’s normal for a person with a heavy beard and a penis to ‘think’ “it’s” a woman, but “it’s” not It’s a screwed up human. There are already plenty of laws written and in effect for ‘handicapped’ persons and, after all, that’s likely what these people are. Should ‘blonde’ haired persons have a special law written for them? Should they have a ‘special’ rest room for them?

  15. 19

    George Wells

    @Redteam #18:
    I happen to think that heterosexuals are handicapped. They have sex with each other like rabbits, and sooner or later they get knocked up. And do they learn their lesson? NO! So they make the same mistake over and over again, ending up with an enormous burden – rug-rats underfoot – that will consume their time and money for the next two decades! What a life! But you don’t find me wanting to limit their freedom to make the choices they make in who they want to love or marry and which bathrooms they want to go in. It’s none of my BUSINESS. And just because something is “normal” doesn’t mean that it’s a good idea. Hating the Jews in Nazi Germany was “normal,” but look where that got Germany. And all this heterosexual sex has resulted in WAY too many people. There ought to be a law!

  16. 20


    @George Wells:

    heterosexuals are handicapped. They have sex with each other like rabbits, and sooner or later they get knocked up.

    Have you ever told your mom and dad that you consider them to be handicapped and that if they hadn’t screwed around like rabbits and got her knocked up and as a final insult ended up with a gay rug rat for all their troubles? I’ll bet they enjoyed getting that message.

    limit their freedom to make the choices they make in who they want to love or marry and which bathrooms they want to go in.

    So why do you find it important to get involved in the rights of transgenders? Don’t you think heterosexuals are entitled to rights also?

    Hating the Jews in Nazi Germany was “normal,”

    I doubt it. Humans don’t ‘hate’ others as a ‘norm’. They might have had to persecute the jews because it was the desire of the ruling party, but they wouldn’t have to ‘like it’.
    Do you think it’s not normal for a woman to want to be able to go to a public restroom without having to share it with a male stranger?
    You ever wonder why there’s not a problem with females (that think they’re male) wanting to go into male restrooms?

  17. 21


    @George Wells:Easy there take a few breaths, the whole mindless rant.
    Step back most people are not afraid of the Ts, it is those that are imposters, sickos, pervs, sexual predators that will take advantage. So .3% of the population cannot use a locker-room or restroom that is in opposition to how they were born. not even 1 half of 1 percent. But those that are uncomfortable in allowing the opposite gender into our space are suppose to just let it happen. The young pervs in Toronto using their phones to film the girls showering. The man who had no female clothing and wearing a mans swimsuit in the womens locker room during the childrens swim class. No it is indecent, I dont want the Ts in concentration camp or my bathroom. Jenner knows he is a man and for years was in the mens locker room
    just because he throws on pantyhose doesn’t give him a ticket.
    There is nothing brave about playing music for countries that would toss you and your husband off a building and then coming back to the states and trying to be the bully of the bathroom.

  18. 22

    Common Sense

    @George Wells: George, reality is what it is and far be it from you to change it. Males don’t belong in females bathrooms and females don’t belong in males bathrooms and like it or not there are NO other sexes!!

  19. 23


    @Common Sense: Very good. I certainly agree and believe that there are only two sexes. There are certainly a lot of screwed up people that don’t want to live with reality. Look at the girl on 60 minutes a couple of weeks ago that is attempting to live as a male. She still has a vagina and said she still hadn’t given up on maybe having a baby one day. Boys don’t have babies.

  20. 24

    George Wells

    My, but you all are going to have a terrible future.

    Things are changing, and already you are upset about the direction being taken, and it has really only just begun.

    I hear you making arguments that would have worked well enough 100 years ago, and some even 50. But in case you haven’t noticed, they aren’t working now.

    Civil rights are not immutable laws, they are determined by LIVING people who are constantly dying off and taking their ideas with them, and they in turn are being replaced by NEW people who have different ideas. The terms “progress” and “change” are applied to this constant turnover of people and ideas, but it DOESN’T imply that all change or all progress is for the better. Never-the-less, it DOES happen, and it can’t be stopped.

    The conservative fallacy is that it CAN be stopped, if only enough people can be convinced that time needs to flow backwards. Ahhhhh, but it can’t. And that’s why you’re all going to have a terrible future.

    You think giving freedom to slaves, voting rights to women and marriage rights to gays was the end of it? Nope. It never ends.

    Science hasn’t stopped revealing its secrets, and Mankind hasn’t run out of new ideas. Our future has in store for us genetically engineered everything, artificial intelligence, the effective elimination of privacy as we know it, automated production of all goods and automated provision of all services, “smart” property (like your home, your car and your gun) that only works for YOU, and sexual “norms” you cannot even begin to imagine.
    People with open minds will thrive. And that’s why you’re going to have a terrible future.

  21. 25


    your premise that the conservative philosophy is to stop all change is a load of horse puckey.
    Open minds gave us the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Huge national debt and you consider this successful evolution?
    Consider transgender surgery’s where 40% of those who get it try to commit suicide and you consider this success to?
    Conservatism looks at the world as it actually is and applies those values to it!
    Your so called open mind thriving is just your fairy tale economic and social policies imploding till you find yourself just like the poor saps in former Soviet Union with subsistence living, no rights and no hope for a better life unless they become a party apparatchik willing to screw over their neighbors in the name of progressivism
    Is Obama care thriving or are companies dropping coverage as they garner big losses
    Your premise is a straw man argument for things conservatives know “will not work”
    That’s the fact jack

  22. 26

    George Wells

    @Matt #25:

    “Open minds gave us the Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, Huge national debt and you consider this successful evolution?”

    “Consider transgender surgery’s where 40% of those who get it try to commit suicide and you consider this success to?”

    Ahhhh, poor, blind Matt. You missed this, didn’t you?

    “The terms “progress” and “change” are applied to this constant turnover of people and ideas, but it DOESN’T imply that all change or all progress is for the better.”

    Instead of having a GOOD argument, you have only a weak one that you have to stretch, and stretch…

    Isn’t it a pity that while you are utterly convinced that you are right, you still can’t convince enough OTHER people for it to matter. I certainly can’t foretell the future, and you just might be right about what is better and what is not, but as you fail to win over the people you need – to change what MIGHT need to be changed – the point is moot.

    I recommend that you discover something that you can actually do well. You haven’t found it yet.

  23. 27

    Common Sense

    @George Wells: There in lies the real problem, morons like you use words you have NO clue what the meaning of the word is. Civil does NOT refer to a pedofile going into a female bathroom!! NO clue as expected from such unscientific idiots!! No science has EVER proven that humans are anything other than male or female as born!!

  24. 28

    George Wells

    @Common sense #27:

    “No science has EVER proven that humans are anything other than male or female as born!!”

    Well, actually it has. There are plenty of documented cases of hermaphroditism where the individual isn’t “male or female” but instead both. Some cases find both X-X and X-Y chromosomes present in the same individual, and in other cases, defective chromosomes produce the physical expression of gender ambiguity. Much more common are cases where abnormal prenatal hormone levels produced physical androgyny and psychological gender confusion. “As born” produces more than you think it does.

    “morons like you… Civil does NOT refer to a pedofile going into a female bathroom!!”

    It never WAS about pedophiles (check your spelling please, MORON) going into female bathrooms. It was ALWAYS about finding another way to fight the progress gay civil rights have made and continue to make. The “bathroom” issue is a cute smokescreen that conservatives puffed up to distract people from their REAL objective, but it didn’t work, and now you are once again going to be embarrassed as your efforts to discriminate are dismantled by the courts.

    Pedophilia is not a crime, so long as the urges are not acted upon. If they ARE acted upon, the behaviors are crimes that are already dealt with in the Law. But you knew that.

  25. 29

    Common Sense

    @George Wells: Once again you prove your ignorance. Gay rights?? I believe there should only be human rights!! BTW what % of humans are actually born with what you describe?? I still don’t want a man in a woman’s bathroom because it is NOT CIVIL!! Nice try though!!

  26. 30

    George Wells

    @Common Sense #29:
    And those “human rights” are the SAME rights that were routinely denied to gay people for a long time, and in many cases still are. Gay people weren’t allowed to congregate in nightclubs, gay people weren’t allowed to have sex with each other, gay people weren’t allowed to accompany their partners into hospitals, or inherit their estates, and on and on. Gay people STILL are not protected from discrimination in housing, employment, and a host of public and commercial services. These are “human rights” that have belonged to everyone EXCEPT gay people, and they have come to be called “gay rights” precisely because the rest of you never bothered to treat gay people as humans. Call them whatever you want, but as long as you treat gay people differently from everyone else, they will call what THEY are fighting for: “gay rights”.

  27. 31

    Common Sense

    @George Wells: To your housing crap I say BS. The rest has already been addressed because they are human rights. Marriage is between a man and a woman period and it is my right to hold this belief. Civil unions I have NO problem with it should be up to the states to determine if that is the case. In California the majority of voters supported this position but of course the gays can NOT deal with it so they go to the liberal courts to get their way. As far as treating gays as humans you overreact as expected. I was in the military and civilian life and worked with gays and reported to gays with no issue. It’s when gays expect and receive special recognition I have issues. You say Gays are treated differently and you are correct because gays demand it, can’t blame anyone for that. Don’t deny me my right to believe what I choose!! The majority of Americans feel the sam way but it’s the minuscule minority that makes the most noise!! Pathetic in my book!!

  28. 33

    George Wells

    @Common Sense #31:
    Yeah, I was in the military for 6 years. Some of my gay friends got caught in the NSA’a periodic witch-hunts that had the singular purpose of getting rid of gays.

    You are free to believe whatever you want to believe, but you are mistaken if you believe that gays are protected in housing and employment. Name the law that says otherwise. And make that a Federal law, not something that passed the Burlington, VT city council.
    What do you think that ENDA – that DIDN’T get through the Republican-dominated House of Representatives – was all about?

  29. 34

    Common Sense

    @George Wells: George, reasonable feedback and much appreciated. I was in six years in the medical field and worked for the VA as well. Whatever was is NOT any longer and I will believe what I choose as is my right as well as yours. No law needs to be named, the protection is provided as a citizen of our country. It is easy to point out discrimination in isolated events, in fact not being Gay can cause discrimination as well. I have seen that also!! Visit San Diego on University Ave and observe. We will agree to disagree and both be right and both be wrong. Thanks for your service!!

  30. 35

    George Wells

    @Common Sense #34:

    Thank you very much for a most decent response, and for the warm acknowledgment.
    Please allow me to make one suggestion:

    “Whatever was is NOT any longer”

    This is true in the military – regarding promulgated regulation, although the culture will take a long time to catch up, as it has concerning racial differences – and its truth can be credited to the current Democratic administration’s success in this regard. Sadly, your comment is not so applicable in the broader social context. Yes, “marriage equality” has been achieved, again at the hands of liberals and over the strong objections of conservatives. “Whatever was” is still every bit the goal of many Republicans who would erase recent progress, given the chance. It is for this reason that I and many like me must remain vigilant, as rights taken for granted are soon forfeit.


    “No law needs to be named, the protection is provided as a citizen of our country.”

    I must call you on that, and of course you must have anticipated as much. There are NO protections that are not specifically spelled out in the Law. Consider the plight of mid-19th century slaves. The Declaration of Independence featured some eloquent words from Jefferson on the subject of all men being created equal and of being endowed with inalienable rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. That wasn’t nearly enough to protect blacks from slavery. The Civil Rights Act of 1866 followed the Emancipation Proclamation and finally guaranteed slaves their citizenship… and “equal protection under the law,” but it wasn’t until almost 100 years later – with the Civil Rights Act of 1964 – that Blacks got the full right to vote and to not be discriminated against in public accommodations. EVEN so, racial strife continues, and racial discrimination is alive and well. Imagine how much worse it would be if racists were only restrained by their sense of civic duty! It takes written laws to express the rights that we all have, not some vague sense of what citizenship OUGHT to include. If this were not so, we wouldn’t need laws in the first place. And do note that while the Civil Rights Act of 1964 DOES protect Blacks from discrimination, it does NOT extend the same protection to gays. THAT protection does not exist.

  31. 36

    Common Sense

    Thanks for the response. I must call you out on the idea that only liberals did good and conservatives failed in the area of racial strife and racism. Sense Obama and the liberal Democrats took office the black unemployment rate is much higher, racism is worse that before they took office and please understand blacks are racists as well as whites (see black lives matter movement). From my view Obama has stirred the pot of racial divide and has gone backwards, and this opinion is shared by many many Americans. The damage done may not be irreparable thanks to the liberal Democrats under the leadership of Obama. As stated we will agree to disagree or disagree to disagree but being a white male, conservative, over 65 I can tell you that I have been judged a racist and I resent it. Racism crosses many corners not only black my friend.

  32. 37

    George Wells

    @Common Sense #36:
    I did not mean to imply that racism is a ‘white-only” phenomenon. It isn’t.
    I DID make the point that that slaves were not KEPT as slaves by the effort of Blacks, but by Whites, and it was not Blacks who fought AGAINST the Civil Rights Acts of 1866 and 1964. It wasn’t Blacks who fought desegregation, and it wasn’t Blacks who tried to keep Blacks out of White restaurants, etc., etc.. A fairly good argument can be made that Whites STARTED the racial strife that still exists in America today, and an equally compelling argument can be made that Blacks are at LEAST equally responsible of its continuation. Neither can the blame for this racism be lain at the feet of Republicans, as it was Democrats who initially supported slavery and who continued to fight against equal rights for Blacks in the deep South.

    I, too, am a White male over 65, and I lean conservative more often than not. However, I am not so constipated of mind that I cannot see the faults of BOTH parties, and I make a good-faith effort to correct them wherever and whenever they arise. The GOP has squandered its legitimately superior position on issues of national security and the economy by obsessing on social issues that it cannot win. Doing so puts our balanced, two-party system at risk, and I find that unacceptable.

  33. 38

    Common Sense

    @George Wells: All good here and once again thanks for the dialogue. I honestly feel that there is an effort afoot to sometimes instill guilt where guilt is not appropriate and I appreciate that you have likely been in a similar position. I came from nothing and succeeded by my own will and determination and owe nothing to anyone. Thanks again!!

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