Lefties Crowing About No Guns at the RNC Convention Are Looking in the Wrong Direction

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OK lefties, you’ve had your fun crowing about how Republicans are supposedly cowards/hypocrites for not insisting on having their convention being an open carry zone.

PJ Media’s Liz Shield gives the rundown:

On Monday, the Secret Service announced there will be no firearms at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, Ohio.

Yesterday, I wrote about a petition that had 40,000 signatures (now its closer to 50,000) demanding open carry at the Republican convention. It turns out, it doesn’t matter how many people sign on to the demands, the Secret Service has put its foot down, something I predicted: “Not only would Quicken probably have some liability issues with so many people carrying firearms on their premises, the Secret Service provides security to the candidates and they would certainly not approve of a room full of attendees and malcontents armed up.”

Ohio is an open-carry state, although the Quicken Arena forbids firearms on its premises.

“Title 18 United States Code Sections 3056 and 1752 provides the Secret Service authority to preclude firearms from entering sites visited by our protectees, including those located in open-carry states,” Secret Service spokesman Robert K. Hoback said in a written statement. “Only authorized law enforcement personnel working in conjunction with the Secret Service for a particular event may carry a firearm inside of the protected site.”

Gawker’s Hamilton Nolan provides some less incendiary analysis than some posts I’ve seen on Facebook from my lefty pals:

The Republican candidates claim to support gun rights. But do they? They don’t even want to allow a boisterous crowd of Donald Trump supporters to arm themselves with firearms while attending the convention at which party leaders will try to steal the nomination from Donald Trump. That’s not just anti-American; it’s anti-fun.

Imagine locking thousands of pissed-off, heavily armed Americans in a large room as their hero, Donald Trump, exhorts them to do whatever is necessary to stop the powers-that-be from defeating him using arcane political maneuvering. That, my friends, is a show that I would watch. And as a member of the media, I can tell you that we really need to build our audience. We need this bad. Don’t take this away from us.

Like most Lefty snark, the world is rarely as simplistic as their talking points. National Review’s Charles W. Cook sheds some sanity on the subject. To briefly excerpt:

First: There is no Second Amendment violation here. The Second Amendment is a check on government, not on private entities. The Quicken Loans Arena is owned by a private corporation. If the arena’s rule is no firearms, then those who wish to use it must abide by that rule. And if they don’t like it, they can go somewhere else.

Second: As absurd as the idea of “gun free zones” is in a country with this many firearms, there are certain circumstances in which it is prudent to try to limit the presence of guns. It has always been ridiculous to hear progressives predict that widespread concealed carry would lead to frustrated shoppers shooting each other in the supermarket or to irritated customers opening fire at the bank; and it has been hilarious to witness the freakout we see each year when the press learns that NRA members may pack heat at their annual convention. But a political convention strikes me as being less akin to those examples, and more akin to, say, the circumstances that obtain at a polling place.

Third: Given the brazen manner in which Donald Trump has encouraged physical violence against those who have protested at his rallies — “next time, we might have to kill him,” one Trump fan warned a man he sucker punched — there is pretty much no incentive for the Quicken Loans Arena team to be generous here.

But this is one of the times I’m feeling particularly generous and am willing to meet the lefties halfway. I am ready to accept that we conservatives are cowards and hypocrites for not demanding a free for all of open carry weapons at the GOP Convention. But, that means your side have to give something, and it’s easy – the DNC Convention and the area around it must be a completely gun-free zone for the duration of the convention. Nobody is allowed to bring in a firearm of any kind, not the Secret Service, local police, or even whoever has the job of detaining Hillary when she’s finally brought to justice. And whatever happens, you will not, under any circumstances, call in for law enforcement or military assistance of any kind deal with any situation that may arise. After all, unilateral disarmament is your formula for getting bad people to disarm. And since you are so violently anti-gun, it would be hypocritical to demand some gun-wielding coward rescue you from some peace loving protester who wants to offer you their free “ball bearing and mason nail” piercing services.

Or I have a better idea – how about if you Lefties drop this stupid jawing and start thinking and talking like adults?

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36 Responses to “Lefties Crowing About No Guns at the RNC Convention Are Looking in the Wrong Direction”

  1. 1

    another vet

    OK lefties, you’ve had your fun crowing about how Republicans are supposedly cowards/hypocrites

    Let the gloves come off and we’ll see who the cowards are. And hypocrites? The left is the epitome of hypocrisy.

    Or I have a better idea – how about if you Lefties drop this stupid jawing and start thinking and talking like adults?

    Brother Bob, you are asking the impossible.

  2. 2

    Nanny G

    The author of the petition calling for the open carry of guns at the Cleveland RNC is a lefty blogger named “Jim,” according to CBS.

    Jim is a self-described liberal Democrat who intends to vote for Hillary Clinton should she become the Democratic nominee.

    Jim is no fan of guns himself.
    Now, Utah is also an Open Carry state.
    Fully 1 in 4 adults have permits to conceal carry, which is one step more, ANY adult can open carry here.
    We found a fish and chip place where all the wait staff open carry.
    It has never been robbed.
    Fancy that.

  3. 5

    Richard Wheeler

    Isn’t Secret Service and local law enforcement at both venues sufficient, reasonable and appropriate–what’s the argument?

    AV If you recall way back when I predicted Trump would get 30-35% Repub support, win some Primaries, but eventually, as field winnowed, fade to black. The fade begins tomorrow night in Wisconsin. Trump will go to Cleveland with no more than 1075 of required 1237—Cruz a strong 2nd and Kasich a rising 3rd–Marco holds his votes on first ballot—2ND ballot all are free.—gets very interesting.—IMO open carry would not be wise.lol

  4. 7


    Yesterday, I wrote about a petition that had 40,000 signatures (now its closer to 50,000) demanding open carry at the Republican convention.

    Given the repeatedly demonstrated volatility of Trump supporters and some of the cracked-brain statements that have been made about riots following a failure to nominate him, that would be a list of the names of 40,000 people who haven’t given the matter enough thought.

    Meanwhile, the two non-electable republican front runners—the reality TV host and the former Canadian, who some are claiming is not even a U.S. citizen, let alone a natural born one—are trying to push the GOP’s one reasonable alternative out of the contest.

    The North American Law Center points out that it doesn’t appear Cruz’s mother filed a Consular Report of Birth Abroad to claim U.S. citizenship for her son, leaving him as a Canadian citizen by default. They assert that he was, or is, in the United States illegally.

    The point being, there are far more entertaining things for lefties to watch than the GOP’s convention firearm ban. Keeping untold hundreds of personal firearms possessed by people obsessed with stopping power out of large, emotionally charged events in enclosed spaces seems like little more than common sense.

  5. 8

    Nanny G

    One YouTube prankster Joey Salads decided to conduct the experiment in Los Angeles and separately went around holding up signs for Trump and Sanders.

    The video-maker wanted to test which sign got a more aggressive response. And the result was overwhelmingly the sign carrying Trump’s name.

    Here’s the video, you be the judge.
    It is those on the LEFT who are violent.


  6. 9

    Richard Wheeler

    @Nanny G: Trump engenders a good deal of “dislike” here in California. I predict a 3rd place finish in June 7 primary which will send him reeling towards CLEVE.–well short of 1237 needed for nom.
    It’s true that Kasich only one of 3 that can surely beat HRC.

  7. 10

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler:

    AV If you recall way back when I predicted Trump would get 30-35% Repub support, win some Primaries, but eventually, as field winnowed, fade to black.

    You also predicted way back that he would be finished after Cruz beat him in Texas and Rubio beat him in Florida. You got one of three right. Hopefully you are back on a winning streak with your latest prediction!

  8. 11

    Richard Wheeler

    @another vet: Marco beat himself when he got in the mud with Trump.
    Notice how Carson is moving away from Trump. WTF-Trump had accused him of being a pedophile.
    With 52% of the electorate being female it is ABSOLUTELY impossible for Trump to win a G.E. with 35% approval.
    Both Trump and Cruz are understandably trying to drive out Kasich–he worries both—–good.

    Nanny Staff carrying at Fish and Chips joint?
    Brandishing AR-14’s at Steak and Brew.

  9. 12

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: Rubio probably should have waited and scarfed up the VP slot. He obviously wasn’t ready to run for the top job. Kasich’s only hope is that there is a brokered convention and the establishment gives him the nod. While he is more than qualified for the job, that would be a huge mistake as it will show that the Republican Party is every bit as corrupt as the dems who have done their best to protect Hillary.

  10. 13

    Richard Wheeler

    That’s AR-15’s—- Does anyone still think Trump will get the nom?
    Anyone believe he can win a G.E?–if so who do you like for V.P?

    A.V I hope Kasich/Rubio ticket emerges—surely a winning combo over HRC

  11. 20

    Rich Wheeler

    @Brother Bob: As you know General Election polls show Kasich is the only Repub. who beats HRC and Sanders.
    Trump’s dismal performance among woman dooms him to a certain defeat.
    Will Trumpists turn out the vote for a nominated Cruz? Will Cruz get a substantial majority of Indies in a head-up with HRC? Cruz chances against HRC are slim–though better than Trump’s -none.
    Over 30% of voters identify as “INDIES” Kasich wins here. Many Dems.like myself will not vote for HRC. Kasich wins here overwhelmingly.
    Big question–If Kasich is nominee will Cruz and Trump supporters back him to assure defeat of HRC? I think they will.
    Note Rubio has not endorsed anyone- Repubs need Fla and Ohio to win General Election–there’s the winning ticket—or get HRC for the next 4 years.

  12. 21

    Brother Bob


    @Rich Wheeler: Kasich polls well because he’s unknown outside of folks who follow these stories too much, like you & me! A few more lectures on Jesus being a socialist should be enough to repel the few remaining Conservatives that might still consider voting for him. And as for the advantage of being unknown, the media hasn’t turned it’s guns on him yet.
    Given the choice between full Democrat & Democrat-lite it isn’t hard to guess who wine

  13. 22

    Rich Wheeler

    @Brother Bob: You are saying the reason Kasich crushes known fools like Trump and HRC among the general electorate is because he is unknown? Interesting take but I DO NOT CONCUR.
    Have you noticed our Trumpists have gone silent? If only their glorious leader would do the same—He’s currently performing his Mussolini rant in Bethpage 20 minutes from where I grew up on Long Island—primary prediction Trump 48% Cruz 27% Kasich 25%
    He’s gonna finish 3rd in Cal and go to Convention about 1050–Cruz–875 –Kasich 400–Rubio will release his 100+ after first ballot–none will go to Donald.

    Brooklyn Bernie running strong in N.Y

  14. 23

    Brother Bob


    @Rich Wheeler: Um, you kind of made my point – in which parallel universe has Kasich “crushed” Trump? And yes, he polls well against Hillary because the fact that he’s a self-absorbed a-hole isn’t really known outside of the political junkie circles. And he hasn’t gotten the usual media savaging that every top Republican gets when they become some kind of threat – remember how McCain was their darling until he became the standard bearer for the GOP? Given the choice of two Democrats the Republicans will stay home and Hillary wins, even from prison!

  15. 24

    Rich Wheeler

    @Brother Bob: “self absorbed a-hole”?? He’s certainly kept that hidden from a political junkie like myself—Trump makes no effort to do so.
    My assertion was if Trump ran against Kasich in a national election he-Trump would lose badly.

  16. 25


    @Rich Wheeler: What a dumb f*ck statement. The total popular vote count to day is 8.1 million for Trump and 2.9 million for Kasich. Everyone that has voted to date had a free choice of who to vote for and they clearly did not choose Kasich. But then, no one expects any better from you.

  17. 26

    Brother Bob


    @Rich Wheeler: You don’t see Kasich as a self absorbed a-hole? Sorry, I thought you were paying attention! But I’ll bite – how is it you see Kasich beating Trump nationally when he’s been getting thrashed by Trump in the primaries?

  18. 28


    @Brother Bob: Bob, RW is a typical Liberal socialist. He was educated in a liberal socialist atmosphere. He can’t add and subtract. “Hypothetically” all those people that voted could choose Trump or Kasich, they chose Trump. Libs don’t like being told they are stupid. He’s stupid.

  19. 29

    Rich Wheeler

    @Brother Bob: As you know Kasich beats HRC by an average of 5 points. HRC beats Trump by an average of close to 8 points—-Kasich would beat Trump if they went head to head—which of course they won’t.
    Longshot 3 way Kasich vs HRC vs disgruntled 3rd Party Trump. HRC wins.
    Kasich/Rubio can beat HRC—Trump loses—Cruz close race-probably loses.
    If we agree on beating HRC IT’S GOTTA BE KASICH

  20. 30


    @Rich Wheeler: You need to let those chaps breathe a little, they’ve got your mind in a bind.

    If we agree on beating HRC IT’S GOTTA BE KASICH

    It is so interesting that a liberal socialist is attempting to teach someone how to lose to a less liberal socialist.

  21. 31

    Rich Wheeler

    @Brother Bob: Think you’d agree we have a mutual respect earned through many intelligent back and fourths–I have the same relationship with Word and Aqua—and Dr J — I respect your Conservative views.
    Do you honestly think Trump OR Cruz can beat HRC-?–assuming she doesn’t get indicted.lol–Don’t think that will happen but believe Biden would step in and be tough to beat.

  22. 32

    Brother Bob


    @Rich Wheeler: Let’s try this from a different angle, since we’re now just going in circles arguing hypotheticals: Can you show us an example of where a RINO has won a major election in the US against a powerful and heavily media-favored Democrat? I’m giving honest thought to your theory but can’t think of any examples.

  23. 34

    Rich Wheeler

    @Brother Bob: Good timing and an argument that on it’s face makes sense.Romney was an eastern moderate—Kasich a rock solid middle America moderate Repub-score one for K—Romney a Mormon–Kasich a Protestant–Score two for K
    ELECTORAL VOTES K brings Ohio and Pa–lost by Romney-Those 2 states give victory to any Repub.
    Think HRC will bring out angry Conservs in bigger numbers than BHO.
    You may not like it but you got to get close to 50% of female vote to win–Trump and Cruz can’t do it–agreeable Kasich can
    Rubio as Veep helps in Fla—brings Latin vote to a respectable-35-40%-Romney got 27%–Trump no better.
    Both Bush’s were relative moderates—Trump and Cruz too radical for general populace–Think Goldwater said “I’d rather be right than be Prez” You wanna be right and lose choose Cruz. If you just wanna be dead wrong and lose choose Trump.
    Kasich/ Rubio if you wanna WIN.

  24. 36

    Brother Bob


    @Rich Wheeler: I think the one part of Kasich that you’re missing is that he annoys the base – conservatives aren’t voting for someone who offers a Bible for anyone who questions expanding Medicaid.
    On a complete tangent, I’ve been reading a book that I picked up randomly years ago and had been collecting dust on my shelf. Tonight I finally took note of the author – probably somebody you’d like to be seeing a lot more of these days

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