The coming Armageddon – Donald Trump may be the match, but the GOP set the kindling…

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Absent a political earthquake, Donald Trump will be the GOP’s nominee for President of the United States. It is possible that he won’t, but the odds are long. His nomination will set the nation on a disastrous course that is only partly – and a small part at that – of his making.

When Donald Trump wins the nomination the $2 billion of free media he has received thus far will turn against him. If Mittens Romney thought he was portrayed as a monster just wait until the lefty media gets done with the Dean of Trump University. It will be an unmitigated bloodbath. And, frankly, it doesn’t matter who shows up on the left. Whether it’s Hillary Clinton or, in the event she’s already been indicted, Bernie Sanders, it won’t matter. Left is left is left.

During the general campaign there will likely be riots across the country as socialists, Communists, anarchists and every other faction of the Democrat Party seek to eviscerate Donald Trump’s 1st Amendment rights. But unlike the 1968 riots which resulted in a decisive Nixon victory, 2016 will see the party of the rioters win, decisively. And they are likely to take the Senate with them and possibly the House.

From there things will go south… rapidly. Not only will there be no wall built, but the US southern border will basically disappear as the United States of America evolves into the United States of Latin America, just another failed state. The façade of budget restraint the GOP has been pretending to impose will be gone. Government spending will rocket beyond a quarter of GDP within a few years and keep growing beyond that. Taxes will become more complex as they rise precipitously. Regulation will strangle free markets. And China and Russia will assert themselves even more than they have against the obsequious Barack Obama. ISIS will thrive and will find greater success here at home. The American military will become a full blown social experiment and social program all rolled into one. And of course, political speech – at least the kind that utters anything against the regime or against global warming or for traditional marriage – will be essentially outlawed while political correctness will become the order of the day in schools, churches, offices and everywhere else, enforced by thugs empowered by an approving government…. And then to top it all off, regulations driven by the global warming hoax and socialist hubris will devastate the American economy, sending investment and jobs beyond our borders as government policies drag the world into a 2nd Great Depression, just as they did a century before.

And there won’t be a thing the GOP can do about it. Why? Because the party will be gone. Like a zombie its body may be around for a little while, but it will be gone. Conservatives, fed up with a quarter century of the GOP being nothing more than an extension of the Democrat party will bolt. The energy of the Tea Party from early on in the Obama presidency will rise like a Phoenix and will be far larger this time. Not only will it include conservatives, but it will include many – not all – of the Trump supporters who are angry and feel disenfranchised and marginalized by government and have been told their outsiders in their own county.

And make no mistake, as bad as things have gotten under an Obama with a supplicant GOP, they will only get worse under a Democrat president without even a faux opposition. And that means in every way… economically, militarily, culturally and perhaps most importantly, politically – in terms of how citizens deal with one another, particularly those with whom they disagree with.

It will take years for the Tea Party / marginalized citizen party to find its footing and make its mark as it will have to fight the GOP zombies who won’t have yet realized their party is dead. The question is, by the time the new entity finds its legs will the county have become Venezuela? Will there be an actual revolution between those who see that a bloated, unrestrained, rapacious government has become an enemy of freedom against those who see the redistributive and regulatory happy government as the central element of their lives? Or will it be possible to recover Benjamin Franklin’s Republic through Constitutional means? That’s a good question, because a Constitution is only as strong as the character of the citizens sworn to protect and defend it, and with Barack Obama we’ve only begun to see exactly what can happen when a man of the left – read anti-American – is given that duty.

The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

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    Richard Wheeler

    Not a pretty picture–Trump nom. and G.E. defeat brings an end to the G.O.P. and the T.P already weakened by Trump’s candidacy.
    I’m pulling for Kasich and will pull the lever for him in open Cal primary 6/7.
    National polls show Trump lead over Cruz is shrinking–he’s being challenged in both Wisconsin–Cruz and Pa.-Kasich–If he loses those two his current lead in Ca. will evaporate and it goes to Cleve. a 3 man or more –PAUL RYAN??—race.

    buckle up..

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    Trump is and always was the ONLY one running on the GOP side who can win the general. The Establishment wants and has ALWAYS wanted a democrat in the White House, hence the string of patsies they set up every cycle. The GOPE has exactly the same agenda the dems have and want a dem beard in the WH to hide behind.

    Anyone who believes the GOPE is ANY different than the dems will be out looking for the Eater Bunny this weekend.

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    Vince the 1st Amendment only protects your right to free speech from the government. It does NOT protect you from my right to tell you or Trump to stfu
    Vince Americans have a wide range of choices in media to consume, from far right to far left. Your gripe is that most Americans CHOOSE to use what you call lefty media. No one is forcing them, they could choose Fox or Stormfront, but MOST don’t You just don’t approve of what Americans WANT to watch, you think they should watch what you think they should.

  4. 6



    the first amendment protects all our speech because it prevents the state from picking sides in the verbal fight… so we all can say what we want because the state cant stop us… so its not just speech from the state it protects.

    this is why a person can sue another person for abridging their rights when not on private property which you tacitly approve of the rules by entering… kind of like the legalese on the back of a ticket you buy…

    Trump will probably win because the polls cant ask the people questions that address what he can do to win. that is, the poll asks based on what you see so far, and they have yet to see Trump hammer hillary for the many many scandals and have her lose it on stage with not much to say about him that hasnt already been played out to its not a thing anymore.

    the people who say he will lose are ignoring how effective that can be when the person refused to play heads you win tails you win and not bring such things up (usually in exchange for them not bringing the dirt up). but Trump has no real private dirt we have not all had the press subject us too way before he was a candidate!!!!!!!!!!!

    Ultimately, do not do what you enemy wants you to do.

    and do not think that the dems are as clever as maxwell smart in their wanting Trump up so he can lose… (the maxwell smart thing has to do with the kind of i know that you know that i know that if i want this you will say what, so i will pick that to fool you… if you dont like maxwell smart or are too young, try princess bride)

  5. 7


    On the speech thing i forgot to add that the state also has the responsilibty and purpose to protect our rights, so that is why they get suied for not stopping someone from abridging them (except leftists)…

    so because they cant stop speech, we all can say what we want

    because they are to defend rights, others cant stop us without the state having to protect that.

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    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: In order for Cruz to beat Trump, he needs 85% of the remaining delegates. That will be next to impossible with Kasich still in there syphoning off votes for something he can no longer win. If Trump gets the nod, it will because of:

    1. Obama’s overstepping and divisiveness.

    2. The GOP establishment’s lack of a spine and their disregard for their constituency in order to maintain control of the party.

    3. Too many candidates who didn’t realize early on that they had no chance of winning but still hung around thus splitting the anti-Trump vote.

    One and two helped lead to an angry electorate making Trump possible. Three is the result of being somewhat selfish.

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    === ===
    Above: Conservatives, fed up with a quarter century of the GOP being nothing more than an extension of the Democrat party will bolt.

    Above: And make no mistake, as bad as things have gotten under an Obama with a supplicant GOP, they will only get worse under a Democrat president without even a faux opposition.
    === ===

    The GOP has been a marketing extension of the Dems, the same product with vitamins added.
    And, they have been a faux opposition. So, how is revealed socialism worse than hidden socialism?

    I think revealed is better. The bad results can be assigned directly to the Dems. The token opposition of the GOP has not stopped the Dems, but has provided ambiguity about policy. The Dems always cry that their plans didn’t work because they were opposed by the Devil Gop. They won’t have that under your prediction.

    If the public is so ignorant and stupid that they can’t make that connection, then in what sense do they (we) not deserve the socialist outcome? That would be sad, but inevitable.

  8. 11

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: Good stuff.

    AV DON’T GET TRUMPED Over 60% of Americans are embarrassed by the image of America Trump is representing to the World;
    His negatives, like HRC’S, are through the roof.
    Kasich is most qualified of all 5 candidates and also the most popular

    I agree 1 and 2 made Trump possible–
    3–We are down to 3—rules say you need a majority not a plurality—Think over 50% of Repubs–not to mention over 75% of Indies and Dems find the thought of a Trump Presidency abhorrent—Believe with these negs an alternative will be found–I just hope it’s not HRC.

  9. 12

    Nanny G

    Just in the few days leading up to the Utah/Arizona primaries the Trump opposition spent $67 million in negative ads.
    One of those was aimed at the (ostensible) prudes in the LDS.
    It showed a single, professional model photo from a GQ shoot over 15 years old.
    Since then the lady married and has had a child, a son who just turned 10.
    Did any of that hurt Donald Trump?
    Doesn’t look like it did.
    He won Arizona by a lot.
    Even honest polls said Cruz would get over 50% in Utah for the winner-take-all.
    Perhaps it did encourage the LDS to cheat Cruz’s win up so high that people are sitting up and taking notice of all the shenanagans.
    If so, then Cruz’ win cost the LDS too much.

  10. 13

    MOS #8541

    the author is an IDIOT, poorly read, poorly educated and finds his safe place as a weakly demorat orientated alleged journalist. understand that Kasich has done nothing for the state of ohio except spend money. Kasich is not the person you think he is??
    wonder what the pos if going to write about when Trump is sworn into office on January 21, 2017??
    stupidity and illiteracy is not curable

  11. 14

    Oblamo binLyen

    @JustAl: You see exactly the same thing at the state level in Kommieforniastan. The GOP does buttkiss for good candidates and put in sham ones just to make sure that the Demonkraps stay in, keep the money flowing.

  12. 15


    @kitt: I love music.
    I am voting my candidate in our upcoming primary and still have a little time to work on my sister but still love her even if she holds to her guy. I was a tiny bit undecided on a state supreme court judge tiI I found out Obama sent a stumper to raise money for one of them.

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    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: There is more at stake than just the presidency. If Hillary escapes indictment, it will show that the political elite in this country can break the law (in this case commit felonies) and get away with it. And if she wins the election, it will show that the American people don’t care about whether or not their leaders follow the law. It will be final proof that we are no longer a constitutional republic governed by rule of law, but rather an oligarchy whose citizens are sheep. I don’t know which stakes are bigger, those or the next four years of the presidency.

  14. 17

    Nathan Blue

    No one is forcing them, they could choose Fox or Stormfront, but MOST don’t You just don’t approve of what Americans WANT to watch,

    And that’s the bigotry piece: you firmly believe your views are the majority, because they are beamed into so much of your life, you don’t even know you’re being fooled.

    No, you can’t choose another SNL or late night talk show host or NPR or Hollywood. If they lean left, as most do, then their work leans left. No, you can’t choose another google…if you like google…because oh…that headline on google news…it’s from WaPo…

    ..who chose WaPo’s article as the one that flashes up first? Hmmm….

    You lean left because you’ve been told to lean left, by media saturation.

    MOST (including you) don’t WANT anything, other than to suckle the teat of whatever forces it’s way into your mouth.

    You’ve just proven every bias that the non-left claims you have.

    80% of the media is leftist propaganda, and that 80% gets the most airtime…on the most major outlets. Period.

    That’s how they get you, genius. They tell you you’re part of the “enlightened” class…

    Hope you’re armband is ready to go, you racist, sexist, homophobic pig.

  15. 18


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Uh, Rich: BREAKING: Democrat Icon Jim Webb Endorses Donald Trump Over Hillary

    On Morning Joe this week, Democratic legend Jim Webb said he’d vote for Trump before he would vote for Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

    A military veteran and former Senator himself, Webb likely could not overlook the decision by Hillary Clinton to ignore the repeated calls for extra security by Ambassador Stevens in Libya weeks before the fatal attack on the consulate in Benghazi.

    Hillary admitted error in the attack during investigation proceedings led by Senator Rand Paul and Trey Gowdy, but brushes off calls to be held accountable or step down, citing that security analysts were to blame for the failure of security.

    Jim Webb is certainly not the first Democrat to endorse Trump; reportedly hundreds of thousands of blue collar democrats poll in favor of the Donald. But he is certainly the highest profile Democratic pol to come out with an endorsement of Trump over Hillary.

  16. 19

    Richard Wheeler

    @Ditto: Ck. your date on that interview old news–then read it—he has NOT said he is voting for or endorsing Trump–yet. I don’t think he will.
    Like me he will not vote for HRC.
    His words on Trump—-“he could be really good for the country or he could be really bad.”
    As you know Current polls show HRC well ahead of Trump—Kasich beats her easily.

  17. 20


    @Richard Wheeler: Everybody except Trump beats Hillary one on one, my dog would beat her he was going to run but he is a rescue and was afraid of someone spilling beans on him, he hates baths.
    Cruz beating Don in Wisconsin polls. Trump wants to go after the wife what next kick the family dog? (he would go up in the polls with cat people)

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