Trump – Why Bankers, Politicians Left and Right, and Lobbyists, Fear Him . . .

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Donald Trump has turned the whole of the Washington ‘establishment’ for miles around the ‘beltway’ into a fearful and muddled morass emitting noxious gas, hoping it asphyxiates all sources of energy propelling Trump toward the White House.

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The majority of the MSM pretends it is only the Republican establishment which hates Trump, although it is safe to say, most talking-heads are mystified. The Republican establishment professes Trump isn’t ‘conservative’ enough and he’s not really a Republican. Plus, he’s not religious enough.  The truth-challenged Clinton machinery and backers pretend he hates women, and oh, by the way, ‘he’s also racist’ and a ’xenophobe’, even though Trump’s past actions actually legally proved quite the opposite. The Democratic establishment pushes the notion that it’s time to get rid of all ‘angry-white-men,’ — you know, all those guys who support Trump, because white men are THE problem in America.  And let’s not forget the always effective meme, . . . Trump changed his mind on abortions.

Much of this jaundiced nonaligned anti-Trump activity is financed, promoted and turbocharged by those who cannot abide with a transformation of the Washington status quo. This elitist disparate and cynical congregation includes, senior bankers who financed the current Administration; the lobbyists who represent hundreds of billions of dollars which have long influenced the Administrative and Legislative process, turning Washington into the richest zip code in the Nation, and all of those politicians who have turned politics and statecraft into personal wealth-creation maneuverings.

Notice that the above described establishment hasn’t used the accusation that he’s a “capitalist,” but hey, you never know what insanities we might be exposed to in the coming months.

In our lifetimes we have never seen such an all-sided attack on a surging Presidential candidate.


Do so many of his detractors fear Trump because they know he has the intelligence, the ability to focus, and the determination to get things done?  Do they fear him because he knows how to get people on HIS side?  They may, but those are not the fears of the establishment elite.

There is little doubt that Trump is even surprising himself with the size of the ‘uprising’ he has inspired in the electorate.   Voters are feeling the pain of a declining economy. They aren’t buying Obama’s outright lies like the recent, By almost every economic measure, we are significantly better off.”   They are tired of watching corporations move offshore with their cash and their jobs. They are suffering from the fact that for the first time in history, more businesses are closing, than are opening as entrepreneurship wanes severely.  They are tired of a government which isn’t listening, but is instead increasing their taxes and fees.

Many voters actually understand that onerous business taxation not only harms large corporations and sends them running for cover, but it also kills the entrepreneurial spirit that has been so fundamental to fashioning America’s vibrant society and its leadership in the world. Both Dems. and Reps have allowed run-away taxation, and debt and both have been strangely supportive of ‘off-shoring’ and outsourcing.  Who’s left to be squeezed for cash in America?  The whole sinking middle-class — the 99%ers.

To many in the middle-class Trump appears to want to restore a degree of ‘certainty’ — that most important element needed for a stable society. To the elitists he brings just the opposite.

It is an obvious fact that there is widespread anger.  But, that is not what the Establishment feels or fears.

Trump is not an ideologue. He’s actually the most pragmatic candidate we have seen in years.  He’ll do what he deems is right for America — some of it you’ll like and some of it you won’t. On all of it, you’ll know that no one “bought him” the way the current White House resident and most of Congress were influenced.  No one will manipulate him or his decisions by buying them.

Trump represents an unpredictability that disturbs and confuses a perspective of the future — a state that the establishment currently holds firmly in complete control.

The establishment favours those it can manipulate. In that manipulation is continuity — the whole, wide political spectrum, from far left to far right is just a necessary and useful device in a teeming toolbox.  To make things worse for the establishment, it is fighting a candidate who has the financial wherewithal who can not only ignore it, but can fight hard against it.

Suddenly, heading for the ultimate political seat of the world, someone is about to shake the perfunctorily comfortable settees from which the whole establishment manipulates the joysticks mastering our lives. Trump will upend the establishment elite’s comfortable and blissful existence.  After all, it even controls the gyrations in stock markets, you know, those gyrations the world doesn’t understand but fears, yes, even those are well underhand.  Trump lives well, with planes, helicopters, limousines, and mansions, at his disposal, but he is NOT one of THEM, plus, as public a figure as he has become, he remains a closed book to everyone other than his closest family members.  He has spent much of his life with workers and labourers on his job sites around the world, and he even dares to talk and sound like them.  How can the establishment like him?

The establishment elites of the left and the right persuasions cannot and will not tolerate, nor abide by such a usurper’s grab of the Oval Office. The whole of the establishment fears him and will throw everything it can at him in assault, from ads to violent protesters.  This fear and this assault are resonant and the tumult aiming to destabilize Trump will echo through the primary season, and into the Presidential elections.

Trump will not only be fighting Hillary and her socialist machinery, he will be fighting the senior bankers of Wall Street, the politicians of Washington and all the lobbyists stuffing political mattresses with cash.

And the vast majority of the media? . . . .   It will remain flummoxed.

A constituent of the vast baby boomer generation with a career which has been fortunate to know the ponderous corporate worlds, as well as the intimately pressurized, and invigorating entrepreneurial domains of high tech and venture capital, I have harvested my share of mistakes meandering through corridors of enterprise from Silicon Valley, to London and endless, colourful, sometimes praetorian points in between. The voyage has provided an abundance of fodder for a pen yielding to an inquisitive keyboard, a foraging mind, and a passionate spirit. Whether political or business or social or economic or personal, is it not all political? It is a privilege to write, and an even greater privilege to be read by anyone, and sometimes with the wind at my back the writing may occasionally be legible. I do not write to invite scorn, nor to invite respect, but if I get really lucky the writing can stimulate thinking. I also write for the very selfish purpose of animating my own processes, and engaging the best of what life offers. Above all, whether biting fire or swatting shadows, I am grateful to be gifted the freedom to write and publish whatever flows down to the keyboard. To all those who enabled this freedom, and to all those standing guard to preserve it, I am indebted.

34 Responses to “Trump – Why Bankers, Politicians Left and Right, and Lobbyists, Fear Him . . .”

  1. 1

    Nanny G

    On this:

    Voters are feeling the pain of a declining economy. They aren’t buying Obama’s outright lies like the recent, “By almost every economic measure, we are significantly better off.”

    Donald Trump has a line in many of his stump speeches that I’ll paraphrase:
    If Obama were telling the truth about unemployment and the recovery, that there is only 5% unemployment and a true recovery, we wouldn’t have the crowds we see here today. (Cheers) He also points out that black youth unemployment is at 59%.
    Once he pointed that out when some demonstrators were screaming.
    He said, (I’m paraphrasing, again) if only I had 10 or 15 minutes to sit and talk with them, we have so much in common, then he pointed out the black youth unemployment number. One of the demonstrators sat back down and pulled his buddy back to his seat, too. Who knows what else these two learned that afternoon.

    You also wrote:

    Trump represents an unpredictability that disturbs and confuses a perspective of the future — a state that the establishment currently holds firmly in complete control.
    The establishment favours those it can manipulate.

    This is why we’ve seen a few GOPe’ers claim they would rather elect Hillary than allow Trump the presidency.
    A Hillary Administration means ”business as usual.”
    The Dems and the national GOPe are both pro-amnesty.
    Trump opposes it.
    The Dems and most of the GOPe are also proTPP.
    Trump favors BI-Lateral agreements where the US can use it leverage.
    Dems are pro-sanctuary cities, GOPe funds those sanctuary cities while giving lip service to opposing them.
    Trump opposes sanctuary cities and will de-fund them.
    So, it isn’t always Trump’s following of the Uncertainty Principle that scares the Dems and GOPe. sometimes it is his out-and-out stated policies that scare them.

  2. 2

    James Raider


    @Nanny G: #1

    sometimes it is his out-and-out stated policies that scare them.

    NannyG, I totally agree with you on this, however, my sense is that at the top of the “priority” ladder in the manipulation of a Nation by the most senior of the elite, sits its Currency. Other elements of import are critical, but just less so.

    Senior bankers like stability, predictability, continuity, and promote it through their outlets like CNBC or WSJ. Their notion of stability is very different from mine, and I suspect most taxpayers. To them, control over money and interest rates means stability and predictability of their bank accounts, power and influence. Now they also want to control trading of Carbon Credits, so Obama’s got a long term job cheering for the global warming religious movement.

    They don’t really give a crap about the outcome from debates on abortion, gay marriage, gun rights, but they care about furthering control over the global economy, so a guy like Obama, who understands nothing about business or international trade, is a perfect shill for a TPP deal.

    They also don’t care about immigration. Pack-in another BILLION people into the U.S. (the approx. number who want to come to the U.S.) and those will just represent future BORROWERS and more multi-billion dollar bonuses.

    And on things like “tariffs,” for example, I’m not with Trump on this. This is not where priority should be placed — serious tax cuts to businesses, IS.

  3. 3


    They ought to be fearing this guy: Bernie vs. The Media

    Donald Trump is estimated to have received around $2 billion worth of free media exposure over the past year. Is it because he has said something worth saying? Nope. It’s because his behavior in front of the camera yields high ratings. It’s because he’s It’s because he’s Howard effing Beale. It’s the triumph of the banal over the substantive.

    What would be happening if Sander’s were getting equal time? What if people were seeing less of Trump’s antics, and more of this? Which of the two is speaking to both America’s head and heart?

  4. 4

    Oblamo binLyen

    @Greg: To answer your question, certainly not Sanders because anyone with half a brain knows that …. Socialism isn’t Working, unless you want things to cost 3x as much as anywhere else and sadly you have no money to buy it with because you’re too busing paying 85% taxes. I’m not a huge Trump fan but he’s lightyears better than Hillary Nobody Died Clinton or Bernie Freeshit Sanders.

  5. 5


    I see the donor class as the playground bullies who stand over the fulcrum of the teeter totter, with a leg to the left and a leg to the right. They don’t care who wins, as long as they control the government or playground.

    Trump isn’t going to play the game and the elites won’t have control of the legislature and the ability to use our military to their pecuniary advantage. This is a deal breaker for the elites; not having complete control over every aspect of America ruins their big barbecue and the thought of losing control of the most powerful country in the world is frightening; especially, when they have worked so hard and spent so much to acquire the political chumps within the government.

  6. 6

    James Raider


    @Skookum: #6

    not having complete control over every aspect of America ruins their big barbecue

    Skook, great way to put it. There is a literal ‘burning’ of America going on, with fuel being added by globalists following the socialist screed.

    These are the same guys who see American taxpayers as suckers from whom they will take cash for redistribution.

    Trump may be a wild duck, but for him there is no doubt about his feelings toward America. For the Obama, Clinton, and Sanders types there is disrespect for it and for what it means, and there’s disdain and resentment for its strength and power.

    You’ve got to relish the contrast, . . . . a guy who’s actually built an enormous, Private company, vs. Obama, Clinton, Sanders etc who built NOTHING, ever. Just know-nothing leeches living off other people’s money.

  7. 7


    To the republican establishment

    Lighten up Francis

    Donald Trump will be yuge in the role of president of the United States

    Any person remember the other guy opposite Clark Gable in Gone with the Wind?

    Beta males seldom are remembered by history, especially as presidents of great countries in History and or “Herstory”.

    Any historian in fifty years going to put the Lead From Behind Doctrine on par with the Monroe Doctrine for great Presidential Leadership and Policy in US history?

    Hah hah.

  8. 8

    Nanny G

    @James Raider: @Skookum: @James Raider:
    You have points.
    It is about control of currency rather than the little things (to them) like abortion or gay marriage.
    One of the things Donald Trump harps on is currency manipulation by both our government and others.
    I’ll quote him:

    China is devaluing their currency. The new one is Japan, again they’re back to devaluation. A friend of mine who has a big construction company just bought Komatsu tractors, he didn’t buy Caterpillars for the first time—because the Yen is so low that he could buy Komatsu tractors for far less money than the Caterpillars.

    This is going to happen in China and Japan and this is going to happen all over, over and over again. With trade, you cannot let them devalue their currency. The fact that China is doing it big league now is unthinkable because they’ve taken our business and now they’re going to take almost all of our business because our companies can’t compete. So I would be extremely tough with China, Japan, and all the other nations that are ripping us off and taking advantage.

    The way you’re tough is they sell all of their products in this country, and if they don’t behave and act fairly we start taxing all their products coming into this country.

    When we see lots of previously non-voters register to vote Trump; when we see a lot of Independents and Democrats change their registration so they can vote Trump in the primaries, I cannot believe it is over things like abortion or gay marriage.
    It is over things like this.

    Also, please note: Donald Trump is NOT saying he will simply slap tariffs on countries with trade advantages over us.
    He is saying, IF they don’t behave and act fairly, THEN we will put tariffs on them.
    They get a chance to straighten up.

    And this is why the establishment in both the Dem and Rep are scared out of their wits about him.

  9. 11


    The talking heads still don’t get it. In large part, America has figured it out. For the last quarter of a century, WE the Republic, have been denied the choice to say NO to socialism.

    It has been a setup. The fix was always in.
    We, the Republic, have been losing a war of financial attrition for decades. We, the Republic are engaged in a war with those who govern us.

    Drastic measures are required to defeat this enemy in order to stop the bleeding that each of us are seeing in the depreciation of our savings, the constant onslaught of taxes, fees, and licenses. Each of them designed to remove our ability to live free.

    If a slave is a person who works for no money, then a paid person who works with no money left for savings or investment is therefore a slave.

    The Communists are very good at planning each move, they have been at it for over sixty years, to bury us. They are so close to succeeding.

    Trump has stepped in and has sensed our rage.We want to throw our shoes into the machinery. We want to turn over the apple carts and toss tea into the harbor. Trump is giving us a voice. He is giving our children and grandchildren a fighting chance of enjoying the life that our parents fought and spilled blood in Europe and Japan so as to impart liberty to ourselves.

    No, we will no longer hide in the shadow of political correctness.

    No, we will no longer stand idle in the face of the globalist Red Menace.

    No, we will not play the game of choosing which Socialist will rob our children.

    No, we will not play the game of choosing which Socialist will import an army of decapitating, lawless, savages into our home to eradicate Freedom and the American Way.

    ANY and EVERY politician who will not build a wall is declaring he/she DOES NOT CARE IF YOU DIE!

    I do not think Trump is a conservative.
    I do not think Trump is morally pious and pure.

    I do not think Trump is void of indiscretions or mistakes.

    I do believe that any candidate that is a true conservative, morally pure, pious, and has walked the straight and narrow…would not stand a chance against the the globalist red menace that is systematically deconstructing our nation.

    No, far from it.

    Right now we need our own paladin of chaotic malice with a depraved sense of overly vengeful justice that will stand not for giving quarter.

    Right now we need our own Son of a Bitch glorious bastard, faults and all. We need to stomp out the treachery of political correctness that
    perpetuates racial discontent and has created Europe-istan, a Nuclear Iran, as well as ushering in a new world order of penniless servitude consisting of the entire earthly population bowing to but a few of the elite socialist megalomaniacs.

    We need our own monster.

    Ted Cruz may well be as advertised. No one knows. Four years ago, no one knew who he was.

    Ted Cruz is young, deploy the Trump Bomb now, it is an ugly weapon of mass destruction that will result in some collateral damage, but it isrequired.

    Alas, we have run out of time.

    It will take many Ted Cruz clones to restore order in the aftermath.

  10. 13


    The globalist red menace? I remember hearing this sort of stuff as a kid from one of my father’s friends who had fallen in with the John Birch Society.

    Donald Trump is a populace rabblerouser, who has yet to express a coherent idea about how to achieve any of the things he promises he can fix in a jiffy. News flash: Donald Trump is not a Magical Billionaire.

    Ted Cruz is a evangelical dominionist. Don’t take my word for it, do your own research. His ideal America would be some sort of theocratic republic that elevates his own religious views until they inform the law of the land. Turning control of a woman’s personal reproductive decisions over to the State being one prime example. What does depriving a person of sovereign authority and control over their own body have to do with Constitutional freedoms?

    Where have all of the rational conservatives gone? People who understood that governance in a democratic republic involves compromise, and that it’s better to get some of what you want rather than none of what you want… Those are the people who no longer seem to have any representation in the GOP. They’re not even allowed to speak.

  11. 14


    @Greg: Representative Republic not democratic republic, how you show your vast knowledge.
    Next time I see a Sanders sign I am going to take 90% of it and leave a note,” You have been determined to be sign rich, so we socialized it. It has been cut in 1 million pieces and redistributed to those too lazy to get their own sign.” 😛

  12. 15

    Richard Wheeler

    @Skookum: Duck drops down and pays you $50 for use of pecuniary.
    Would you trust this guy to be anywhere near nuclear weaponry?
    New meaning to “you’re fired.”

  13. 16


    @kitt, #14:

    I don’t know where people get this stuff. Maybe from the Pledge of Allegiance? (Written by Francis Bellamy, a Christian Socialist, by the way.) The United States is a democratic republic. It has attributes of both a republic and a democracy, by design. It was to be neither Rome nor Greece. It was constructed to be unlike anything that had come before. The Constitution, the nation’s blueprint, demonstrates that.

    From Google’s online dictionary:

    de·moc·ra·cy (dəˈmäkrəsē)
    a system of government by the whole population or all the eligible members of a state, typically through elected representatives.

    From Merriam Webster:

    plural de·moc·ra·cies

    a : government by the people; especially : rule of the majority
    b : a government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them directly or indirectly through a system of representation usually involving periodically held free elections

    From Cambridge Dictionaries Online:

    ›politics & government – the ​belief in ​freedom and ​equality between ​people, or a ​system of ​government ​based on this ​belief, in which ​power is either ​held by ​elected ​representatives or ​directly by the ​people themselves.
    › politics & government – A democracy is a ​country in which ​power is ​held by ​elected ​representatives.

  14. 17


    The deliberations of the Constitutional Convention of 1787 were held in strict secrecy. Consequently, anxious citizens gathered outside Independence Hall when the proceedings ended in order to learn what had been produced behind closed doors. The answer was provided immediately. A Mrs. Powel of Philadelphia asked Benjamin Franklin, “Well, Doctor, what have we got, a republic or a monarchy?” With no hesitation whatsoever, Franklin responded, “A republic, if you can keep it.” (Benjamin Franklin)

    We lost the Republic on December 23, 1913… the day The Federal Reserve was established. Merry Christmas American suckers.

  15. 18


    @Greg: Contrary to frequent descriptions, America is still a representative Republic, not a Democracy. In a Democracy, majority or mob rule prevails, so whenever 51% of voters want something, they get it.
    If it were a democratic republic 63% of people were against Obama care it would have never passed into law.
    A Representative Republic on the other hand protects the rights of all citizens, not just the majority, and is founded on the principle of elected individuals representing the people, with elections providing the opportunity for change. That is why it is so important to vote for the candidate that best matches our best interests.
    I never got to vote my opinion on any Laws congress passed have you? Your elected representative did, Your posted definitions have nothing to do with the way our government actually functions.

    I pledge Allegiance to the flag
    of the United States of America
    and to the Republic for which it stands,
    one nation under God, indivisible,
    with Liberty and Justice for all.

    No word democracy
    But a unique and wonderful form of government foundation the constitution and bill of rights
    Every word in their original context should be protected and honored.

  16. 19

    James Raider


    @TheRaven: #13

    We lost the Republic on December 23, 1913… the day The Federal Reserve was established.

    Absolutely right. It’s the single most influential decision made in over a century, in terms of impact on the American taxpayer.

    I’ve sung that song for much of my career from Silicon Valley to Wall Street, . . . all falling on deaf ears. Not much chance it will be reversed.

  17. 20


    @kitt. #18:

    I guess conservatives had better organize a national campaign to get out their Magic Markers and expunge all dictionary entries relating to “republic” and “democracy” that they don’t like. This will involve the elimination of entries from several hundreds of millions of dictionaries, so they’d best get started.

    63% of people against Obamacare is nothing more than one particular poll result. Republicans will quickly find out how many people were not against it if they ever get around to eliminating it, which I suspect will never happen. They should drop the “total repeal” nonsense and focus on improving the program—which I also suspect will never happen. That will be the job of the next Democratic-majority Congress. A functional Congress of either party would have turned its attention to that job long before now.

    What protects the rights of all citizens is the Constitution, not a herd of elected republicans certain that their own interpretations reflect the True Intentions of the people who wrote it. I’m not so sure how the founders would react to the assertion that multi-billion-dollar corporations have identical rights to an individual citizen, to the fact that we are falling under the rule of a hereditary moneyed elite that is pretty much nobility by another name, or that people want government to become an instrument for forcing women to give birth when they don’t wish to do so. The founders wouldn’t even have ventured into so private an area. Not that they were perfect. They did, after all, recognize the institution of slavery; they didn’t even consider the possibility that an adult woman should have a vote.

  18. 21


    @Greg: I am sure the founders would be horrified how things are evolving, the government forcing private companies to bake cakes when there are other bakeries to go to. The question of abortion they would not venture into that area at all, they would allow the states to decide if there needed to be a law and a citizen could move from that state if they found it intrusive, as it has nothing what so ever to do with the welfare of the entire country if a woman wishes to abort her child. So many unconstitutional laws and actions of congress and decisions by the SCOTUS that would curl their knickers, they might pick up the old long guns and have a good old revolution. I did not mean our government was not a democracy in nature but it is not a democracy in fact. I know my post made it clear unless you can point out specific error.

  19. 22


    I am seeing all this discussion on the news and on other sites talking about Trump picking Kasich as VP, potentially to engender an end to the elitist opposition to Trump. Frankly, I don’t see Trump “Make Mexico pay for the wall and repeal obamacare” hitching his wagon to Kasich without losing massive support from the voters supporting him as a middle finger gesture to the elitists like Kasich. To do so would be a glaring example of a lack of consistency of principles. I can’t see him picking Cruz as his VP either, as that would further widen the chasm between Trump and the GOPe. Picking Fiorina may look like a method of attracting female voters, but I am not sure it would overcome the current negative polling Trump has with women.

    Still supporting Cruz, but the reality of the situation makes it seem highly unlikely Cruz can pull it out with Kasich playing such an obvious spoiler move (as there is no mathematical possibility he can garner 1237 delegates even if he were to win all the remaining delegates.)

    This is looking grimmer as it moves forward.

  20. 23

    Richard Wheeler

    @Pete: Pete Trump has burned his bridges with Fiorina and Cruz—-Huckabee would take it–so would Carson–Trump bought Carson’s support with promise of a job–Christie would take it but he’s an east coast loudmouth like Trump–Haley would be best but don’t think she’d take it.
    2ND best Kasich–highly qualified and brings must win Ohio.Liked by indies and Dems
    I’m behind Kasich–most qualified most electable–Rubio Veep—he’s moving up in polls and certainly could send it to Convention—big Trump stop could happen here in Cal 7-june–mark it Cruz not dead–YET
    Pejorative throwing Trump may burn his bridges with Kasich–mistake.
    With all his negatives and a GROWING list of detractors I don’t think Trump s electable–unless things get even worse for HRC.
    Kasich/Rubio is a winning ticket—Dem talking

    Grimmer you say—Kasich takes Cal Oregon and 2 more–he goes to convention a close 3rd

    What do you folks think about his continuing vendetta against Megyn?–to me it shows just how small this guy really is.

  21. 24


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Richard, I hope you aren’t reading in my post that I am a Trump supporter. And I would agree with you about Trump having burned bridges, but these are politicians we are talking about. My respect for Carson went down when he staryed supporting the guy who implied he was a pedophile. The quest for.power and position leads politicians to get into bed with each other right after they viciously attack each other. The level of discourse has descended to a disgusting level.

  22. 25

    Richard Wheeler

    @Pete:Doctor Pete I know you are no fan of Trump..
    What Trump did to Carson was sleazy even by Donald’s low standards I don’t believe a majority of the American people will get behind this self serving con artist

  23. 26


    The truth-challenged Clinton machinery and backers pretend he hates women,

    I want to lay out a challenge to the Clintonistas here. They like to say that Trump ‘hates’ women, that he is ‘disrespectful’ to women, yada yada. I want you liberals to be specific and state one incidence of Trumps ‘bias’ against women. I have asked that question of several people and so far have not had one single incident reported. I’m laying out the challenge here. Oh, and I’m only interested in the truth, not something made up or rumored.

  24. 28


    There are discussions concerning Socialism, and there are People who think that American Social Democrats are the same as the Communists of the Soviet Union.

    I have never read the writings of Communists like Marx and Engels or others, but I am sure that they contain truths and they contain errors on Economics.

    This because if you ask 5 Economists the same question, then you will get 15 different answers.

    The word Communism is a controversial word to many Americans, and that is because of the Dictatorship associated with a Flawed Economic System that was needed because to have Total Control over all aspects of the Economy.

    This Flawed Economic System could Not be accepted by the majority of Voters in a Democracy at an Election, and who can blame them for that.

    This is because there has to be as much Private Enterprise with Free and Fair Competition as possible to create More Wealth, than having the Government manage every aspect of an Economy.

    I do Not know if what occurred in the Soviet Union as far as the Economic aspect of Communism was how it was described by the Communist Manifesto.

    However, regardless of what the Communist Manifesto says, Many People think that a Government should only spend Taxes and Not run profitable businesses.

    A Dictatorial Government found Controlling every aspect of an Economy to be Vital to Control the People, because the Ruled were all dependent on the Government for their jobs.

    The word Communism comes from the word Community, and a Community should Not think that a Community is wrong, and there are some things that a Community should and must do as a Community, and these can be described by the saying that there is a role for Government.

    Obviously, the word communism is inappropriate to describe this, but the word Communityism describes it and the Police Department is one of a several examples of Communityism.

    The Police are Wanted and Needed by the Rich, the middle class, and the poor, and so the Police are Funded by the Taxpayers.

    The Police are an example where an activity that Cannot be run by Private Enterprise.

    The Police have to be a Monopoly, because if it were Private Enterprise with Free and Fair Competition, then it could Not make a profit unless Most People were Criminals, and the purpose of the Police is to have less crime in a Society.

    It is Interesting how Many of the Rich who Want and Need the Police, manage Not to pay their Fair share of Taxes, and so they are Freeloading off the rest of Society.

    The Rich have their Mansions and the middle class have their houses, and while some in the middle class and working class have bank loans, there is another group of Americans who are Homeless, and who Want and Need Public Housing or Rent Assistance.

    We Know that it was the Clintons who signed NAFTA which lowered the Salaries of the middle class and the working class, and created more Homeless People.

    The Clintons wrongly compelled the Banks to make bad home loans to those People who should have had Public Housing, and the Clintons gave Government Guarantees to those Banks who were compelled to make bad home loans.

    The Clintons made Big Money for themselves from this, but it cost Americans Trillions of Dollars, and increased Homelessness.

    This was Maliciously and Slanderously said to be Socialism, but had that Money that was used to bail out the Banks been spent on Public Housing, rather than compelling Banks to make Deliberately bad loans then the Government would have had owned those assets, and they would have received Rent, which is a Source of Government Revenue, and it would have saved those Americans who Pay Taxes Trillions of Dollars.

    The Clinton Schemes were Not Socialism, but they were Devised by the Big Banks and others to Divert Taxpayer Money into their own Pockets and into the Pockets of American Private Prisons who increased their Profits from an increase in Crime in America.

    This was a direct result of the Recession, and the Banks Gave Large Sums of Bribe Monies to the Clintons for this, and Extra Police for the extra Crimes that were a Deliberate Result of the Despicable actions of the Clintons has had to be Paid by those Americans who Pay Taxes, while Lawyers had More work.

    The Military is another form of Communityism Economic Model, and so No Sane American Politician would want No Socialism in America, and No Sane American Politician would want 100 % Socialism in America.

    It is therefore a matter of Public Debate as to how much Socialism is Best for America’s Economy, and Senator Sanders has been Honest with describing himself as a Social Democrat, and he wants Public debate on Free Tertiary Education, because he thinks that it is an Investment for America’s Economy.

    The other Politicians in America should be Honest and say that No Socialism is Bad, and too much Socialism is Bad, but that Socialism is Good within those parameters.

    The Clintons Wanted the Bribes, rather than wanting to Serve the Public, and this is why America is the way it is, and it would be Unwise to Reward such Treachery, along with the Fact that it would be showing Contempt for Fellow Americans if they were to vote for Hillary Clinton.

    America is on its way to becoming a Third World Country, and after all of the Harm that the Clintons have done to America, it is Very Difficult for Many People to understand how Hillary Clinton could even be a Candidate in the Primaries.

    We Know that Hillary Clinton will blame all of that on Bill Clinton in some type of Bad Cop and Good Cop trick, but Hillary Clinton is the more Dominant of the Clintons, and Bill Clinton said this during his Election campaign at .

    There are some Journalists of the Main Stream Media in America who are to Blame for Hillary Clinton being a Presidential Candidate, and much of the Free Press which is the Fourth Estate in a Democratic Republic, has become the Fifth Column in America.

    There are People who think that these Journalists have been to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island where it began innocent enough, and they were Unaware that they were being set up, and they were Unknowingly Filmed by concealed miniature cameras in certain Criminal Acts that are Documented to be said to occur on Epstein’s Island.

    These People are Known as Epstein Journalists or the Epstein Press, or the Epstein Media, and now they are the Puppets of the Clintons, and they Cover Up and Lie for the Clintons, and this is why the American Social Democrats want to Regularly Monitor and Inspect Jeffrey Epstein’s Island.

    This is why there are American Citizens who are Concerned Citizens for a Constitutional Democratic Republic, who would like a Register of All American Journalists who have visited Epstein’s Island, but that in itself does Not mean that all of those Journalists did something Illegal.

    We Know that Bill Secret Harem Clinton has been to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island on Many Occasions, and Voters have a Right to Know if Hillary Clinton has been to Epstein’s Island, because she was Co President and President during the White House Residency of her part time husband Bill Secret Harem Clinton at , and at .

    We Know Lawyers like the Clintons can make the Innocent look guilty, and they can make the Guilty look innocent, and they Know how to parse words to do this, and this is why the Clintons Totally Control the Democratic Party, and why Hillary Clinton has been the Real President during her Puppet Obama Administration, and has been doing this by sending Decrees to Barack Obama with Secret Emails.

    The Clintons Slandered Senator Sanders who participated in the Civil Rights Movement as being a racist, and yet Hillary Clinton will Not let Bill Clinton’s mixed race son come to their house.

    Hillary Clinton made a Political Advertisement on the things that Donald Trump said on women, and we do not know if Donald Trump said those things in jest.

    However, Bill Secret Harem Clinton has worse Secret Thoughts on women, and did far worse to his Many Real Female Victims while he was the Subservient Co President, and Hillary Clinton Ignored all of that while she was the Dominant Co President, who wants to be President again, and this is Overlooked by those Epstein Journalists who have Secretly been to Epstein’s Island, and if America’s Democracy and Republic is to be saved for the Left and for the Right, and to Prevent WW 3, then the term Clintonite Epstein Journalists should become a household word in America by means of Talkback Radio and other means, and Honest Americans should Not be slack in this work, which will require Constantly Saturating Repetitive Reminding, because of the Countermeasures of the Epstein Press.

    The list of the Clintons’ and of the Puppet Epstein Media’s Double Standards is long, and People can compile that long list, and Hillary Clinton wanted General David Petraeus charged and convicted, which was correct, but she has done Far Worse, and she and her Puppet Obama Corruptocrat Administration is endorsing a Devious Criminal and a Dangerous Traitor for President of America.

    We Know that Donald Trump can say that he said those things in jest as a private citizen, and we Know The Evil Secret Thoughts of Bill Secret Harem Clinton toward women that will be with his Entrenched Sick Perverted Mindset for all of his life, and we Know what Bill Secret Harem Clinton and Hillary Corruptocrat Clinton said in Private regarding women during their Co Presidency, and even today, regardless of the Fact that they will Lie with regards to these things, and to Many other matters.

    It is said that Donald Trump does not have the grammar of a Lawyer like the Clintons do, and perhaps he wants to help Hillary Clinton become President, much the same as the Republican nominee Senator John Insane McCain and the Sarah Palin expensive clothing was the Republicans’ way to ensure that America had its first Affirmative Action Non White President, then there are People who think that Donald Trump is trying to do the same for the Establishment Hillary Insane Clinton, who is another Senator John Insane McCain of Foreign Policy.

    This is because Republicans prefer the Establishment Hillary Corruptocrat Clinton and if Donald Trump is an honest Candidate he should consider apologizing to who he needs to apologize to, and to speak more maturely, and to speak more like Senator Sanders, who could easily become America’s next President, even if it is as an Independent, or Especially if it is as a Non Establishment Independent, and if Senator Sanders shows himself to be an Establishment Corruptocrat Candidate, then the American Social Democrats could or should have their Candidate for President, because Any Non Establishment Candidate has a Very Good Chance of becoming President.

    The use of Slander in an Election Campaign is Evidence of being Anti Democratic, and it is Evidence of Treason against the Citizens, because American Voters have the Human Right to Vote for Non Slandered Candidates, and to give their Vote to a Candidate based on Facts and Not to be Manipulated by an Unprincipled Slanderer who is Not legitimately entitled to votes based on Slander and other Dirty Tricks, where they give their Vote to the Unprincipled Slanderer rather than to a Candidate that they wanted to give their Vote to, had that Candidate Not been Slandered, and this tactic is a Perversion of the Course of Justice, and Lawyer Clinton Knows that Perverting the Course of Justice is a Criminal Offence, and Treason and Criminality and Lying come easily to the Clintons.

    If Donald Trump is not a Trojan Horse, then he should ask his for his Lawyer’s Advice on Suing the Clintons for that Political Advertisement on what he said regarding women, given the Facts that the Clintons have done Far worse than utter a few childish words of the past, and that Court Case is Good Publicity, and a Political Advertisement on this is Good for Democracy.

    We Know that Senator Sanders is a Public Servant, and he was a boss as Mayor of Burlington, and as a worker and Public Servant, he Knows how to speak to them both as other Fellow Workers and as their Servant.

    There are American Social Democrats who think that the Best thing for America is for them to Vote for the Democrats in the Senate, and to Vote against All Democrats in the House of Representative who are of the Clintonite Corruptocrats, and to Vote Republican for the Presidency, and they should wear T Shirts and Sweaters to Advertise this so that the Plutocratic Establishment Dictatorship will find it more difficult to rig the Election because of Electronic Voting, because this is the Only Way to Educate the Gullible until the 2018 Elections, and in readiness for the 2018 Elections where the American Social Democrats could win a majority in the House of Representatives, because, to those Democrats who are Awake, and for them to vote for a Clinton Presidency means that they have Utter Contempt for America, and for Americans.

    There are People who think that Senator Sanders should visit and talk with the Small Business Community to show that he is for Free Enterprise with Free and Fair Competition, because this Economic System is what creates Jobs and Prosperity, but which is Totally Dependent on a certain level of Communityism, or a role for Government such as building Roads for Business to manufacture automobiles and to do Commerce.

    The American Social Democrats Know that America Cannot be built on the Rotten Foundation of Clintonite Corruptocrat Brazen Hypocrisy, Evil Treason, and Incompetence that is Supported and Enabled by the Epstein Press, and Many Republican Voters want Donald Trump for President, and American Social Democrats Know that the Clintonite Corruptocrats need to be Evicted from positions of Power, and so there could be American Social Democrats who think that they should Vote for Donald Trump to be President, if Hillary Clinton with the help of the Epstein Democrats and the Epstein Journalists Usurp the Democratic Party’s nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    There are American Social Democrats who Know these things and they are Not voting for Hillary Clinton if she Usurps the Democratic Party nomination for Presidential Candidate at , and at .

    Hillary Clinton wants WW 3, and Many People have mentioned the Evil Clinton Cackle in comments on the Internet, and Clinton’s Campaign Advisors who also have their own Secret Underground Nuclear Shelters have Persuaded Clinton to Disguise the Cackling in Public, because People are more Awake then they used to be, but the Real Hillary Clinton Cackling continues to Cackle Only in Private or with other Corruptocrats in Private, and the Video which shows Hillary Clinton with her witch’s cackle is Titled: Hillary Clinton Evil Laugh Compilation at , and Many Democratic Voters want Anyone But Clinton for President of America.

  25. 30


    There could be American Social Democrats who think that they should Vote for whoever is the Republican nominee for President, if Hillary Clinton with the help of the Epstein Democrats, and the Epstein Journalists Usurps the Democratic Party’s nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    There are People who think that the Establishment has already agreed that Hillary Clinton will be President of America.

    There is a News Article that quotes WikiLeaks, and it says that the True Rulers of America Decided years ago, that Hillary Clinton would be the next President, and this is Undemocratic at , and at , and at .

    There are Americans who think that the word American TheMockerycy, is what should be used rather than American Democracy.

    We Know why the Establishment does Not like Senator Sanders or Donald Trump, and it is because they are Not Establishment Puppets.

    There could be People who think that some People are endorsing the Establishment Puppet Hillary Clinton, because they spoke to Bill Clinton on Jeffrey Epstein’s Island.

    We know that President George Bush the second said that Bill Clinton is his brother, and that Hillary Clinton is his sister in law, and they say that a picture tells a thousand words at .

    The Clintons have made 150 Million Dollars from their Speaking Fees, which is a Euphemism for the Money Laundering of Bribes, and Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are of the Establishment, as is President George Bush the second, and this why he refers to them as Family.

    We Know that Many American Voters do Not want the Bush and Clinton Dynasties that have Dictated America since the first President George Bush, and it continues today with the Puppet Obama Administration, where Hillary Clinton is the Real but Secret President of America, who sends her Decrees by means of Secret Emails.

    Perhaps Hillary Clinton told President George Bush the second that Bill Secret Harem Clinton told her that he looks at lot like Bill Clinton’s Friend Jeffrey Epstein at , and we can see this similarity where President George Bush the second is campaigning for a Fellow Member of the Establishment Family at the Clinton Foundation at .

    These and Many other Reasons, are why there are Many Americans who want Anyone But Clinton for President of America.

  26. 31

    Nanny G

    The boy who ran up on Donald Trump’s stage is the son of a wealthy, well-connected businessman.
    And the son of a trusted high-ranking gov’t employee who is in charge of a $100 million budget.
    That’s why a $300 bail.
    It would not have mattered how high his bail had been.
    He (through his parents) would have made it easy.

    April Foster got a $500 bail and also made it easily.

  27. 32


    @Nanny G:The boy is nothing but a liberal failure to launch.
    The woman obviously has no idea how these horses are trained, they wont be spooked and trample other protestors for Soros cameras.

  28. 33


    The reason the MSM and progressive establishment fears Trump is because; if Trump succeeds in winning the nomination it will be because of voter revolt against the elite’s iron-fist control over the submissive and beaten masses and the political process. A Successful Trump Presidency will encourage voters to support other non-establishment candidates.

    The MSM, crony capitalist class and current progressive-establishment leadership of both parties must stop Trump at all costs to keep their status-quo oligarchy intact.

  29. 34


    There are People who do Not criticize the Person, but they criticize the actions or policies of those who they do not agree with.

    We Know that the term Politically Correct was Invented because these Statement were Not correct as factual statements, but they were correct as far as advancing their Politics.

    There is one thing to Not be deceived by arguments that are political correct, but this is Not a license for insult or belittle People.

    What this means that that Candidates should state their opinions and policies, and Not attack the Person, but the opinions and policies they disagree with, while Providing their opinions as to why their opinions are correct or better than those of other Candidates.

    There is an attempt by some People to insult the intelligence of Fellow Americans and say or infer that Mister Trump is the Only American who has ever insulted other Americans, and that it is Only women, we Know that that he also insulted men, and if these People ignore that then they are Prejudiced against men.

    I have heard some women insult men and women, and I have heard them say the same, and the equivalent, and even worse than what that Republican Candidate is said to have said.

    We can be certain that Hillary Clinton has said much worse to other women and men in Private, but she has the sense to do it in Private.

    Bill Secret Harem Clinton has said to himself on Many Occasions that the women he used to Cheat on Hillary Clinton are Better Looking than Hillary Clinton, but he has the sense to keep that to himself, and certainly Not publish comparison Pictures on the Internet.

    There are People who think that anyone both male or female who has been to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island, or could have Secretly been to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island should Not be allowed to be a Candidate for President, and that that a Register of Journalists both male and female, who have been to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island should be made available to the Public, because this Problem does Not affect only males.

    Bill Clinton has Knowingly been to Epstein’s Island, and Hillary Clinton has either Knowingly also been there, or Secretly been there, and Mister Trump would have spoken to Epstein, and possibly been to his Island.

    I have Not researched this matter, but it could be used in the Election Campaign, and there must Not be guilt by a one off or an occasional association, but Bill Clinton has been to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island on Many Occasions and both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton are Close Associates and Very Good Friends of Jeffrey Epstein at , and at .

    Hillary Clinton has Insulted All Americans with her Treasons, Corruptions, and Criminalizes, and she and her part time husband have Insulted All American women, and women in general, and Bill Clinton wants to be President again, and if Hillary Clinton becomes Co President again, then Bill Jeffrey Epstein Clinton will also be Co President and Illegally extend the Constitutional term limit for an American President at , and Hillary Clinton, who was Co President also wants to Illegally extend the Constitutional term of an American President.

    We Know that Mister Trump like the Clintons are Not a socialists like the Social Democrat Senator Sanders is, was a Good Friend of the Clintons, and that he was a Democrat, and Donated to the Democrats, and while I make no allegations, there are People who think that the Clintons and the Epstein Journalists may make an issue of what is contained in the following Website at , and so it is better to understand what the Clintons may bring Legal Proceedings against an even Innocent Mister Trump on these matters, because they understand how to influence Voters, even though Many Voters on the Left will Not vote for Clinton, because it would be showing a Lack of Self Respect to themselves and it would be showing Contempt to Fellow Americans at .

    There could be People who think that the American Social Democrats will bring Civil Charges against Mister Trump so that he has to Subpoena Bill Jeffrey Epstein Clinton to give Evidence in Court at the Trial during the Election Campaign.

    It appears that Mister Trump has only made offensive remarks against a few women, and Not against women in general as the Clintons have done, with Monica Lewinsky and the others and with Bill Clinton’s visits to Jeffrey Epstein’s Island at .

    We do Not Know if Mister Trump has been Paid by President Bill Epstein Clinton to make Hillary Clinton look good, because they were Good Friends, and might even be Good Friends regardless of the words and actions in Public, because both are Capitalists, even though the NAFTA Clintons and the Bank Deregulation Clintons will Lie as Usual.

    I have Not seen that Mister Trump is anti women, but he has only made remarks against those who he has had problems with, but the Epstein Journalists, will try to say that it includes all women, while they will Ignore and Cover Up for the Presidents Epstein Clintons.

    It would appear that Mister Trumps latest unwarranted remarks concerning the wife of a rival for Republican Presidential Candidate Could have been timed to help Clinton in the Democratic Primaries on March 26 of 2016 for Alaska, Hawaii, and Washington.

    This could indicate that Mister Trump would rather have a Presidential Campaign against Hillary Clinton, rather than against Senator Sander, because Clinton is Disliked and Distrusted and Hillary Clinton is a Devious Criminal and a Traitor.

    There are some American Voters are looking for a President that they know that they can be relaxed and comfortable with, because that Person uses mature speech and acts maturely, and is Trustworthy, and Americans Know that Hillary Clinton is Cunning enough to use smooth speech, but this is only because she is a Devious Criminal and an Untrustworthy Traitor.

    There is a News Article that has examined the recent incident involving Mister Trump, and I believe that some Republicans might want to help Hillary NAFTA Banking Deregulation Clinton win the Democratic Party nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    These are among the Reasons why Many Americans want Anyone But Hillary Clinton for President of America.

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