The Art of the Steal… Democrats voting in GOP contests make a HUUGGEEE difference

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Back in 2008 Rush Limbaugh had a bit called “Operation Chaos” where he suggested Republicans in Ohio and elsewhere cross over and vote for Hillary Clinton in the Democrat primary. The goal was to keep Clinton in the race to blunt the lead of Barack Obama and cause more chaos on the Democrat side. Well, Operation Chaos was pretty much a failure as Obama steamrolled Clinton.

While Limbaugh is not calling for an “Operation Chaos” this year, something along those lines is definitely happening… but it doesn’t have anything to do with Hillary Clinton this time, but rather, Donald Trump.

The turnout for this year’s primary contests is surging with record numbers of voters participating on the GOP side. No doubt there are Republicans who sat out in 2012 and 2008 who are now participating. But that’s not the driver of the numbers. The driver is… Democrats. In Massachusetts as example, according to the Boston Herald 20,000 Democrats switched to the Republican Party before the primary. That works out to fully 5% of the GOP ballots cast. Interestingly, Trump’s 31% margin of victory in Massachusetts was the largest he’s has had.

In Pennsylvania the same thing is happening. According to CBS 46,000 Pennsylvania Democrats have already switched to the GOP to vote for Trump. If the participation in the Pennsylvania primary exhibits the same kind of increase Massachusetts did (up 12% over 2008, the last year with a lame duck president in office) then those 46,000 Democrats will make up 5% of the 900,000 GOP voters.

But of course that’s not the only way Democrats are influencing the GOP primary. In Massachusetts and Pennsylvania they switched because both are closed states in that registrants of party can’t vote in the primaries of another party. Massachusetts is officially open however as unaffiliated voters can vote in any party’s primary. That means that the only way Democrats in those two states can vote in the GOP primary is by changing parties.

But in a large number of states you don’t even have to do that. Those states have “Open” primaries or caucuses where voters can vote in either party’s primary, regardless of which party they are registered in. That makes a HUUGGGGEEEE difference. (And for course, Ohio is an “Open” primary.)  To give you an idea of how big, consider the following:

There have been a total of 14 open primaries and caucuses where Democrats are able to vote in the GOP contest. Donald Trump has won 12 of them. At the same time, there have been a total of 9 primaries and caucuses in closed states… and Ted Cruz has won 6 of them, while Donald Trump has won only 3 of them.

So in the states where only Republicans can vote in the Republican primaries and caucuses Ted Cruz has won 66% of the contests while Donald Trump has won 34%… and those are states where data shows that tens of thousands of Democrats are switching party affiliation for the specific purpose of voting for Trump in the GOP contest. At the same time however, in states where Democrats are free to vote in the GOP contest Donald Trump has won 85% of the time.

Conservatives like myself find ourselves growing horse explaining that Donald Trump is no conservative, that he loves big government and is no friend of liberty… all to no avail. The Trump train keeps rolling on. We wonder, how is it even remotely possible that someone so antithetical to the principals of limited government and individual freedom could be leading in the GOP race when a guy like Ted Cruz, who lives and breathes and bleeds those things is on the same ballot? Well, now we know. Republicans are not the ones making Donald Trump the front runner, Democrats are.

While you can make the argument that some of them may indeed be moving to the party to vote for Trump rather than playing out a reverse of Limbaugh’s “Operation Chaos”, you have to ask yourself how many Democrats who voted for Barack Obama are going to be pulling the lever for any Republican in the general election?

So it should be no surprise why poll after poll shows Donald Trump getting trounced in the general election by either Clinton or Sanders… It’s Clinton’s and Sanders’ voters who are picking the opponent for their candidate! Picking the players on your side and the players on the other side. That’s a pretty good position to be in, it almost sounds like something right out of the Art of the Deal. Hmmm, you don’t say…

The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

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  1. 1

    Nanny G

    Ohio is sort of an open primary:

    Do I declare my political party affiliation when I register?

    No. Under Ohio election law, you declare your political party affiliation by requesting the ballot of a political party in a partisan primary election.

    Polls are usually based on likely Republican primary voters in Ohio.
    But Dems may vote using the Rep ballot simply by asking for one.
    So, the tie between Kasich and Trump in polls based on Republicans might not e accurate when it comes to votes cast.

    We will see later Tues night.

    California is a huge delegate prize.
    It is completely open.
    Who knows what shenanagans will be played out in CA.

  2. 2


    What about independents?
    That seems a much larger source of non-Republicans. There are more Independents than Republicans or Democrats, and Trump does very well with them.
    And “Operation Chaos” among Democrats seems very unlikely as there are far too many people voting for this to proceed under the radar.

  3. 3

    Mike Danger

    Without more data you cannot logically conclude that this is analogous to Operation Chaos. One cannot ignore the possibility that this is analogous to “Reagan Democrats”.

    “So it should be no surprise why poll after poll shows Donald Trump getting trounced in the general election by either Clinton or Sanders…”

    At this point in the 1980 election Carter was up on Reagan by 20+ points. We know how that ended…

  4. 5


    @buwaya: In Ohio, voters who ask for an independent ballot will vote on the issues only. You must specify which party’s ballot you want when you go the polls to vote in a primary election : Republican, Democrat, or Green.

  5. 6


    @Nanny G: @Nanny G: And Republicans can vote Democrat simply by asking for that ballot. By asking for a particular party’s ballot, you are, in effect, declaring your political party affiliation. Once done, this can only be changed by declaring again in the next primary election.

  6. 7

    Richard Wheeler

    @Nanny G: Ohio—Trump switched from locked op Fla to big rally in Dem./Union stronghold–Youngstown tonight– Kasich there earlier.
    Since more dislike Trump than like him–indie/ Dem crossover will hurt him slightly .Many Rubio supporters are switching to Kasich+ 3%—Carson endorsement gives Trump additional 3%—
    Kasich home court advantage gives him 40-35 win–Cruz 22—Marco also ran.

  7. 8


    so Vince how do you feel that Dem voters are helping the GOP candidate
    that most people feel would be the weakest in the general election Do you think SOROS might be behind it ?

  8. 9


    @buwaya: That would maybe make sense if independents were registering sufficiently in closed states to make the numbers closer to the open states, but that’s not happening. He’s losing badly in closed states.

  9. 11

    Youare Assholes

    But just because 85% / 34% – blah, blah blah proof – doesn’t mean anything. Evidence is for looosers. Trump’s supporters are just passionate more in some places than others. Hehe.. And while the odds of what you suggest are likely I’m doubting it. Democrats would want a contested convention first, so if you see Rubio, Kasich or Cruz winning the next dozen primaries then your idea might have merit.

  10. 12


    @Mike Danger: #3
    It ended with Reagan getting elected because the people who polled for Carter didn’t get out of their comfortable chairs and vote. I see parallels, especially if Ma Barker gets the Dem nomination with superdelegates while Bernie gets a majority of subdelegates. In that case, I suspect that many Bernie supporters will stay home on election day.

  11. 13

    Nanny G

    FLA is a closed primary state. If you wish to vote in a partisan primary election, you must be a registered voter in the party for which the primary is being held.
    With 39% in Trump has a lead of 200,000 votes over 2nd place at 46% of the vote and 20% over 2nd place, too.
    Cruz is 3rd.

  12. 15


    @Rich Wheeler: Kinda blew that one Richie. Pushed by Cruz? Where? So if all the Dims want Trump to win they should have voted in Ohio and that would have ended the contest. Now it’s still open. I don’t buy that argument. The nom is still going to either Trump or Cruz, same as it’s been all along. Nothing’s changed. Little Marco never had a chance. Gang of Eight doomed him.

  13. 16

    Rich Wheeler

    @Redteam: I nailed it in Ohio with Kasich winning by 7%–you foolishly picked Trump.
    Cruz is even with Trump in Mizzou and down about five in N.C
    Nobody in their right mind wants Trump anywhere near The Presidency
    Rubio will back Kasich–it’s a 3 man race and an open Convention in Cleveland.

  14. 17


    Missouri exit polls say: 5% of voters openly admit to being liberal Dems voting for Trump to sabotage the R primary and would never vote for in the general. Unknown how many operatives aren’t as dumb as to openly admit to it.

    Q: No matter how you voted today, do you usually think of yourself as a:
    ** A: Democrat –> 5%
    Independent or something else

    Q: On most political matters, do you consider yourself:
    ** A: Liberal –> 5%
    Very conservative
    Somewhat conservative

    Q: If Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were the candidates in November, would you:
    ** A: Seriously consider voting for a third party candidate –> 5%
    Be satisfied with that choice

    Do we see a pattern?

    Exit poll questions:

    Missouri an Open Primary State:

  15. 19


    There are Americans who think that the Republicans could win the Presidency if Hillary Nixon Clinton receives the Democratic Party’s nomination for Presidential Candidate, because they might Not know of the scheme that the Leading Democrats might use to win the Election to create a Dictatorship in America, and which is described in this comment.

    They might call up Talkback Radio Shows and write comments at Websites, and these People may be Undecided Voters, or Social Democrats, or as those who may be considering Independent Candidates, because they do Not want to vote for the Clintonite Corruptocrats.

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    Jeffrey Epstein is an American Billionaire Financier, who is the owner of the Jeffrey Epstein Foundation, and he could have given Money to the Clinton Foundation, and Epstein was Convicted and spent time in jail for underage sexual activities.

    It is said that Epstein practices this on his Private Island, and he may also have a Private Email Server, and the British Parliament is called the Westminster System of Government, and the British People think that the British Establishment control the Establishment Parliamentarians in a certain way, and they say that what works in one English speaking Country may work in another English speaking Country at…1612026.1628246.0.1629673.….0…1c.1.64.hp..2.18.2678.YCO1687WFQo .

    The Clintons may be Paying their People to make these calls to Talkback Radio Shows, and to write comments from readers on Websites.

    If the Clintons are doing this, then it is to gain understanding of Public opinion.

    The Clintons may want to see what is the Public opinion, because they think that this will be needed for the Elections.

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  16. 20

    Richard Wheeler

    @Redteam: I’ve been right all the way—you not so much with your pick of Trump over Kasich in Ohio,
    Kasich will win California Primary 6/7
    On a limb—-Kasich/ Rubio our next Prez/Veep

  17. 23


    @Richard Wheeler: I want an election that the RNC doesn’t mess with Kasich is not the peoples choice, Rubio certainly not a choice either, he couldn’t even carry his own state. GOP pacts running negative ads against their top candidate is disgusting. The media following him like lovelorn puppies disgusting. I have clearly stated I prefer Cruz but if Don takes it I will vote for him, then go get disgustingly drunk. The electronic machines will be hacked AGAIN and Hillary will win. With the media saying Rep voters sat home rather than vote for Trump.

  18. 25

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: I believe Kasich will gain momentum–win Cal possibly Pa and others—Trump unpopular with over half the Party—Anyone who thinks he’s got Dem. support probably thinks Sarah Palin was gonna bring Dem women to support Mac–foolish wishful thinking.
    Many Dems, like myself,do not support HRC but we sure as hell won’t vote for Trump
    BTW—AGREE Dr Carson sold out for potential job offer. Trump bashing reduced him from potential nom to also ran–WTF?

    Nanny G Thanks–shows Trump with less than 50% needed and I suspect it will stay that way to Cleveland

  19. 26


    @Richard Wheeler: Trump is currently way ahead in every state poll out there. NY, NJ, Ca. Kasich is in 3rd place in all of them. Kasich has to have 106% of available delegates to get nom. Not very likely is it?
    There is no state where anyone else is ahead at present time.

  20. 27


    @Richard Wheeler: since you want Hillary so much, you should be excited that the Repubs will nominate Trump, that’ll make it a shoo in for the Hill. Right? So quit complaining and jump on the Trump wagon so yore gal can get it.

  21. 28


    @Richard Wheeler: Rumor mill that C. Rice will be the third party candidate, Mitt will not accept any nomination, and Trump is negotiating with Cruz as VP pick.I do remember Cruz said in one of the debates he would accept VP.
    At this point I am not making any predictions. I just found the rumors interesting.

  22. 29

    Richard Wheeler

    @Redteam: As all literate FA’ERS know I’m against HRC and Trump.
    You show up every couple of days to gush over Trump and tell us how well he’s doing. Well you got it wrong in Ohio and I’m thinking you’ ll be making some more bad calls before it’s over.
    Did you see that great Irish win tonight–who’s your pick–I got Kansas

  23. 30

    Richard Wheeler

    @kitt: Cruz will never take a V.P. slot from Trump–too principled to shill for the flim flam man.
    Don’t think they’ll be a third party run–one of these 3 will get the nom—Condi would be a great VEEP.

  24. 33


    @Richard Wheeler: As far as the VP position, I could see where Cruz would take the VP posing as savior firewall to protect the nation, or Who gets the seat if He gets a sniper bullet or impeached, Trump would have to take up all or most of his platform to land him, not that Trump has a platform he is in favor of things but every debate when asked on issues he just bragged about his poll numbers when pressed was never clear about anything.
    am again not making predictions I would still like to see the reins in Cruz hands.

  25. 35




    Sounds like a Dimocrat medicine. If you’re so sure Hillary is a winner against Trump, then Dims should be campaigning for Trump instead of against him. Better tell those protestors they are working against Hillary.

  26. 36


    @Richard Wheeler:

    Did you see that great Irish win tonight–who’s your pick–I got Kansas

    I didn’t know the Irish had a Lacrosse team. Kansas, is that an accredited school? What league is their Lacrosse team in?

    You show up every couple of days to gush over Trump

    I missed that, wanna post a link so I can read what I said.

  27. 37

    Richard Wheeler

    @Redteam: Ret05#31 is a principled Conservative who makes sense in her support of Cruz.
    You’ve always been a flim flam man like Trump.

    Re NCAA tourney–you said you were an ACC fan (6 teams left 10-1 so far)– yet have nobody left??Who’s out you liked besides SEC non qualifier LSU?

  28. 38

    Nanny G

    Is this Pandering to Mormons OR what Cruz really believes?

    Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz told Utahns on Saturday that he might consider Mormon Sen Mike Lee as a Supreme Court nominee if he is elected president.

    His surrogate, Glenn Beck added:

    The Book of Mormon was created as a guide on how to protect freedom in our day.

    At the Provo rally, many responded yelling, “I believe.”

    Glenn Beck on video from the same event:

    Dale has been fasting without anybody knowing it every Tuesday for the last three weeks for the right outcome in this election. This is the priesthood rising!

    You who have been railing against a THEOCRACY should pay attention.
    You are in danger of one from Ted Cruz.

    BTW, notice something different about Ted Cruz’ backdrop?
    It was no longer ”TrusTED” but ”Choose Cruz” from the Keep the Promise Super PAC.
    Ted is broke.
    He is relying on super Pacs to get him over the finish line.
    He claims to be anti-establishment.
    But that super Pac is run by Mitch McConnell’s lawyer.
    Also the lawyer for the US Chamber of Commerce (the anti-Main Street one, the one that wants Open Borders and amnesty for all.)
    Some other big contributors:
    Goldman Sachs
    Club for Growth
    Credit Suisse Group
    Baker BOTTS LLP (A Christian radio group)

  29. 39


    I have heard all the THEOCRACY BS before, Kennedy was a Catholic so the Pope was going to run the country. Desperate back door bashing.
    A look into Sen Lees background seems he would be a close match for the highly conservative judge that we lost recently.
    Don’t think his campaign is broke 13 mil in reserves last time I looked. Most raised from grass root donors under $200
    Super PACS well it is a 2 man race Trump not their choice.
    Trumps Super PACs seem to be the media (George Soros, Rupert Murdoch and GE) that provides him wall to wall coverage. He also has not said he would not refuse PAC money in the General election.

  30. 40


    @Richard Wheeler

    : is a principled Conservative who makes sense in her support of Cruz.

    while I agree she is a principled conservative, I’m not sure how anyone can make sense of support for a non natural born citizen, that may not even be an American citizen to be president. Other than that…….

    Re NCAA tourney–you said you were an ACC fan (6 teams left 10-1 so far)– yet have nobody left??Who’s out you liked besides SEC non qualifier LSU?

    I think I watched part of one LSU basketball game this year. I’m an LSU football and baseball fan, not basketball. I’ve watched one NCAA game so far, Baylor-Yale because it happened to be on when I turned on the tv. I haven’t even looked at scores since Thurs so have no idea who’s still in. Odds seems to favor an ACC team this year.

    You’ve always been a flim flam man like Trump.

    you know a lot of multi billionaire’s that are ‘flim flam’ men?

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