#VoteTrumpGetDumped? How About #VoteHillaryOrBernieGetDumped?

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*** Update! Blake from VTGD responds! See comments below! ***

The radical left professes a love for recycling, and that extends to silly ideas. Katherine Timpf posted a story at National Review, “Married Couple Launches Movement to Keep Trump Supporters from Having Sex”. Before I even clicked the link its title reminded me of a similar story that made the rounds leading up to the 2012 election. Over at Feministe, a writer who goes by Jill posted a screed against sleeping with anyone whose political views aren’t in lock step with the Radical Left:

Obviously people can marry whoever they want, and this is just, like, my opinion man. But don’t marry someone who votes Republican. Don’t even sex someone who votes Republican. Why? Because the Republican party is hostile to women’s humanity. The Republican party is hostile to women having the most fundamental rights to their own bodies. The Republican party is hostile to gay people even existing, let alone enjoying the same rights and privileges as straight citizens. The Republican party campaigns on racism.

Don’t sleep with that guy.

After that she starts to get angry. You can read the rest, but it’s exactly what you’d expect. That brings us to Timpf’s story:

An Ohio married couple with two young daughters has launched a movement called “Vote Trump Get Dumped,” which calls on people to refuse to have sex with Donald’s supporters.

“I don’t want a sexist, racist, war-crime-threatening man leading my country,” wife, mother, and Vote Trump Get Dumped co-founder Chandler Smith told National Review Online on Wednesday. “If Donald objectifies women, he’s objectifying 50.8 percent of America and that’s not cool.”

While there’s a lot on that last paragraph that can be pulled apart, in the name of keeping this post relatively short let’s just look at that last sentence about objectifying women. Would that include supporting serial sexual harassers, as I brought up two years ago when Democrats brought their war on Women to Northern Virginia

This also brings us to the uncomfortable question that no leftist wants asked about Hillary Clinton: How does any self respecting woman put up with a man who has so little respect for her that he continuously humiliates her publicly? In my opinion, I’ve always seen their marriage as a power relationship, nothing more. If Bill had any respect for his wife he wouldn’t chase every skirt that walked in front of him (whether willing or unwilling) , and if Hillary had any respect for herself she would have gone Lorena Bobbitt on Bill or left him long ago. I don’t think she’s stupid enough to not have known about all of his cheating on her, nor does Hillary strike me as the battered wife too afraid to leave. But however convenient for her career goals, how can the treatment that she allows from her husband be seen as any kind of role model for women?

For that matter, if you’re still giving these guys an excuse based on their good works how would you feel if your wife/sister/daughter was married to a man who treated her the way Clinton or Spitzer did? How about Ted Kennedy? Somehow if she responded “It’s OK, he fully supports my reproductive rights” you’d be calling friends and family for an intervention. So where are the feminists, whose silence in failure to condemn these men, speaks so much louder than words?

OK, how about Bernie? You mean, the candidate who wrote about womens’ rape fanatasies? Yes, he’s backtracking today, calling it poorly written fiction. But if something like this was written by someone running as a Republican what kind of reaction do you think we’d be getting from the Radical Left?

This whole story isn’t a major new item, and from the looks of things this is just another blurb about a handful of loons whose notion of equality is trying to make everyone else around them as miserable as they are. If they’re serious about holding their own candidates to the same standards as others (they don’t – leftists don’t hold their own to any kind of standard), then these Lefties really wouldn’t be able to sleep with anyone who supports their chosen candidate, either.

And if I were a young Trump supporter who happened to be single (I’m none of the three), and a young lady gave me some “Vote Trump get Dumped” tirade, I’d probably politely suggest that she go (perform a physically impossible sexual act upon) herself.

And based on her own standards she wouldn’t qualify either!

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14 Responses to “#VoteTrumpGetDumped? How About #VoteHillaryOrBernieGetDumped?”

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    Hey man, chandler and I are republicans. you think if we were democrats we would have released on nro? Democrats love trump because of this stuff – bc it is fodder for Hilary as the first woman president. I just voted for a republican candidate in Kentucky. It really is a question of electability – read the quotes – this will be hard for him to bury against Hilary. – Blake from vote trump get dumped.

  2. 2

    Brother Bob


    @Blake: I had no idea – great job of hiding your ideology on your site!
    I’d write more, but have to help get Little Bob ready for school right now & get to work. In the meantime I put a quick update at the top that you responded – thanks for clarifying!

  3. 3

    Tony Plank

    @Brother Bob:

    I really enjoyed your older post and the comments regarding Hillary. I’ve long thought that the Liberal cohort has extreme double standards.

    But then, so does the Conservative cohort. It will be amusing this fall watching the “family values” crowd line up behind Trump.

    Keep calling out the hypocrisy my friend: someone has to do it.


  4. 5

    Brother Bob


    @Tony Plank: Thanks, Tony – I’m a bit perplexed as to how Evangelicals are squaring the Trump circle myself. Took a quick look at your site too & will be checking back. I’m always looking for well written left of center opinion!

  5. 9

    Richard Wheeler

    @Brother Bob: I totally agree with him. He’s a Scotch/Irish pro-military blue dog Dem*—he’s a social moderate one of his causes being prison reform–says he was only Senator with a union card an NRA membership and a Purple Heart. Of course he was also awarded a Navy Cross in V.N. He wrote me and other Marine V.N Vets asking our input on possible 3rd Party run. I’m sorry he didn’t–think it came down to money–would have loved to see him go against HRC and “which foot was it” Trump.
    He has said Donald Trump might be “really good or really bad for America.” I’ll be surprised if he votes for or supports him.

    *A Reagan Dem—was NavSec. Has a video of RR praising him effusively.—couldn’t wait to use it in a G.E.

    Off subject Obama approval rating is at a 3 year high—Guess when compared to candidates like HRC and Trump he looks pretty good.

  6. 10

    Brother Bob


    @Tony Plank: Yeah, I read three of your posts and still couldn’t tell which side you fell on, although I saw a few hints that suggested left of center. Definitely complicated =8^)

    Always good to see a new face around here – looking forward to hearing more from you!

  7. 11

    Brother Bob


    @Richard Wheeler: That would have been an intriguing 3rd party run, but the Dems learned their lesson in 2000 and will never allow that to happen – look at how hard they fought to keep Nader away in 2004.

    And no problem veering off topic – this post doesn’t seem to be generating a lot of discussion on the subject and seemed as good a place as any to go on tangents!

  8. 12

    Nanny G

    @Blake: Hey man, chandler and I are republicans. you think if we were democrats we would have released on nro?

    It is ironic, though.
    The idea of withholding sex because of political leaning has no precedent unless you harken all the way back to the Lysistrata comedy by Aristophanes.
    Originally performed in classical Athens in 411 BC, it is a comic account of one woman’s extraordinary mission to end the Peloponnesian War.
    Lysistrata persuades the women of Greece to withhold sexual privileges from their husbands and lovers as a means of forcing the men to negotiate peace.
    Oh, and how it backfires!
    But then, either side of the political divide can be ignorant of history and try to repeat mistakes already made that could be learned from.

    BTW, somebody studies.
    Spike Lee’s film Chi-Raq is based on Lysistrata!

  9. 13


    @Nanny G:

    Our whole point was to create a fun way to talk about a serious issue: Donald Trump’s suitability to hold office given the volume of sexist quotes in his books, interviews, etc…

    Anger – Sex – and Humor – they are all tools that we’re using to get this issue some attention. And apparently it worked here.

  10. 14

    Brother Bob


    @Blake: Personally, I always had the best comeback whenever a girlfriend would mention the possibility of withholding sex. I’d just say “Why would you do that to yourself? You’re getting the worse end of this deal – I don’t get to have sex with you, which is bad – but even worse, you don’t get to have sex with me!”
    Surprisingly, it always worked…

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