A Donald Trump presidency will be the death of the Republican party. Good riddance!

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It looks like Donald Trump may run the table towards Cleveland, or close to it. Although it may end up being a two man race after the SEC Primary – John Kasich doesn’t count and Ben Carson is irrelevant – it may end up being too late to matter.  So why would Donald Trump be the end of the Republican party? Because other than building a fence – which is important – it’s likely that not much will change…and things might even get a bit worse.

Trump is attracting the attention of millions of Americans from across the spectrum. Somehow he attracted the votes of tens of thousands of evangelicals in South Carolina while at the same time drawing attention from minorities and millennials and self professed “conservatives”. His numbers are actually increasing, having won 45% of the vote in Nevada, almost a 50% jump from South Carolina less than a week before.  As I said last week, Trump 2016 is like Obama 2008 in that he is, for his fans, an empty vessel into which they can pour their dreams. That’s great for him on the campaign trail, but it might not be such a good thing for the country when he’s in the White House.

All of the people who are flocking to Trump are doing so for what they read into his “Make America Great Again” slogan. (Rush again on Monday disingenuously claimed the slogan is somehow more substantive than “Hope and Change”… He’s wrong, it’s not.) Trumpkins are understandably frustrated with a government that doesn’t work. They are frustrated with a government that is involved in too many things. They are frustrated with a government that seems unresponsive to their needs and demands.  They want a government that protects their individual freedoms.  Those are all real concerns… but the problem is, Donald Trump will not likely change much of that, and to the degree that he does, he may well do so unconstitutionally.

And that’s the rub, and that’s why the Republican party will be doomed by a successful Trump run for the White House. The Republican Party is on the ropes in the first place because its candidates run on conservative ideas and then run away from them once in office. Whether it’s vows to stop Obamacare or promises to cut spending, GOP voters vote for one thing and via the magic of Washington, they get something else. Most GOP voters are simply sick of it. That explains the Trump phenomena and the strength of Ted Cruz.

So how exactly does a Donald Trump presidency doom the GOP? Simple. Because a significant faction of the GOP voter base is ready to walk already – myself included – because the party has lost its way and become liberalism light, but because Ted Cruz is in the race many of us are at least hopeful that it’s possible to end up with an actual limited government conservative nominee and president. Another significant portion of the voters are looking for something different than the status quo… hence Trump. Together those groups make up half if not more of the party, and a Trump in the White House will not only not be conservative, he’ll likely not change much at all.

Change doesn’t come easy, particularly when you’re fighting a leviathan. And Washington is nothing if not a leviathan. It’s entrenched in almost every aspect of American life. It’s dysfunctional and provides money and services to millions of America’s who have become fat and happy suckling on the nanny state teat. And don’t forget the millions of well paid bureaucrats and supplicants doing the same.

Bobby Kennedy learned as Attorney General, that changing anything in Washington is almost impossible, and the leviathan of government is exponentially larger today than it was then. Even Ronald Reagan, who famously wanted to kill the Departments of Energy and Education, was stonewalled. And Washington is more entrenched now than it was then.

In order to change Washington one has to have a visceral hate for big government, because it won’t go away without a fight. There are too many people, on both ends of the government industrial complex who have vested interests in maintaining it as it is. Add to that the fact that Trump is a big government crony capitalist and you can see where this is going, or not, as the case might be. Sure, he’ll build a wall and rename Obamacare, but will he rein in the NLRB or the EPA or HUD?  Don’t count on it. Will he eliminate the Dept of Education or the CFPB or agriculture subsidies? Not likely. And perhaps most importantly, will he put a constitutionalist on the Supreme Court to replace Scalia? No chance.

And that’s why a Donald Trump presidency will be the death of the GOP. Nothing will change.  Washington will likely function very much the way it does now… only the people running it will have Rs by their names rather than Ds. Once Republican voters have their guy in the White House and nothing changes, the factions of the party that seek something other than go-along-to-get-along big government, crony capitalism, and the nanny state will have no choice but to form a third party.  Maybe it will be a conglomeration of Tea Party groups. Maybe it will be a amalgamation with the Libertarian Party. Maybe they go for the fence and create an entirely new party focused on limited government, free enterprise and individual freedom. Whatever it turns out to be, it’s happening because the Republican party no longer stands for anything but itself. In Donald Trump it has its man. Good riddance to it.

The product of a military family, growing up in Naples, Italy and Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, and being stationed in Germany for two years while in the Army, Vince spent half of his first quarter century seeing the US from outside of its own borders. That perspective, along with a French wife and two decades as a struggling entrepreneur have only fueled an appreciation for freedom and the fundamental greatness of the gifts our forefathers left us.

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    Nanny G

    Donald Trump rallied people with speeches that used to include, ”I would bomb their oil (ISIS).” Then, after Paris, the FRENCH realized what a good idea it would be to ”bomb their oil,” (ISIS) and began doing so. (Meanwhile Obama will only bomb oil trucks after the drivers have had a 1/2 head’s up to abandon same trucks.)

    I have no idea how people can take one fragment of a sentence out of context that stands opposed to everything Donald Trump says about ACA (ObamaCare) and claim he would, simply, ”rename Obamacare.”
    He has said, over and over, that ObamaCare would be GONE in a Trump presidency.
    Replacing it would be cross-state-line insurance competition, policies that merely include those things YOU want to be covered for (no more mandatory birth control, maternity for me and hubby) as well as health saving plans PLUS a solid safety net for the TRULY NEEDY.
    Now, if you want to call that a mere, ”rename Obamacare,” then you need to go re-read the article about language and why we never get what we what because we have lost the ability to properly communicate.

    On ”slogans,” frankly, a slogan is just that, a slogan.

    Next time a speech is on tap from Donald Trump, I’d strongly recommend you listen to it yourself.
    Here’s one hosting site:
    I watched one yesterday then saw an MSNBC host butcher it.
    The reporter said Trump said he’s ”READ the Bible more than anybody,” but an actual listener knows Donald Trump ACTUALLY said he ”RESPECTED the Bible as much as anyone.”
    Quite a misunderstanding and misreporting.
    And here you are, taking the word of reporters like him for your talking points.

    Please be informed, even getting your facts, straight from the horse’s mouth (comes from Plato, BTW) next time.
    In Plato’s day rich men’s sons sat around and debated how many teeth a horse had. Plato was the wise one who asked a servant boy, knowing the servant class actually had real-life experience with horses (and that included cleaning their teeth!)

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    Bravo! This post is a clarion call to anyone left who wants a limited government.
    The current constructed Republican Party, is not that vessel.

    “…candidates run on conservative ideas and run away from them once in office.”
    For example, Tea Party endorsed Joni Ernst of Iowa votes aye to confirm a racial
    ideologist for a Federal Appellate Court bench.

    “..via the magic of Washington….” even Mr. Cruz is not immune. Only Tom Cotton stood alone on the Corker -Cardin travesty. Moreover, he skips a bill ,that would audit the Fed,talk about big government, he co-sponsors!


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    Tony Plank

    I’ve been arguing for a long time that regardless of the issues that you care about, the one sure way to guarantee little significant progress is to vote Democrat or Republican. It seems that Democrat and Republican voters are starting to wake up to this reality, but I predict that pulling the party lever is a hard thing to break. Vince is correct that President Trump would mean very little change.

    Candidate Trump may be a different matter. He is revealing the tremendous untapped support that is out there for an agenda that does not map well to the traditional Two-Party Hall platforms. I think Trump as the nominee will hand Hillary and easy victory…and leave the GOP scrambling to find its voice, but sadly not dead as it should be.

    If this comes to pass, we will again squander a great opportunity to blow open our dysfunctional political process. Trump v. Hillary leaves little room for a centrist party to emerge. Having status quo (President Hillary) or status gridlock (Trump) will allow voters to retreat to their partisan caves and continue to think in those partisan terms.


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    If Trump desires to be a truly great president he knows he will have to start the pendulum swinging back toward constitutionalism. For more than a century progressives have been shoving the pendulum ever further to the Left, so I cannot expect one man, in four or eight years, to get us all the way back to where we should be, but I think Trump can make a good start. His pick for VP will let us know if he is thinking long term.

    While Trump can come across as a buffoon on the campaign trail, he’s obviously no idiot. In fact, he is very intelligent. Thus, what is on display is his campaign persona, and, regardless what anyone thinks, it is a successful one. I find myself wondering if he has ever developed a coherent political philosophy or even pondered some potential stands on issues, but he respects the rule of law and the sanctity of contracts (what is the Constitution if not a contract?), and he has always been patriotic (which is more than you can say about 90% of Democrats).

    If Trump does not win the Republican Party is dead. It may die anyway with Trump at its helm, but I, a life-long, broken-glass Republican, left the Party in 2007, because it was clear that it had no interest in defending my paleoconservative principles. Such a party deserves to implode.

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    Richard Wheeler

    @Skookum: Always Patriotic?-he didn’t serve–ducked Viet Nan—neither of his sons have served.
    Waves the flag–disses “W” I believe he’s a Populist that’s tapped into anger, fear ,racism and greed–bringing out the worst ,not the best.–As a former New Yorker I didn’t like him as a Dem. or an Indie and I sure as hell don’t like what he’s morphed into now.
    I really do like his third wife.

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    I don’t get why folks think Trump will be “big government. ”

    He said he would repeal Obama care, and he will do all he can to uphold his personal brand of success while in the office of the Presidency.

    Say Congress refuses to fund a wall, Trump can then Elect to:
    1) start a “go fund me” for a wall
    2) offer tax credits for whatever people give
    3) when the IRS prosecutes, he can pardon everyone go gave

    I’m not saying that’s Trumps plan, but I am saying there’s lots of ways to get stuff done.

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    Angel Artiste

    It seems that Trump is also an empty vessel for some to pour their bile into. This poorly-conceived article is full of unsubstantiated preconceived innuendo. Also, calling those that may vote for him “Trumpkins” shows a level of ignorance mixed with angry frustration, indicating more about the writer’s lack of skill than his self-assessed cleverness. Let me just say that I would probably prefer Cruz and maybe even Rubio to Trump, but I don’t think he would be the abject disaster portrayed by some clueless political writers.

    Yesterday, Rudy Giuliani, who has known Trump well for many years, endorsed him. Giuliani may not be the most conservative voice, but he’s a very smart guy and knows that Trump is not the incompetent monster portrayed by his opponents and opponents’ fans.

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    @Angel Artiste: #8
    It’s funny that the people who actually know Trump are his biggest supporters and speak so highly of him, isn’t it?
    Or that the people who have watched him speak and have read all of his books don’t see the contradictions that so many pundits seem to be pulling out of their… “whatevers”.
    Too many of the elite seem to think that the best way to defeat Trump is to lie about him, his actions, his beliefs, and his supporters.
    I’m not going to waste precious pixels by outlining the lies, there are too many of them. If anyone wants to know the truth about Donald Trump, who he is, what he believes, what he’s done, or what he believes is the role of government, read his books and see for yourself. He is consistent. Don’t trust someone else’s interpretation of what he has said, read it for yourself.
    Donald Trump may be unconventional, but he is a patriot who says what he means and accomplishes what he says he will accomplish.
    And no small dog yapping furiously at his feet will change that.

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    The author of this article seems to believe that Cruz would be “an actual limited government conservative nominee…”.

    Obviously this author has done very little homework on Cruz if he believes Cruz is the most hopeful and right way to go for the sake of our country.

    Cruz might freely throw words such as “Constitution” and “I love my country” around but the FACTS are that both Cruz and his wife, Heidi, are One World Government believers…globalists. And both of them have been working for and with other globalists since at least the year 2000.

    Cruz “loves” our country so much that, as both a husband AND a Senator, he had NO QUALMS about his wife’s working for the CFR, nor for the CFR-sponsored Task Force back in October, 2004.

    This 31-member task force was formed in order to come up with “recommendations” on how to combine Mexico, Canada and the USA into ONE LARGE COUNTRY CALLED THE NORTH AMERICAN UNION.

    By combining all three countries into one large one, the USA will be abolished, our Sovereignty will be gone, and there will no longer be any Constitution to protect our Freedoms and Rights.

    With the United States out of the way, ALL countries can then be placed under ONE government.

    How do you abolish a country? By killing it’s economy and devaluing it’s currency to the point where it becomes worthless.

    By the way, the currency for the North American Union has been in existence since at least the 1990’s.

    (If you think this is a ‘Conspiracy Theory’ or a rumor that just won’t die, you obviously have not done any homework on this subject. Some of the richest families such as the Rothschilds and Bilderbergers, various billionaires, World Bank elites, rich corporate owners and exceedingly wealthy foreign leaders have been working alongside our OWN “elite class” for decades in laying down the foundation for their New World Order.
    Who are some of those globalists among OUR “elite class”? George Bush, Sr., George W. Bush, Jeb Bush, Hillary and Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter, David Rockefeller, George Soros and Barack and ‘Michelle’ Obama. And that’s not even scratching the surface. Not-so-“elite” but equally dedicated to bringing about this One World Government are numerous political “leaders” in our own Senate and House.)

    Yes, if Cruz has a chance, he WILL limit our government…right on out of existence!

    If you Google “Heidi Cruz and the North American Union”, quite a few articles will show up. But the link I’m placing here is to an article that I feel is the most concise and informative…and has a PDF link in case you’d like to download the Task Force’s report.

    At the end of this report, you will also find a Comment section the Task Force provided in which Heidi Cruz writes that she IS IN AGREEMENT WITH THE TASK FORCE’S RECOMMENDATIONS but simply encourages them to keep the Economic growth of this new country in the hands of the Private Sector and not in the hands of the government since history proves economies thrive and grow better this way.

    Cruz is NOT a Conservative, nor is he someone who ‘loves our country’. He is a globalist. Plain and simple.

    And if YOU love your country as much as you say you do, you will check out the facts I have written here…and you will NEVER vote for anyone who has a history of working alongside others whose sole purpose in life is to kill off our country.



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    The biggest sucker at the public teat is the Department of Defence. It is the 800lb gorilla that first needs to be subdued before anything else. Notice how it is the only budget that is never questioned when it is increased, and it always increases.

  11. 14


    The DoD doesn’t pocket that money; the defense industry is where much of it winds up. The defense industry is probably the most heavily subsidized private sector special interest. Wars are very good for business. That’s one ulterior motive that can always be relied upon.

  12. 15


    ok while perusing the morning propaganda I have finally found a good reason for backing trump, Al Sharpton said he would leave the US if Trump were elected.
    GO TRUMP GO!!!

  13. 18


    @Richard Wheeler: We call ourselves the “Trumpettes” doowa doowa, I need the boufant hairdoo and mermaid dress long silk gloves.
    I could sacrifce myself for the betterment of the country, ie good riddance Sharpton 😉
    Rubio got in a few good shots in the debate, got cheered so he will go with that, Cruz tagged in and they got exposure for the liberal background, pending and past lawsuits, tax issues blah blah.

  14. 19


    I was just watching a live telecast of the posturing Donald Trump as he received the endorsement of an evangelical minister in Ft Worth, Texas. It’s getting harder and harder to believe this character is real. Have people totally lost their minds?

  15. 23

    another vet

    @Richard Wheeler: He probably has VP on his mind. That sets him up for ’20 or ’24. The one poll I posted last week had Rubio and Cruz beating Trump by double digits in a one on one match-up. Should Trump dominate on Super Tuesday, which is looking more and more likely, he’ll be the nominee because he’ll have the momentum on his side. Perry did state the other day that if there is a brokered convention, he’ll consider a third party run which bodes well for me. Frankly, if Trump gets enough delegates, he should be the nominee and let the chips fall where they may. At least the GOP selection will be based on the will of the voters as opposed to the will of the RNC unlike the Dem side which stacked the deck for Hillary since day one.

  16. 24

    Richard Wheeler

    @another vet: They stacked it for HRC in o8–oops–she’ll get the nom but Bernie will make her earn it.
    Trump/Christie –the bluster brothers will be beaten by HRC/Mark Warner
    Trump should pick Kasich

  17. 25


    @another vet #21, @Rich Wheeler #22 –

    The Christie endorsement is a bit of looking for the next job. NJ will be voting for there next governor next year. Something tells me it’s not in the bag for him.

    Rubio and Cruz doing the tag team on Trump’s use of illegals was good stuff. But, it seems to be the case of too little, too late. Besides, this was stuff Jeb was using on Trump but no one bothered to listen for whatever reason (didn’t like the messenger).

    And, how Trump got his tower built with illegal labor, you may want to watch this video:


  18. 26

    another vet

    @David: Cruz made a mistake by bringing up Trump’s poll numbers without being able to counter Trump’s counter. When Trump said he had higher poll numbers, Cruz should have pointed out that as of yesterday the RCP average had him beating Hillary and Trump losing. He should have also referenced the poll that had him and Rubio leading Trump by double digits one on one. He allowed Trump to win the argument.

    During the part on the debt, both Rubio and Kasich addressed what needed to be done. If Trump believes the budget can be balanced only by eliminating the Dept. of Education and EPA and by eliminating waste fraud and abuse, he is sadly mistaken. Everyone wants to see waste fraud and abuse eliminated (even the left wants it eliminated from DoD spending although they seem happy with its existence in welfare programs) but there is not enough of it to balance the budget. Entitlements need to be addressed. Something Rubio brought up.

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    Larry Weisenthal

    Firstly, I want to say that this remains a really excellent blog. I disagree with most of the political philosophies expressed here, but the quality of thought which goes into both blog posts and comments is quite often the best of the hard core conservative blogosphere. I always learn a lot, from reading and participating in discussions here.

    My own two cents about Trump is that he’s less of an ideologue than anyone who’s ever made a serious run for the Presidency in my life. He subscribes to no political philosophy whatsoever. He is the ultimate pragmatist. In business, he is in favor of anything which will legally make him money. In politics, he’ll do anything which is legal to get elected. In office, he’d do anything which was legal to succeed and be re-elected.

    I think he is exactly as he appears to be. A social issues liberal with New York values. No interest at all in environmental issues, except that environmental regulations shouldn’t stand in the way of making money. Government regulations are good, when they help business (e.g. eminent domain). Otherwise, government regulations are bad.

    He does care about poor people. He won’t take away anyone’s social security or Medicare. He won’t let people die in the streets (I thought it was borderline bizarre when Cruz and Rubio seemed to be attacking him over saying that he wouldn’t let people die in the streets).

    I truly don’t think he gives a rat’s a– about illegal immigration. I think that his various businesses have hired a whole lot of cheap “illegal” labor.

    But his whole campaign started with the concept that he — a builder — would be the one to build the great wall of AzTexMex. While talking about this, he got carried away and called “illegals” — RAPISTS. The chattering classes shuddered. But this immediately made him a rock star with the 30% of the GOP base who really don’t like brown people who are likely to vote Democratic, if they ever get the chance. He’s basically ridden that 30% to dominance, assisted by the circular firing squad.

    I actually don’t think he’s the buffoon that he can appear to be. I take him at his word that he’d surround himself with smart, talented people. I don’t think he’d start WWIII. I do think he’d build the wall, somehow, because that’s the one thing he’s got to do. Beyond that, I think that he’ll do whatever he darn well pleases, which will be whatever he needs to do to get 55% of the voters on his side for his re-election campaign in 2020. He’ll owe NOTHING to the Republican Party.

    Did you hear him in the debate? Twice he said he was bringing DEMOCRATS into the Party — only he wasn’t bringing Democrats into the GOP. He was bringing Democrats into the Trump Party. When he’s in office, he won’t even pretend to be a Republican. He’ll do whatever he can legally do to get the biggest block of voters behind him, political principles be d—-d.

    Christie’s endorsement is hUUUUGE. Donald is good at saying simple things with great force and conviction. He’s not so good at explaining details. Christie will fill in the blanks.

    I wonder what job he’d give Christie in his administration?

    – Larry Weisenthal/Huntington Beach CA

  20. 28


    Both the republican and the democrat parties slowly evolved into ONE PARTY. We no longer have a two party system of government. We have ONE PARTY, with two branches, and both branches feed off of the same roots. Those roots are the donations from the wealthy, who give to BOTH PARTIES, so they get what they want NO MATTER WHO WINS.

    As long as we have a campaigning system where candidates need SOMEBODY ELSE’S MONEY, the ones who donate the most to the candidates, OWN THAT CANDIDATE, and they have to do what the donors say, or they do not get the campaign donations again.

    There needs to be a campaigning system set up where the candidate can’t spend ANY MONEY. A debate system would be one way. There might be other ways that would allow a candidate to run without having to promise donors what they want, or the candidate does not get their money.

    It reminds me of a very wealthy individual who proudly stated something like, “We get what we want, because we donate to BOTH PARTIES.”


  21. 30


    @Larry Weisenthal:

    Larry we have in the past been diametrically opposed on discussions here, but I don’t disagree with your Trump analysis much at all. I have spent time on Trump’s campaign site trying to figure out what his positions are. Frankly, I could live with his tax reform plan if he could actually implememt it, and I support his public stance on illegal immigration and securing the border. On the flip side, I don’t trust his current public stances on abortion and socialist health care as his recorded statements over the last 2 decades are contradictory.

    “Pragmatic” may be descriptive of Trump, depending on how one defines the term, especially with how things play out over the next few months.

  22. 31

    Common Sense

    If electing Donald Trump President gets rid of Hilldabeast it will be worth every moment!! America can then begin to recover from Obola and Hilldabeast!!

  23. 32

    Richard Wheeler

    @Common Sense: iMO Trumps chances against HRC a poor—He’s donated a good deal of money to her and Bill and their foundation. He’s agreed with them on numerous issues. Remember before he became a pragmatic populist he was a wealthy NY.liberal.

  24. 34


    @Larry Weisenthal:

    My own two cents about Trump is that he’s less of an ideologue than anyone who’s ever made a serious run for the Presidency in my life.

    That’s because Trump has no ideology. He is whatever he thinks he should be for the day.

    He subscribes to no political philosophy whatsoever.

    Which should frighten you. He can be one thing one day, and you might agree with him, but give him 24 hours and he will change.

    He does care about poor people. He won’t take away anyone’s social security or Medicare. He won’t let people die in the streets (I thought it was borderline bizarre when Cruz and Rubio seemed to be attacking him over saying that he wouldn’t let people die in the streets).

    Oh, poor Larry. It must be really difficult for you to drive to work when you have to run the gauntlet of all those starving people in the streets. Can you post photos of that? But wait, didn’t the Great Liberal Problem Solver, LBJ, end the war on poverty by taking out of my wallet to pay for those who have no desire to have a wallet of their own? Are you saying that with people dying in the streets from lack of food the Progressive movement is a failure? Whoda thunk it?

    I truly don’t think he gives a rat’s a– about illegal immigration.

    So Kate Steinly’s death means nothing to you? Ever buried a friend murdered by an illegal, Larry? Or do you think you are immune from the effects of illegal immigration? How about all those taxes you pay in California to support your prison system that houses all those prisoners with the average being 50% illegals? What about your schools? Do you not pay taxes for them? Do they not provide English As A Second Language classes for all the illegals in California? Maybe you could take in an illegal family and support them so that your fellow California taxpayers could get some relief.

    Christie’s endorsement is hUUUUGE. Donald is good at saying simple things with great force and conviction. He’s not so good at explaining details. Christie will fill in the blanks.

    No, not really. Christie’s poll numbers are falling in his own state and he couldn’t even get his own campaign off the ground so why do you think he can help Trump?

  25. 35


    @Larry Weisenthal: #27
    Great. Just great. Another lie about Trump’s supporters.
    “But this immediately made him a rock star with the 30% of the GOP base who really don’t like brown people”
    Just what orifice did you pull that figure out of? I don’t know any Trump supporters who don’t like brown people. Most don’t really care about skin color one way or another. But I know many who don’t like having people come into this nation in violation of our laws. Those are the ones who support Trump.
    Keep lying about Trump supporters, it’s a great way to persuade them to abandon him! sarc/off
    But then, it’s not about persuasion, is it? It’s about proving that you’re superior to them. In your own narrow mind, at least.

  26. 36



    Just what orifice did you pull that figure out of? I don’t know any Trump supporters who don’t like brown people.

    David Duke endorsed Trump. You know he just loooves people of color.

  27. 37


    @retire05: #36
    David Duke is 30% of republicans? Must be Common Core math. If I wanted to take the time, I’m sure that I could find reprehensible characters who have endorsed each of the candidates. Your point is?
    BTW, re-read my comment above. I don’t know David Duke.

  28. 39

    Common Sense

    @ron noyfb: How can this be as bad as a Secretary of Defense with the blood of innocent Americans on her hands blaming a video for their death over their coffins when she knew dam well it was a terrorist attack!! Trump University vs that?? Give me a break!! Trump has not committed treason like Hilldabeast has!! Now the MSM may try and use it but the case against a crook like Hilldabeast will stand out even if the MSM tries such tricks!!

  29. 40

    Larry Weisenthal

    Common Sense: In the aftermath of the bombing, the first priority was to identify the group/persons responsible. On the basis of everything which has come out subsequently, it appears that it was basically a combination of actual militant combatants, taking advantage of a large crowd/riot situation as cover. Clinton testified in her 11 hour interrogation that she still believed, based on all information, that a large part of the crowd was inspired by the video. The other thing is that the initial remarks, blaming it on a mob reaction inspired by the video, served to make the calculating militants perhaps less careful in covering their tracks, hopefully making it easier for intelligence services to identify them.

    The potential political gain to anyone was, in any event, minuscule. It’s neither the crime of the century nor treason.

    Hillary Clinton has been the subject of relentless political and personal attacks for nearly 25 years. Not one thing has ever panned out, after all the investigations were over and all the dust had settled. This wasn’t the MSM burying the story. It was the political and legal system coming up bust.

  30. 41

    Common Sense

    @Larry Weisenthal: Nice try to defend this criminal. She acknowledged terrorist attack to her daughter and yet her secretary went on TV for 4 days after saying it was a video. The fact that she has yet to be convicted is clearly because of Obola, the Democrats, and the obstruction of Holder and the justice department. Time will come when she will be charged and convicted. 25 years, come on you really stretched it there, your credibility like Greg’s is going down to zero.

  31. 42


    @Common Sense, #41:

    Time will come when she will be charged and convicted.

    Time will come when you will be making the same assertions about President Hillary Clinton, and still have absolutely no evidence to back the assertions up. When it does, don’t blame democrats. Blame fellow republicans who narrowed their party’s alternative to Hillary Clinton down to a choice between Moe, Larry, and Shemp.

  32. 43

    Common Sense

    @Greg: Greg the time will come when Hilldabeast will blame a vast right wing conspiracy for her either losing the election or being put in jail or both. Remember when she tried to blame Republicans for Slick getting a hummer in the Whitehouse?? Remember when she blamed a video for Benghazi over the coffins of those she was responsible to protect?? Blame the libturd Democrats for having NO candidate other than Hilldabeast. See works both ways Greggie. BTW how you coming with proof supporting Reids accusation that Romney cheated on his 2010 taxes. Still won’t admit Obola lied either?? Greggie your credibility is crap and has been for some time now!!

  33. 44


    I don’t think America is quite dumb enough yet to be ready for this guy. The pitch is juvenile. And Trump? The man is a braggart. He quotes Mussolini. He’s insufficiently informed to understand why he should disavow David Duke. (One can only hope.) He behaves like a 10-year-old playground bully. They both make Clinton look like a well-rounded elder statesman. Which, except for the inappropriateness of the gender-specific term, she is.

    Republicans will probably blame the predictable outcome of this mismatch on illegal voters or something. They’ll blame it on anything but the fact that they’re in the process of selecting a nominee that most thoughtful people simply won’t vote for. They’ve already rejected anyone who might have had wide appeal among those who are not on the far right in favor of those who have a history of repeatedly angering and alienating important voter demographics. They’re not providing a reasonable alternative to Hillary Clinton. They’re setting themselves up for a loss. It’s obvious to everyone but themselves.

  34. 45

    Common Sense

    @Greg: Greggie your wrong as usual. America was dumb enough to believe you can keep your health insurance and/or doctor “period”, they believed his plan would not provide healthcare to illegals, they believed those who opposed abortion would not have to pay for others to have it, they believed shovel ready jobs meant shovel ready jobs, they believed Al Qaeda was on their heels, they believed ISIS was contained, they believed ISIS was a jv team of farmers and teachers, but they rejected Obolacare and took back the House in 2010 and the Senate in 2014!! They also believed Slick didn’t have sex, Benghazi was caused by a video, and a vast right wing conspiracy caused slick to have a hummer in the Whitehouse. Oh wait a tick, you where the one dumb enough to believe this crap.

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