Elite college idiocy and why you should support it heartily – UPDATED

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nano aggressions


The over-indulged, spoiled little twits at Brown University have hit the wall. They’re overwhelmed. They can’t take it any more.

BROWN – Two weeks ago, the University released the final version of its diversity and inclusion action plan, which could not have been compiled without the exhaustive efforts of students throughout last semester.

“There are people breaking down, dropping out of classes and failing classes because of the activism work they are taking on,” said David, an undergraduate whose name has been changed to preserve anonymity. Throughout the year, he has worked to confront issues of racism and diversity on campus.

His role as a student activist has taken a toll on his mental, physical and emotional health. “My grades dropped dramatically. My health completely changed. I lost weight. I’m on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills right now. (Counseling and Psychological Services) counselors called me. I had deans calling me to make sure I was okay,” he said.

As students rallied to protest two racist columns published by The Herald and the alleged assault of a Latinx student from Dartmouth by a Department of Public Safety officer, David spent numerous hours organizing demonstrations with fellow activists. Meanwhile, he struggled to balance his classes, job and social life with the activism to which he feels so dedicated. Stressors and triggers flooded his life constantly, he said.

David turned to CAPS and reached out to deans for notes that extended his deadlines for assignments. These were helpful, he said, but acted only as “bandages” for the underlying causes of stress.

That’s right. There’s just not enough time to be an activist and a student. It’s stressful. Put aide for the moment that young men and women are not sent to tony and astronomically expensive colleges to be activists. Generally they’re sent there to learn something. Never mind that for now. Let’s focus on students’ mass pity party. It’s onerous, having to combat micro-aggressions and protecting safe spaces. Speaking of safe spaces:

Students are demanding that Yale University fire two administrators who failed to speak out against offensive Halloween costumes. This is just one of the grievances of activist students—many of them people of color—who claim Yale is not a safe space for them.

On Thursday, the students surrounded Yale College Dean Jonathan Holloway—a black man—in an outdoor space and chided him for failing to take action against a fraternity that had allegedly prevented black women from attending its party. (It’s not at all clear the allegation is true, according to The Daily Beast.)

After giving Holloway his comeuppance, they moved on to Nicholas Christakis, master of Silliman College. What was Christakis’s crime? His wife, an early childhood educator, had responded to a campus-wide email about offensive Halloween costumes by opining that it was inappropriate for the college to tell students how to dress. According to The Washington Post:

“Whose business is it to control the forms of costumes of young people? It’s not mine, I know that,” wrote Erika Christakis, an early childhood educator and the wife of Nicholas Christakis, the Silliman College master. Both later took to social media to defend the e-mail, incensing students by tying it to debates about free speech and trigger warnings. At a Wednesday night forum hosted by the Afro-American Cultural Center, Erika Christakis sought to leave the meeting during a discussion of her e-mail, further provoking student anger. …

Students grew distressed, with one shouting at Nicholas Christakis to be quiet and questioning why he took the position at the university. “You are a poor steward of this community,” the student said. “You should not sleep at night.”

Here’s the video

Try not to laugh. (LOL)

Here’s Steven Crowder’s Beginner’s Guide to Microaggressions

Yale students enthusiastically signed a petition to repeal the First Amendment:


Not wishing to be left out of the insanity, a Harvard Law School Dean compared micro-agressions to sexual assault and violence:

In a move that should surprise no one who has been watching the utter meltdown of privileged college students this year, a Harvard Law School dean has compared “microaggressions” to sexual assault and violence.

Dean Martha L. Minow, during her winter commencement speech on injustice, asked her students to keep fighting even after they graduate. She made references to apartheid and segregated schools before making the bizarre analogy.

“Taking even seemingly small acts in one’s own school can build the culture that prevents violence, bullying, sexual assault and racial microaggressions,” she said.

Andrew Klavan shows us more of the toll microaggressions have taken:

All right, here’s one from the website, The MicroAgressions Project:  [quote] “I wanted to get my nephew a My Little Pony coloring book since I like MLP…  My brother, however, objected…  I ended up getting my nephew a Batman one, but I don’t like Batman.  It made me feel angry and sad that my brother is so entrenched in stereotypical gender roles.”

Wow.  We submitted this sad story to Aran, an Iraqi Yazidi women, who sent this reply:

“Dear American College student.  I am very sorry to hear of your My Little Pony incident.  I perhaps can identify with some of your suffering as I was forced to watch while Islamists murdered my beloved husband and children before selling me into sexual slavery.  Like you, I too felt forced into stereotypical gender roles.  I hope your nephew enjoys his Batman.”

Just being in some rooms is a microaggression:

According to a new report released by the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, just “walking into or sitting in” a classroom full of white people is a microaggression in itself.

“Students of color reported feeling uncomfortable and unwelcomed just walking into or sitting in the classroom, especially if they were the only person of color, or one of a few,” stated the report, which designated the experience a microaggression. “People do not necessarily say I do not belong, but I feel as if I do not when I am in a classroom and I am the one non-White person,” said one student, identified as a Latina female, who is quoted in the report.

Students have held some pretty entertaining protests over the last year:

9. California Polytechnic University Students Hold A “Shit-In”

Yes, you read that right. Cal Poly students held a three-day “shit-in” to protest the lack of access to gender neutral bathrooms. Students were encouraged to sign a mock toilet during the protest, on which messages such as “poop equality” were written, according to Campus Reform.

7. Williams Students Declare “Uncomfortable Learning” Series Speaker Too Uncomfortable

Williams College students invited a conservative author and feminist critic to speak on campus as part of the “Uncomfortable Learning” speaker series. The students ended up cancelling the event due to, “the vehement reactions of students diametrically opposed to bringing Venker, a staunch antifeminist, to campus,” according to one of the student organizers. The prospect of listening to this female speaker must have been a little too uncomfortable.

4. UT Austin Students Protest Concealed Carry With Dildos

This summer, Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed into law a bill that allows license holders to carry concealed handguns on campus. Students at UT Austin are already organizing through Facebook a protest for when school is back in session next fall. Protesters will be “strapping gigantic swinging dildos to our backpacks in protest of campus carry.”

Seven more are at the link.

This is stupidity. Stupidity on a galactic scale. And you should support it 100%. Why? Because.

Why does anyone go to college? There are any number of opinions:

A complete, mature adult.

More training than transformation.

Then there’s this wacky idea from a college Dean:

“It doesn’t matter what you take in college, it matters what you do,” Roth said. “You should be able to show your teachers, and then anyone else, how what you’ve made in a class, what you created, demonstrates your capacity to do other things and what you’re going to do next.”

And there it is. You should support this idiocy because it’s going to help your kids. These emotionally stunted infantile self-centered morons are going to find themselves totally unable to function in the real world. And that’s great. It will diminish the value of graduates of those snooty, snobby, overpriced baby coddling centers once known as elite colleges. Maybe your son or daughter can major in counseling and make buckets of money off the parents of these impaired doofuses as they struggle to adapt to the realities of life.


Hardly a day passes without some liberal idiocy. Cal State has canceled a speech by conservative Ben Shapiro, asserting that a conservative speaking day is unacceptable and in need of more diversity whereas speakers such as Angela Davis and Cornel West are sufficiently diverse on their own.

Liberals in “higher”education are inherently fascists.




DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

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  1. 4

    Nanny G

    This is not limited to university students.
    I am neighbors with a lovely lady, a mother of a tween.
    She and he made cupcakes one day and shared two with us.
    They were on a styrofoam plate.
    After we had the cupcakes we threw away the plate which flipped over in the trash.
    On the back was a handwritten note:

    This plate, even having one, goes against everything I believe in. I am trying to do better. Forgive me.

    These students are far too sensitive to succeed in life, unless they get an ”in” via family connections.
    Either that, or, they are playing the so-called adults at these universities for fools, for test and paper extensions and for tuition rebates.

  2. 5


    unemployment under employment but in which majors? I cant think of a job that calls for a major in Womens Studies, The example provided above came directly from Brown College Website, geeze they might not give you an idea that if you graduate from here you are right back to your 12* 12 room across the hall from Mommy and Daddys room. Until somehow you get 3 to 5 years experience in your chosen field. Internship is always helpful, but that can’t be done and still have time for protesting with a dildo or a toilet.
    the 10 worst majors:
    Health and Medical Preparatory Programs
    Visual and Performing Arts
    Communication-Disorders Sciences and Services
    Studio Arts
    Drama and Theater Arts
    Social Work
    Human Services and Community Organizations
    Theology and Religious Vocations
    Early-Childhood Education
    Counseling and Psychology

    the 10 best

    Mining and Mineral Engineering
    Metallurgical Engineering
    Mechanical Engineering
    Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering
    Electrical Engineering
    Chemical Engineering
    Aerospace Engineering
    Mathematics and Computer Sciences
    Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences and Administration
    Petroleum Engineering

  3. 6

    Nathan Blue

    @john: People with silver-spoons in their mouth usually do pretty well.

    You need to have a little sympathy for the middle class and the poor, you Neo-Con Bigot!

  4. 7


    Geez, it’s bad to hear about those students at Brown protesting racism. I’ll bet they don’t know that if it were not for their founder they might not be nearly as much racism in the country. Mr Brown was the largest importer of slaves into the US and is responsible for the larger proportion of slaves in the US.

  5. 8


    I remember the demonstrations of the 1960s when I went to college. My freshman year, room, board and tuition was $1,200 not the price of a new Mercedes. I earned a $900 scholarship and earned the rest of the money for books and $2/week spending money. No car or even a bicycle. I went to college to learn something that would allow me to get a decent job and live a good life. I actually believed that hard work would help me to succeed in life. I believed what the president said “Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country!”

    There was no time to march in the streets, sit on the wall along Atherton Street with my long hair, smoking reefer and a sign professing my distrust of the government. I was asked to play a college sport where I could use a stick to beat on other students from other colleges. I declined so I could keep my grades up and learn something.

    These spoiled children have been protected from all of the “horrors” of life. They never had to work for anything. They never had to do without. They never suffered disappointments that they themselves had to overcome. Now anyone who says something hateful to another is a bully and the government disciplines them. Children never have to learn to cope with adversity. Someone always bails them out.

    I think that the only way to combat this next generation is to mandate a 2 year government service for every individual complete with a military style basic training complete with the civic schooling they do not get in school.

  6. 10


    Seems they are being well trained in college to completely ignore and even be hostile towards any American Values. Freedom of their speech only, you have the right to only their opinion. Wait til they get to the HR office with a whining complaint that they dont feel safe in their cubicle because they heard the guy 3 cubes away goes hunting therefore owns a gun. The Elite colleges are not just the ones infected with this non-sense. http://watchdog.org/257445/marquette-john-mcadams-free-speech/

  7. 11


    His role as a student activist has taken a toll on his mental, physical and emotional health. “My grades dropped dramatically. My health completely changed. I lost weight. I’m on antidepressants and anti-anxiety pills right now. (Counseling and Psychological Services) counselors called me. I had deans calling me to make sure I was okay,” he said.

    It’s hard work inventing things to be offended by and trying to stir up a sufficient number of lemmings to make it worthwhile.

    “People do not necessarily say I do not belong, but I feel as if I do not when I am in a classroom and I am the one non-White person,” said one student, identified as a Latina female, who is quoted in the report.

    Sounds kind of….. racist.

    If anyone needed a valid, indisputable argument against taxpayer funded free college, here it is. Why should taxpayers fund stupidity, weakness and failure? How are these taffy-asses going to deal with a REAL situation?

  8. 14


    @bobdog: Not going to be their real problem it will be when they find out they cant FORCE them to have their OPINION.
    They could be shocked when they find out Socialism has nothing to do with social media (facebook and twitter )and getting free stuff.
    University of OK now targeting the engineering dept for white guilt propaganda. Why not the drama dept?

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