America’s Existential Challenge.

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The most extensive theft of our cash has been imposed by our own Federal Government. The politically motivated and seemingly endless printing of dollars has reduced the value of our cash. With a rapidly ascending National debt already stepping over the $19 trillion mark, an economy visibly slowing having been in a depression since 2007, real unemployment increasing and unemployment duration at historical highs fundamentally changing the Nation, America is sagging under wage deflation. We can thank reckless self-serving senior bankers, politicians and overstepping government for leading the country down a trail toward destruction.

We function in an orchestrated economy manipulated by central bankers and influenced by politically whipped government bureaucracies.  For most of the current Administration’s tenure, job creation has depended on the exploitation of taxpayers.  Jobs have principally been of government provenance directly, or indirectly in healthcare, education and defense.

Constant misrepresentation by Obama’s rhetoric is no longer resonating for the vast majority of unemployed or underemployed Americans.  The overwhelming success of outsiders on the current Presidential campaign trail tells us most of America doesn’t believe the lies. The extent of the government lies suggest we may as well be listening to China’s pronouncements.

We may look upon China’s Communist Party centrally controlled economy with some derision, and yet the increasingly centralized nature of our banker and politician controlled economy is rapidly moving in the same direction — ignoring the Constitution, ignoring human nature, ignoring common sense, ignoring principals of truth and morals, we head straight into the arms of socialism on our way to communism.  We are on our way to government intrusion and meddling into all aspects of our lives, both personal and business.

Our generally rosy and growing standard of living was supposed to be assured when the Bretton Woods Conference established the dollar’s position as the world’s reserve currency at the end of WWII. Key to America’s strength and the confidence in its currency was heavily influenced by gold’s backing of the dollar and gold price being fixed to the dollar. Washington profligacy, however, deteriorated international confidence in the Bretton Woods accord.

After Nixon disconnected the dollar from gold in 1971, the newly-floating dollar’s strength was bolstered by the petrodollar system negotiated with Saudi Arabia in 1973. Its oil producing neighbors such as Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar and UAE, swiftly followed suit agreeing to only accept ‘dollars’ for oil. As demand for oil increased in a developing and consuming world, so too global demand for dollars increased. Military protection was part of the quid pro quo. It should also be noted that this deal enabled the United States to purchase oil with currency it controlled (printed).

The most addictive and powerful narcotic element ever known to mankind had been engendered by bankers and approved by politicians — the unlimited and inexhaustible ability to print untethered dollars on demand without near term or mid term repercussions.  Long term, not so much.  Long term, central bankers, encouraged by politicians, used the ‘dollar printing press’ to manipulate society, manipulate the economy, and worst of all, artificially camouflage systemic economic problems as they have done with abandon particularly since 2008. For almost half a century, banks outdid themselves to advocate unquenchable consumption, but for the last twenty years, they’ve received serious debt marketing help from almost all politicians.

Corporate profits in practically all industries are dropping.  Labor has been cut back, expenses have been trimmed, and now profitability seems to await some new event.  We seem to all be awaiting such an event.  An unforeseen event, perhaps a magical event that will not mandate raising taxes and cutting spending, BUT will raise GDP above the rate of debt increase.  An unforeseen magical event that will enable our bypassing any battlefield requiring sacrifices.

Anyone with capacity for perception of the obvious long ago recognized that out of control printing of dollars and relentless increasing of debt is a road that leads to no other end than self destruction.

We now enter a time when a compendium of perfect storms converge on America, including the greatest poverty levels in history, un-repayable government and personal debt, decaying wages and purchasing power, collapsed resource prices, collapsed education system, endless job-off-shoring, bank rates stuck at zero, destruction of savings accounts, and of course a weakened global banking system where governments lend to banks who lend to governments who lend to banks.  Oh, and though the list continues, I shouldn’t forget that colossus, the total ‘derivatives’ debt — hundreds of trillions of dollars worth.

As we strive to discern rhetoric from reality coming from politicians and bankers, we must also determine with diligent insight, who amongst the current group of Presidential election candidates will have courage enough to do the right thing for America — demonstrate fiscal restraint and cut spending, lift all impediments to entrepreneurship, and stop the dollar printing presses.

A constituent of the vast baby boomer generation with a career which has been fortunate to know the ponderous corporate worlds, as well as the intimately pressurized, and invigorating entrepreneurial domains of high tech and venture capital, I have harvested my share of mistakes meandering through corridors of enterprise from Silicon Valley, to London and endless, colourful, sometimes praetorian points in between. The voyage has provided an abundance of fodder for a pen yielding to an inquisitive keyboard, a foraging mind, and a passionate spirit. Whether political or business or social or economic or personal, is it not all political? It is a privilege to write, and an even greater privilege to be read by anyone, and sometimes with the wind at my back the writing may occasionally be legible. I do not write to invite scorn, nor to invite respect, but if I get really lucky the writing can stimulate thinking. I also write for the very selfish purpose of animating my own processes, and engaging the best of what life offers. Above all, whether biting fire or swatting shadows, I am grateful to be gifted the freedom to write and publish whatever flows down to the keyboard. To all those who enabled this freedom, and to all those standing guard to preserve it, I am indebted.

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    Nanny G

    @Artfldgr: OW!
    That hurt!
    And, you’re right.
    Too often we are distracted by Obama’s constant causes of outrage.
    But we really have need to keep an eye on the big picture.
    His latest outrages?
    Not going to Scalia’s funeral, or
    putting up a stupido like Duval Patrick for SCOTUS.
    But the Existential Threat to our country as expressed well by James Raider continues apace.
    I read years ago that our nation’s printing presses cannot even keep up with our central bankers’ need for cash, so it is just brought into existence electronically.

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    We’ve run up debt to allow the bills to be paid without collecting enough taxes to do the job. This has facilitated the concentration of enormous wealth among a few, while the resultant debt belongs to everybody. If a disaster occurs as a result, that too will belong to everybody.

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    James Raider


    @Nanny G: #2

    printing presses cannot even keep up with our central bankers’ need for cash

    Good point. We live in an age when numbers of dollars have come to have little meaning, resulting from central bank and political abuse of the presses.

    $19 Trillion of debt is insane, but then when you look at coming bills due over the next 20 years and unfunded liabilities, that amount is anemic in comparison.

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    @Nanny G: its not so much we cant keep up, its that they have done so much that if people asked for their cash, there isnt enough cash to give them.. most of its electronic…

    but there is the larger point that once its all electronic, then NO one has the freedom or privacy that EVERY bill of US currency has on it!!!

    take a look… its on every bill…
    this note is legal tender for all debts public AND PRIVATE

    in my families old country, occupied by stalin, and living soviet… the point of the artument is not the point… its the selling point that delivers the point to the people wanting the real deal

    so Sangers eugenics is not about womens rights to their body, its about eugenics… but the selling point is choice over who grants personhood… but so many people did this, you now have to import people or else the drop in population would be noticiable, and the feminists would lose their base.. after all, if you have no children your not the future of anything…

    but thats how the soviet world works… the point is never the point… so the point of this currency game is what? same with a progressive tax.. the point is not a fairer tax base, of which nothing could be more fair than a fixed amount all around… but the idea that unfair is fair, and that this raising point, stops a successful person from crossing the financial rubicon and unless its a big leap, getting to the other side.

    so the point of women in the military is not about feminism or equality, thats the selling point, the ad copy… the point is to make a dysfunctional weak military that would have to give up… AND to hasten the xtermination of the residents who stand for freedom (especially the few women as the feminist movement admits its end desire is a communist state.. just read Catherine Mckinnon)

    its not about what its about… if that was it, it would be easy to debate..
    but the selling point of self extermination after hitler/stalins other versions of overt forced control as failed things, is great… for those who want genocide… or if not that at least population control and a faster turn over of those who know to those who dont know… erasing social memory of skills, and stuff too.

    most have no idea of this game as most want soviet living as they have no idea what they are asking for… heck… you probably dont remember the antisemitic social justice letter of the nazi priest father coughlin… so is it any wonder that todays social justice movement is just racism the othe way around (and they dont even know that trostky coined the term speaking about slavic people in the history of the russian revolution 1935).

    you only have to go to you tube and google former soviet citizen… and then see videos of a man from russia talking to these western marxist socialists and such in nyc (where i live)… they have no idea of what it is they are pushing, and its obvious and they are quite inane but have no perception of it..

    they cant even tell you that a soviet is a council…
    hey… isnt nyc run by a council that makes laws and is not elected and that this council makes winners and losers and controls everything from permits, licensing, and even how tall a building can be…

    so now they want to destroy the carraige business… why? they say for the horses, but the truth is that the carraige people are sitting on stables property that is worth hundredsof millions

    they are trying to keep a poor farmer from his cattle grazing… why? well they say cause he didnt pay rents… but the truth is that they made a deal with russian company for the land which has lots of raw materials, especially nuclear material..

    this is a soviet way of doing things
    since when are representatives allowd to like to their employers?
    since when was behavior control a valid reason for a tax?

    people wont wake up till its way too late..
    just read the paper on how to catch a wild pig….

    even worse, you cant even clue them in

    i had a friend who was black and he spouted all kinds of stuff about socialism communism and how the revolution would be good for the black folk… i asked him, then why didnt dems elect someone till the 1930s? while republicans had people in office within a year of the civil wars end? and russia had not elected one dark skinned person till past the year 2000…

    and i said, what makes you think that once it changes you can still protest. you think that they were able to protest in soviet russia… he said yes… i said in a way your right… they protested, then were exterminated.

    i said to him… what makes you think that they will do what you want and not just erase you and your people from the face of the earth as an easier solution to the problem? who would stop them?

    they dont get it…
    and they wont till they get it
    and when they get it, they wont want it…

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    James Raider


    @Artfldgr: #6

    they have no idea of what it is they are pushing, and its obvious and they are quite inane but have no perception of it.

    Quite right, unfortunately. Sycophantic Ignorance may be blissful, but the consequence is oppressive dictatorship.

    And then it’s too late.

  6. 10


    So its real solutions, we need, America cant stay the course and survive. Loads of boogey man news, the Government will seize our savings and retirement accounts ect. And I am sure Bernie would do just that.

  7. 11


    It was the Clintons who Deregulated the Banking System, and who gave Government Guarantees to those Banks, that if they lost any Money because of granting Bad Loans to those who could Not pay back those Bad Loans, then the Taxpayers would pay those Bad Loans.

    This encouraged the Deregulated Banks to grant Loans that would Not have been granted had they followed Proper Business Practice, and this created the Global Financial Crisis, and the Recession in America.

    We see that Hillary Clinton and her Establishment Corruptocrats who Know All of these things are endorsing her, and this means that they think that Rewarding Treason, Criminality, and Incompetence is good for America, because they Also want Wall Street Bribes.

    The fact that Hillary Clinton wants to be President, and that fellow Corruptocrats are supporting her Proves that the Process is Rigged.

    It is a different thing for Politicians and Journalists who Know where America is currently headed, to Rig the Process toward someone Honest in order to Protect and Preserve to a sufficient extent a corrupt America, and this is why People do Not want Hillary Clinton to be President of America, because they Know from History and Common Sense that a corrupt and unaccountable and lawless society is risky, and this is why the Founding Fathers gave Americans the Constitution.

    There are American Social Democrats who think that they should Not contest any Senate Seats at the next Election, if a Social Democratic Party is formed because Hillary Clinton usurped the Democratic Party’s nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    The American Social Democratic Party would Not have the Money to contest more than just the Presidency and House of Representatives Districts.

    However, the real reason is that the Social Democrats want Voters to Know that they prefer the Democrats to the Republicans.

    The Social Democrats would Vote for Democratic Party Senators, in order to keep the number of Republican Senators lower than what they would be otherwise.

    However, the Social Democrats would Vote for Social Democrats for the House of Representatives and for the Social Democratic Candidate for the Presidency.

    The reason for this is because of Electronic Voting, which can be Easily Rigged for Establishment Candidates, and if Social Democrats Voted for Republicans, then the Electronic Machines Could Easily Rig the Vote to make it look like it was a small Republican majority in the House of Representatives, rather than a Republican Super Majority in the House of Representatives, which would help the Social Democrats gain a Majority in the House of Representative in the 2018 Election.

    The Democratic Party Senators would be encouraged in time to defect to the American Social Democratic Party, and the long term Objective of the Social Democrats is to have two main Political Parties in America, and they would be the Social Democrats and the Republicans.

    It makes it easier for Voters to Vote for the Social Democrats in the House of Representatives and for the Presidency, if the Social Democrats do Not contest the Senate, because the Social Democrats can Prove that what they are Democrats who want a Better America, and the Clinton Democrats can Prove the same thing if they do Not contest any Districts of the House of Representatives.

    The Clintons might say that the Republican Party is secretly funding the Social Democrats, because Hillary Clinton usurped the nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    They might even say that it is the Republicans who created the Social Democrats, because Senator Sanders is not their Leader, and because Senator Sanders does not take Secret Bribes from Wall Street like the Clintons and other Corruptocrats do, then if Senator Sanders does not endorse the American Social Democratic Party, then it was created and secretly funded by the Republicans.

    The Republicans would find it difficult to refute such statements, but there are Americans who want a Social Democratic Party with or without Senator Sanders as a Member or Leader of that Political Party, because they do Not want Hillary Clinton as President, and perhaps Senator Sanders is being pressured to stay with the Democrats.

    This comment should Not be seen as endorsing or not endorsing Senator Sanders, but it is an Anyone But Clinton for President comment, whether the Person who is Elected President is a Social Democrat, a Democrat, or a Republican.

    However, the Clintons would be Lying Again as Usual, because the Republicans do Not want another Political Party in America, and especially Not the Social Democrats, who currently have over 20 % of the Nationwide Vote, and who Knows how much they would have at Election time, if the choice was between the Clinton Establishment Corruptocrats, the American Social Democrats, and the Republicans.

    There are People who think that Social Democrats should have a Policy of having Paper Ballots for Elections, and possibly for having the Optional Preferential Voting System for Federal Elections.

    There are Democratic Party Voters who think that more Candidates are needed during the Primaries for the Democratic Party, so that because of Hillary Clinton’s low vote that she can be made to retire from the race, because they wish to Preserve the Democratic Party, and they Will Vote Republican before they ever vote for Hillary Clinton, and Sensible Americans Never want a male or female Traitor and Criminal and Untrustworthy Compulsive Hardened Liar to be their President.

    The Clintons and their Corruptocrats in the Congressional Black Caucus of the Democratic Party have Slandered Senator by Inferring that he is racist because he does Not support the Corrupt Hillary Clinton, but Senator Sanders record Proves the Facts at , and at .

    There are People who think that Campaign Donors should Not Waste their Money on Hillary Clinton, and that Voters should Not Waste their Vote on Hillary Clinton, because Voters want someone Honest to be President of America.

  8. 12


    There are Many Democrat Voters who think that the Democratic Party Primaries are Rigged, and the following are some of the reasons why they think this, and these things should be mentioned on Talkback Radio Shows.

    Senator Sanders has been soft on Hillary Clinton’s Treasons, Criminalities, and Corruptions, which include her use of a Private Email Server to Sell Top Secret Information to Foreigners to Donate to the Clinton Foundation, and some People may think that Senator Sanders is Clinton’s complicit puppet, who has a Clinton Funded Secret Swiss Bank Account.

    We should be Fair on Senator Sanders because he and his fellow Democrats Know that the Clintons have No standards and No consciences, and Judge Antonin Scalia who was a Guardian of Liberty and Freedom may have told Senator Sanders this.

    As an American seeking to be President, Senator Sanders has a Duty to Advocate for Honest Candidates within the Democratic Party, but if he does that, then he will Not be endorsed by the Corruptocrat faction of the Democratic Party.

    The Democratic Party Presidential Primaries Debates began with three contenders, who are Senator Sanders, the Treasonous Criminal Hillary Clinton, and Martin O’Malley.

    Martin O’Malley would appear to be the Perfect Candidate for the Democrats, because he is young, good looking, and has been the Elected Mayor of Baltimore, and the Elected Governor of Maryland with more than 50% of the Votes.

    It is therefore Highly Suspicious that Martin O’Malley is said to have received only 1 % of the Vote during the Primaries, and this is because of the Clinton Mafia Regressively and Undemocratically Rigging the Process, by means of Threats, Blackmail, Bribes, Lies, and many Dirty Tricks.

    Hillary Clinton says that she is a progressive, and her Lawyer’s definition of that, is that her Bank Account has Progressed, because of her Treasons, Criminalities, and Corruptions, and because she wants to Progress Tyranny and Dictatorship in America.

    There are American Social Democrats who now realize that they may have to form their own Political Party if Senator Sanders does not receive the Democratic Party nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    There are Social Democrats who are wondering how the American Social Democratic Party would Campaign for Votes.

    They have the Internet and they can print business cards with their Web Site on it, and these are inexpensive methods to seek Votes.

    The Social Democrats can also accept donations from those who wish to contribute, but they should only accept modest donations.

    Hillary Clinton says that Senator Sanders should not make promises on Free Tuition for Tertiary Education, because he cannot keep that promise.

    If enough People Vote for him, then he will be able to keep his promise, but the Hardened and Compulsive Liar Hillary Clinton will make promises that she has No intention to keep.

    Senator Sanders has said how he thinks Tertiary Education should be paid for, and Hillary Clinton is saying that he should do what she has done, and that is to Corruptly Compromise and take Wall Street Bribes, and be as Corrupt as the rest of them in the Corruptocrat faction of the Democratic Party.

    We already Know that Hillary Clinton has No conscience, because of what the Clintons have done to Americans with their Deregulating of the Banking System, and with the Sub Prime Lending Guarantees which lowered the monetary value of American Housing, and which was paid by the Taxpayers, and if anyone Knowingly wants her to be President after all that and more, then they either have No conscience, or they lack sufficient wisdom, and now the Hillary led Clintons are Unconscionably asking African Americans for their vote at .

    The Clintons’ attitude is to try to corrupt the Democratic Party to violate their Consciences, and this is the beginning of a Dictatorship, which the Founding Fathers warned of, and this is why they gave Americans the Constitution as their Inheritance as a Protection against Evil and Tyranny, and this is why Dictators such as Hillary Clinton do Not like the American Constitution.

    This matter is may be too big for one Person like Senator Sanders, even if he is Not a Clinton stooge who has a Clinton Funded Secret Swiss Bank Account, and that is why the American Social Democrats Know that they may Need to form their own Political Party for the next Election.

    Senator Sanders cannot compete with the Clintons who have the Clinton Foundation Slush Fund Money for Bill Clinton to have a Secret Harem so that the Clintons can Bribes the Superdelegates.

    The Social Democrats will currently receive 30 % of the Vote as a different Political Party, and they will progress the Debate for a Fairer America much more by being their own Political Party, rather than being an obscure faction of the Corruptocrats, and the Social Democrats will one day be the Government, and if Senator Sanders is the Democratic Party nominee for Presidential Candidate, then he has a Real Chance of becoming President.

    There are American Social Democrats who will say that it is easier to Try to become the Government, than to say that it cannot be done, and that it is easier to campaign for their policies, than to turn around and run, because they Know that Hillary Clinton will give the Republicans the Presidency, the House of Representatives, and the Senate, and so Social Democrats have nothing to lose by forming their own Political Party.

    The Clintons use the method that some crumbs are better than no crumbs, and say that the Clintons will get you some crumbs if Wall Street do Not Bribe them sufficiently, but perhaps the Republicans might offer Free Tertiary Education a few weeks before the Election, if Hillary Clinton Usurps the nomination for Presidential Candidate, and Americans are Not looking for crumbs, but for Fairness, Justice, Jobs, and Good Economic Management.

    There are People who think that the Republicans should keep some of their policies vague and generic, and only announce their policies a few weeks before the Election, when the Voters begin to pay attention to the Elections, and Hillary Clinton should reveal her policies for Public Scrutiny, because she is Untrustworthy.

    Hillary Clinton says that she has experience, and we have seen what her experience has done to America and to Americans who are the ones that experienced her Disastrous policies, while she became Rich from Wall Street Bribes, and from Selling American Top Secrets to Foreigners, and the Clintons’ Victims continue to experience the results of her Euphemistic use of the word experience.

    Germany took a risk with having a leader with No conscience, and Adolf Hitler began WW 2, and Americans should Not take a risk with Hillary Clinton, because Judge Antonin Scalia Knew that the Clintons have their own Secret Underground Bunkers, and that Hillary Clinton wants to make America a Military Dictatorship for WW 3.

    There are Many Democrat Voters who think that the Establishment Corruptocrat Hillary Clinton with No conscience is the Wrong woman and the Wrong Person to be President, and the Video is Titled: Hillary Clinton Evil Laugh Compilation at , and she will try to disguise this, and Many Democratic Voters want Anyone But Clinton for President of America.

  9. 13

    Nanny G

    One of the more hidden existential threats to America is the WASTING of so much money feeding government workers in order to deliver some little bit of public benefit.
    For example:
    Los Angeles County spent close to $1 billion a year caring for and managing homeless people.
    This is to help 150,000 homeless people.
    That averages to $66,667 a year per homeless person.
    The poverty level for a single person is $11,770.
    The median income for a single person in 2012 was $27K.
    So, what did all that cash achieve?
    Not one fewer homeless person in the county!
    All the money was eaten up by gov’t workers.


  10. 14

    james raider

    @Nanny G:

    All the money was eaten up by gov’t workers.

    NannyG, as you know, government bureaucracies become self affirming blobs that lose all sight of their original intent. The same also occurs in too-big-to-fail corporations.

    Organizations which operate under ZERO BASED BUDGETING principles are those which are still entrepreneurial in mindset. The Left has zero clue about creating jobs and only wants to Grow government, hiring employees with ideological roots firmly planted in Statism.

    Guaranteed that the L.A. County airheads eating through $1 billion of other people’s money care little of their own ineffectiveness.

  11. 15


    Hillary Clinton will say what those who describe themselves as progressives want to hear during the Primaries, and if she Usurps the Democratic Party nomination for Presidential Candidate, then she will be centrist during an Election Campaign, and if she became President then she would be like a John McCain on Foreign Policy and a Neoliberal on Economic Policy.

    Hillary Clinton is a Lawyer and a Professional Excuse Maker, and this is why she has support from the Corruptocrat Faction of the Democratic Party, and she Knows how to Deceive People with clever but misleading arguments.

    If People are going to be Honest with themselves and with others, then they should Realize that most of the times, the problems that Americans of any Race and gender are experiencing is because it can properly be blamed on being approximately 50% because of the actions and attitudes of other People, and 50 % because of the actions and attitudes of themselves.

    What this means that most People should look at the approximately 50 % for which they are to blame, while Not neglecting the responsibilities of others, and there are some People of every Race who are racists to varying degrees, and it is sensible for most of the low level variety to be ignored, and there are some People who think that some types of racial discrimination has to be managed by the Government.

    Racial discrimination is impossible to prove, and People have a Human Right to freedom of association with whoever they want.

    It could be because of the type of friends a Person has or some other reason that a Person keeps Confidential because it might lead to other problems, but some People wrongly think that others are discriminating against them based on gender or race.

    There are People of the same Race and even of the same Family who do Not agree with People of their own Race and Family on all matters, or who do Not like the company of one or more of their own Race and Family for various reasons which are either illegitimate reasons and legitimate reasons, and it is definitely Not because of racism.

    There are reasons other than racial discrimination, and they are varied, complex, and they are best kept Private to enhance Social Harmony, and these have Nothing to do with racism, and perhaps Schools can teach students how some behaviors or attitudes could make it harder for People to make advancement in Society.

    People should Not always assume that it is racial discrimination, and to indoctrinate People that it is automatically racial discrimination is Not a service to anyone.

    This is because if People are told that it is racism that prevents them from bettering themselves, then they will Not look at themselves for what could be other reasons, which most of the times are the Real Reasons.

    The Real Reasons that those who make Money and gain Political Power on the Discrimination Industry do Not say these things, is because they Only want your Vote, and to give Nothing in return, and to keep you in Poverty thinking that there are racists everywhere, because they want to Exploit their Victims, and to whom they wrongly claim to be their friends.

    There are Unprincipled People like the Hillary Led and Dominated Clintons who have made a Discrimination Industry for themselves by making a mountain of an Invented and Self Perpetuating Problems out of what should be a molehill of a problem, if People had the Proper and Correct Understanding of the matter.

    The Clintons do this in an Unprincipled manner to further their own Unprincipled Interests at the expense of their fellow Americans and America.

    It has been said that Americans should Not ask what their Country can do for them, but what they can do for their Country.

    There are People who think this Only means that People should work if there is work available that they can do, and it also means that All Americans should pay their Fair share of taxes.

    It has been said that some People want Things for Free, but those who do Not pay their Fair share of taxes because of Unfair tax rates and Tax Evasion are receiving Things for Free, and those Free things are Dollars, with which they can purchase things.

    The Taxpayers who received a new highway could be said to have received something for free, but highways are an Investment just like Free Public Education.

    The reasons those with a Neoliberal Economic Agenda Exaggerate racial and gender discrimination is because they do Not want People to Understand that their real struggle is a Class based struggle, because then there would be Full Employment with Fair Wages and Salaries, and People like the Hillary Led and Dominated Clintons and the Clinton Corruptocrats who are Always asking what their Country can do Only for them, and this is why there are Democrat Voters who do Not want Hillary Clinton to Usurp the Democratic Party nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    Hillary Clinton sometimes says honest statements such as Workers should receive fair pay, but she has No intentions of honoring what she says, and during six years as a member of the Wal Mart board of directors, between 1986 and 1992, Hillary Clinton supported the world’s largest retailer as it waged a major campaign against Unions seeking to represent store workers.

    The Hillary Led and Dominated Clintons have been the Most Responsible for the current Economic Problems in America with their Deregulating of the Banking System and their Sub Prime Lending Guarantees that was Paid by the Taxpayers.

    If Hillary Clinton becomes President, then it will be a very divisive America, with allegations that everyone is racist or against women, and I am Not against women, but I understand the difference between a man and a male chauvinist like Bill Clinton, and it has Nothing to do with being against men, and I understand the difference between a woman and Hillary Clinton, and it has Nothing to do with being against women.

    Those who have to resort to Maliciously Slandering People who do not agree with them as being either Racist or against women do Not have any Proper Arguments, and it Indicates that they have a Horrendous Record of Incompetence and Corruption to try to cover up with the use of Malicious Slander, and Many American Voters will Not reward Incompetence and Corruption, because Incompetence and Corruption will Not reward the Citizens of America.

  12. 16


    We can see that Senator Sanders is easily the most Honest and Trustworthy Candidate in the Democratic Party, and Hillary Clinton is as Dishonest and Untrustworthy as she Always is.

    Senator Sanders has been Honest and Trustworthy by saying that he disagreed with Barack Obama on a few things, and Clinton made an issue of this, while Lying and Pretending that she Always agrees with Obama, but she is Lying Again as Usual.

    Hillary Clinton said: “Great nations need organizing principles, and ‘Don’t do stupid stuff’ is not an organizing principle” , and Clinton even wrote a book on her memoirs as Secretary of State in which she states her Many Disagreements with Barack Obama at .

    If Hillary Clinton were a Patriot, she would have written her Theories on the organizing of America, and doing it for free, rather than Unpatriotically writing a book to make more Money for herself.

    Clinton knew she would retire as Secretary of State so that she could have less Criticism of her job as Secretary of State, because she wanted to be President Again.

    Regardless of Bill Clinton having received the title of President, the Clintons were Always the Hillary Led and Dominated Clintons, and the Strong Willed and Domineering Hillary Clinton was the Real President of America during the White House Residency of Bill Clinton.

    The book she wrote was also Motivated by the Fact, that she could give a copy of it to those Foreign Governments to pay Bribe Monies to the Money Laundering Front called the Clinton Foundation, who accepted what is Euphemistically and Deceptively referred to as Donations to Charity.

    We Know that the Clintons inherited a Strong American Economy, and it was Hillary Clinton who Insisted on the Treasons of NAFTA, the Deregulation of the Banking Industry, and the Sub Prime Lending, which have ruined the American Economy, but it Enriched the Clintons, and as a True Traitor, she wants the American People to vote for her.

    We have seen how the Democratic Party is admitting to being a Racist Party, because the Vote should have been equal between Senator Sanders and Clinton, because Senator Sanders supports the Unemployed and the Disadvantaged.

    This is observed by the Fact that there should have been equal amounts of Votes for Clinton and Senator Sanders in the African American Community of South Carolina, but the White Hillary Clinton was able to Maliciously Slander Senator Sanders as being a racist; whereas, Senator Sanders marched during the Civil Rights Campaign and was arrested for being part of the Civil Rights Movement at , and at .

    The following should Not be taken the wrong way, but those who Cannot accept that certain Facts will accuse me of this, because they have No Legitimate arguments against the matters of Real Concern and of Legitimate Concern that are the subject of that matter, and Internet has stories on the Friendship of Bill Secret Harem Clinton and Jeffrey Epstein who is registered child sex offender, and who visited Epstein’s Island, which is Known as Orgy Island.

    There are criminals who Know what is Right and what is Wrong, and for them it is Not a matter of opinion, but it is a matter of Knowing the difference between Right and Wrong.

    The worst type of Leader for America would be someone who Knowingly does what is Wrong, like the Clintons have done with NAFTA, the Deregulation of the Banking System, the Sub Prime Lending, and the Treasons of using a Private Email Server to Sell Secrets for Money to Foreign Governments.

    It is possible that some men might Deliberately who are marry a lesbian who was only occasionally bisexual, and if they had Bill Clinton’s Money, then they might consider having a Secret Harem with few lesbians in that Secret Harem.

    There have been Many Rumors that Hillary Clinton is a Lesbian, and if it is true, then it explains why Bill Clinton strays so often, and why Hillary Clinton does Not care, but she needs to be married to Bill Clinton so that she can say that she is a woman who is married to a man.

    The matter of Genuine Concern and of Legitimate Concern to all types of People including lesbians, is that there are different character types of lesbians, and if Hillary Clinton is a lesbian, then she is the type that wants to prove that she is more of a man than what a man is, and she could begin WW 3 that would Kill most of the Humans on Earth.

    The Clintons have Secret Underground Nuclear Bunkers, but even if Hillary Clinton is not a lesbian, then she is type of woman that wants to prove that she is more of a man than what a man is, and that is a disastrous attitude, and it is Obvious to those who are Not Gullibly Deceived that Hillary Clinton does Not have a conscience and that she does Not like men, for No other reason than that they are men, but she will Not confess to this for the Obvious Reasons.

    Germany took a risk with having a leader with No conscience, and Adolf Hitler began WW 2, and Americans should Not take a risk with Hillary Clinton, because Judge Antonin Scalia Knew that the Clintons have their own Secret Underground Bunkers, and that Hillary Clinton wants to make America a Military Dictatorship for WW 3.

    We Know that the Clintons have travelled overseas extensively, and they may have been Secretly Filmed with concealed miniature High Technology cameras, and while it is Not against the Law for some things to occur amongst Consenting Adults, however, it is another thing to do certain things with children, and the Clintons could Easily be able to be Blackmailed by Foreign Governments to Give or Sell American Top Secrets to them.

    The Big Donors to the Clinton Campaign may also have Secret Films of them, and so Hillary Clinton will Not be a Servant to the People, but a Puppet to the Corporations, and Hillary Clinton is the Wrong woman and the Wrong Person to be President, because she is Corrupt, Incompetent, and Untrustworthy.

    There are Many Democrat Voters who think that the Establishment Corruptocrat Hillary Clinton with No conscience is the Wrong woman and the Wrong Person to be President, and the Video which shows Hillary Clinton with her witch’s cackle is Titled: Hillary Clinton Evil Laugh Compilation at , and she will try to disguise this, and Many Democratic Voters want Anyone But Clinton for President of America.

    There are many Democratic Party Voters, who will be Voting for Honest and Competent Candidates, because they Know that Honesty and Competence is what will reward the Citizens of America.

  13. 17


    There are People who Know that Bill Clinton is a Friend of the Investment Banker and American Financier Jeffrey Epstein, who is a Convicted Sex Offender, and Bill Clinton has been to Epstein’s Island Known as Orgy Island, and People can do their own research at…7096.17982.0.19634.….0…1c.1.64.serp..1.1.360.YXQLnvgbCns .

    There is the issue with the claim of Hillary Clinton’s daughter of looking very similar to Webb Hubbell, because he is her biological father rather than Bill Clinton, and that this is a further Reflection on Bill and Hillary Clinton who like to Pretend a lot at .

    The Clintons have received over 150 Million Dollars in Speaking Fees over the years, and Hillary Clinton’s son in law is a Wealthy Hedge Fund Manager, and a Graduate of Goldman Sachs, and we Know that Goldman Sachs gave Hillary Clinton lots of Money for what they wanted her to say, and these Speaking Fees are Really Bribes and Money Laundering, as is the Clinton Foundation, and this is why Many Social Democrats want someone more Honest to be their Presidential Candidate.

    The African American Professor said that the Civil Rights Leaders that support Hillary Clinton have lost their way, and that if it were the Civil Rights, then they would support someone like Senator Sanders, and Not a Corruptocrat like Hillary Clinton.

    The Clinton Corruptocrats do very little for, and have done harm to the naive African American Community, and Racists Vote for the Democrats because of this, and the Black Congressional Caucus Know this, and he gives his opinions on why these things are they way they are, and if Hillary Clinton Usurps the Democratic Party nomination for President Candidate, then there are Social Democrats who would like to have their own Political Party to Vote for at the next Election.

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