Hillary’s Mixed Marxist Accoutrement

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At Mediaite, JD Durkin posed a thought about the outfit Hillary Clinton wore to the debate

You’ll Never Guess the Other Time Hillary Wore That Same Gold Top

As intriguing a theory it is to suggest that Clinton wore the colors of the hometown University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee faithful, the gold top in question would appear to tie directly to another very famous appearance from her past. As Twitter user Jeanette Sandernista pointed out last night:

Gold. Of course. Team Goldman Sachs.

But that’s not all! Clinton has been doing her best to get to the left of Bernie Sanders and was opting to apparel herself in a fashion that she believed would appeal to Wall St. to and attract Sanders’ fans:

3 commies


You have to admit, it is an upgrade from Commie Olive Gray while still keeping alive that collective feeling yet offering a paen to Goldman and the big banks of Wall St. Both opulent and oppressive. At once both haut monde and totalitarian.

Nicely done!

DrJohn has been a health care professional for more than 30 years. In addition to clinical practice he has done extensive research and has published widely with over 70 original articles and abstracts in the peer-reviewed literature. DrJohn is well known in his field and has lectured on every continent except for Antarctica. He has been married to the same wonderful lady for over 30 years and has three kids- two sons, both of whom are attorneys and one daughter on her way into the field of education. DrJohn was brought up with the concept that one can do well if one is prepared to work hard but nothing in life is guaranteed. Except for liberals being foolish.

4 Responses to “Hillary’s Mixed Marxist Accoutrement”

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    Nanny G

    Hillary is quite a dumpy old lady.
    Soft in the middle, small on top and overly large in the hip.
    She tries all sorts of way to minimize her dumpiness.
    The ”Easter Egg” all-one-color pantsuit is a LOSER!
    The multicolored long coats are too young for her.
    But a decent one-color A-Line top with pants that make her look slimmer from the hips downward is one of her best recent attempts.
    She ”recycles” her clothes?
    Good for her.
    I’d rather see that than her constantly buying new stuff.
    I have clothes that go back 15 years.

  2. 2


    Dr J ………. FASHIONISTA!!!
    Who knew that ?
    Hiwever I might have described it as being more like a Nehru collar, which was also called a Mandarin collar, something Mao woukd have abhored

  3. 3


    There are People who think that Hillary Clinton is Unelectable, because the Left Wing of the Democrats who are the Social Democrats would Not vote for her, because they do Not want her to represent them.

    They Know that she is an Establishment Crony Capitalist, but more importantly, they Know that Hillary Clinton is a Criminal, and a Traitor to America, and is unfit to represent the Social Democrats, and the Establishment may have Secret Evidence on the Clintons, and she and Bill Secret Harem Clinton Could be Blackmailed by the Establishment to be their Puppets, but she does Not want to be Patriotic and Democratic, because otherwise she would Not have wanted to become the Presidential Candidate for the Democrats.

    Republican Voters will Not vote for her, and Many Social Democrats in the Democratic Party will Not vote for her, because she will set back the cause of a Fairer Economic System in America.

    This is why Many Social Democrats would rather have a Republican President, because then they can try again in 4 years, rather than having Hillary Clinton who will bring Reproach on the Social Democratic movement in America, and if Hillary Clinton became President, then she would seek reelection, and after that there would more likely be a Republican President, and she might Sell American Secrets to Fund her reelection bid by means of the Clinton Foundation, or because they can Blackmail Hillary Clinton to give them More American Top Secrets.

    This is why these Social Democrats will either Not vote for Hillary Clinton on Election Day, or they will Vote for a Republican President so that they can try for the Presidency again in 4 years, and it makes the 2018 Election easier for the Social Democrats to gain a Majority in the House of Representatives.

    These Social Democrats should or will say that Hillary Clinton will Not be President, because the Democrats will then be called the Corruptocrats, and Social Democrats may form their own Political Party with or without Senator Sanders, and the Clintons may Slanderously say that the new American Social Democratic Party is being Secretly Funded by the Republicans, but the Clintons will be Lying as Usual.

    There are People who think that the Establishment Democrats Know that Hillary Clinton Cannot win the Presidency, and if Senator Sanders is unelectable, then the Democrats should bring in more Candidates for the Primaries, and Many People believe that Senator Sanders is Electable.

    These People think that the Establishment Democrats know that the Republicans will gain Many Democrat Districts in the House of Representatives.

    The Establishment Democrats also Know that the Democrats will lose Senate Seats if Hillary Clinton is their Presidential Candidate.

    These Establishment Democrat Leaders, both Black and White, Know that they will benefit Financially from their Donors and Sponsors if they endorse Hillary Clinton.

    The Republicans Know that Hillary Clinton is the Person they most prefer as their Opponent for the Presidency, rather than another Democrat, because Everyone Knows that she is a Corrupt Treasonous Criminal, and Bill Secret Harem Clinton is her Partner in Crime and Treason, and there is the Clinton Foundation.

    The mild debates between Hillary Clinton and Senator Sanders will Not be the same as the Debates between Hillary Clinton and the Republican Presidential Candidate, and while Hillary Clinton has her Lies, the Republicans have their Facts.

    There are some People who may accuse Senator Sanders of being a Marxist, but Senator Sanders has denied being a Marxist, and he says that he wants the Economic Policies that Franklin D Roosevelt implemented to bring Full Employment to America.

    There could be some People who think that Senator Sanders is too old to be President, because he would be 79 years old after his first term, and that is the age that Supreme Court Judge Antonin Scalia died, but Senator Sanders would have a good Vice President who was younger than him, and there is a Presidential line of succession that would ensure a President for America, and Many Americans hope that this does Not discourage Senator Sanders or other Democrats from seeking the nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    There are People who think that the age of 79 at which Judge Scalia died, and the age of 79 at what Senator Sanders would be at the end of his first term if he was elected President, may be a factor which may favor Hillary Clinton in the Primaries, but there are People who think that Honesty, Trustworthiness, and other Needed qualities for President or even Vice President that Hillary Clinton Lacks will be factors that Voters consider, and we do Not know how this could be used to influence Delegates and Superdelegates for nominating the Democratic nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    We know that High Public Officials have access to America’s National Secrets, by means of their work or by means their friends who leak things, and this can happen with Supreme Court Judges, who may have to examine cases involving Treason, and sometimes they hear things that they pass on inadvertantly to an Unknown Traitor who they assume is a Patriotic High Official who would Sell that Top Secret Information to Foreigners.

    I am Not suggesting that Judge Scalia was selling Top Secret Information that he came his way to Foreigners, because he would have been the most Honest and Trustworthy and Patriotic of them all, and he kept everything strictly confidential that Needed to be kept Srtictly Confidential, even though he knew a lot as does every Supreme Court Judge, and if a Corrupt Judge can be Slyly placed on the Supreme Court, then they can gain some Top Secret Information for those who appointed them, and this is why there are People who think that great care and much deliberation should be used with appointing a Supreme Court Judge, because those who want to kill All Humans in WW 3 Know that they need the Clinton’s Puppets on the Supreme Court to make America a Military Dictatorship for WW 3.

    We Know that President Hillary Clinton has long been interested in appointing the next Supreme Court Judge, and she said that if she became President, she would nominate Barack Obama to the Supreme Court, but she suspects that she may Not become President, because of her record of Corruption and Untrustworthiness, and Hillary Clinton would want to Know what is going on in America, if she does not gain the nomination for Presidential Candidate.

    The place were it is said that a healthy Judge Scalia died seems a little out of place for someone like him, and more the type of place for a Hillary Clinton supporter at https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/powerpost/wp/2016/02/13/inside-cibolo-creek-ranch-the-luxury-resort-where-scalia-died/ , and we might never know if Judge Scalia was drugged somewhere else and later kidnapped dead or unconscious to Cibolo Creek Ranch, and People have questions regarding the circumstances surronding this matter.

    The Founding Fathers Knew how Dictators like the Bush and Clinton Dynasties who Voted for the Unconstitutional and Unpatriotic Patriot Act, can maneuver matters Undetected to the Public to set up a Military Dictatorship, and the Clintons’ Immunity from Crimes have made this evident.

    We have heard how President George Bush called Bill Clinton his brother, and that Hillary Clinton was his sister in law, and we Know that Many American Voters do Not want the Bush and Clinton Dynasties that have Dictated America since the first President George Bush and it continues with the Puppet Obama Administration, where Hillary Clinton is the Real but Secret President of America, who sends her Decrees by means of Secret Emails.

    Hillary Clinton is the Wrong woman, and the Wrong Person to be President of America, because the Abundant Evidence Proves what Hillary Clinton is, and this is why there are Many Democrat Voters who think that it is Proper for Americans Voters to Vote for Anyone But Clinton, because Americans should Respect America at http://www.wnd.com/2015/05/here-they-are-hillarys-22-biggest-scandals-ever/ .

  4. 4


    There are Social Democrats in the Democratic Party who think that they can win a majority in the 2018 House of Representatives Election, if the Social Democrats Vote Democrat in the Senate, but Vote for the Republicans in the House of Representatives, and so the Social Democrats will be able to have their Candidates endorsed as Democratic Party or as American Social Democratic Candidates for the 2018 Election, and they might do this if Hillary Clinton Rigs the nomination process for Presidential Candidate.

    They think that Senator Sanders has a Real Chance to become President, and that the Democrats can gain a Majority in the House of Representatives, but only if Hillary Clinton is Not the Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party.

    There are some People in the Social Democratic faction of the Democratic Party, who think that they are Entitled to form a Third Party if Hillary Clinton Rigs the nomination process for Presidential Candidate by using her Undemocratic Bribed, Blackmailed, or Intimidated Puppet Superdelegates, or even if she unfairly wins the Democratic nomination for Presidential Candidate, because it will be Rigged in a different way, and that is by using the Dirty Tactics that the Clinton’s are Known for at http://scholarsandrogues.com/2016/02/15/the-swift-boating-of-bernie-sanders/ .

    These Social Democrats are Not against other Candidates joining the contest for Presidential Candidate, and they would prefer to remain in the Democratic Party, but Only if Anyone But Clinton is nominated as the Presidential Candidate for the Democratic Party, because they think that Hillary Clinton’s Corruption and Criminality make her Unfit to represent them, and they think that Hillary Clinton is Unfit to represent America on the International Stage.

    The use of Slander in an Election Campaign is Evidence of being Anti Democratic, and it is Evidence of Treason against the Citizens.

    This is because American Voters have the Human Right to Vote for Non Slandered Candidates, and to give their Vote to a Candidate based on Facts and Not to be Manipulated by an Unprincipled Slanderer who is Not legitimately entitled to Votes based on Slander and other Dirty Tricks, where they give their Vote to the Unprincipled Slanderer rather than to a Candidate that they wanted to give their Vote to, had that Candidate Not been Slandered.

    This makes this tactic a Perversion of the Course of Justice, and Hillary Clinton is a Lawyer, and Knows that Perverting the Course of Justice is a Criminal Offence.

    Treason and Criminality and Lying come easily to the Clintons, and these Social Democrats will consider forming their own Political Party, if someone who has Not Participated in the Primaries to a Proper Extent is nominated as Presidential Candidate, and so other Candidates should Know these things.

    These Social Democrats should or will say that Hillary Clinton will Not be President, because the Democrats will then be called the Corruptocrats, and American Social Democrats may form their own Political Party with or without Senator Sanders in that Political Party.

    The Clintons may Slanderously say that the new American Social Democratic Party is being Secretly Funded by the Republicans, but the Clintons will be Lying Again as Usual, because the Democrats and the Republicans do Not want other Political Parties in America.

    If the Establishment Democrats think that the Social Democrats are Racist, then the American Social Democrats are at Liberty and even Obligated to form their own Political Party to contest the next Elections, and the Democratic Party Cannot win the Election if the Social Democrats do Not vote for the Democrats.

    There are News Articles that say that Hillary Clinton speaks on improving economic opportunities for black People, but she is Untrustworthy, because she is a Confirmed Hardened and Compulsive Liar, and the Social Democrats have Policies to improve economic opportunities for Unemployed and Underprivileged People, and those with Sufficient Experience Know that they Cannot believe much of what Hillary Clinton says, because she wants to make America a Military Dictatorship for WW 3.

    There is a News Article that she that African Americans should Not vote for Hillary Clinton given her record toward the African American Community at http://www.thenation.com/article/hillary-clinton-does-not-deserve-black-peoples-votes/ .

    Regarding Racism or what is Wrongly interpreted as Racism, it Needs to be Understood that a hundred years ago, Britain was effectively 100 % White, and there were differences on Economics by the English Democratic Capitalists and the English Social Democrats, and their differences of opinion on Economics had Nothing to do with Race.

    If People did not have differences of opinions in a Country, then that Country would Not be a Democracy, because it would be a Dictatorship, and how do People know who has the better argument, unless they have differences of opinion, and there are African American Democratic Capitalists and there are African American Social Democrats, and their difference on Economics has Nothing to do with Racism, because it is impossible to be Racist against your own Race.

    Hillary Clinton was able to Bribe or Blackmail the Congressional Black Caucus to endorse her, and they want to be friends with Bill Clinton, because they Know that he has a Secret Harem.

    These are some Democrats who are Cynically questioning Senator Sanders commitment to Barack Obama, and they are Slanderously and Subliminally Inferring that Senator Sanders is a racist, because his Commitment to All Americans is greater than his commitment to his Party’s Leader.

    Senator Sanders does Not criticize the Person, but he criticizes the behavior or the policy that he disagrees with, and this has shown that he has diplomacy, which he would need to Represent America on the International Stage, if he was Elected as President.

    We Know that Michael Bloomberg has said that he will run as an Independent Candidate for President if Senator Sanders is nominated for Presidential Candidate by the Democratic Party, and that would be to try to prevent Senator Sanders from becoming President, and so the American Social Democrats can form their own Political Party because Hillary Clinton has long ago Rigged the nomination process.

    There are People of all different Races who would Vote for the American Social Democratic Party, and who Vote for the Democrats, and who Vote for the Republicans, and it has Nothing to do with Race or Racism.

    The Social Democrats have always supported the Capitalist Candidate for the Presidency, and they think that the Democratic Party should show some fairness and support a Social Democrat for their Candidate for the next Presidential Election.

    Hillary Clinton Cannot win Debates with the Republican Candidate, because she is a Traitor and a Criminal, but Senator Sanders who has No record of Corruption, would be very good at Debates with the Republican Presidential Candidate, and he has a Real Chance of being Elected as President, either as a Democrat, or as the Leader of another Political Party.

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